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Dec 08 I had my inner, outer thighs, flanks, lower...

Dec 08 I had my inner, outer thighs, flanks, lower abdominal.  Love my results I am 3 months post op and i see a big difference.   My recovery wasn't as great as they say ..... "you can return to work after a day or 2"  --  NO WAY, I was hurting, sore and hard to move around first 2 days.  I am a nurse and on my feet all day, I made an attempt to return after 4 days but I couldn't...... so i recommend about a week.  

My bruising was pretty impressive, the many shades of purple and black.......  thru reading alot of plastic surgery blogs, i discovered ARNICA gel - a miracle and a must for the bruising.  After 2 days of Arnica which i started after day 9 - what an amazing significent difference.  I loved it. 

Also the first few weeks you feel disappointed and feel heavier than ever...... its water retention, don't get turned off........  give it really 4wks to see a difference. 

My advice is: follow directions, no shortcuts......  rest, WEAR YOUR GARMENT continuasly for at least a month.  If you notice some bumpy areas start massaging it a few times daily. **Women: invest on 2-3 SPANX garments @25-45 dollars as an alternate to wearing your surgical gament after a few weeks. 

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