Breast Reduction/lift - Savannah, GA

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Hi ladies, im 21 years of age and i am choosing to...

Hi ladies, im 21 years of age and i am choosing to get a breast reduction grow boobs until the age of 15 and i didnt get my period until 18 so i was a late bloomer but i didnt care, i was okay with being a tom boy lol but then the boobs started growing and wouldnt i am between a 36D/DD but want to be a cup size B).

Because of the serious back/neck pain i have been experiencing since i was 15 years old, i hate my breast and the pain they cause me in the mornings. I didnt start the procedure yet i am deffinitely looking into it but dont really know exactly how to go about getting it. Dont know who to call or what to say... im a little shy when speaking about personal matters to strangers. I guess the pros and cons will be smaller/painless boobs but the recovery is going to be hell. ITS ALL WORTH IT. My insurance (tricare) i believe is going to cover it since its an medical issue.

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