22yo; 350cc Silicone Mod Plus Profile Under Muscle

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After reading MULTIPLE reviews and questions on...

After reading MULTIPLE reviews and questions on this site I decided to post my own review in hopes that it may help someone else with their journey. I had my BA on July 8th, 2015. But i'll start from the beginning.

I had my consultation in June where I spent about an hour and half watching videos about the procedure, talking to the doctor, trying on sizers, and making decisions.

I decided to use silicone implants because my doctor recommended them for their natural feel and less likely rippling. I asked about the risk if it were to rupture and I was told the cohesiveness of the silicone made it very unlikely that the material would leave the breast implant cavity. I was also told that the only way to really know it had ruptured or was leaking was that it can be seen on an MRI.

My incision site was an easy choice because while my doctor preferred to perform them through the crease underneath the breast, I lacked enough of a crease for the incision to be hidden. So I decided on periareolar or around the nipple. Because my areolar diameter was so small, I was limited on how large the implant could be to fit through the incision.

After trying on sizers underneath a sports bra, I decided on 350cc. I just wanted to look proportionate not necessarily have huge boobs. I felt pretty good about my decision up until like the day before my surgery when I was reading so many reviews on here from people who had gotten implants sized 400 and up and were disappointed with how small their results seemed to be. However, I trusted that my PS helped me make the best decision as he even informed me that had I picked a size he felt was too small for my frame, he would have let me know.

The day of surgery I arrived to the office at 12:30. I was very calm (I wasn't nervous about the surgery to start with and I was also prescribed valium to take the night before and the morning of as well). They got my IV started and shortly after that they walked me into the OR. I remember the anesthesiologist telling me he was injecting something that may feel a little warm and the next thing I knew I was in recovery. I was in absolutely 0 pain when I woke up but I had a slightly difficult time fully waking up as I just felt very sleepy. I could hear people around me and respond to them but I couldn't (wouldn't lol) open my eyes. After a little while though I did open my eyes and drank some sprite and was assisted to the bathroom and then they put me in the car.

The day of surgery and the next post op days at home went really well. I was sent home with a pain pump which administers a local anesthetic continuously for about 3-4 days. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and I removed my pump on Saturday morning. I did not take ANY of my prescribed pain medication after surgery. I only took Tylenol and for the first 3-4 nights I took a valium before bed to help me sleep as it is very hard to get comfortable in an elevated, supine position. For the first probably 3 days I couldn't get out of bed or up from laying on the couch without help. My fiancé had to put his hands behind my back and raise me up. I took 6 days off from work and my first 3 days back required mostly sitting so that worked out well. This coming up week, however, will require a little more activity but I am clear to lift between a milk gallon-20lbs this week and I always use proper body mechanics. You can feel it if you don't.

The only time I ever had an issue was post op day 7. Right before I was getting ready to go to bed I leaned on my elbow and felt a sharp shooting pain on that side in my breast. I must have done a similar maneuver that next morning because it happened again. That day something just felt off. Not really painful but that one side felt different. I was going to call the office but I decided to wait and see. The next day (which was yesterday) I felt completely fine. They had to cut through the muscle to place the implant so I imagine it is probably very normal to experience some pain with certain movements. Just be careful! The only other pain i've had is like a weird nipple sensation I guess as the nerves are healing but it's not excruciating.

I will say that the day of surgery and probably the day after I still felt VERY small. Don't be alarmed if that happens to you, prepare for it even. I don't know if it's a mind thing or if the muscle is just still so tight in front of the implant but don't worry, they will seem bigger. I noticed a change in the next 2-3 days. I had some swelling and bruising but not too terrible. For the first 3-4 days I used ice packs and that helped and felt comforting.

It is still WAY too early for me to be bra shopping. My PS said wait at least 6-8 weeks. But I did purchase a very soft non-wire bra at walmart just in case I wanted to wear something that a sports bra would not work under. I bought a 34C and it seems to fit really well. I don't know if that size will change in the next few weeks or not. I hear it does. I previously wore a 34A (and that was probably way too big a size for me then). I wanted to be a C so I am happy. The bra is Warner's blissful benefits bra and I definitely recommend it for a first bra after the sports bras.

Overall, I have been very pleased with the ease of recovery and the results. I think it's important to stay realistic and grounded. Many women are disappointed with size after a BA but I find that if you look at before pictures and remember what you started with, it helps you to appreciate the new results.
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