42 Year Old Mom of Two! Size G, Through with Neck and Shoulder Pain. - Scarsdale, NY

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I met with three doctors in the weschester Ny area...

I met with three doctors in the weschester Ny area. Opted for the one who spent the most time with me. Looking back I don't ever remember being smaller then a D cup. It was always a struggle to find tops. From regular shirts, button downs. When I did wear a bikini top it was always a hassle also. Most of you already know all this.. Very excited for my upcoming surgery. I believe it will be life changing as most of you say!!! I will post pictures of the after results.

Today is the day!!

Waiting for my ride. Can't wait to just do this. Just a little nervous. More about my mom getting here then anything else. Got to be positive.will update and show pis later. Some last pics I took last night.

Done and recovering

I had my surgery on Monday. Today is Sat. I instantly felt 100 lbs lighter. I wasn't looking to be small. I feel very small now. The most important thing is the lightness I feel in my upper body. It's quite incredible. Recovering from this surgery was not easy. I didn't have much help so I'm sure that was a factor. The doctor said I'd have no pain. He did say I'd feel pressure. The pressure was so extreme. I felt like I was dying . I thought I might have to go to hospital. Along with it I felt extremely weak. This is just my experience. I thank all of you for letting me know yours. Make sure you have a support system to just be there. I did have my friend do something called lymphatic drainage. It changed my life. After having surgery Monday, tues was an ok day the hell hit on Wednesday and some of Thursday. After the lymphatic drainage. I felt alive again. Thank you to all who've posted your reviews. Also to RS website. I am now a d cup. I used to be a g.

One week later

It's been a week and I feel alive again. Very hard surgery. Somethings looking back. If you can stay at a hospital after surgery. Stay as long as possible. My sister had BR years ago and stayed two days. Although the pain with me came in the third day. The swelling has gone down a bit. They already look so much better then at first. It'll be several months for final results. I gotta say all the woman who get BR are very strong individuals. It takes balls to do this!! Pain in neck and shoulders are gone. I have pain still in the breast. Just a little sore. No meds needed today. I cut my codeine intake in half on Friday. Good luck to everyone out there who will be doing BR!! I look and feel 100 years young!! I knew even in my toughest moments it's all worth it. Clothes that never fit me, do now! I was sure one shirt would look good on me after surgery, but it doesn't lol! I guess that's with any size!!! Here's my new boobs a week later. I went from a g/h to whatever this may be. Sometimes I think I'm small. When I tell people they think I'm crazy! They don't understand. Going from an H to what I think is d is a big deal.

New bras

Almost 3 weeks on Monday! Going to get checked out again today for some swelling around ribs, below breast. I think it is cause I've been careless picking up my kids. I felt a horrible cramping. Then a day later terrible swelling. On a better note, I got fitted for a bra today. I bought a non underwire Wacoal bra. Pretty comfortable. Dd baby lol
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