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Hi!! I been reading on this website all day and...

Hi!! I been reading on this website all day and just knew I had to join and share my story..first of all I'm 31, 5'1 and 160. I went to my consult for a breast aug and ended up wanting a tummy tuck! I didn't think it was possibly because of my weight even though I don't look 160. But my dr said that I was a great candidate. I have had 2 csections and do have that apron thing going on. I'm very anxious about surgery and the recovery time. I would love to be connected with those getting ready to have the surgery so that we can go thru all this together and those that have completed their journey. My mom had the surgery 2 years ago and her recovery was smooth sailing and she has amazing results. I'm using her same Doctor. She's even going back to him for her brachialplasty (don't think I spelled that one right, anyways she getting her arms done lol) Her surgery date is in October. I'm planning to have my breast aug in January 2017. My husband is deploying in August so he's gonna come home to body he married before the babies! I'm also hoping to lose 10-15 before surgery too. I'm most comfortable at 140 so that's my end goal after its all said and done.

35 days pre-op--What can I do now to make my recovery easier??

35 days away and still super nervous but so excited at the same time!! The recovery is scary for me for sure..been doing low carb this week and I've lost a couple of lbs already..hoping to lose at least 10 by surgery time. I'm also having a hard time giving up my smokes! I've heard u need to quit 30 days before ur surgery and 30 days after..I'm really struggling but I'm down to like 1-3 a day. I promised myself this is my last pack and I only have a few left. Seeing as how I'm almost 30 day pre op what are some things that I can do now to make my recovery easier?

35 days pre-op

I'm 35 days away super scared but excited! I'm ready to have a flat tummy but not looking forward to the recovery. I'm 5'1 159..I've always been a "thick" girl which I don't mind..before my babies I had the big "ghetto" booty (lol that's what we called it back in the day) and a tiny waist..all my curves were in all the right places;) After 2 csections things ain't quite as cute! This belly is my worst enemy. I'm so sick of wearing shapers that I like to call my "bunker gear" cuz I feel as though I'm putting on all this gear like I'm going to fight a fire lol. My hubby is deploying a few months after my TT so I'm going to take this time as he is away to get as close to my pre baby body as possible! Gotta have a distraction during deployment so I'm gonna work on me!! As I'm approaching my 30 day pre-op mark, is there anything I can do now to make my recovery easier??

3 weeks to go!!

I only have 3 weeks until surgery now. My weight loss is totally stalled..it has rained almost everyday this month so me and the kids have been stuck indoors and when it gets like this--I eat!! But on the upside I haven't smoked in nearly 2 weeks! The first few days were extremely hard but I did it! Of course I get cravings but I manage. Looking at some sunny weather for at least the next week so I'm definitely gonna get in the pool for some exercise and fun with the kiddos since I'll be out of service next month lol..my pre-op appointment is on the 17th--its getting closer and I'm getting more excited than nervous now. One thing that I'm nervous about is how am I gonna look?? I'm not getting any lipo just a tt and I'm afraid I'm gonna look like a linebacker! Hopefully this procedure will encourage me to finally get off these pesky 20 lbs that my body has been hanging on to for the past 3 years. I'm not looking to be skinny..I just wanna feel confident in the skin I'm in. I feel my best at 140 so that is my goal. I've always been a thick girl--never had a flat tummy but I only wore a bikini one summer and that was the first summer I spent with my husband and I was pregnant before the next summer so I would be nice to wear a bikini again. I think I've rambled on enough this morning. I'll update again after my pre op appointment next Friday.

TT date changed to 6/30

So my ps office called me and had to move me to 6/30 instead of 6/29..just one more extra day which is totally fine..1 extra day to lose weight


Feel like giving up:(

I've been having such a hard time recently with my diet that I have actually thought about cancelling my surgery all together! I'm less than 20 days away and I've gained a few pounds..I just feel like if I get the surgery now I'm gonna look completely ridiculous..I guess I'm just afraid of the outcome. My dr didn't ask me to lose weight but as if u can't tell from my pics I'm a big girl! At one moment I was completely excited about surgery and the next I don't want it all cuz I think I'm too big..I've just had a roller coaster of emotions for the past couple of weeks and my family doesn't really understand. Just looking for somebody to just be straight up with me u know!

Today is a new day...I suppose

Yesterday I made a post about just being so frustrated with weight loss and thinking about cancelling my surgery..I'm still frustrated today and still considering cancelling my surgery just because there is so much going on personally and I don't think I'm gonna have any help post op..my husband is in the reserves and wasn't deploying until August and he had already taken a week off from his civilian job to help me..well now the reserves went ahead and put him on orders last Wednesday..so what am I gonna do for help? I recovered through 2 csections with no help so maybe I can do it idk??? I know it's a different recovery..idk if I shud switch and do my breast aug now and wait to do my tummy tuck when he gets back which won't be until October 2017..I know I cud prob better manage the breast aug recovery on my own..I'm just so frustrated with just everything and feeling so down and defeated..my pre op appt is Friday so I guess I'll make a decision by then but even so I'm gonna give it everything I got these last 17 days to lose a little bit of weight to better prepare myself..just looking for some support..anybody??

Bored today so here's a photo!

This is and above lying down shot of my tummy..it's just pitiful!!

Last pre-op appt!!

So today I went to my last appt before surgery. Any worries I had are gone. Of course I have the normal pre surgery jitters but like concerns of everything in general I feel better about. I got my prescriptions and I only had to pay $4450 today!! I thought it was gonna be over 5K so that was a nice surprise. I took my before pics too which wasn't so bad cuz my nurse has actually had a tummy tuck herself and she made me feel so comfortable about everything! So now just waiting 13 days until my surgery date!! Soooo pumped!

It's the final countdown!!

Just 9 more days! I'm just so ready to get this over with at this point. I'm not looking forward to recovery at all but I have a lot of support to get me thru it. I'm gonna go get my prescriptions filled Thursday and get my shopping done and over the next week start deep cleaning my house and meal prepping. I think that is what is bothering me the most is knowing that I'm not gonna be able to clean my house or cook for a few days...ill have people to do it for me but my way is the best way of course lol. I have plenty of stuff to occupy my time with while stuck in the bed but hopefully I won't be for long. Dr says I shud be able to get around good in a week and his patients have said they were good to go then too so that sounds great to me!! Praying for speedy recovery!!

4 days to go!

So I have 4 full days until surgery..I'm getting more and more nervous now even considered backing out especially after reading about one of our fellow real self ladies in icu..this is scary stuff!! I'm just trying to prepare myself as much as I can. I bought me some bromaine and arnica supplements today and we even bought a new adjustable bed that's going to be delivered Tuesday just in time!! I'm still nervous every thou the clothes I have now r started to get tight just because I put on some weight since I quit smoking a month ago. So I'm definitely not feeling even the least bit sexy:(

Whoa! Those pants aren't suppose to look like this!

So obviously I have put on some weight since approval..quitting smoking really did me in, not to mention just nervousness and stress eating! I put these pant on this morning and omg! Look at that gut! I'm a mom on the go with school and multiple dance practices for both kids weekly! My wardrobe consists mostly of joggers and yoga pants so my dream is to be able to wear my pants the way they r suppose to worn and without a baggy shirt trying to conceal my spare tire! Confidence is what I wanna gain from this..it's all I ever wanted! Less than 48 hours until my surgery..still very scared and just ready to get it over with so I begin healing and get back to my life..I just feel like I hadn't been living since I got approved just always overly anxious..I'm hoping after surgery my stress eating will be done and I can drop these lingering 20 lbs and gain my confidence back! Anyways gonna go drop my prescriptions off today like I been suppose to do for the past week and get some last minute supplies.

Yeah I know I post a lot lol...

So my new temper pedic adjustable bed came in today..didn't get it specifically for the surgery we just needed a new bed but hey it's nice! It even has a massager built in to it..score! Problem is..it is way higher than my previous bed I literally have to jump onto it..that's so not gonna on Thursday! I'm gonna have to use my step stool to get in the bed! Anyways dropped off my prescriptions and picked me up some protein shakes, Tylenol am and pm and some cocoa butter, and new eyeliner and eyeshadow lol I know not necessary but those items make me feel good and my grandma always use to say if ur having a bad day just put on some make and fix ur hair it will make u feel better--and it does for me! And u know my grandma is 86 years old and she does it everyday!! Tomorrow is my last day before surgery. Gonna take my doggies to the vet, pick up my prescriptions, drink tons of water, eat extremely light, start my Bromelain and arnica and finish up tying up loose ends around the house to try and make it as easy as possible for my hubby. He's super awesome and totally doesn't mind cleaning and cooking but I just hate putting so much on him. It helps that he has a medical background so I know I'm in good hands for sure..My bff says she gonna come visit Thursday night after her shift at the hospital..she's a nurse...def in good hands all around!

On the flat side!

My surgery was at 8am this morning..I did better than I thought with my anxiety..I'm so cold though I have sweat pants, flannel shirt, socks and zip up hoodies on plus 5 blankets! I took my pain meds prob bout 2 hours ago and got up to pee about an hour ago and empty my drain..I got super dizzy, got into a cold sweat and my husband said I was white as a ghost! I thought I was gonna throw up! He brought me a bucket, put a cold rag on my head and brought me some sugar water and I felt way better..napping off and on. I'm uncomfortable but not like in terrible pain thou. Gotta pee again! Will update later!

Day one PO

Just an update of how my first day and night was at home. I slept most all day and night. It's like one minute I'm talking to my husband..well mumbling..then the next second I'm out! My pug knows something is up he's been so sad! My hubby sat with him on my bed so he could see I was ok and he just kept staring at my drain..he's def upset over this lol anyone who has a pug can relate..they r just like people! So anyways my back hurts off and on been using a massager on it which helps. I set my alarm on my phone for every 2 hours to get up and move some. I get up about every hour though to pee. Been on top of my meds, very important! My tummy pain is manageable..not as bad as I thought. Feels like I'm holding a sit-up mid rise. The kids have been behaving well and hubby has been great at helping out. I have a dr appt in bout 6 hours. I haven't taken my binder off so maybe I'll sneak a peek today. I will say I notice a difference already. My sweatpants are really low on my hips now when before my big spare tire wouldn't allow that. I haven't had an appetite but with the meds I have to eat something or I get sick. I only had a piece of dry toast, half a turkey and cheese sandwich, and 2 protein drinks. Def wouldn't mind if my no appetite stayed because I would like to lose some weight lol. They weight me yesterday morning before surgery and I put on 6 lbs since the first time I was there..I know it's from stress and quitting smoking. No biggie though I will take it off. Can't wait to get healed and start working on this body!! So far so good though. I'm glad I didn't cancel. I hope things continue to run smoothly..I will post an update as often as I can.

Day 3 post op

I'm hurting a bit more today..today was the first day I took my binder off at home.

Day 3 PO

Day 3

Last night and this morning was so bad. I took some Phillips to help me go to the bathroom but all it did was give me massive cramps. I felt like I was in labor for those 8 hours. My hubby went and got me some gas X which did help the cramping..I went to pee this morning and threw up green bile in the tub..I gave myself a bird bath and now I'm relaxing, feeling better than I did but man I just wanna feel normal again. No shower, I'm all hunched over, zoned out from my meds..this is no fun!! I think the only upside is I've lost like 5 lbs since surgery just cuz I have no appetite.

Day 4 PO

So this morning im able to stand a bit straighter but I'm still a hunchback. Still draining a good bit too so I know the drains will be staying with me for a while. The pain isn't bad just a bit of discomfort and a little burning sensation where the drain is. I feel totally gross thou..gonna attempt a shower today cuz these little sponge baths ain't cutting it! Still no bm either and I'm too scared to take anymore Phillips because of all the cramping it gave me. I think I'll try magnesium citrate maybe today or tomorrow. I'm so ready to get out and drive and go do stuff with my family. I hate being stuck indoors! Anyways that's my report for today all u post op ladies have a blast in ur bikinis today!! Happy 4th of July!!

End of day 4 PO

Well I didn't take any pain meds today until bout 11pm cause my crazy self was sitting on my bed and lay right flat on my back and was like oh crap, I can get up! So I did a half sit up and got myself up..so now my tummy is very tight near my belly button..hopefully I didn't mess anything up. The shower didn't happen today. I sponge bathed and my hubby helped me wash my hair in the kitchen sink. That made me feel better. It sucks being stuck in bed though. I was up moving around prob more than I shud have. Finally had a bm. Had to take magnesium citrate. Swelling is now arrived--the struggle is real! My belly feels like I did in my 3rd trimester like when my baby was moving all around..I guess all the efforts to move my bowels has all kinds of stuff moving around. Omg and I'm so itchy on my tummy!! It's aggravating! drains still suck and I'm still draining at least 100-150 ccs a day so it's here to stay. Looking forward to Thursday so I can at least drive. On a good note the pain is almost non existent now..maybe a little discomfort here and there but not bad.

Day 5 PO

Ok so last night..didn't sleep at all! I took an oxycodone around 11pm and every time I wud fall asleep I wud wake back up cuz my heart was racing. I'm so done with oxycodone! I watched a movie last night and some old sitcoms and next thing I knew my hubby was leaving for work! He was like your up already and in like no I'm still up. He hasn't been sleeping in the bed with me because he toss and turns so much and it bothers me. My 5 year old woke up at 6 and came got in the bed with me and I was able to fall asleep so maybe I just needed someone in the bed with me. I think I'm gonna set myself up in the living room tonight and let my hubby have the bed. He may as well have a good night of rest cuz I'm sure not using the bed for sleep, plus it will be a change of scenery lol. I sat on the edge of the tub today and used my detachable shower head to shave my legs and clean up a bit. First time "showering" and it was nice but boy it was exhausting. So much pressure is put on ur back it will literally bring u to ur knees. So pain is minimal. I'm done with my antibiotics yesterday. I'm out of arnica. Not taking oxycodone. I haven't taken anything for my muscle spasms yet today but I think I may need to later..and still taking the Bromelain. I wish I cud just stand up straight and get this drain out and I'd be good to go! Looking forward to a week po so I can drive..i wud like to take my kids out to the movies or something. Anyways hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight if not U know I'll be posting on Realself!!

Help me out here!

Ok ladies need ur help! I wear a tank top under my binder and My binder has been aggravating me tonight so I took it off a bit ago to adjust my shirt underneath and stuff and noticed my tape that's over my inscion is coming off..is that suppose to happen? I don't really remember anything they told the day after surgery cuz I was on my pain meds so idk what's normal or not.

Day 6 PO

Feeling better each day..just back pain from being hunched over..I made myself stand straighter. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom I make myself aware that I need to stand up straight. It's like learning to walk all over again. Still itchy under the binder. My appt is next Wednesday and I can't wait! At that time I get to switch from 24 hours in a binder to 12 hours and my drain comes out, if it doesn't before then. I'm draining 75 ccs a day and I have to be under 25 ccs a day to get it removed. I'm so ready to feel normal again. All this laying around sucks so when I'm cleared to drive and move around good I'm out the door! My house is a wreck and I need to go grocery shopping! My kids and husband help out with the house and shopping but I sent hubby to the store the other day and he shops like a 5 year old..he bought so much junk food! I'm like dude, I can't eat any of this! Momma is just ready to get back to normal!

1 week PO

So I woke up around 4am with some leg and abdominal pain like I had been working out hard and was sore so I had to take a pain pill and was fine when I woke up later on this morning..I think I overdid it a bit yesterday. U think I might wud learn from that but no lol. When I did get up this morning I felt so good I cooked breakfast for the kids, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned my bathroom, washed my hair, got dressed and put my makeup on. I'm hurting now..well my lower back is hurting. im drained 50ccs in 24 hours so it's getting less..I really hate this drain!! I'll be so glad when it's gone. The weekend is approaching and I so wanna get out and do something but it's hard on my back to stand for too long. So to my Realself friends, please tell me when it was you were able to go out and do stuff? I don't mean just going out and sitting somewhere.

Ugh so over it...

I'm at the point where idk what was worse..having the belly or having this? I'm so miserable and this is so hideous..just not happy right now..I mean I know it will get better, I'm only a week out..but I'm just not in a good place right now

Highly recommended!

I take these on a regular basis anyway for my bowels because I have dealt with constipation since a baby. I have tried everything over the years to get things moving..everything imaginable..nothing worked. A couple of years ago my dr suggested taking 1 250 mg magnesium supplement daily and for the first time in 30 years my bowels worked normally. I take 500mg now. I hadn't taken them until like 4 days PO cuz I was on so many different meds I just forgot but I wish I had because if everyone will read back on my blog I battled with cramps and constipation..everyone is like 'take a stool softener' --those have never worked for me..so I started taking my magnesium again and I'm back on track. So I definitely recommend to my Realself sisters, magnesium supplements!! If ur pre op please get u some!! Start taking them a day or 2 before surgery..if ur post op and struggling--get them now! Ur bowels will thank you! Of course I'm not ur dr so please check with them first before taking anything.

8 day PO

Well my day overall has been better emotionally I have to say. I finally got to take a real shower..with hubby a help..and it was wonderful! That was the only strenuous activity I did today. I'm really trying to take it easy and rest and not worry what I'm missing out on or that the house is a wreck. I'm just resting. I am very swollen tonight though..my 5 year old was throwing a tantrum and my hubby was out this evening so I had to deal with that and yes mommy did yell..which i have to say takes a lot out of me since surgery..does it to anyone else? Well after that ordeal my tummy was so tight that I thought well dang maybe my binder is too tight, so I took it off to readjust and no it was my tummy that was super tight and swollen:( so now it's after 10pm and I took some pain meds and am laying down in hopes that it will subside. There's really no pain anymore just discomfort from swelling and the binder at times. Miss those days of being able to cuddle up to my hubby..and other things;) only 5 days til my checkup though!!

Day 9 PO

Had a really great day. Got up this morning and was like omg I'm standing up straight! I went grocery shopping with my hubby and daughter. I haven't drove yet. It was so nice just to be out and about cause I hadn't been in like a week! The grocery store was eventful I must say! I pushed the cart cuz it was better to walk holding on to something. Halfway through the store I got a little dizzy just because I hadn't eaten anything and I cud feel my binder getting tighter and tighter--oh boy I'm swelling. Anyways got home belly was pretty swollen so I put my feet up the rest of the day. My appt is in 4 days I definitely don't want screw anything up cuz I want this drain out! Anyways that's my day!

Day 10 PO

So late last night I just had a burst of energy so I grabbed a couple of pieces out my closet to see how they looked on me. I seriously can't wait to get all dolled up cuz I been living in sweats and tanks for 10 days. So I tried on my Rock Revival jeans. They were a bit loose prior to surgery so I figured they wud be easier to get on since I still have some swelling in my hips. It was a struggle and they were tight because of swelling but omg..they looked awesome! No more big roll to fill out the bottoms of my jeans! It was totally flat! Then I pull out this off the shoulder top that I bought a year ago. I remember this shirt because when I got it I remembered that I couldn't wear my shape wear with it because it's off the shoulder and u cud see the straps and without shape wear it looked a hot mess because it was fitted and u cud see all my rolls. So this shirt has been hanging in my closet for a year..still has the tags on it too! I put it on and it's too big now!! And this was a fitted shirt too! Needless to say my post op blues r behind me and I'm so glad that I went thru with my surgery and I'm loving my results more and more each day, even with the swelling! I even weighed this morning and I lost another pound! I down to 25 ccs in my drain a day. I sat out with my kids at the pool today just for a bit. And I drove for the first time too! Which was so great, I have missed my car!! I took a nice shower and I'm relaxing the rest of the day cuz I don't wanna over do it. But things r getting so much better and I have my Realself sisters to thank! U guys have been there thru the good and the bad and I just thank u so much!! 3 more days till my appointment! Oh and me and hubby r going on a double date next Friday night and I'm super excited!! I have a hair appt that day too. Can't wait to get all dressed up and go out on the town! I will start posting more pics after Wednesday when I get rid of this drain.

Day 10 PO

Day 11 PO

Woke up feeling great! Did some light cleaning throughout the day and made sure I took breaks in between. Went to the hardware store. Put some dinner in the crockpot. I even had a visit from the bff who is now considering a tummy tuck too after seeing my progress. I even lost another pound. I was 168 day of surgery and this morning I was 158 so I have lost 10 pounds since surgery! If I Wudnt have gained before surgery I wud be 150 but hey 10 lbs lost without even dieting--I'll take it!

2 week post op check up

Everything went well. Drain was removed and dr says it's safe to resume my regular duties just no heavy lifting and don't over do it. I feel great! This is the best thing I have ever done and I'm so glad I did it!! Next it's the boobs!

19 days PO

3 weeks PO

A few days ago I discovered that a section on my incision wasn't healing as well as the rest. It ended up coming open. It's not infected of anything I just have to pack it a few times a day and keep it covered. I go back next week to see my dr for him to check and see how it's doing. He said it could take up to a month to completely heal. It's a bummer but I am still happy that I have had my tummy tuck. My confidence is up and that is what I wanted. I look better in my clothes even thou I can't wear my pre op jeans yet I'm still rockin my yoga pants. Even bought me this super sexy maxi skirt and crop top today and it actually looks good on me! My swelling is minimal unless of course I'm out and about and It will start up. Sleeping on my side is still not comfortable just yet. I have lost 13 lbs since my surgery. I'm at a weight I hadn't been at in a few years so I'm excited and confident that I will reach my goal weight within the next couple of months. I posted a pic the other day and will take some more to post soon, I'm just too swollen today cuz I been out shopping.

Ugh insomnia!!

Few days shy of almost 1 month PO and dang the past weeks or so I have been battling like crazy with insomnia. I've tried all types of otc meds and the just aren't working!! I end up staying up like all night and squeeze in a couple of winks before the kids wake up. Has anyone else had this problem? I mean is this related to the surgery?

Ok so I just wanna whine a lil..

I'll be 4 weeks PO Thursday and ever since I developed this open wound it has really just set me back in so many ways..I feel like the ppl who supported me getting this surgery has just abandon me since week 1..that's just the way it is I guess..I'm the most genuine person u wud ever meet..if I say I'll be there for u I am there no matter what and I guess I just assumed that from my family and friends especially with them knowing my hubby a work schedule..he has been all I had and helps out so much when he is home..my hubby left this morning and I won't see him til this weekend so it just me and my kids and it sucks cuz I wanna do so much but can't cuz I don't wanna screw anything up. I did some housework this morning..things that use to take a couple of hours takes me all day and I get no where close to being finished. I can't sleep at night I barely have an appetite..don't get me wrong I love my tummy I just didn't figure in this long of a recovery and this wound issue that I'll prob have to deal with for another month or longer. I'm just extremely frustrated and having my own lil pity party today. I go back to the dr Wednesday and I just hope things will improve. Sorry bout all the complaining I just wanted to get all this off my chest and this blog helps out a lot with doing that. My advice for anyone considering surgery is make sure u have a strong support system not only to get u thru the first week but just in case there r any mishaps..it's always nice to have someone in ur corner

Crazy swelling!!

Ok so I decided to take some photos cuz I'm seriously worried about this swelling! I so cries last night when I looked in the mirror..I have some crazy swelling on my right side only (which is where my drain was) it's like so distorted that my incision doesn't even look straight! I got to the dr tomorrow to check my wound (it's cover by the white pad) so I def gonna ask about this swelling! So check out the pics and let me know what u think is going on..normal swelling or not??

Dr appt today-things looking up!

Just got back from my dr..he said my wound looks great and is healing well..it shud begin to gradually close over the next month..I asked him about my swelling he said it's normally and there's no fluid in it and it may just be my body reacting to the wound itself so it will subside overtime...i feel better after seeing him today. Yes I still have the hole to deal with and the swelling but I'm gonna be positive and patient and know that this to shall pass..ill be one month post op tomorrow and I and just hoping for lots of progress in month 2. Thanks to all my Realself ladies for all ur support in everything!

When is ok to sleep on ur side??????

Ok so here's the deal..my husband is coming home This weekend only and I won't see him for many, many months..I want to cuddle with him so bad like I use to but I'm afraid if I'm on my side will I screw something up? I mean especially since I'm dealing with this open wound..I've tried here and there on my side and it gets more and more comfortable but is 1 month PO still too early for side sleeping???? Thoughts???

1 month PO!!!!

can't believe it's been a month already! And what a crazy ride..1st week--emotional wreck...2nd week-- feeling totally awesome! 3rd week-- omg seriously and open wound! And crazy insomnia...4th week-- officially reached that infamous "swell hell"
I do have some good news to report..I been sleeping on a flat bed for the past couple of nights with no propping up of extra pillows or inclining my bed and sleeping on my side!! Oh and also I went to bed at like 11pm last night without a sleep aid!!!!!! That's so huge for me cuz this insomnia has been torturous! Although the I must say I must have been like super tired cuz I was all over the bed and my tummy is a tad sore this morning..also my hubby came home yesterday afternoon for the weekend only and I was able to cuddle with him! It was so great! I love him so much, he is my best friend. I hate to see him go but that's how the military life is..i will get to see him a few more times before he's out of country but it won't be any longer than a couple of days then I won't see him until the end of 2017. It sucks and I'm getting super sad but my plan is to totally just dive back into fitness hard core. I was super crazy fit back in 2012. My baby girl will be starting school next month so this is this will be the first time in my adult life I don't have a child with me 24/7. So my plan is that time that they r in school I'm gonna dedicate to building the body that I've always wanted and now I can with my big ol saggy belly gone! i will be tracking my progress on here as soon as I get cleared to exercise. I know I prob have another month to go since I have the open wound, which btw is healing nicely:) but as soon as I get the green light I'm diving back in hard core baby! I'll try and post a pic later today. Thanks to my Realself ladies for their support through the good, the bad, and the ugly of this past month...couldn't have gotten through it without y'all!!

Omg swell hell!!

Had a party today..for the first time I did not wear my binder cuz it was super hot!! I'm def paying for it now!

Tattoo to cover up tummy tuck scar

So..I decided to get a tattoo to cover up some of my scar..I'm not stranger to tattoos I have quite a few but I want it to especially cover up my hip scars..I love my tat artist but I don't need him all down in my business doing a tat lol..I thought about maybe doing a lower back tat that comes around to my hips..anyways is there anybody that has gotten there's covered?

A couple of pics

Still super swollen but going thru my closet and my hubby bought me this half zip pull over last Christmas which I totally loved but couldn't wear because it was soooo fitted and u cud see all my rolls!! Even with compression gear underneath!! So today..still swollen..but pulled it out and ta-da!! Perfect!! Nothing on underneath either! So ready for fall!!

5 week PO

So nothing has really changed from week 4 to 5..still experiencing swelling more in the evenings or if I'm crazy busy throughout the day..I'm like 2 or 3 weeks late..thanks pcos! I'm hoping I will start very soon. Having a hard time sticking to my diet.

Just some pics..

Got these new Jean leggings from ny&co..much recommended! They r so super comfortable and r great for post op if ur still uncomfortable in ur pre op jeans.

Remember these pants???

I day pre op to 5 week post op

6 week po update!!

I can't believe I have finally reached the 6 week mark! This past week I have seen lots of improvement. I feel more normal now and can do just about anything with no problem. My sleeping has greatly improved! I'm able to sleep on my side with no problem and the insomnia is gone..I still wear my binder off and on throughout the day and night..I'm trying to wean myself off it but it does help especially if I'm swelling..I have defined worn it out though I cud use a new one..I still maybe shouldn't be lifting heavy stuff but with my husband gone I have to take on some responsibilities that he would do around the house. the swelling is still present but not as bad as it had been. My wound is healing great! I no longer can pack it because the hole has filled..there like a slight dip but enough that packing would stay put so I been apply antibiotic ointment and covering with a pad..just keeping it moist! I'm pretty sure over the next couple of weeks it will be completely closed. I go to see my dr again on sept 1st I think at that time i may go ahead and schedule for my breast augmentation..just thinking about going under again brings up so much anxiety, so I'm still not sure. I definitely think if I do schedule it will be January. I'm soooo ready to hit the gym but idk what all I can really do at this point besides walking in a treadmill. I really want to start doing crossfit again but it still maybe to early..I think I'll wait until I see my dr and ask. School starts in a couple of weeks and idk bout y'all but I'm so excited! This has been such a long dang summer especially dealing with recovery so mommy needs some "me" time during the day. I have to say..Iam definitely happy that I had a tummy tuck..it's been a long haul but worth it for sure! Before surgery all I wanted was some confidence, i have no desire to be skinny..I'm a thick girl and I love my curves..my curves just need to be toned lol..I'm bout 15 lbs from my goal weight of 140..I just wanna get my my body super toned and my muscles defined again and now I have the confidence to do it. I'm gonna spread my updates out to monthly now and I'll post some pics in between.

Seriously thou..

So today I was at a meeting and someone asked if I was expecting. Say what? Now no one but family knows I had a tt and I thought I looked pretty good today. Now all I feel is completely self conscious and my confidence has crashed. Why ppl gotta hate? Idk if she was being rude or thought I really did look pregnant..even so u don't ask a lady especially when ur not 100% sure she's pregnant.

8 weeks PO

So my biggest news is that my wound closed up about a week ago..yay no more packing!! So bad news that I have had for past couple of weeks is constipation..totally not tt related, I've also dealt with it but now that I've had a tt if I go one day without a bm my tummy gets super tight and swollen on top of the regular swollen and tightness..it's quite painful. Still not exercising just yet, I go see my dr next Thursday so I wanna make sure I'm cleared before I start working out. Everything is back to normal thou..I do everything I use to do. I hadn't lost anymore weight..still at 155 on a good day but it fluctuates to 161 if I'm constipated so that's a downer..so maybe tmi for some but we are all here anyway wanting a better looking bod so anyway a couple of weeks ago I was able to see my hubby and I put on some lingerie and when I put on the panties that went with it And checked myself in the mirror I was stunned! I haven't had panties lay flat on me ever! I couldn't believe it was me. This has added extra confidence in the bedroom..we even had the lights on! Now before it wud have to be completely dark! I still have a ways to go with toning my body but so far no regrets. I'm so happy with my results!!

Finally back out enjoying summer!

My first day back in a bathing suit..I hadn't been able to get in the water or anything with that open wound but now that it's closed in enjoying myself..I fed have a lot more work to do on this body but I'll get there..

9 weeks PO

Went to my dr today for a follow up. He said everything looked great! He said I could resume all and any physical activity..and I even asked him about getting the tattoo cover up for my scar and he said that was a fine to do now too..anyways that's my update..short, sweet and simple.

3 months PO

So I'm doing my monthly update and boy have things been great! The swelling is like practically no more..I swell maybe a couple of times a week but no where near as bad. My size 10 jeans are beginning to get loose (was a size 12 pre op and those were TIGHT) I been cleared to exercise hard core but I just hadn't had the time unfortunately..going to start towards the end of October back at the gym when things begin to settle down. No regrets whatsoever I'm so happy with my results..wish I would have gotten some lipo on my flanks but I know that day will disappear the more I lose weight which is way cheaper than surgery. My confidence is way up there. I like being able to wear lose rise jeans and sexy undies instead of big ol granny panties! Still on the fence about getting my breasts done just because I hate going under anesthesia but man cosmetic surgery is addicting lol. Been using a some scar treatment on my belly button cuz it's super expensive so I wanted to try it on a little spot to see how good it works. I have before and 3 week progress posted along with what I'm using. I tried silicon strips on my tummy tuck scar and they r just too annoying so I just keep and the cocoa butter on it til I can go gel me some silicon based scar gel.annoying. Anyways guys..life is good on the flat side.

4 months po

Can't believe it's already been 4 months! It feels so normal now I do t even remember having that flabby belly..all I know is this is the best decision I have ever made! I seriously just got back to working out last week just cuz I been so busy but I'm down to 153! Working out is so much more fun now that the belly isn't in the way..did some crossfit yesterday..sore today but man I have missed it! Looking forward to the months to come..I'm not perfect but I sure don't obsess in the mirror about how fat my belly is and how bad I look ok in my outfit..now it's like who is that sexy momma! Oh and the best part of all..nine of my pre op jeans fit! They are all too big and I've had to buy new ones! Bought a size 6 the other day and most comfortable in an 8 now..I was a very tight 12 pre op! There's hope out for ya ladies! If ur thinking about getting one PLEASE don't wait! Do it!! Will post pics later this week and new update at the end of the month!

7 months po

Just updated with a photo..still best thing ever! Down to 150!!

11 months post op

Ok so it's been a while since I've post. Just a quick update. I've lost 25 lbs since surgery..best thing I ever did it was a great motivator to push me towards my goals..still have more I would like to lose thou..maybe 10 or more lbs. I went from a size 12 that were super tight to a size 8 which are starting to get super loose now..just did coolsculpting a couple of weeks ago in my waist so excited to see the full results to come from that...going back this week to do my inner thighs. Bought my first bikini since high school which was super exciting..haven't worn it out yet thou since I'm still super self conscious about my scars..low rise jeans are my new best friend and omg I can wear cute panties now and not those big ol granny panties! this is the best thing I ever did and I'm so glad I didn't chicken out!

1 year post op

1 year later and so happy!! Best thing I ever did! Went from 166 to 136 and size 12 to size 4 and a I do have some size 2's as well! Still have some work to do. 2 months into my coolsculpting too so the 2nd pic is from that on my muffin top. If u have any questions please ask! Just FYI the tummy tuck didn't give me the 30lb weight loss..it just gave me the boost of confidence I needed to keep pushing forward and reach my goals.
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