30 Years Old W 3 Kids... I Just Want my Flat Tummy Back W Minimal Stretch Marks. Suwanee, GA

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Originally when I booked w Dr. Jimmerson I booked...

Originally when I booked w Dr. Jimmerson I booked for a full TT w fat transfer to the hips and butt. Just recently more than halfway thru my payments I decided to pass on the transfer. I really just want the body I had prior to my beautiful children. After reading all the reviews from you awesome ladies that went thru w the BBL I decided that the healing process seemed to intense for my lifestyle. I'm a business owner w three kids. Ain't nobody got time for that?? I also thought about the idea of my body looking unreal. More than anything the cost dropped drastically once I decided against the fat transfer. I'm always around to save a couple of dollas!! I reside in the NY Tri-state area. I learned about Dr. Jay as many of us did thru television. I follow him on IG and I think his work is amazing. I don't want to sound prejudice but I also thought I should go w a doctor that was greatly familiar w black skin. We scar much differently than any other race. I received my consultation back in Sept 2013. I was pregnant w my third child at the time but was very early on in my pregnancy. After sending in my pics and wish pics I waited on my call. I can't even lie it took about a week to hear from Shelly. Once I got her on the phone I was no longer aggravated w the delayed response. She was very pleasant and informative. She explained to me I would have to wait 6 months after I finished breast feeding to get my surgery done. As my body would still be trying to revert back to normal. She said we would need to do another consultation after the baby was born w new pics of my body. So I moved forward w my payments and booked my surgery date for early Nov 2014. I called Shelly every week to make a payment. A lot of times it took a couple of days maybe even a week for us to catch up w one another. I had my 11lb 13oz baby in early March 2014. Yes you read that correctly. My baby is a hulk???? I was 267lbs my last visit to the doc before having the baby. Once it was time to send in new pics after the baby I was down to 237. Shelly told me to slow down w my weight loss as they would need the day to complete the transfer. For a few weeks I continued on w my payments and as it became closer to my date I begin to do more research on the healing process of the bbl. As I stated previously you ladies sure helped me make a sound decision. Shelly has been very busy w the move to the new facility so I have not spoken to her in months. Jazmine who is such a sweet heart has been taking my payments and questions. After sharing w her my concerns about the procedure she helped me make a very wise decision. I really dnt have a flat ass. My hips are perfect. She explained if I went w the tummy tuck and lipo in four areas including my lower back my ass would appear bigger. I've have this damn pouch in front of me for 10 years now I forgot how my ass looks when my tummy is flat. Just by doing that that decreased my balance by 8k. Talk about a way to save. Yaaaaaaas!!! But the crazy part is I have to loose 25 pounds b4 I get down to the A. So ever since then I've been a beast. Spin class everyday!!! I got my whole staff on a diet. Small portion meals. And I'm already down 11 lbs in 2 weeks. Jazz said the more weight I loose the better my results would be and my doctor confirmed that statement. I've been reading a lot of reviews on here and it seems the ones that are unhappy are the ones that think these doctors can make u skinny w/o any work on your behalf. In the state of Georgia 10lbs is the max amount if fat that can be removed in one surgery. I'm going to see Dr. jay so he can shape my waist and remove this pudge. The weight loss issue thing that I have dedicated myself to prior to my surgery date. It's taking a lot of Dicipline but I'll b damn if I spend all this money and hate my results. I'm doing my part. Well I guess that's my update. I'm 8 weeks away from my big day and ask near the date I will keep you ladies posted on my weight loss prior to my surgery date and the few days leading up to my date and most important post surgery occurrences. Just remember beautiful ladies we are all wonderfully and beautifully made. And not one person on this planet is perfect. Except maybe Beyonce??????????????????

Jasmine is on her job!!

Since it's been so hard to get in touch w the office for my weekly payments I asked Jazz to just call me on Tuesdays around noon. That baby called me today at 12:15pm. Yaaaaaaaas!! I Luv this medical family already!! Time is nearing and I'm obsessed w Tummy Tuck and lipo stories. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so I hope I can remain a G????????! Gnite ladies!! B Great??

Preparing for my stay in the A

So initially I was gonna stay w my client who just got a huge house built in McDuna Georgia. I just found out recently that she's over an hour and 15 min away from Dr. J's office. With the traffic I figured that may not be the wisest idea. Thanks to one of my RS sisters who shared so much of her journey w me I learned of Gold Platinum Care. This is a recovery home for Dr Js patients. The idea is brilliant. For a little

Preparing for my stay in the A

I totally pressed submit by accident. So back to what I was saying. For a little over $900 you can stay at this recovery home for 7 days. This includes airport transportation, transportation to and from Dr's office, medication pick ups, 3 meals a day, daily healthy snacks, in house nurse attendant, daily outings, and they even wait for you while your surgery is being performed. OMG seems like this is the right choice. Ladies contact Terri at Gold Platinum Care... 678-463-4119 for further info. If any of you ladies have stayed here during your recovery I would love to get some feed back. I plan on locking in w a deposit 2morro.

Aight I let y'all see my nasty tummy

Ok I guess I should put some pics up of my nasty tummy. Lawd knows I can't wait to see Dr. Jimmerson. I can't wait. Delete all this shit!! I'm excited about the lipo on my lower back, flanks, and lower bra roll. I'm so hyped!

Getting this xtra weight off me

So in doing pretty good w my weight loss. I was told to loose 18 lbs b4 I got to ATL. I was 220lb 4 weeks ago. I am now 204llbs. Not bad huh?! Yea well I'm goin sick in the gym and eating smaller portions. My boyfriend is like dnt loose too much weight. I dnt really notice too much if a difference but everybody is telling me I'm slimming down. I mean the scale won't lie to me. I did a cleanse in the very beginning to give me a jump start. I plan to do another one in 2 weeks. Jasmine told me I should be 15lbs heavier than my goal weight. Well idk where she got 18lbs from cuz my goal weight is 185-190. I'm 5'9" so that weight looks good on me. I'm not Tryna be skinny. My baby like me thick???????????? I will say I'm having a bit if trouble fully refraining from taking a few totes of Mary Jane here and there. It really calms me. I live a very full hectic life and I be needing that tote every so often. Did anyone else have this issue?! I dbt smoke cigarettes tho. My medical clearance is in October. Imma try n quit. Pray for me. Also, what vitamins do you ladies recommend me to start taking to prepare my body for healing.

Change my flight

So now of course after I book my flight Shelly tells me that they no longer allow patients to fly in on the same day as their pre op. I'm so irritated. My tickets have already been purchased and to change the flight it will be a $270 fee. The office believes that flights b4 surgery could have some effect on clotting. Why wasn't I notified about this change. Has anyone ever flew in the day of their pre op and if so did you experience any clotting? My flight is 2 hrs 22min away

Preparing myself mentally and physically

So I'm getting close to my surgery date. I've passed my medical clearance w flying colors. Great relief for me. Jasmine sent me my supply list and I've pretty much gotten all that I need. I'm still waiting on a few peices in the mail... My bromelaine, a few over sized sweaters, and my P ez device. My suitcase is pretty much ready to go. As I get my items I just toss them in my luggage. I have all my medical supplies for after care and a bunch of dark colored maxi dresses. I also ordered a few yoga pants from VS and a few oversized sweaters. I'm a bit obsessed w new shit so yes everything I'm bringing is new. I'm a little uneasy about leaving my kids home w my man. Lawd knows I run shit. Lol!! Not too worried about the salon as my partner is absolutely amazing and I trust her w my life. My mom just got back from seeing dr J yesterday and she is so pleased w her experience. This only makes me even the more excited about my journey. I've prepared myself for the after math. I know I will have to have a boat load of patience as it was an item on my supply list???? I'm sure I'll be swollen for the first few weeks. My only concern is I'm traveling alone. I've requested wheelchair service for the airport but of course I'm still nervous nilly. Hopefully all goes well. I know Atlanta airport is big as hell but hopefully I'll b ight.


Below are a few pics. I dress to conceal my nasty tummy so nobody but my man and my close friends know how this shit b lookin naked. Dnt matter my man b like baby u gorgeous either way.

Can't upload pics

Idk ladies I tried. Think I'm obsessing over this site and it may b a sign for me to keep this personal. I'll at least let u guys know how my surgery goes

Getting close

I have so many emotions goin on right now. I just want to get things over with. Shelly called me last week just to check on me. That was very surprising but felt good. I didn't need to make a payment or nothing as I'm already paid in full. Felt good to hear from her. I'm believing in God for a successful surgery. I got all the items on my list. I kinda went crazy buying maxis and yoga pants for my stay. Smh!!! I'm Tryna stay cute even during recovery. I lve been takin frolic acid, iron, and vitamin c everyday for the past 3 weeks. Well ladies. I'll update when I'm in the A.

She's snatched hunty????????

Ok so I had my surgery yesterday w the renowned Dr Jimmerson. I flew in the day of my consult on Wed. Flight was OD short like 1 hr. 20 min. Terri picked me up from the airport... Had enough time to grab my luggage and grab a quick bite from IHOP as I was hungry as all hell. The protein shake I had earlier just wasn't enough. Terri arrived just as I finished up. We hit it off instantly. That's my new boo. She is reliable and genuine. Come to find out she's a Taurus just like me. Born day before I was. After we realized that it was lit!!! Lol feel like I knew her all my life. My pre op was not until 2 but she had to pick a patient up from surgery at Jinmersons office so I went w. Real anxious to see the place so I had no objections. I get there and the space is emaculant. The interior design was so modern and fresh. Receptionist was a lil cutie... He was like Yaaas hunty u cute... Pls know I ate that shit like a bowl of cereal. He said my hair was nice... I told him I own a hair salon and we sale premium extensions. Michelle came out n I told her my mom said hi she came around have me a big hug. I felt right at home. Then Shelly walks up for some paper work and I'm like hi Shelly it's me, she screamed came around gave me a big hug. Omg I felt so loved. So they were like since your here full these papers out while Terri's waits on her client. Once I signed and read thru all the paperwork Terri's patient was still not quite out of surgery so Terri was like let's go across the street to TJ max to kill some time. Why she do that. I love me some TJ Maxx. I found a couple of cute finds Tryna be conservative w my spending while I'm out here but their TJ Maxx was lit!!! I had to refrain myself. So we went back to dr js office but this time entered thru the way patients from surgery would exit, I met a couple of ladies that got their surgeries done earlier in the week. One pretty girl got a bbl and a tummy tuck and looks like her recovery is miserable. I couldn't deal w that all at once. Sry. So my cutie receptionist friend from other side came and he was like we were lookin for u. U left ya id c'mon so we can check u in. I looked at my watch it was 12:25 I was like yaaaaas. So he walked me thru back way of office and when I tell u that place is laid it's laid. So he brought me back to first receptionist area where I originally met him. Moments later I was called back to a exam room where I was asked to undress waist up. Exam room is cute big beautiful full mirror flat screen tv computers digital cameras. So in walks Shelly and we talkin hittin it off then in walks Dr J himself. Giiiirl u would have thought JayZ walked in the way I cut up. I was bowin n shit!!! He was crackin up. So he sat down I reminded him if who my parents were as he just did my moms breasts. Told him my Dad's lovin that shit. So he asked what I was getting done I explained I originally booked for a bbl and a tummy tuck but w hectic life I couldn't bear both the recovery nor the financial obligation that came w that large procedure. So he was smilin like ok. I showed him my wish pics and dressed the importance of my waist like being snatched!!! I needed that c curve in my waste. He said that's my specialty I got u. I said yaaaaaas I know curve King. He was crackin up!!! Happened my gown felt my tummy asked me to turn as I was getting back lipo a swell. He said IG u already got a booty u should have let me hook up up. I looked back it and yes ladies I stated shakin that shit like go head I'll pay u back. Him and Shelly was Rollin. He said your gonna look amazing. I hugged him and he left. I was so shocked to have met him during my consult as I see so many ladies up here like I didn't see him until right before surgery. He spent no time w me... Even my mom didn't get to see him until day of surgery. But Gods favor is all over me..., dr j wanted to know who she was hunty. Yes she is me!!!! I felt amazing after that. Like a little kid in the candy store. Shelly confirmed I was paid up and bought me to Geta to finish my consult. Geta seemed very busy so Terri's had to bring me back for that portion. We drove to her house to drop her patient off then went back by 3 to dr js office where it w Geta and got my scripts. Poor Terri's is do busy she had no time to cool as her packed includes 3 meals. It's now dinner time and both her and I was hungry as shit. She stopped at Olive Garden and bought everyone there own meal. I got to the house showered ate then I was out like fight night. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am but I needed to be there by 6:30. I took my nausea meds as soon as I woke up. Showered again w the antibacterial dial. No lotion. No jewelry. No makeup. I wore a maxi dress and a duster sweater. I bought my own black compression socks as they would match better w my outfit than the white joints they provided. We were the first ones there. It was dark out but my nerves were relaxed. My Dad called me we prayed once again and I was ready. Once the nurse arrived we were allowed to come in. Renee the nurse bought me right back. She also was just so amazing and genuine. I changed into gown and surgical hat. Gave Terri's all my valuables and my clothes went into a locker. I was able to keep my phone up until actual surgery. Renee bought me back to exam room where she took my vitals and put an iV in. We talked she told me her wonderful story about her life. I won't go into details that's her story to tell but it was a victorious one. I told her she should right a book. The lady that puts u to sleep came in and asked me a bunch if questions. Explained to me everything that she does. Once she left in walks jay z. I mean dr j????????????. He was in a more serious mood today. Not too much talking. I asked if they can put me in full garment like bbl girls instead of one that just goes around the waist. He said that's fine w me. He marked me up. Asked me to bend over a couple of times. To see my nats tummy hang. I went over importance of aggressive lipo so my natural butt can appear bigger. That's when I got a little chuckle out if him. Soon he was out the door. They put something in my iV to take edge off. Put my phone in locker then I was off to OR. As Renee scrubbed me down I reminded her about the garment. That's all I remember. I woke up feeling tight as hell. I was confused groggy and sore as hell. They gave me two shits of morpheme. I couldn't stop shaking. Shelly came in to check on me. She hd my hand and said it's ok sweetie. Everything is ok. Terri's was there w my meds. Terri's and nurse helped me get dressed and I was off to Terris house. I rode in can w my knees on flooring pillows a my headings eat on pillows. Swear that was the longest ride ever. Meds had me dumb tired so I slept once I got to my room. Terri's helped me to my bed. Oh yea one of my drains overflowed in the car. Wgen I got out it was blood spill in everywhere. Terri was very calm which made me calm. One of my drains needed to b dumped. Once I got I be and she dumped drains I was out like a light. When I woke up I had the urge to pee. Omg.. It's not really pain it's just tightness and soreness. Those sensations the meds can't control. The pain is being regulated by pain meds. Oh n my meds were $315. Anyway Terri's has these portable potties which are awesome. Didn't even have to use my peEz thingy. By end of night I was able to get out bed alone and go potty. Terri's fixed us an awesome dinner. Very healthy. Brown rice, salmon, and baked sweet potatoe. Everything!!!!! Nurse came in to drain my drains. Give me my shot, check my blood pressure, and give me my meds. I haven't been able to see my actual tummy because I have to keep this damn garment on for 48 hours. Garment all bloody n shit. But watever I gotta do for optimum results imma do it. I'm all hunched over like an old lady. It's more annoying that painful. My insicion doesn't hurt as much it's the lipoed areas that's real tender. I watched Scandal and meds had me dozing on how to get away w murder. I was out, ok that's enough for today. I'll b here w Terri's for 7 days. I have my massage booked for Sunday. Can't wait!! I can't see my tummy but I have this good feeling my results are gonna be everything I expected.

Post Op Pics

I only 6 days PO and I'm loving my results. Swollen n all!! #DrJAllDay #CurveKing


Ok so I asked Dr. J if he can put me in garment they put on girls that get butt. I wanted the lipo on my lower back secured and I wanted nothing interfering w the healing of my scar. I was instructed that I need to wear this garment 23/7 for 6-8 weeks str8. I'm already feeling this one getting loose. Terri went to lipo express and got me a smaller size. I'm not quite ready to go in just yet. I'll wait till my drains are removed and I get home. Ok dolls I'll update afterg post op 2morro. Smooches!!

Closin my acct

Ladies it's been a pleasure but I will be closing my acct. These internet thugs will not fill up my email w the bs. I Luv my Dr J!!!!! When you make it to a certain level you deal w new devils!!! Ladies if your looking for great recovery care if your visiting the A pls as Jimmerson's office for the number for gold platinum care. ???????????? dnt be good be great????????????

If it ain't about the Money

Miss me w/ it!!! Back to chasing the chicken???????? #DrJAllDay #KingCurves
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