30 Year Old Mom 2 Kids, Time to Get my Body Back!

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Before I chose Dr. Sadik at Guthrie Robert packer...

Before I chose Dr. Sadik at Guthrie Robert packer hospital in Sayre, PA I had two other consults and felt really discouraged. One I went to in Elmira, NY actually told me what SHE was going to do for me and never asked things like, saline or silicone.. Nope..just told me it would be silicone and she would never go over 450ccs for anyone! Not what I wanted! I felt so discouraged! It all changed when I went to sayre and say Dr. Sadik who listened to what I wanted and made suggestions based on his awesome Doctor knowledge. Originally I was thinking of just the breast augmentation but the more I thought about it, the more I really hated my ugly tummy. I brought it up in my consult about a mini tummy tuck but I learned I would be much happier with a full tummy tuck. I have had really bad hip pain since the birth of my first child and I'm hoping by correcting the diastisis, it will help my hips. I will certainly let any of you know how that goes! I had to book my surgery date out a few months because I'm involved in a lot of volunteer work and my calendar is booked! I'm so excited. It's two days away! I've been scrubbing my house top to bottom and making preparations for everything to go easy. The only thing I'm worried about is my four year old who has nightmares and wants me to hold her. I'm praying I can get through the first week without that happening.

Finally ..the wait is over and I'm out on the flat side!

My surgery went great. I haven't taken anything off to see but I can see the top of my boobs ans they look good. Originally I wanted to go with 600cc because I wanted to be big but then I just told Dr. Sadik to put whatever he can in ansninwould be happy. He put in 400ccs! I'm sure I'll be happy with them! Pain wise..after I woke up from anesthesia was the worst. They gave me tons of narcotics but it wasn't helping. When the doctor came in he realized my pain was from muscle spasms and gave me a muscle relaxer which helped SO much..so re,ember that ladies! The staff was wonderful at the Robert packer hospital. Everyone was asking if I needed anything and everything was so organized. The only funny mistake was that somehow my weight got in the computer as 1,421 pounds lol! At home I'm sitting in the reclining part of my sectional wishing I had bought one of those motorized chairs..if hard for me to ask for help...I hate doing it. My husband has been by my side and is sleeping with the kids on the couch lol we call this a family campout. My four year old doesn't really understand what mommy had done but she knows mommy is sore and she has to ask daddy for things. My step year old son is worried about me but knows I have daddy to help. He has also helped me get water. I am blessed with the awesome family I have! I will post some pictures tomorrow..they will probably just be with the binder on but maybe it'll help someone to see what that looks like.

Two days post op

I feel pretty much the same as yesterday. I coughed and it hurt like hell and I think I need to again but oh man I don't want to! My husband and kids have been so awesome taking care of me. My four year old puts the recliner out and a pillow under my feet. I'm trying to walk a little when I get up to go to the bathroom. I've been taking miralax as suggested by other real selfers..I haven't had a bowel movement yet (tmi)! Though. My boobs aren't as big as I would like them to be but I think when they drop, they'll look good. When need these out in hopefully ten years, I'll go bigger and get a lift. I haven't taken my bra off yet..too scared but I'm putting up a picture of them in the bra. When I can stand up a little more I'll take a pic of just the girls. My drain site burns when I stand up..I can't wait until it comes out. There really isn't a lot of fluid draining which is good..50ccs in 24 hours I think..

Day 3

I was really hoping to feel a lot better but I can't.. Nothing has durastically changed. I have this weird muscle spasm over my mover right rib that comes and goes..it doesn't hurt..it actually feels like I'm eight months pregnant and the baby is stretching his foot out..weird. Lol. Percocet is doing pretty good for pain..I'm thinking of trying to go longer in between pills and take the atavan for muscle relaxing.. I think that will help. I have had weird dreams on this atavan..not good or bad, just normal stuff..like I'm dreaming I'm doing the dishes. I can totally empty my bladder now so the anesthesia must be out of my system now. No bm either..I've been taking miralax everyday. Not sure what to do. I've eaten super small meals but I don't have an appatite for anything. My caregivers, kids and husband, have been awesome. I'm a little worried they are just going to get resentful after awhile and not be so eger to help me. Our whole family has been camped out on our sectional every night lol..my husbands back hurts, I can tell, but he won't say anything because he doesn't like me to worry about him. One thing that is going on that is strange is I'm having a hard time seeing letters. I have to look away from the screen and come back to it to focus enough to read. Any of you ladies have this problem? I wonder if it's from the anti nausea patch they gave me behind my ear...I took it off this morning so hopefully it get better.

Post op day 4

I am tired of being on the couch..I want to be in my own bed so so bad and lay on my side! I'm not a big movie watching person and I hate sitting still so it's totally killing me. I do feel better than yesterday though. I have done a few laps around the house until my back muscles screamed at me or my incision started burning. I think I might try to go longer in between taking the Percocet to see where I really am pain wise. I've seen some women here that were able to stand up strait on day four. I can't ...that's for damn sure.ouch. I'm hoping when I take off my binder and bra Thursday I will like the look. I am so worried about the boobs being to small. I a, also worried I will have big love handles too because there was no lipo. I can't wait until Thursday!

Six days post off, drain out

I feel so much more clear headed today. It was so nice to see Dr. Sadik and his wonderful PA Kelly. They took the time to answer all of my questions and give me care instructions. I don't have to wear the binder if I don't want to. I see there is a ton of conflicting information out there on the binders. I do like how it makes me feel secure and a little better because my skin is kind of numb but I have a hard time breathing deep with it on. I am very pleased with everything. My breasts are looking great and I think are perfect size and don't hurt at all. I have stopped all pain medication. The only weird thing I have going on is this really nagging anxiety. I have no clue why..I'm not really an anxious person but I have this feeling of dread I can't shake. I didn't bring it up to my surgeon but if it doesn't go away I might. Maybe it's an after effect of anestesia? Anyone know?

Before pics!

My appologise guys! I thought I had before pics but they never went through! Here they are..yuck!

Eight days out

I would love to write about how I'm doing great chasing around kids and doing dishes but, hahaha no... In my mind, despite hearing that it takes weeks to recover, I had it set that because I'm active and fairly fit and a positive person, I would bounce back. Nope. I'm on day eight and I can tell you I haven't showered despite being able to for (two days now?) I have dishes in my sink I have to overlook among a thousand other things. Thank God I have great kids..and a great mother in law the first two days.. My four year old has been my biggest support. My husband took off my day of surgery..and that's ok, I know he's busy..but I would love it if he would skip a meeting to play with the kids, do a load of dishes or just put his clothes in the hamper.. I have never felt depressed before but I think this is what it is like. I feel useless, bored, and in so much pain still. I am going to have to ask for more Percocet at my appointment Tuesday and I hope that's ok...I'm worried a bit because I don't want to sound like I'm some crazy drug seeker.. I'm just sore.. My incisions are sore, my stomach muscles are sore, my boobs feel like they are engorged or something..and the worst is the numbness on my stomach skin..ewe! Despite all my struggles, I am very happy I did this!! I hope it gets better soon though..I hate feeling sad and immobile :(

11 days post op

I am slowly doing better.. If anyone hoping to go through the surgery is still reading this..take note.. This was the crappiest hurdle so far: Thursday a called my surgeons office to say I had a few Percocet left but was wondering if they could prescribe me a few more just so I can sleep comfortable at night and get through the day a little less achy and standing up a little taller. I was down to taking one before bed and one mid morning and it was doing great.. So back to the phone call.. My docs nurse said she would have someone perscribe me something (asked about maybe atavan to help with sleep and I just said whatever the doc thinks, I trust) and gave her the pharmacy I use.. Hubby went to pick up meds from pharmacy yesterday..nothing was there. It's Saturday, and I'm in more pain than usual. Nothing I can't handle (had two kids naturally..no meds) but the quality of my day and sleep is super crappy..I wish I had just maybe four more so my body can heal a little more without me being so uncomfortable. Anyhow, lesson is.. Make sure your scripts are there before the weekend or make sure you talk pain management with your doc before surgery so you're on the same page. I think there are so many docs afraid to help their patients even after surgery for fear they will get in trouble for prescribing too much. What a sad world we live in..makes me upset at those who abuse medications and make it hard for everyone else. Also, I don't even understand how people or why people enjoy pain meds..I really don't even like the way they make me feel but it's better than pain but why on earth would anyone take them if they weren't in pain? Weird!

I get my staples out on Tuesday..I can't wait! I will make sure I post pics. The staples freak out my four year old..and me a little too..it's really weird. I've also been looking at tattoos and thinking about getting one to cover up my now half there tattoo lol. I'm not sure because I'm such a baby and I really don't feel like taking on any more pain but I may feel differently in a year when my scar is totally healed and I can get the darn thing.

I've also been thinking a lot about birth control..lol .. I currently have my second iud in and I love them..work awesome..but it expires this summer and I'm not sure if I want a third one or I want something more permanent. I had so much trouble getting pregnant for my kids but I have this weird fear now of getting pregnant and ruining all this beautiful work! I know maybe it's selfish but please know I love my children a great deal and feel like I am done having babies and am happy to focus all of my attention on them.

I will post pics of my tummy..I am pretty swollen but honestly..I would be ok if I was just left with these results lol..I love putting on clothes..especially shirts that are tight around the middle and looking in the mirror! My doc is really freaking awesome and I have no clue wtf he is doing in sayre pa because he should probably be in la or nyc doing his thing! I am really happy with everything.just wish I felt more comfy :(
Karin Sadik

Amazing! I am so happy I decided to have a few consults and didn't settle for less than the best. He has so much positive energy and is very knowledgeable. He is honest and polite (actually asked if he could touch me before he did..haha.. Sure, I'm here in this gown asking for you to cut me open and insert implants..but ok, ask me if you can touch lol!) I lost my modesty after giving birth nine years ago..I'm sure many of you can relate!

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