33, 5 Kids. In Desperate Need of a Body Makeover. Schaumburg, IL

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I went with Up Lift Body Center in Schaumburg...

I went with Up Lift Body Center in Schaumburg Illinois Dr. Dillon will be doing my surgery. I've already had my pre-op which consist of photos from all angles, we talked about the areas I would like fat being taken from. One thing that I did not like so much is they charge $2,000 each place they take the fat from. That was pretty pricey in my opinion. After they had me go to a quest facility to some blood work. Which was on a Friday. Monday morning they gave me a call saying that they got my bloodwork back and my white blood cell levels was a little too high. And that it could not do the procedure without getting a surgical consent from my primary doctor. That put a damper on my day that's for damn sure. So I went to my doctor and got blood work done also a EKG and a chest x-ray. Needless to say everything came back perfectly. Papers to fax over given the doctor okay. My procedure got rescheduled so that next week which is June 14th 2016. I got to tell you guys I eat sleep and every other thought is about the surgery. I had a nightmare that my butt was completely ate up when I look in the mirror after surgery. I even had a dream that my butt was abnormally huge I mean huge, even a dream of me not waking up from the anesthesia! I am so nervous I don't know what to do. I will post plenty of pictures each day (if my body feeling up to it) 4 more days and a wake up.

Finally had the BBL operation

Today I am two days post-op. And I am in so much pain it's not even nothing I can describe. The medication that was prescribed to me does not work so I had to double up my doses. That still didn't help so the doctor send in another prescription for something a little bit stronger, which helps. My experience was very quick. 1 minute I was waiting in the waiting room to see the doctor which was around 5:30. My appointment was at 4 o'clock. I got on the operating table comment and remember looking at the clock it was 6:10. The next thing I knew I was fully dressed and was leaving that was around 10:30 at night. I must say I was very comfortable. They answered all my questions. They even let me bring him wish pictures. It's hard for me to do anything on my own, as far as getting in and out of bed going to the bathroom, bending down or squatting for any reason. The first day after I pretty much slept the entire day. My stomach is pretty bruised up, but it's extremely flat. Hell I got a tattoo on my stomach that I forgot all about. Lol as I type this update I am pretty drowsy off medication. So I apologize if I missed out on anything feel free to ask me any questions. I'll put my pictures below that I have taken so far.

Oh yeah I almost forgot I use a wrap around foam and also an abdomen board under my garment to protect my stomach from getting lines and indents. I was also told that help keep your stomach in place and flat.

Restless night day 4 post op

4 days post op. 1:59am
Can't sleep! I'm not in "pain" but I'm very uncomfortable. It's still hard for me to get in and out of bed on my own. I have a appetite, but i still can't eat much. I'm not as bruised as I thought I was. I have a big bruise under my left breast. My stomach is flat still swollen. And it kind of looks lopsided. Maybe I'm just paranoid, because my sister says it doesn't. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY final results. Hopefully I don't lose too much of my booty.

Day 19 love my results. But I'm in much pain( last...

Day 19 love my results. But I'm in much pain( last 4 days) on my left hip and side butt cheek. No pain meds are helping. I would be calling to make another appointment for a follow up tomorrow. If I don't go to the ER. first. My one week checkup went great. I was still stiff but I was told that was normal and that I look amazing! I only wish I could have meet up with the Dr instead of his nurse. That did not know what procedure I had done until I told her. Dr. Dillon staff is amazing. Check up on me often.

2 months POST OP

My stomach and back is still very sensitive to the touch. Mainly my stomach, it's very sore and sometimes feel full of knots and sometimes swelling up. But am LOVING MY NEW SHAPE!!! MY BUTT HAS WENT DOWN AND DROPPED A BIT. BUT STILL LOOKS GREAT! Oh yea... and I still wearing my garment around the clock at least 12 hours straight. And I went down in my garment from a medium to small

Photo update

My stomach is pretty flat. I still swell up around my navel, the bottom of my stomach and bra pad area. I'm still using the board with my garment to help with the compression. I will be ordering me another faja because my stage 2 garment no longer give me the compression I need. Randomly I get very sharp pains in my stomach and back. I'm still very numb in my lipo areas. I noticed when I go to long without wearing the garment, my body feels more sharp stinging like pain.
My butt look a little lopsided in this photo. Lol I think it's because the way I was standing. but I'm very satisfied with the roundness and fullness my butt. I've lost a little fat since the surgery but nother much. My incisions sometimes itch and become sore but you can barely notice them. In the middle/top of my butt cheeks where he injected the fat is very dark and extremely itchy at times. I use cocoa butter on it as much as possible for the darkness and it helps with the itching. I just don't like the way it looks. Ummm What I miss????
Oh yea.... my sex life is back to normal lol. I was out of commission for about a month. my fiance was a trooper. My only concern is the lumpiness in my stomach. I really wish that will go away. I can sometimes see it through my shirt and it doesn't look good. It's like some days it's there and some days it's not.

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