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Hey Ladies ok so I'm a little late putting this up...

Hey Ladies ok so I'm a little late putting this up but here goes..... First let me give you a lil back ground so im 27 and I have never had any type of booty not even when I was preggo. I have big breast and no butt to match and all my lfe I have been talking about my booty I never knew of the surgery until I met one of my friends who was a dancer and she informed me about how so many of them was getting they butts done. She kind of put me up on game about the whole thing the legal way though..lol anyways I have discussed the issue with my famliy and I have full support from my long time boyfriend and family.. Of course what man wouldn't want a women with a nice ass right :)...soo I went and saw dr.j on April 12,2013 I was so excited and scared at the same time. Scared because I didnt know what to expect from the consultation. So one of my close co workers went with me we made it a date...lol 

Anyway we arrived and the staff was really friendly and nice except for the queen at the front HE was a lil snotty..lol. I didnt even have to wait 20 min to be seen as we were walking to my waiting room these two ladies were standing in the hallway that worked there with this skin tight cat suites on and they had ASS...lol me and my friend was like looking extra hard no homo but forreal i went in a immediatley got undressed and the nurse I think her name is valerie came in a took pictures while taking the pics she was saying how im going to look so good with the big breast I already have and the booty to match she then expalined the procedure and ask the general health questions. She did say that dr.j will reccommend a tummy tuck and that absolutley out of the questions for me. I dnt feel its for me im not that big. 
After that we chatted and and giggled and I asked more questions and asked about pricing ok after researching him for over a little bit of 2 yrs i am pretty much sure he is who I will go to. So for just the liposuction and butt transfer its 10,500 and for the fat transfer to the hips its an additional 1,500 and for lipo to extra areas it 950 per area. I wont need the extra areas. The procedure automaticly includes lipo to stomach,flanks,bra roll. Now if you want thighs arms etc it is 950 per ara. financing is avalible if needed. So after we got that out the way DR.JIMMERSON came in the room let me just say I work with alot of dr i.e Surgeons who are not that friendly..But dr.J is one of the nicest dr's i have ever met he does not at all make you feel uncomfortable and he listens and asks what to do want. He is not the type of dr that comes in looks at you for a few seconds and just leaves. I told him I want a booty but I dnt want know outrageous ass that looks stupid so he went on to say "so you want a lil bit under a stripper booty"..lol yes we laughed and he went on to take a look at me and tell what I needed and what he will do for me. He asked me at what wieght did you look your best and I was like 145-150 so he told me to get down to atleast 160 because the lipo will take the extra lbs off I'm 180 now so that was good to hear that I didnt have to loose that much weight And yes my friend was still in the room we are nurses so being half dressed infront of her was out the question. 
Anyway I wanted a pic with the doc and he asked how did you find me and I told him How I had been following him for 2 years or so and I follow him on intagram and all that...lol I got a pic with him he told me think about it and I hope to see you soon. So when he left the little nurse came in and told me about meds, the garments and how its best I dnt sit on my butt for 2 weeks 3 if I can. She also said I will need help for the first couple of days and that I will have JP drains which is fine because I have my own personal nurse to take care of me because I'm getting my procedure done first she will help me then she is getting her and I will help her. Everything went very well and I'm so excited about having this done he is booked up until next yr for procedures and consults. One other thing valerie mentioned was that you will need medical clearance from your primary care physican before you can have the surguery done so keep that in mind ladies. I will post my wish pics and all that I just cant stop thinking out my procedure I"m so super excited about this. Sorry for any typos I dnt want to re rad this whole thing again..but comment and feel free to ask any questions

Very personable and friendly

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