South of the Boarder, No More!! - Schaumburg, IL

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After much consideration and four professional...

After much consideration and four professional consults, I have opt to go with a breast lift w/silicone implants (simultaneously). I have decided on 225 - 250 cc, leaving it up to the discretion of my PS to determine which one would work best after the lift. I find the procedure to be more about reconstructing my "south of the broader" boobies and not so much for "show-n-tell". Very excited. I decided to share my progress since it was looking at all the other B&A pics and testimony that helped me get the visual of what to expect. I am going to make every effort to post pics and progress s/p sx.

2 days pre-op

Like an expecting mother, made a list, checked it twice and I am now as ready as I can be. Loose clothes, surgical strips, bio oil, front zipper bras, clean house, snacks at hands reach, travel size soap and shampoo (to help minimize picking up heavy bottles), laundry, good book (Room a novel by Emma Donoghue) and more importantly a "do not disturb" sign with automatic replies settings updated for emails and calls. If I am missing please let me know. I am looking foward to an uneventful recovery. Included are my last pre-op fotos that will help future readers determine if these procedures are for them

2 days pre-op

Mission completed!

Wow, I still can't believe it went thru this.... The BL/BA went well....first nite was a bit tough but nothing a few pain killers and arnica 30x couldn't handle.

Day 2 post-sx saw the PS, just for a quick peak, will return on Monday (Labor Day, yes I know but he is going to open the office to remove stitches, he wanted to stay within his professional timeline of doing things).

My back is sore a bit, lots of itching (going to buy a back scratcher next) and get easily tired from sponge baths.

Below is post-op pic. More will follow once stitches are removed.


Btw, at the discretion of the PS, 225cc were used ( I had given him the approval to choose upon completion of the lift to use a minimum of 225cc and a maximum of 250cc). I can't believe each implant has their serial # and now registered with my demographics...kinda cool!

Day 3 post op

Great day...

Btw, today I am celebrating my 44th birthday! I was unable to celebrate as I would have like to, but boy am I excited to have such a wonderful husband who was supportive of my decision, even when he felt it was unnecessary. To make him comfortable about future intimacy I explained that the implant placement was submuscular and just like an IUD (used to prevent pregnancy) is never "felt" the implants would never be felt either... I also showed him pics of us during last yr vacation to show how the implants would only b for projection and not to size per se.... So today I celebrate big! Oh and I have also kept him from looking at the pre -op phase, don't want him to have that mental image stuck in his head food for thought ladies.

Day 5 post-op

Just wanted to share some B&A pics..... Currently opinion a lot pain, hoping I can get a refill on the pain meds....and lots and lots of itching.... Still worth it!

A little remorse .... Should have gone with the 275cc instead of 225 cc. Oh well!

Though I am but 10 days post-op, the swelling has gone down and I am regretting my decision to have limited my PS to 225/250..... I am pleased with the projection,but in retro I should have gone a notch bigger, more like 275cc , to kinda compensate for the lost after the lift. My husband even made mentioned I look smaller, which makes it even worse.... So I guess I will live with my beautiful look until I am well enough to consider going bigger.... I don't seem to look any different with clothes on, though they are full and I could go bra-less if I wanted to, oh and my swim wear will look a whole lot better than before.... I did try the rice test and implants at the PS office, but what I didn't consider was the loss after the lift, had I done so I would be happier with the 275cc..,,, nonetheless, no one (outside of my husband) will ever know...bc most of my bras were push ups, underwire and lots of cushion.

As it relates to the itching, it appears I had a delay reaction to having been exposed to poison ivy (doing yard work a wk before my surgery).

I found Walmart had Fruit of the Loom sports bra with snaps in the front at $7 .... So I have switched to those since the original one given at the hospital was a size 40 and I am generally a 34, so I bought about 10 size 36 and they work great.... The objective is to keep them snugged but with room to drop. Below are a few B&A pics .....

Strongly considering a revision ....not happy with size

I wish I could do it ASAP, but for safety purposes I now must wait 4-5 months.... Pics below show good projection but small pole.....

On the road to recovery....

Day 12 now, stitches and band aids removed and working on scar treatment. Swelling has gone down and nipples and areola are a bit sensitive, so I am wearing nursing pads.

Day 14, few more recovery pics

I started my scar treatment, not to happy with the scargaurd silicone sheets, one sticks on good but the other doesn't, tried the oils, that was a complete waist of $.... Lumps at the end incisions seem to be normal (according to reviews here) and in the next couple of days I start the massages to ensure the (L) breast starts dropping at the same speed as my right.... Still fighting a severe case of poison ivy which is not help my recovery be a smooth one..

Just for is a great B&A

11 days pre-op and 15 days post-op

Exactly 3wks post-op

Very happy w/results but still wishing I had gone a minimum of 250 or maybe 275.... Either way pleased recovery. Still have a little bump under (r) breast but I am giving it time.... I see my PS 10/7..... A bit sensitive on the nipples, but that too is expected. Nonetheless, I have seen a few chicas that "know" me well and they have made no mention of my lift or size for that matter... Instead I have been complimented on looking thinner, which is no surprise bc I was hitting the gym hard wks leading up to the sx....

T-shirt w/sport bra

Had to put nursing pads to alleviate the nipple sensitivity

4 wks post

Well, exactly 4wks post lift w/aug.... Not 99% happy ..... Still uneven drop, stitches & ear-like fold at end of lollipop incision ... Hoping that at my 1 mo post-op f/u all of that (and nipple revision) can be fixed! Sometimes reminded I am only 4wks post, by a little pain after having done too much. Scars are just ok. Using scargaurd silicone sheets..... Bio oil at times ....but too much tend to irritate (perhaps bc I am still fighting a strong poison ivy case). Open for scar tx recommendations if anyone wants to share .....

Don't misunderstand me....

I am better than where I was 4 wks ago AND in fact blessed to have had the means to do it! I just wish small stuff can be fixed ... I did pay for it! :-)


Sometimes it takes seeing where you came from, to be pleased with where you are.... (Reverse psychology... Lol)

B/A - W/ hospital bra...

Day 1 vs 4wks post

Bobbie blues.... Lol

Yeah, I agree with most women's opinion on not wanting to have big boobies at age 60.... but bc I only did 225, truly can't tell the differnce (me), ALL of my old bras fit, yeah better than before but as the days now turned into a full month....I should have gone bigger ... The difference btwn a 225 n 275 is but 50 cc, but that little bit would have made the difference for me..... So for those reading this during pre-op stage.... Consider a notch bigger, you won't regret it!

B/A pic 1 yr apart (but 2wks post-op) same shirt

See what I mean? Granted I have no underwire bra on my post-op pic (bottom), and it that was 2 wks post-op...

Pre-n-post w/ same shirt

Forgot to post pic

Scars are healing good ....

Using scargaurd from target and bio oil ...I leave on for two days, take off (and throw away, some folks clean and reuse) and after my last shower put on again the course of 48 hrs I am sheet-free about 6 ...

Oh no... Scar guard gone wrong....

I had been leaving the sheets for 2 days and looks at what happen doesn't hurt YET. hoping it doesn't get infected ...neosporin .

And they keep dropping... :-(

Yeah I am now 1 mo post-op and while they seem natural, move great, they continue to drop and I still regret not going bigger....I like my "swollen" size better

Mega drop

20 days apart ....(1 mo post-op)

Some times it takes looking back...

Pleased with scars .... Vertical incision very faint .

B&A 1wk pre & 8 wks post ....

Well I am now 8 wks post BL/BA.... Looking forward to starting the gym again.... I am pleased w/ the BL but, my chief complaint remains the same ...I don't feel an ounce bigger... I all my bras fit exactly the same, w/the exception of my camis, night gowns and sports bras ....there I see the difference which I attribute to the BL and not the BA... Should have gone bigger...

Slight nipple infection

For some reason I develop a nipple infection ....I caught it quick but it's taken a few wks to heal completely

Pleased w/ the cami look

I would never wear a cami out of my house.... Now I can....

Uneven drop

I know now the reason why one dropped faster than the other .... The PS tighten one more than the other.... :-(

Slight difference

You can tell the difference ..and while I don't expect to be perfect, that right there should have been a "no-no"

Feeling my old self now....

Now 11 post BL/BA ....... extremely happy with my decision ... In the past I have mentioned a difference in drop, pic below shows a more even drop now ... I still like it that my closest friends have not really noticed and indication the cc size was rather close to that pre op... I now have full sensation of nipples and I still wear sport's bras to sleep ...

Uneven drop

Improvement in drop noticeable ....... It appears (r) breast was closed tighter than (r) hence uneven drop.
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