42 year old Tummy Tuck, Muscle Repair, Lipo of Flanks and lower back

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Scheduled for a tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo...

Scheduled for a tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo of the flanks. 5 days away and super neevous. Starting a review so I can ask questions and provide updates during my recovery. My experience with the pre-op process has been awesome. I love the dr and nurses. Ready to get it over with. Already rescheduled once because my nerves got the best of me and I chickened out. :(

Before pic yuk!

Surgery went well

Surgery was at 8am this morning. Everything went great and I am home recovering now. Lots of medicine to take so I am trying to eat when I take them so that I can hopefully avoid getting sick. Hopefully I can post some after pics soon.

Day one pic.

Day one over thank goodness. Taking all the medicines is horrible and makes me sick. Had to throw up last night and man was that painful. I am trying to switch to Tylenol for pain today since I think it is the pain medication making me sick. Back to the dr today for my first checkup.

Day 2

Started out pretty good. Took 2 extra strength tylenol and left for the doctor for my post op check up. Muscles were really sore when I returned home so I had to take a pain pill and go to sleep for a couple of hours. Thank goodness the nausea is gone now. I am able to eat again now. Trying to drink lots of water. Got to peek at my stomach when they changed the bandages today. It is flat but swollen. I think it is going to look great. Will post pictures as soon as I am able.

Day 2 pics

Still all wrapped up. Can't wait to see the results ????

Surviving day 3

Couldn't sleep last night and had a hard time getting up out of the bed to take my medicine. It was a rough night for sure. I ended up sleeping in the recliner for a few hours. I do not recommend laying flat in the bed for the first few days as it is hard to get up since you can't engage your ab muscles due to pain. I have a lot of pain in my muscles today. I am hoping this is as bad as it gets because it hurts today. I am ready to feel better. The lipo spots are sore today as well so I am having a pretty miserable day. Still wearing the leg stockings until Sunday and I am annoyed with those as well. I snuck a pic of my results so far. My tummy looks tiny just can't enjoy it yet.

Day 4

Much better day today. I was able to sit on the side of the tub and take a sponge bath. Feels much better now. Not quite as sore today so I am trying to only take extra strength Tylenol so I don't feel so groggy all day. I decided to stop wearing my compression garment on my legs for half the day just because I am so tired of them. I can get rid of them all together starting tomorrow. Yeah! I was able to sleep in my bed last night a little propped up but I slept good! Glad to be improving now. ????

Day 5

Feeling better each day. Slept really good last night. Took a pain pill and muscle relaxer before heading to bed and they knocked me out so I got a lot of rest. I am only taking Tylenol extra strength during the day now so I feel more alert and can function better. A few milestones for today...no more compression socks; tossed them in the trash and today is the last day of my anti-clotting shots which I don't like. I had to give myself a shot every night for 5 nights. I am celebrating the milestones because that means I am that much closer to being normal again. I go to the dr tomorrow to hopefully remove the drain which will be awesome because it's tough to hide with clothes and a pain to wear in my opinion. I return to work on Tuesday so it will also be much easier without having to carry a drain. I have a sit down job so should be an okay return to work. I will post updates pics after my appt tomorrow.

Day 6 more milestones

Drain has been removed along with 4 staples. Don't have to go back to the dr for another week. Back to work today and feeling great. I have a sedentary job so not leaving my desk too much. I am standing straight with no more hunch. Off all medicines now which is great because I felt weak and drowsy while taking it all. I had 2 advils at work today to help my headache that I had. I am swollen and staying in my binder except for shower time. I also managed to shampoo and condition my hair today which felt awesome. Yes I wore a bun on top of my head for a week so it's nice to have clean hair again. Happy at how fast I am recovering.

Survived the first week

Glad to celebrate another milestone on this journey. I am back at work for day 2 so no issues with sitting all day. I am extremely swollen and wondering if he will need to drain some of the fluid when I return on Tuesday. Limiting my activities and trying to rest as much as possible. The compression garment sucks. It is too tight around my legs and cuts into them at night . I am going to search online for a better solution so that I won't be so uncomfortable. My stomach looks about 5 months pregnant today so looking forward to the swelling subsiding. I will start updating once a week now. Happy recovering!

Week 2

Getting better everyday. Week 2 back to work and much easier this week. The swelling doesn't get quite as bad in the afternoon. Still swollen and wearing my compression garment 23 1/2 hours a day. Had my follow up with the dr today. Had to drain the fluid off my stomach. Will go back on Monday for it to be drained again. He said this will help my recovery and I will start seeing better results now. My stitches are healing up nicely. The scar is super low and even below my c-section scar. Wow! My dr is awesome and I love his work already. I have been cleared to wear spandex now to replace the compression garment. I plan to find some in the next day or so. Belly button is almost healed up so no issues with it. The bruising from the lipo is still pretty bad. My back and hips are still really bruised. Hope that starts to clear up now. Getting better everyday and thankful so such a good recovery so far. I am hoping to add some cardio exercises in a week or two. Waiting to ask the dr on Monday. Happy healing everyone!

Scars day 15

Scars are healing up great as well as belly button. Starting to itch and my panties irritate the edges but all in all looking great and healing fast.

Updated pics from Doctor

Look at all the skin and fat they removed from me. This is a good reminder to exercise and eat healthy so it doesn't return. Wow! Almost to my 3 week anniversary now. Time is starting to fly by now since I am back in the swing of everything. Dr released me today for cardio and tanning so I am planning to start my elliptical tonight. Have to wear my binder for 3 more weeks all the time and then can start to ween off of it. Good times ahead
DR Crawford

Love the Dr and nurses and will update more after my surgery

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