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I had breast augmentation October 2011. I am very...

I had breast augmentation October 2011. I am very happy with my results. The recovery period was 4 days of being "very" sore and unable to wash my hair, or do much with my arms...depending on what I was trying to do.

On the 5th day I was sore, but I was able to do more...I noticed a difference on this day compared to the 4th day. I was able to wash my hair but I had to tuck my head down and keep my elbows by my side as best possible. It took a long time to get ready because I was moving slower than normal. I also cut down the pain medicine to 1 before bed by this day. I took tylenol throughout the day as needed. Recovery was definitely MORE intense/sore than I thought it would be. I felt very stiff in the morning, and I had to sleep sitting up with pillows because it was difficult to get out of bed from a flat position. Luckily, my husband helped me and I just did the best I could. I was suprised at how rough it was after reading so many reviews and talking to my surgeon. I handle pain VERY well, and I expected it to be easy....but it was more intense than "easy".

Over all, the 4 days was WAY worth it, and I never truely had severe pain due to the pain meds...but I could tell when it was time to take medicine again. If you take it easy and don't do anything with your arms to mess up the surgery, and you have a qualified doctor, you have a good chance to have a successful outcome. :) I am very happy with my results. I went with 360's filled to 390 saline. I was hoping to be a full C, small D...and I am more of just a full C. I am happy with my overall results...and I am happy to have not gone any bigger (because I do plan on having kids in my future) My clothes fit better, I wear the same size as before and no one could tell a diffence. (I kept it a secret from most people) BUT THAT IS WHAT MY GOAL WAS. I got implants for myself, to help me feel better about myself. It has definitely helped me, and I have no regrets.

My husband was not a fan of me getting the surgery, but he finally understood how I felt after a few years of discussing it. He is happy for me, and he likes them as well.

My procedure was preformed by a very talented surgeon, and I felt 100% confident in his capibilities...I choose to have the peri-aerola incision just to fix the tuberous breast tissue, (I plan to breast feed, so I also had the underneath incision for the implant to be placed) My doctor has during the procedure he was glad I made the decision to have the additional scars around my nipple to help fix the tuberous deformity because it made a huge difference for me. Overall, I am very satisified and I hope people out there in my situation can look at my pictures and make their own decisions. Good Luck :)

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