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Sometimes we have to do something that not only...

Sometimes we have to do something that not only makes us as individuals feel better, but that also helps us out health wise. This is one of my reasons for deciding to get a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lypo.

My history
I have always been overweight and it has always been rubbed in my face. I was the short, fat one in the family. I wish that I could say that I was good with dieting, but I can't. I battled bulimia and anorexia all the way through my life until I turned 30. I basically killed my body for years....and then I said..the heck with it! You either like me for who I am, or you don't.

I worked hard as a landscape architect...7 days a week and up to 80+ hours a week. Needless to say, I ended up sick....severe panic disorder and agoraphobia. The medication they put me on packed on the weight....OH JOY! I fought hard and got to the point that I could go outside and be around people. Then someone T-Boned my car and my life hit rock bottom! Pain now became a constant in my life. Oh and did I tell you, I ended up with non-epileptic seizures?!!! Up to 7 a day! Now between the pain, the seizures and the increased weight from more meds I literally didn't have a reason to continue.

Fast forward to today...almost 6 years later. I have finally gotten the seizures under control. So now it's time to turn attention to getting a better me. Since the accident, my brain has decided that junk food is I disgusting. Anything that is sweet is another thing that I don't enjoy! And chocolate just makes me cringe! Fresh fruits and vegetables make up my munchies. So, you would think that the weight would have flown off me! But sadly, after 6 years, I have only been able to keep off 50 pounds.

Now I have that dreaded baby pouch....(no baby). Love handles and fat in areas that I don't want to see. Living with muscle damage makes working out hard. But this year I have been doing as much as I can outside. (Re-duing my Japanese garden). One day of work lays me up for 2 to 3 days....which isn't good.

The Decision
Several months ago, I decided that I should look at surgery to help out with my problem. Now please don't get me wrong, I don not expect perfection...or a really thin body. I expect a trimmer body. Less weight on the top should help me reduce my back and hip pain....I hope!

I told my family dr that I wanted a breast is covered under OHIP. He sent me to a Surgeon here in my home town. Let's just say, that Dr. Was both RUDE and IGNORANT! She made me feel like a little child asking for something that I had no business asking for! I was told,to loose weight by going on 500 calories a day! Needless to say, that is not going to happen. I talked with my family dr and told him I was completely fed up.... I wanted the surgery, I qualified for the surgery....and no one was going to decide that because I did not fit their 'perfect' weight, that I did not need the surgery. He told me he would send me to someone else. Sine that surgeon had taken over a year to get back to me, I didn't hold out much confidence in them.

The ReAlLife Site

Thankfully I located this site and after reading other people's experiences....and yes, checking the photo's, I decided this was it! I sent out requests for quotes and waited. When they came in, I was smaller, healthier body was in site!

The Upcoming Future
At this point, I am weighting to see what happens on Tuesday....I have an appointment with another surgeon to see is she will do my breast reduction. If she does, I will divide my surgery into two. So, I will keep you updated as to what happens!

Reasons Why I need a Tummy Tuck and Lypo

Visit to Dr. Shammas

Well, today I finally got to see the plastic surgeon who does the breast reduction for OHIP! What a wonderful man! Yup...a man! And here I thought it was a female...oops! I got there early and he was ready to see me! He greater me in a very friendly manner and then continued reading the letter that my family Dr. Had sent him.....long letter! Then he proceeded to ask me the reasons for wanting a breast reduction and my expectations. He truly LISTENED! Then he politely asked me to take off my top and bra...and he took some photo's. He told me they didn't look too big (must be a guy thing). You try carting around a couple DD's and see if they aren't too big on a 5' frame! He did agree that I was doing this for the right reason...and YES, he would be willing to do it! YOOHOOO!!!!

Now, comes the waiting. I have to wait for OHIP to get back to him with the authorization. Then I will finally get smaller 'ladies'!!! Unfortunately, it can take up to 3 weeks for me to get a call back to confirm OHIP's ok.

I will keep you updated!

Shopping for medical supplies

Got some wonderful items last Friday from a store call B & D Liquidation here in Cobourg. They get their items from COSTCO. I got some grannie panties and two compression garments that go from just under my waist to my knees. I am not sure if these are tight enough for just after the tummy tuck....but I think they will be good for when I get home from Dominican Republic....cost...$7.00 each! Even if I may not be able to wear them all the time..I can use them during times when I need to do a full wash of my garments!

The ongoing battle to loose weight

Well, like just about everyone that is considering surgery, I am watching my weight. Not that it wants to do much of anything...but hey, it's worth the try! I started taking a green tea pill, once a day, after talking with my naturalpath. After being on it for just over two weeks, I have actually lost more than 3 pounds! I couldn't believe it! Of course, I am drinking a lot of water too as it's so hot here this I am not sure which has helped me out the most. But, I am hoping to get my weight down a bit more....not that I am going to watch every calorie, cause I already eat sensibly, and don't eat junk food....just happy to be who I mater the size!

Yah! I get my breast reduction through OHIP!

I got up the nerve to phone the surgeon on Monday and I was told that YES!!! I did get OKAYED for my operation!!! I have an appointment on the 30th of this month to confirm and get my scheduled date! So looking forward to this....even if I have to wait until September!

October 2, 2013 surgery scheduled

Yesterday I had my second appointment with my surgeon, and we agreed on surgery for October 2, 2013! Sooooooo looking forward to this happening! Although he would not tell me how small he would reduce my breasts, he did say he would take my request to get them down to a C cup into consideration. He said that he wanted to make the breasts down in size to match my body! Ok....not a good sign...but I do hope to be able to convince him that I need it to the size I am asking about. Especially since I plan to have my tummy tuck and lypo 3 months later in Dominican Republic....but it's a couple more months....and I am still loosing weight. Down by 8 pounds. I know it's not perfect, but it is staying off....which is far more important to me! This surgery cannot come fast enough for me!

Three Weeks until breast reduction

I cannot believe that I just have three more weeks to go until I get my breast reduction. So many things to get done around here before my first operation! I just got the call for my pre-op hoping that everything is ok for that.

I still am loosing weight...the green tea is helping..but it's slowed down again...oh we'll, I lost I guess I won't complain. Unfortunately I have another boil..this time on my breast....grrrr! Using a lemongrass cream and it seems to be helping. Hope it won't affect the operation.

I located a no water shampoo that I will be able to use for the short time that I am not supposed to be getting into the shower. At least I will feel somewhat clean.

Well...need to get back to much to little time!

Two weeks until my first operation!

Wow! Time sure flies!! I cannot believe that my breast reduction is in just two weeks!!!! I started on an antibiotic to help heal these boils on my breasts. They are so frustrating...but with the help of my Shea butter with lemon grass, the infection is healing already. I just want to make sure it is better by the time I get the operation. My naturalpath said that this Shea butter really helps with healing and combating I have been using it for the past month. Very inexpensive and you don't use much. It also works great on my lips...which have been reacting to tomatoes for the first time. They say it works on cold sores too....just incase anyone wants to try it.

4 1/2hours for my Post Operation Appoinrment!

Well, I really am exhausted! I can not believe I had to go through 4 1/2 hours of testing and dr sand waiting today! But, it looks like everything I'd a go! I was really worried about those stupid boils that have erupted on my breast again, but they seem to think that with my course of anti-biotics that I will be ok. My history of seizures were an issue....but again, nothing that they didn't think they could get through! I am soooooooooo happy!

I needed to go clothes shopping as my weight loss is making everything I wear .. Just hang off me! I cannot believe that I have now gone from a size 18 to a size 12! And still so much loose flesh hanging off me....tummy is bad, but my arms a the worst! I wish I could locate someone on this site that has their arms fixed...either by lypo or by surgery. So far, my family dr figures that I will have to get surgery to fix my problem...but he doesn't offer any solutions. I can't wait to see how things turn out in just 9 more days!

Two days and waiting!

My nurse phoned to confirm my appointment....only one concern from them as my white blood cell count was up. But hey, it always dr just figures I have a higher than normal white blood cell count. I am not worried.... I had been on an antibiotic that finished on Sunday. The boils are now just small red marks, so I think I will be ok for Thursday. My sister in law gave me a list of homeopathic meds to take immediately after the surgery to help me heal faster....I have to pick up two of the three. I know they will help me more than anything the dr can suggest as I react great to them.

If anyone is interested in them, this is the list:
Arnica. - 30 or 200. Used for bruising, soreness and muscles
Bellies perennial. - 30 or 200. Used for deep tissue bruising and soreness
Staphisagria. 30 or 200. Used for incision pains
Depending on what level of pill, you alternate the 30ch pill every 15 minutes and the 200ch pills every 30 minutes. You will be able to tell which one is working best for continue taking it and discontinue taking the others unless you find relief with them.

Homeopathic remedies

The stupid spell check mixed up the
Bellis perennis

Operation day!

I can't believe I finally have smaller, perkier breasts!!!! Although I cannot see yet how much the were reduced, it definitely feels a lot smaller! My surgery went great and there was no problem with bleeding. I woke up fast from the annestetic and have been in an upbeat and cheerful mood! I cannot believe that I wasn't nervous at any time today...completely calm! I think it must be because I really wanted this and because I have talked with so many on this amazing site!!

Tomorrow I have to go back and get the drains and dressings removed. They used an amazing dressing called "hypo fix". I think I will see if I can get this for my tummy tuck and lypo. It is so very comfortable and it absorbes all of the bleeding and discharge!

I really don't feel pain..and they only gave me a couple pain pills immediately after the I hope this continues!
I need to rest...I will see if I can post some after surgery photos when I get my unveiling tomorrow!

A long sleepless night

Well, my first night was a mess....not because of pain, cause I really don't seem to be having much pain...but just because I just couldn't sleep. Part of it was because I felt itchy...all over! Not sure if I am reacting to something that they gave me or not. Oh well, at least I am still feeling good and taking my homeopathic pills has made it so that I don't seem to have bruising. No real pain. I have only taken my Tylenol twice since the operation....which I think is amazing..cause I had thought that there was going to be a lot of pain.

I have to drive back to the hospital today to get the drains removed and be checked over by the nurse. Another long drive, but at least it is not during rush hour like it was yesterday!

Really looking forward to seeing these new breasts of mine. They feel so much smaller! YAH!!

Yes, there is pain!

Well, I went to have the drains removed and the bindings taken off at the hospital today. They were supposed to do it at a surgical recovery area in the hospital....but, they have closed that area down and now we have to go to the Emergency section that's dumb! I don't want to get sick from anyone who's come into the hospital to see an emergency dr!!!! Then, I find out, that my appointment doesn't mean anything since this is am Emergency area! I sat there for an hour waiting before I finally got up and went to talk with...not one....not two....but THREE different nurses! I was told that they were busy...didn't have any beds available...and we're still trying to get to the patients from appointment was for 11:30! And it was already 12:30! The third nurse listened sympathetically and said she would take care of me and the other woman who had come in for the same thing... In a couple of minutes. Sure enough, she called me in less than 5 minutes! It only took 10 minutes, and there wasn't a reason for me to see a dr. She told me I was a 'model' patient as I was in a very good frame of mind and I wasn't complaining or hunched over with the pain. Up to this point, I really hadn't had much pain., with just a bra on, I hurt like heck! Not enough to make me sick, thankfully. But the stupid bra is pulling on my incisions, despite the fact that I had removed the underwire. Wish the surgeon has told me to get something else.... But, maybe I am wrong and this is what everyone wears after breast reduction surgery. I am not sleeping well...only an hour or two at a time at night. I ended up with a really sore throat after the surgery, which has now turned into an ear infection. I really don't do well in air conditioned places. But, since the surgeon sent me home with a prescription for an antibiotic, I at least have something to work with. I wish I could spay something on the stitches, but they are under the tape and I am not getting them removed until Tuesday. The nurse said I could have a shower today...which I am thankful for! Anyone with suggestions for the stupid bra on my stitches??

Five day Update

I cannot believe that it has been five days since my operation! Still very little pain and since I am taking my homeopathic meds, I have very little bruising. Tomorrow I have an appointment to see my surgeon. I think it's to have him check how things are going. My ear infection has worsened and I can barely hear now, and even chewing is difficult. Not sure if it is cause it was so cold in the operating room, or if I just had problems with the meds they gave me during surgery. Oh well, if this is my only problem, then I guess I have nothing to complain about.

I will post my photo's as soon as I can take the surgical tape off of the scars. Right now I just want to scratch!!!! Lol

Now for a complaint

I am really frustrated with most of the surgeons who have posted in response to a question I asked concerning health insurance for my upcoming tummy tuck. Most have been derogator and very discouraging about my going to anywhere but in Canada or even the U.S. I didn't ask them to comment on MYCHOICE. Of a location for this surgery...just about what to do for health insurance. Most have told me the surgery completed in the Dominican was substandard and that no one would take care of me if I needed it when I came back to Canada and needed help. What they don't realize is that, I already have someone ready to help me in the field if I need it! I am not stupid, I also have a Medical Liason Committee at my disposal if something happens while I am in the Dominican Republic. All I wanted was to find out where to purchase medical insurance that would be valid for having a medical procedure outside of Canada.

Well....thanks for letting me vent....I think I am tired. I made Naan pizza's and got a few groceries...maybe I did too much. Oh well....nap time.

Oh what beautifully small breasts!!!!

I cannot believe that I am now into my second week since my breast reduction! I love the new look....and hey?..I haven't dropped food onto my shelf yet!!! I swear that I am going to save a fortune just on my dry cleaning bills alone!!

A lot of my friends saw me dressed up for the first time yesterday and it felt so great! One friend said she saw me get out of my car and she turned to her husband and said, "damn she looks great! Look at that figure on her!" Lol. I can't wait until I am able to get my tummy tuck and lypo to add to this whole experience of making me look a bit better.

I will try to post my photo of how I am healing as soon as I get my main computer on. My healing process is doing real leaking anymore...and the swelling is mostly down. Only a bit so swelling. But I am itchy! Not sure when I am supposed to be putting on my scar cream, but right now I am just using polysporin which seems to be working nicely.

Day 14 Healing

Trying to get through to my surgeon by phone!

Well, I finally got up the nerve to try and call my surgeon in the Dominican Republic by phone....and NOTHING! It won't let me phone there! Not sure why or what is the matter, but this is really frustrating! I really need to be able to get through to book a flight.....there is a seat sale going on, not sure what to do! Help!!!!!!

A final check up before moving on

Monday arrived and I had to rush up to see my surgeon...a scheduling problem caused this rush. He was late it was one of those hurry up and wait scenerio's. I was really excited to see my surgeon, Dr. Shammas. He had done such an amazing job on my breast reduction, and I wanted to make sure he knew! He warmly greeted me, and then started his check up. Yes, some of those nasty little 'dissolvable' stitches were sticking out...and he just pulled them out! Ouch! Lol. He said I was healing amazingly well....and once again asked why that first female surgeon refused to do the work.....I reminded him that she said I was too fat! He just chuckled, shook him head and said I had been a 'model' patient! He told me that unless I had an emergency, I didn't need to see him again. We discussed the problem with my 'bat wings'. He agreed that I would have to have surgery to eventually correct that problem...and we said our good byes.

I was cautioned to still take it easy.....cause I really want to get back to doing some tree and shrub transplanting! Lol. Oh well, I sure don't want to cause problems!

Besides the itching...caused from healing....and I deal with it by applying polysporin anti-itch. I have been exhausted a lot more than normal. Some days I literally barely reach the couch before I zonked out! I get twinges in the breasts and feel the constant pull....but these are nothing that I cannot deal with!

So now I am on to my next leg of my journey. Last night I sent my confirmation deposit to Dr. Rafael Estevez and it looks like I will be having my surgery on January 30th, 2014! Guess I should start off on a new update since it will be with a different surgeon.

I ITCH!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! Someone scratch my scars!!!! My body does not like those dissolve able stitches and it is doing its best to drive me NUTS! I am so very itchy for those stitches making their way out do my body that I think it is worse than having the surgery done...that didn't hurt! I have been using polysporin on my healing areas....which has done an amazing job of helping me heal. My sister suggested trying the Polysporin Anti-Itch version...and yes, it does help. But, oh my...I hate these stitches....but love my boobs!

Sharp stabbing pain!

Ok....guess I did not read anything about this part of a breast reduction! Can anyone say Damm that hurts! Last week I was in a lot of pain. The pain begins on the outside of my breast and pierces up towards my nipples! Truly inconpacitating! Yesterday I finally found out that it was due to the nerves trying to resestablish themselves! Thankfully this is just another side effect that I eventually will get past.

The breasts are healing well....although I still have a small 'V' under my left breast that has not scared yet. I am continually putting in polysporin with vitamin E....which seems to be helping.

Another thing I have realized.....I need to wear my Sports Bra all the time! I have tried wearing a regular bra...without the underwire, and I end up in pain after a couple of hours. But by wearing a sports bra, I get enough compression that my breasts don't seem to be swelling. I hope that I will be able to wear a real bra soon! But just happy to be healing well!

Weeping wound

Well, the small section under my left breast is weeping. It has not healed properly and today it seems to be weeping...bright red blood and some puss. And here I thought I was healing great! Guess I will have to phone my surgeon on on day to see what they have to say. The section under my breast is sore and tender to the touch. Thankfully my right side is doing great...hardly bothers me at all. I do hope this is just normal and that it will heal up quickly!

Spitting out stitches

Well, after my little bleeding/pusing problem on the weekend, I went to see my surgeon today. He quickly checked me out and pronounced that my body was rejecting those wonderful so called dissolvable stitches! Oh GOODIE! Nothing like having inflamed areas breaking open and oozing ....UGH! And here I thought I was doing so good. Well, dr. Shammas explained that about every 1 in a 100 or 200 patients end up with this problem. Just my luck to be in that lucky group! Really makes me look forward to my tummy tuck and Brachioplasty!

Exploding pus

Yup...that's my body doing the nasty! Spitting out stiches with explosions of pus. I am no talking about gently oozing ...I am talking about explosions that fly across the counter and hit the mirrors! UGH! It is over two months and my body is still fighting these dissolvable stiches! Really disgusting and it hurts like hell! I don't remember the pain after the surgery being this bad! Sometimes I feel like this healing process will never happen for me! So what am I to do when my surgery for a TT, Brachioplasty and lypo happen? Am I going to have this to look forward to? Believe me...just put in the REGULAR STITCHES! I don't need them the disolveable! Oh well, I do hope that when I look back after a year, I will be able to laugh and smile over these little things?!!!

Blister along the surgical scar

I have had problems with the disolveable stitches....but not I am getting blisters along my surgical scar. Also a red rash. The blisters are really sore and become either filled with puss or bright red blood. I have been trying to keep the area dry and covered with a fungicide to help,with the healing, but it doesn't seem to be working. So next Tuesday I will visit my surgeon and see what he has to say about the problem. Hopefully, it will just be the stitches coming out and nothing to worry about.

Blisters caused by Disolveable Stitches

Well, I love my surgeon! Even as he's cutting my scar open and gouging out the infected are .....he's joking with me!.....or am I joking with. Him? Lol. He said the blisters are caused from my body still fighting the disolveable stiches! Oh joy! and if they continue to fester and blister, I have to go under annestetic again and he will open up my scar and remove the dissolveable stiches. Ok...that is not something I want! Especially since my TT and other surgeries are planned for this month....less than three weeks away!

The Dominican and continuing the journey

Well, I can't believe that my surgery in the Dominican is less than two weeks away! Ok...the surgery is a bit more, but I will be somewhere warm in two weeks! I have to go early since the surgeon wants to run some additional tests. Since I have seizures, he has me set up to see a neurologist. I also have a bit of a thyroid problem and will be seeing a specialist for that too! Man!!! Easier to get a specialist appointment in the Dominican than to wait here in Canada!

I have continued my story and my journey on another posting.

Dr. Sammas Dr. Rafael Estevez

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