Fraxel Damage - Worse mistake of my life!

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5 treatments recommemded. Damage caused by 5th. Do...

5 treatments recommemded. Damage caused by 5th. Do not recommend Fraxel, not worth the agony of the damage it caused.

I believe the doctor new of the damage she was causing but continued. After realizing the extent of the damage she had done, she stopped the session short and charged me $400 and said the machine was broken.

Session one showed great results. I should of stopped with that one. :(

Hi to all who have posted under dee1016 in regards...

Hi to all who have posted under dee1016 in regards to laser damage. As much as I despise my face, I have decided to add a few pictures of what the Fraxel has done to my face. It's sad to say that this is 3 years later and it's only gotten worse with time. I wish there were a miracle cure to make it all go away, I've tried many creams and have gotten many consults and still no solution. The Consults only resulted in them suggesting more laser. NO WAY!! Are they nuts? to even think that I would subject myself to more heat, that cold possibly produce more damage; they just want to pad their pockets. Beware to all. Don't believe all the hype when it comes to these procedures, it doesn't pay off in the long run. Learn to love yourself as you are. I would've preferred to live with the few acne scars and little discoloration than to live with what is my outcome now. Picture are to follow.
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