Chin Implant Changed Smile - Schaumburg, IL

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I had surgery the day after X-mas. He went under...

I had surgery the day after X-mas. He went under the chin and I was fully awake. I've had muscle weakness on the right side of my mouth causing my smile to look fake and plasticy. I get an odd divet in the middle of my chin as I smile so I now hide my smile with my hand, and when I laugh. Used to be my best feature. My chin from the front looks really strange when I speak or smile. I feel like it's getting tighter as the days go on. I see that my speech is changing and my pronunciation of words is not good. I feel like I constantly have to massage my scar, cheeks, and neck to make the muscles loosen up. The one question I asked my doctor was if this would alter my smile and he said no. I realize it's been 6 months, but I feel like it's getting worse as opposed to better. I actually looked better with swelling. My scar is pretty flat, but should it really hurt if I'm massaging it, including where the wings are down m jawline?

Update Dr Visit

So my doctor thinks it's an aggravated nerve on the right side of my mouth. It's only been 5 days since I've seen him and received the Dysport injection and it has really made my smile look better. Although it's temporary, I'm not as embarrassed. Ultimately he needs to reposition the implant, which means, I have to be awake for another surgery. I felt like the first recovery took forever.. I just don't want to go through it all over again. I know I need the large implant, but I may opt for a size smaller just in case. I'd hate to have a revision and not see any improvement again and have ANOTHER surgery just to decrease the size.

One year later...

Still have the same issue after a full year of healing after chin implant surgery. I get Botox to calm the muscles down. It relieves tension when I smile but is still not smooth. I am looking into getting a filler to hide my problem. I still have lots of tightness in the my chin area and discomfort at times. I didn't get a permanent implant to ruin my smile and to have botox and fillers the rest of my life to make it look normal.
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