TT/BBL combo- necrosis, debribement, wound vac... Nightmare OVER!!

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OK so I've been stalking this site for months now...

OK so I've been stalking this site for months now and finally decided to share me story. By the way, coming here is like my new addiction..Pinterest who? Candy Crush ain't got nothing on this site! So I'm 37, 5'7 190lbs. I'm married and have 2 kids, ages 8 & 12. I feel like I'm writing a profile for harmony or something. Lol
I will post more when I take some photos because I know that's why I come on here.

2 1/2 months away...

I cant believe its lets than 3 months away. I am quite emotional though. My best friend, who struggles with her weight constantly, makes me feel like im taking the easy way out. In some ways i am but in others im not. No matter how much weight i lose i still have my momma's pouch. It gets in the way of everything! And dh said "well i hope you dont put the weight back on". Im not doing it for weightloss. Im doing it to get a shape back. Look at my profile pic. That was me 20 yrs ago. I dont want to be that skinny again. I like being voluptuous. I wish i didnt say anything to anyone.

So here's the damage

So you can get an idea of what im working with. When i was 19 had a breast reduction and lipo in my lower abdomen. I def needed the reduction but prob didnt need the lipo. The lipo ended up being a terrible decision. A lump formed above my belly button. I got it done by the Army so it was a lot harder to get seen. The ps told me to give it a year and the swelling would go down. Almost 20 yrs later the lump is still there. Even when i was 9 mo pg u could see the lump in my belly. It sits right above my pants waistline and makes me look like i have a muffin top. I have pull my pants up over to try to conceal in. I will be so glad to get rid of this thing!!

Flight and Hotel Booked!!!

Its feeling more real! Im so excited!

Found a massage therapist!

I found one close to where im going to be staying in Savannah. He said he was familiar w doing these types of massages after lipo. He had a package 4 massages for an hr for $300. Is that a good price?

The costs are adding up!

Massages, supplies, recovery vitamins, clothes, food, hotel, airfare.... Ill prob end up paying about $15k when its all said a done.... Sigh... The price if beauty.... My husband thinks he should get a motorcycle now for his midlife crisis lol


So im going to use this dress as my before shot so when i get my surgery i hope there will be a drastic change

8 weeks and a wake up!

Im officially 8 weeks away! I have 4 more weeks until i can get my clearance and blood work done. Im nervous. I dont know why. I see a lot of women having issues w their iron levels. Ive never had issues w my iron other than one time i went to give blood. But i went back and was fine. I got 2 boppy pillows from online for $20. One for work and one for home. I went shopping to get some sundresses too for post op wear. Just counting down my days!

So i went to see family

This weekend i went to my niece's baby shower. Last year at my other niece's wedding her dad hugs me and says "congratulations! A baby is a blessing!" My whole spirit dropped cuz i WAS NOT pregnant. And recently a guy at work asked me if i was pg :/ Why do guys put their foot in their mouth? I want this surgery now more than ever!

My own wish puc

So i went and tried on bikinis the other day. This was supposed to be for my after. I dont have the self esteem to wear one now.

Pre pre op bloodwork

Yes u read it right... Im about 6 wks out from sx now. It feels so unreal. So much is going on in my life. I got a new job and it felt awkward to let them know that next month i need 2 wks off for surgery. Im at the same company just a different area. My new supervisor was extremely ok with it. She even said i could work from home if im not 100%.
So this morning im going for pre pre op bloodwork for a sanity check. I dont want to find out 2 wks from surgery that my #s are wacky. Wish me luck!

Feeling more at ease

Even though my results havent come back yet i feel better after speaking to my dr. I was recently diagnosed w diabetes a year ago so i was concerned about that. She says i have it under control and i shouldnt have any problems. Cant do the happy dance yet until my results come back.

More wish pics

Gave blood today

So i gave blood today and they checked my hemoglobin levels and i was 15.3! So i think all that kale ive been eating is helping! I hope its thw same come surgery time. Lets hope my glucose levels are still stable. I should be getting those results soon from my dr

6 weeks to go!

I am 6 wks away and praying for eveything to go okay. I always have that eerie feelings things will go wrong. I guess its better to be cautious. I did get my pre pre lab work reaults back and my blood sugar levels were relatively high. That concerns me. I got back for another f/u dr appt this thursday. Wish me luck.

Almost 4 wks away!

Well i had my f/u appt and was concerned if i should postpone my surgery. My main concern is my health. I called my ps office and spoke to the nurse and told her about my results. She said as long as my diabetes is under control and my pcp writes me a detailed note regarding monitoring my bg and send me with insulin i should be fine for surgery. All of my other labs came back ok. My dr said she would do it and doesnt see the need for me to postpone my surgery. It still doesnt feel real to me!

Vitamedica ordered

So i placed my order for vitamedica preop and postop recovery pack. It costed me $92.99 from Amazon. I also ordered some silicone scar sheets for postop. Just doing the waiting game.

Less than 2 wks away!!

Im so excited, nervous, anxious, elated... All of that! I cant believe its almost here! I have my preop next friday in GA. So i will be flying down next Thursday. I know i will go thru the gammet of emotions. I hope he prescribes me a xanax or something lol!

So since im also getting a bbl too

Here are some wish pics. Im not trying to go Nikki Minaj ir Coco big. Just fill me out a little

Officially 2 weeks!

Its so surreal. Everytime i think about it i get butterfies in my stomach. I cant believe the time is here. I sat down and talked w my kids and let them know whats going on. I wanted to let them know so they can be prepared to see mommy at her worst. I hardly get sick and when i am im rushed to get better so i can take care of the household.
I wish i could fast forward 6 months already!

Flying out tonight!

My preop is tomorrow morning. Flying out to GA tonight. I had nerves all day long! My surgery isnt until tuesday though. This weekend will be the longest weekend ever!!

Preop went great!

The preop appt was quite long. I had to fill out so much paper work. I brought a friend along with me. I feel this site made me so much more prepared. The nurse took my before pics and let me say im appalled at how terrible i look. When i get the courage i will post them. Dr.huntly came in and his bedside manner is awesome. He has the cutest scottish accent. He was very thorough with me and i didnt feel rushed at all. He made me feel like im going to look like a million bucks! 3 days away and hopefully i will. The nurse gave me all my preop instructions and prescriptions for meds. I need to go get those filled today.
So let me tell u about my faja experience.

2 days preop..

Testing out this faja (compression garment). Wore it all day. It was so tight it took my breath away. I dont know how i am going to get in this thing after surgery

Less than 24 hrs away!

Im so nervous and emotional today. I talked to my family on skype this morning and it made my day. I feel restless like this will be the longest 24 hrs ever!!! Im just washing clothes and trying to organiZe things. My friend who is taking care of me is arriving today so hopefully she can calm my nerves!!!


1 day preop

A must read!

This is awesome and helpful info!

1 hour!!


Im home

Im on meds so this might not ve coherent. Im in a lot pf pain.its burning where the tt incision is. I alsi got the bbl and i feel like i just did 1000 sqyats. The wirse part is waljing to go pee. Ironically its comfy on the toulet. I still feel loopy frome anestesia. My friend is taking good care of me. And another friend is coming over to help. I think im morw unconfortable thN pain. I havent looked at my body yet but my butt feels tight and i can see straighr down. Im propped up sittin in the couch w pillows. The hotel staff has been great getting us extra stuff.ok i go nite nite

Propped up

Drains, pillows and meds oh my!

Swell hell

Its for real!! My feet are super swollen. My lower tummy feels really swollen too. I have my follow up appr today. Im walking much better. My blood sugar is still high but it slowly going down. I havent had much of an appetite but ive eaten some soup and jello

Baby got back!

My flat tummy

This pic doesnt do it justice. My belly button looks amazing too! He said im doing great. I feel much better too!

More pics of this awesome swelling!

I had my first shower

Feels so great! I meant to bring something to put around my neck to hold my drains but i forgot. So another idea was ti use a hand towel and pin the drains to that. I feel so much better! It was a great opportunity to take a pic!

Yay i finally pooped!!

My tea wasnt working so i asked my friend to get some liquid magnesium citrate. She couldnt find any and brought home these pills. An hour later BOOM!! I feel so much better!

More pics

Its so hard to imagine how i will

Look 6 months down the road. Everyday gets better. Last night i had rough sleep and was so uncomfortable. I woke up super sore all over. I have another f/u tomorrow and im hoping i can get these drains removed. 2 have slowed down but one gets full 25-30ml. I fly out to go back home next friday and i do not want to travel with drains in me.

No more drains!!

Yay i am drain free!!! I feel like a new woman! No more robocoochie! Lol

Forgot to mention

I have possibly have necrosis in my tt incision :( i have a f/u appt to have it checked. Dr. Huntly seemed very concerned it wasnt healing properly and wanted to check it out and said if it doesnt look better tomorrow he will cut it out and reattach healthier skin. Pray for me!!

It was necrosis :(

Went for my f/u today and he decided it needed to go. I love his nurse Maria she made sure i got it done today! It was done under local numbing. We went to the OR to get it done. It felt weird to be awake but i didnt really hurt. Lots of pulling and tugging. Thank goodsness i had my percocet on hand. I tried to meditate to distract me. After it was done i actually felt better than usual. It was most likely due to my numb belly and the meds. Nevertheless, one hurdle overcame! Im so ready to feel normal again!!

More pics

I wish

I wish i Wouldve brought one of those things w fingers that can pick up things. Ive learned how to use my feet to pick up stuff but its not practical for everything. Lol

Back home

Finally back home to my family. I swear i made a great decision to recover away from home for 2 wks. I think if i was home i wouldnt have the selfish behavior to focus solely on me.
So ladies, if flying after your surgery request wheelchair assistance. Im so glad i did! Got thru security faster but i did have a private search cuz my binder showed up in the scan. Got preboarded too. The flight was uneasy. Even though i bought my boppy pillow to sit on I could not get comfortable. The plane was small so it wasnt convenient to stand or walk the aisle. Thank goodness the flight was only an hour and a half. The wheelchair was waiting for me when we landed and the old marine i sat next to during my flight assisted me down the stairs.
Got wheeled to baggage claim and my family greeted me. Left the wheelchair. I shouldve had them wheel me to the car. That was the longest walk ever. My lower back was killing me. I underestimated my stamina. So get the wheelchair and keep it until you get in your car. Remember you just had surgery and this is not the time to act like Superwoman. My husband didnt understand how much i was going to be immobile. So listen to your body and dont over do it!

12 days po

Lumps in my stomach

So i have these little lumps in random spots on my stomach and back. Dr Huntly said it was normal and can go away over time or with light massage. Ive called several massage places in my area (didnt use the one i found in savannah) and either they dont do lymphatic drainage massages or they say i have to wait 4 wks with a doctor's note. :( wth!

Cabin fever

So what to do while you're recovering? Im so bored. Im walking around a little but my house isnt that big. Its pouring down raining out here too. Im scared to do too much and rip a stitch. I did notice a little blood on my steri strips today. I checked and the stitches are still intact. Just some blood. I hope its okay.

Yuckies all around!

Running a low grade temp of 100.3. A part of my incision is bleeding a little-although i look like ive been shot. Its not that bad but enough for me to raise an eyebrow. Contacted Dr Huntly and he prescribed me an antiobotic and told me to clean the area w peroxide and leave that area open. This sucks so bad!! The blood isnt bright red blood. It looks more like an orangy red brownish color. Oh yea i have a yeast infection and my period started! Please God, watch over me! The things we do for beauty. This is where the "why did i do this to my body?!" Kicks in :/

15 days po pic

Still swollen in my lower abdomen area. But its still going down little by little each day.

Trip to the ER :(

Last night i felt this burning on my right side incision. I check and the steri strip was saturated. I dun sprung anotha leak! This time the oozing was not blood but a weird brownish yellow color. This cant be good. Decided to go to the ER for peace of mind. I looked like a crazy woman wearing a sundress, robe, hoodie and sandals. Oh yea i was rolling up in there looking super sexy!
So i get seen and the PA takes cultures. She said sincd my dr proactively put me on antibiotics they are going to test the fluids oozing from my incision to determine if thats sufficient or if i need an iv drip. Ive been calling plastic surgeons all morning but i cant get an appt any time this week. Ive been crying all morning. So many thoughts racing thru my mind. Why did i do this to my family, my finances, my body.?!!! Whhoooosssaaah! My husband is there but he isnt really. I just want a hug and for him to say i will be fine.

Pics of the guilty suspects

Im sure some of you may be curious as to what my scar is looking like.....DISCLAIMER- its gross

Siyonara bakery!!

Back fat rolls have diminished tremendously. With all the drama with my tummy taking all spotlight i havent even paid any attention to my back. Looks so much better. Its still a little sore and swollen.

Minor bump in the road

So im the type of person who wont rest or have peace of mind until i have researched whats going on with my body when its gone haywire. I have been researching and researching what could be going on w my incision. I found these 2 really good articles that gave me good info and put my my mind at ease.
So now i feel a little better because a few months ago i had this same issue but it was in the crack of my ass. It was the most miserable week of my life. I am by no means an MD but i have found many homeopathic remedies to help with ailments. For the record peroxide, castor oil and tea tree oil are like liquid miracle aide alls!

So im posting this in case anyone else is having this problem. It put my mind at ease to know what my ps has done (put me on antibiotics), the ER (tested cultures) and me (cleaning and changing dressing) is absolutely the right path and in due time this will be a distant memory!

Pic... Swelling po 1wk vs 2 1/2wk

Woke up feeling normal

Today i woke up and got up from my bed on the couch and felt strangely normal. I felt like i had a little pep in my step. The midsection stiffness wasnt there. It felt tight but i didnt feel like i had been beaten up with a baseball bat and then forced to do an Insanity workout like i normally do. Is my body settling? I cant believe ill be 3 wks po next wk.

when did yall tactical stairs? Ive been camped out downstairs on my couch since ive been back home and only take the stairs to take a shower. I hope im not causing any damage.

19 days po pic

I always loved pics. But i would always pick the best ones out to post on fb or ig. I hate when others took pics and didnt weed out those ones that made look fat. Yesterday i took a pic randomly and my eyes immediately went to my stomach area and i looked normal. It was such a victory for me.

Had another surgery....

So i went to see the local ps and he said he had to open me up and see whats going on. Fortunately he had OR priveledges at a hospital across the street.
He cut me open and said what was draining was liquified fat. No serious infection. They call it abdomen debridment. He cleaned me up inside. Packed me with gauze and left it open. He said this is the best way to heal now and it will be better for me. I have to get a suction VAC wound dressing to go over it and he said that will heal it quicker too. Im glad its not that bad but to me its devastating.
Although my ps was great and i would highly recommend him i wish i didnt go out of state for my surgery. Now i had to come out of pocket $1000 for this new ps! Fortunately he was in my insurance network and i only paid the co-pay for the office visit.
Please tell me it will get better... I know others have had worse situations and i dont think this is the end of the world but its such a major setback! (((Boohoo)))


I just saw my open abdomen! O_o holy crap batman! I dont ever ever ever ever want to see that again. The wound is looking good according to the ps. The new ps and my old ps are talking and they feel hopeful about my recovery. Tomorrow i get the vac dressing. I hope this is the beginning of the road to recovery...i had the nurse take a pic of it... Anyone want to see it?

Beware... Graphic image!

So this is what i have to deal with. Its currently packed with gauze and covered with a dressing. Its easier for me to see a pic but when ur looking at it live its really scary and overwhelming.

So i dont completely traumatize ya!

Im not walking around with an open wound. It is covered up. And this is the first time i saw it.

Got the wound vac in

Was a little uneasy but didnt hurt. Some skin that is healthy im the corner burns a little but thats all. I have this long tube hanging out attached to a pack constantly sucking. I am praying this is my light at the end of the tunnel. Ill post a puc tomorrow. Thank you ladies for your prayers and support!!

Wound vac

Hope for my bbl?

Ok realself ur drunk

All of my pics are off centered and you cant see all of them when enlarged :(

So itchy!

All my lipo holes and the ends of incision are so itchy! Any suggestions to help relieve this madness?

wound vac off temporarily

So I have to do the wet dressing changes. Dr said I have some surface bacteria that is causing an odor. I have to shower twice a day and change my dressings. The dressings are dampened with saline. Let me tell u that's hard to find too. And expensive. Insurance didn't cover it, I have to mentally psyche myself to do these dressing changes. I think I will have a big glass of wine before I do it. He told me to take the shower head and clean all up in there with water and antibacterial soap. Let sigh. Looking forward to the shower but not at the dressing change. Whooosah! Whoosah! How was able to change stinky pampers but getting squeemish about this? Dh will be useless in this process and I don't want to scar my kids for life to help me. Fuuuuuuuuuuuudge!

Survived first dressing change.... Barely

This was the most stressful shower ever! Before i got in i prepped all my supplies for afterwards. Now its time to take the gauze out. F#^%! is this the longest gauze ever or what?! Blood started squirting out. geez! Got in the shower and water felt so good on skin. It was screaming like "whats that?". I banged my elbow and screamed bloody murder. Just got shook for no reason. Got my body cleaned and now time to clean the wound.... Deep breath in, deep breath out. Now come the tears. I cant do this, i cant do this! Now i had to give myself a pep talk. U better do this! U have to do this... Just stop being a punk and Do It!! It wasnt as bad. Its still pretty numb inside so i didnt feel much. It felt weird to touch. Got out and looked in the mirror. Itd bright pink and red so im guessing thats good i think. Now its time to repack thing. Wheres my wine? Big gulp! Poured the saline and started to pack it. Its really hard to do this standing up but i needed a mirror to see what i was doing. How the heck was i a soldier!??? Anyway, i stand corrected this is the longest gauze ever!! It was really hard to shove this up there... Not physically just mentally. Got it all in. The placed a layer of dry gauze and then put 2 maxi pads over that. Its done.... Took another gulp of wine....

More graphic images

Just wanted to update w pics so u ladies can see the "progress". The open wound looks like a perfect pair of lips. Took another shower this morning sans wine. I only shed one tear when the gauze got stuck. I have a dr appt again today. I dont know if they will put the wound vac back on me. Brace ur selves for these images


Well back from the ps... Cultures came back and i not only have 1 infection but i have 3. The only one i could remember was MRSA. I tried very hard to hold back the tears. I also had a small seroma that he popped. It felt like my water broke. He cut away some hardened fat and cleaned me up. Despite the upsetting news of the infections he said the wound looks really good and clean. He told me im doing everything right and with diabetes its just harder to heal. He said im doing really good though. Le'sigh

Each day getting easier

Mentally i feel a little better. Cleaning this is getting a little easier. Im still naseous afterwards. But the technique is getting easier. I dont wish to do this long term though. I cant take seeing my insides or that smell. Whats that smell? Its its not foul or rancid just a smell. Maybe thats what inside flesh smells like. I go to the ps today and hopefully i can get the wound vac put back on. Although a certain part of me will miss taking a shower i will feel better w the wound vac on. Thank you for ur prayers :) i really need them!

I can wear stripes again

I used to hear if you are overweight you shouldnt wear stripes. I love love love stripes especially in shirts and socks. I wore this sweater at my kids bday party and when i saw the pics i looked like Shamu and vowed to not wear it again. Well i did today!! And i didnt feel like Shamu or look like it

More before and after pics

So ive finally built up the courage to show the pics the ps took preop. I was horrified! But after seeing the afters i see so much improvement! And i think that smell is gone from the wound so ill hopefully be back on the wound vac next week!

Grrrrrr the cropping of the pics is driving me crazy!!


Wound is getting smaller

I have been doing the wet/dry dressings for about a week now and the wound is closing a lot. I feel the nerves fusing and im starting to feel pain around the edges. Thats a good thing even though its uncomfortable for me.

Pics again

Full body shot

Ok i was feeling good today and liked what i saw in the mirror. Anyone else become a camera addict?

Vac on/vac off/vac on.....

So finally got the wound vac back on. I am glad cuz i was getting tired of changing that gauze. And then i had to shove so much stuff in my panties to absorb the wetness. It was awkward. But now i have a new kind if awkwardness w the wound vac. My wound is def getting smaller, primarily the depth of it. I wonder how long this will take until its completely closed. I also purchased a new cg. Its like a vesr. So much better than the velcro binder and more comfortable. Anyway, doing much better walking and getting around. I cant wait to be 100% or at least 90% again. Im back to sleeping on the couch cuz its the most comfortable for me but i miss my bed and miss sleeping w my hubby.

Just wanted to share-a little motivation for ya!

A positive mental attitude does help! I really tried to stay away from negative people while ive been recovering. I lost a friend, cussed some ppl out cuz they were just bringing my energy down. But my true friends will uplift me and have tried to keep a positive attitude when they dealt w me cuz im not having it any other way. It can only benefit them too, right?
Ive seen comments here about me having a great attitude with all that ive endured. I look at everything as a lesson. The good, the bad, the ugly can all teach us something. :)

Does this wound vac make me look fat? Lol

Back to work....finally!!! So ive decided to tell people my wound vac us either an 8 track walkman or a morphine pain pump (and then hit a button and then zone out) lol! Wish mw luck


Wrote this long witty and funny update about my 1st day back and RS is acting stank so u will get the cliffnotes version--wore heel boots, stomach sore, sleepy by 10a, hunchback by end of the day... Rinse and repeat

Swell - Schmell

Super swollen today. I feel like im 8 mo pg! I didnt wear my binder today.
Instead i wore a tight shapewear shirt. so not the same!

This is my cg. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My cg is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My cg, without me, is useless. Without my cg, I am useless.

Survived my first week back to work

I was so anxious going back. First couple of days i was dog tired by 10a. Went home completely exhausted. The pain in my tummy got a little better by wearing my hospital issued binder. I received so many compliments at work and it really helped me validate why i had my surgery. I became creative w my response to the question "where have you been?!"
2-spirtitual retreat
3-psych ward
4-went for an upgrade
My response was based on how well i knew the person.
Today was a tough day. I was supposed to get a vac change but my canister got full and i didnt have any more. The canister is connected to a tube thats connected to the wound sucking up the good blood to bring to the surface. The excess blood, fat and other fluids exit thru the tubes and into the canister. When the canister is full loudass alarms go off. Loud alarms go off for other stuff too like loss of suction or if the vac is laid down. So anyway, i turned it off cuz my canister was full. I planned to just take it off when i got off and put a wet dressing. Well throughout the day it started to smell awful!! Since i wasnt getting the wound vacuumed sealed whatever was inside smelled gross! I was paranoid ppl could smell me. I left work early and rushed home and made it just in time cuz the seal completely lost suction and was leaking thru my leggings. When i took it off it was a yellow slimy gunk. Im guessing it was liquified fat? I dunno. I took the longest shower ever!!! Got cleaned and felt like a baby who got a diaper change. I will never ever do that again!!!

Why did this happen to me?

Ive gotten this question quite a few times. Well i am type 2 diabetic and have a higher risk of infection and slower healing. I also used to smoke but quit a year ago. Prior to my surgery my regular dr knew i was getting this surgery and really helped me try to get my blood glucose levels down. I was ranging between 170-250. Thats pretty high. Right before surgery it went down

Sorry dh made me get off my phone lol

So i had to stop in mid thought lol. But anyway, so im diabetic and my surgery took 8 1/2 hrs so that may all contributed to all my problems. Who knows.


Tried on some work pants that used to be so uncomfortable on my gut. No problemd and they fit comfy w no cg.

The metamorphous of my wound

Putting my graphic design degree to use

So i wanted to see what i would look like "normal" minus this open wound. Thank goodness for photoshop to give me some hope.

Saw this on my sister's fb

Wound getting better

So went to get the wound vac put on. It was off for the weekend. The depth has really gotten smaller. My ends are getting closer to almost lookinf shut. The ps said i will have to wait a bit longer to think abour getting it sutured closed. The height is 3.8cm. Its too big and would put stress and tension on my belly button. Boo freakin hoo! I know im slowly but surely healing. Its just awkward wearing this vac or worrying about leaking w the wet dressings.
But my highlight of the day was that i tried on my yellow bikini again and wow what a major diff in the tummy area! So much better than 6 wks ago. I cant wait to wear one next summer!
Sleep is almost feeling normal. I Almost was halfway in my stomach. Side sleeping is no problem now. And ive tossed the boppy pillow for my butt. Loving the little victories and milestones! Gotta take what i can get!

Yellow bikini strikes back!

So was trying on my yellow bikini again to see if there has been any improvements to my overall shape. Im pleased to see a difference. Sorry forgot to hide my tubes from the vac

I think by next summer ill feel ok

And confident to wear this

Ive come a long way baby

Despite these damn infections my wound is still healing. Im on so much vitamins and protein im refusing to let these bumps in the road prevent me from moving forward. I wanted to show yall an updated pic to see how far the faces of death wound has come. I showed it to a coworker today and he almost passed out. He told me i was strong and better than him to have to deal with this.
But i do have good results on my tummy too. Its getting flatter and thw swelling is not as bad. I need to move to a smaller cg vest. Im wearing a large and on the tightest clasp and it doesnt feel tight at all. I have to go hit up the asian grocery store to get a medium now.
Oh funny story about this infection... Vinegar and water soaked gauze stuffed inside me to help the smell. Got rid of one smell and now i smell like a walking Summers Eve. So im at work and ppl are like "i smell vinegar! Whats that vinegar smell?!" Lol im quiet as a church mouse.... **spritz spritz** more body spray. I go back tomorrow to get the vac back on but i dont know if i even want it.

Forgot to add pics

Finally had a girls night out

Vac off

So i decided to give the vac a week break and see if i can make the same improvements w the wet dressings. I just feel like i have problems when the vac gets put on. I feel like i have so much more freedom without it too. We shall see and i hope i see the same level of progress. My measurements today told me i have almost a 50% reduction in the wound size. Im soooooo close!

2 months ago

I was on my way to Savannah GA to embark on this wild and crazy journey. I had no idea what i wouldve been in store for. I had high hopes and aspirations expecting to look like Jessic Rabbit. These are some things ive learned along the way.
1. Do your research and prepare yourself
2. Eat healthy and get your body in tip top shape well in advance
3. Have realistic expectations and be opsn and honest with your plastic surgeon
4. Find a caregiver that you wont care if they see u medicated out, wearing a depends, running half naked to the bathroom w bloody tubes coming out of you
5. Eat, sleep, drink lots of water and stay ahead of the pain w ur meds
6. If you have complications be strong and stay positive
7. Keep negative people away!
8. Keep on trucking
9. Take tons of pictures
10. No matter what love yourself regardless cuz if u think ur beautiful on the inside it will radiate on the outside!

Forgot to back

Its been so sore. The lipo'd areas feel really sore esp at night. I want a massage but no one will touch me cuz of the front. Maybe ill pay one of my kids to roll a rolling pin over it for me. 2 mo po and the swelling in my tummy has gone done. Its not as hard except for right under my belly button but thats softening up. My bb is not healed all the way. Im still cleaning it out and putting bacitracin on it. I had some slight drainage a week ago but it seemed to subside for now. My butt is finally not hurting as much when i sit. I read it "fluffs" up around 6 mo. I cant wait cuz im loving my booty now but i would like it just a wee bit bigger (booty envy?). My lipo holes on my back still feel tender. They were placed right under my bra lines so unless i go braless its constant friction and pressure. I put steri strips to protect it though. Oh and the damn itching! Its worse at night. Like right now im itching all over. They say its the nerves reconnecting and the sensation feels like an itch to us. Oh and still havent christened the new vajay yet :( soon though i hope ... Thats all ladies... Im too months po on 11/24 and its been the longest 2 mo ever... Longer than basic training, longer than my last 2 mo of pregnancy, longer than waiting for xmas.... U get the point. But i thank you to each one of you who has taken this journey with me. Ur support and kind words have truly uplifted me and gave me the postive outlook to keep it going forward! (group chest bump! Unless u had ba or br or bl then high 5!)

If ur Type 2 diabetic... Listen up

I would highly suggesr your blood glucose levels are closely monitored well before your surgery and after. The bodies response to trauma will have an effect on ur glucose levels. While in surgery ur bg (blood glucose) could potentially spike drastically. Thats why its extremely important for you to be as close to normal levels prior to surgery. Also the inflammation in your body after surgery is trauma and ur body's way if trying to protect it can increase ur bg. Test often because drastic highs and lows can indicate problems. If yoy have infections your bg can spike. So that can be one of the first signs to alarm you. Keep a log of ur bg if possible. There are great apps online that can chart ur bg and show u trends and give u baseline. 3 mo prior to surgery my bg was in the 170 range. About a month prior it was in the 120 range. For non diabetics reading this anything below 100 is good. (Not too low though). during my surgery it spiked to the 220 range. I had to take one of my meds to lower it but it only went down to the 180 range. About a month ago it went back to the 120 range but while i was having all these infections and whatnot it went back to the 140 range. Today its in the 115 range which is a number i can accept and know im good! Diet plays an extremely important role. Prior to ur surgery ensure ur pc dr understands what ur having done so they can monitor ur or put u on a suitable plan. Additionally, if ur bg isnt under control and u do have complications it will have a significant impact on ur healing processs.
For the record- i am no doctor so please consult ur own doctor first. Im just giving u some insight as to what i experienced being a type 2 diabetic

Very Thankful

Without this site i dont know how i would have dealt w the challenges i faced. Im so very thankful to all the ladies and the site creators. You dont know how much you helped ease the pain and helped me get over these hurdles. So on this Thanksgiving day i give a special thanks to Real Self and its beautiful Divas!

Incision/wound is closing!

So i went to my ps this past tuesday and he measured me and i had about a 50% improvement rate since last week. I am only doing wet/dry dressings now. Theres also a 70% overall improvement rate! Just yesterday when i was doing my dressing change i noticed my skin ends have started to fuse back together! The body is an amazing organism. I understand now why its better to let it heal from the inside out. The body is a self repairing thing and wants to heal itself.
Im just amazed that its closing! I can see the light light at the end of the tunnel now! Its a little ways but i can finally see it!
For those who are battling complications....stay positive!

Smaller size cg

Went to my korean lady and got me a smaller vedette... Its a cg vest. I was wearing a large but got to the tightest hook with ease now. I didnt feel like it held me in right. So i got a medium and let me tell you i burned 250 cal trying to get this in the first hook. Just holding it together it didnt reach. I laid down and did one by one. 27 min later and muscle failure in my fingers i got it! My damn boobs were in the way too! Lol but i got it. I also christened the new vajay! Whohoo. So i treated myself to a brazilian in hopes of doing it again! Lol

Wound update

Its amazing to see the before and afters. I get a little excited at the thought of seeing changes. The changes will happen. The body needs time and nutrients to do its thang!

But! I did notice a small spot of raw skin. Not sure what its from. It hurt last night and maybe i rubbed or scratched it too hard in my sleep. It feels like a burn to the touch. Why does it seem like every time i see progress something pops up? God must think i am one tough cookie. I am trying to stay positive but its aggravating to keep having these little issues. Before it was infections and now its this new scar. I hope its nothing serious. I sent pics to the nurse and she said it could be from the tape and to just let my body heal. I was supposed to go to the dr today but had to cxl so i dont go back until next tuesday. Please tell me i can handle this? Its probably minor. I hope it is cuz im tired of dealing with new &$?#!!!'

How to make Dakins solution for wound care

Some Tuesday motivation for yall!

All i want for Christmas is....

My wound to close. Maybe i should go sit on santa's lap

Almost 3 mo pic update


So i went to the dr and i made great strides w the wet dressings. He said i have 2 options, close it up but he has to cut from the mons pubis and pull it up because of the skin thickness diff. I could have a ridge and it could pull on my bb and skew it. Or i cam continue w the wet dressing changes and let it close naturally and see if i will need a revision. Im torn! I want this closed but i dont want to have more problems later w my bb and stuff. Ugh!! What to do?

2 victories!

So on one of my fb groups we had a contest and i wond the Best Booty contest! Whoohooo! One girl's booty is lovely and i kinda modeled my butt around hers so im happy my money is being noticed! And i won an ugly sweater contest at work lol.
As far as the decision goes. I think im going to let nature takes it course and let it close naturally. But ill make my final decision after the holidays. But thats what im leaning towards. Right now the way the scar is closing its doing it very naturally and not much tension while its closing. When i had my tt my mons already got lifted and its tight and more youthful looking. I dont want it to get any higher and get tighter. Sex is different after this. Its not bad but diff. Im actually more sensitive and loving it! ;)
Thank u ladies for ur advice. And as always for being my shoulder to vent to!
On a sidenote i went to my job's holiday party last night and danced my new ass off!! Im a little sore today in my thighs! Lol but it was great to get out and dance and just have fun.
Oh and im officially off the wound vac (even though i only used it twice) The depth is too small to even put on. So for those who are battling these open wounds wet dressings work just as effectively as a wound vac. I think it helps sometimes to alternate to bring up some fresh blood to the surface but ive seen great progress w the wet dressings.

I found Santa's lap!!

Gonna let nature take its course..

My original ps texted me to check up on me (Dr Huntly) and i told him what was going on w my decision. He suggested i let it close naturally and think about a revision down the road. He said it would be less tension, less scar tissue and easier to close. So i think he confirmed what i wanted to do.

Merry Xmas.... Happy Holidays!

Romeo sends his love too!

Happy New Me!! New you!

Not much to update

Wound is still closing and booty is getting plump! I go back to the doctor next tuesday. I made up my mind and let the wound close naturally. Im guessing another couple of months. It seems to be closing really fast now. I can tell by the size of the 4x4 guaze i put inside. I dont know how i will act once its fully closed! Lol
The new tear brought me a terrible cold so im battling that and trying to combat it. Juicing, lemons, honey and water have been my friend. Hope everyone is doing wonderful!

Went to ps today

My wound has closed 40% in length, 50% in height and the depth wasnt even measurable! Such great news. Ps still said he cant give me a definite answer on how long it will take to close but he estimated 4-6wks! Im still going to let it close naturally. Id rather let it close and then see if i will need a revision.
I started working out yesterday doing squats and lunges but im hurting today big time today in my tummy!

Ive gotten these looks lol

Pain in my side

Ever since my dr appt i feel pain on one side. Its like the skin in stretching to close but its too tight. Its more irritable than pain. Ill try to post a pic today of the wound. Now when i look down i can barely see an opening.
Ive cut back on the working out. Ill stick to walking for now. I was getting so uncomfortably swollen and i would hurt a lot the next day. I wonder if this has something to do w the pain on the side. Who knows. I dont want to damage my progress. I cant believe its been 4 months already! Time goes by fast. Anyway, ill take pics later! Thank you for checking on me RS Divas!! (((Hugs)))

Updated wound pics

So here is the progress. Seeing the before and after together make me feel hopeful!


I feel so damn sexy these days! I cant stop sending my husband sexy pics of me! I have a new found love for thongs!! They make my new booty look so good! My sex life has definitely picked up even w my wound. I still have no regrets and loving my body!

Body pic

Need to workout!

I am trying but its not comfortable. The after effects are worse than the actual workouts! I signed up for Biggest Loser Competition at work just to stay motivated. I wish that annoying swelling would end!


Went to the doctor and my wound is almost closed! Its even closed 50% since Tuesday. The ps talked about a revision to help smooth things out cuz i have a little over hang above the incision line. I called my insurance to see if it would cover it and they said if its a medical necessity. The surgeon fees are $1500! But its a necessity to me! If he does go in he will have to cut me back open though the incision and sew me shut. He said i would have a better recovery though cuz its not like a tummy tuck surgery. Im torn cuz i had the surgery to also remove scar tissue from lipo gone bad 19 years ago. I want a smooth look. Any event it looks much better than before but i dont want to have the same problem. But im almost at the end.... 3 1/2 months later. Decisions decisions!


The verdict is in!

Well my RS Divas its been a long 4 month journey but my ps told me today that im healed!!! This comes as bittersweet news because although my wound is no longer considered a wound i personally dont feel healed. There is a tiny sliver that is still open. But i no longer have to wear a dressing and can just use moisterizer. I still need the revision cuz my scar is too high and there is an indenture where the scar healed. Do i feel sexy in clothes? Hell yea! Do i feel sexy naked? Um not so much. I did have to dig deep and look at the positive side today. It was hard trying not to focus on the imperfection of how it healed. Im waiting on the quote for the revision to see if i can afford it. Im out of the woods now though and ill be patiently waiting on my next step. Thank you all who have walked this journey with me. I dont know how i wouldve coped if i didnt have this forum to get support and express my highs and lows.

Ready for summer!

Hello my RS Divas! Well the wound is fully closed. It still has a ledge but for now i can hide it. Brought out my wish bikinis and i must say i look good!

The quote for a revision is......

$5k-$6k :( i dont have that kind of money for this! This is depressing. Its basically a less invasive mini tunmy tuck. Ugh! What to do? For now im going to sit and wait and wait for a sign. I feel like ive already spent so much money for beauty. I wonder would this have happened if i got the surgery here in VA instead of going to GA. Who knows. Cant focus on that. But its something that weighs on my brain. Ugh!! What to do? I need a ps sugar daddy or a ps fairy godmother.

Nothing much to report

Still waiting on my fairy ps mother. My first ps did say he would do the revision for $850 but i would have to fly back down to GA and i dont want to do that. Im torn :(

Updated pic and other ramblings

So RS Divas... Im almost 7 mo po. Still no revision. Trying to weigh my financial options. Im leaning towards doing the surgery here in VA w the new dr that ive been seeing for the complications. Im thinking maybe ill do it in June. I have a wedding to attend in August in Cali so i want to be fully healed by then. Its been such a long journey! I cant even imagine a completely smooth tummy. Im making the best of it. Im still wearing my cg on and off. I mainly wear it after working out. It helps w the discomfort. But im getting more used to life w this ugly scar. Trying not to focus on it but its there and not going away until i get a revision. Its right at my pants line and uncomfortable. Ironically, my booty is the best thing to come out of this and i didnt even want to have it done. Im loving my new booty though. I can feel it jiggle when i wear leggings heehee! Thats all for now beautiful people!

Spring has Sprung!!

Hey my RS divas! Havent checked in a while. Life has been busy!!! Well i have scheduled my revision. Ive decided to go to the local dr here and pay the $4k. :( My surgery is scheduled for June 6th! Thats like 3 wks away. As soon as i hung up from scheduling it i got instantly nervous. I feel this time around wont be bad. Ill be getting a mini tt to fix the scar revision. I tried to hold off but the part that healed weird right in the middle was rubbing on my clothes and getting irritated. So to avoid further problems with that i bit the bullet and made the appt. please continue to send me good vibes and pray for a great outcome this time!

8 mo po pic

More 8 mo po pics!


My sister sent me videos of me getting the wound vac in when i had the first debridement. Its kinda graphic. Do u think i should post it?

Countdown to revision! 2 wks!!

Every time i think about it i get butterflies! Cant wait. The dr is working w me w the price. He's only charging me $2500! The OR and anesthesia fees are going to go thru my insurance. Thats great news! Took a little bit of stress off me financially! Im so excited!!!

Had my preop on Tues

Evertything went well. Doctor took some pics, signed my consent forms and paid my $3k. I am nervous! The doctor told me to not worry and be calm cuz im not having the same extensive surgery again. Surgery time should only be 90 min compared to the 8 hr surgery i had before. Wish me luck!



I ended up paying $3k instead of the $2500 cuz he said i might need lipo in my pubic area cuz its puffy O_o.

3 days!!!!


Today is the day!

As secretdiva put it.... The day im giving birth to my new improved fixed body! I will keep yall posted when i get home!

Birth of a new me!

Ill update more when im not loopy. Just wanted to let yall know im home and ok. Have 2 drainafe tubes. Most uncomfortable thing is having to get up and pee every 5 min! Lol ive been drinking so much water and my mouth is still dry! Thank u all for ur prayers and well wishes!

Day 1- po revision

Recovery is no where near as bad as the first go round! Im slightly sore but ive been up and moving and even went to the store today. (Hubby drove). Slept on the couch last night and my kids made make shift beds and slept downstairs with me.
I took a shower and there was some bleeding on the corner stitch. A lot of bleeding but im just trying to not think its bad. Put a fresh pad on it and checked on it later and it has slowed down to almost stopped. My ps called to check on me and i told him about it and he said it shouldnt be cause for concern and if it doesnt stop to call him again. Havent seen anything since. I cant wait to see me in a month or so! Ill take some pics soon. I took some today but they didnt come out clear. Good night Divas!

Po pics-revision

Day 3 po

1st po appt (revision)

Everything is looking great. They removed 1 tube. Thank goodness cuz those things may be a necessity but annoying. Ive got to learn how to hide them in my clothes. I tried to go to work after the appt but forgot to get the dr release note. So i got sent home. On another good note today is my 12 yr wedding annv! But unfortunately we're both out of commission so no test driving the new body

Good news... No great news!!!

Went for my 2 po check up and i finally got the 2nd tube out! Im free!! I feel like a new woman! The tape was also taken off the tummy scar and guess what.... Its all healed up and fused together!!! Im so freakin excited! I got choked up and cried!! Is my journey finally over? Can this be real?? My tummy isnt completely flat though. There is a bit of overhang on one side. Very minor And i can live w it. Ill take pics soon. But i just wanted to let u know that all ur prayers and good vibes have help this goddess get thru her darkest hours! Bikini season here i come!


Bleeding from the drainage tube hole

My last drainage tube came out on Tuesday and last night it started bleeding bright red blood. Has this happened to anyone? I contacted the nurse and she said to monitor it. It couldve been a pocket of blood that is making its way out of the path of least resistance. Im still remaining hopeful that its nothing serious.
My other drainage hole has closed up.

The bleeding stopped! Yay!

Thank you God! It mustve just needed to come out and that was that. Its so funny i was telling a friend at work what was going on and she was freaked out! Saying "you need to see your doctor or go to the ER! Or at least go home!" I was like "im fine, just hand me a pad so i can patch this wound up". Lol!
One thing this journey has taught me is to not freak out and remain calm in hectic situations. And sometimes things arent as bad as they seem! The sanitary napkins worked great! The blood stopped and now i can move on with the healing! Hallelujah!


I did it!!!

I braved the pool and put on a bikini! First time in 20 years!!! I almost didnt do it and wore a 1 pc but i said F it! I didnt spend all this money and not show it off! My son wasnt too happy about it though. Lol! Oh well! Ladies thank u for all ur prayers and well wishes! I really do appreciate the encouragement from the bottom of my heart!

Reality show called "Botched"

Flipping thru channels and stumbled across this show. Its about corrective plastic surgery stories. That was me! It feels some kind of way like im part of this underground world of people who tried to look better and something bad happened. It kinda made me relive the passed 9 months all over again. I am on a track to looking better but mentally i wish i really really had the self esteem to just work on my mind before i attempted to fix my problems w my body. Anyway, just sharing my thoughts

My new mantra bracelet

Found a cute etsy store online that makes custom stamped jewelry. I got my mantra bracelet and love it!! I think im going to order more for friends!


Rainbows in the horizon!

Been reading a lot of reviews of women who are having open wound issues. My heart goes out to all of them! Im here for support if anyone needs it! Send me a message if you need it! If ur going thru this you need the support so you dont feel alone! There are others that can help you get thru it!

Going on vacation!!

In 4 wks ill be enjoying the Pacific ocean and Napa Valley! So excited! And then when i return taking my babies to Florida! I need these vacations bad!! I cant wait!!!

Botched is on!

A lady with a bad tummy tuck is on! Her stomach looks like mines!


She went to Mexico and they used ice for a numbing agent instead of anesthesia!!! Wtf?!!

Gotta pay it forward!

I have many friends who have a wide range of struggles. I decided to do something special for my fb buddies! I love giving back!

Can u say sexy??

Omg Becky! Look at her butt

Went bowling last night and someone took some pixs. I dont really take much backshots anymore(no pun intended lol) but i thought i was losing volume on my new booty until i saw these pics! Im glad i didnt go any bigger cuz i have skinny chicken legs lol.

Today's my Birthday!!

Back from vacation

I had a fabulous vacation! Went to Cali to my best friend's wedding. Its was so much fun! I felt so pretty in my bridesmaid dress. It fit me when i tried it on in April but it was kinda too loose. I had to keep pulling it up.
After 5 days in Cali i took a family vacation for 5 days in Florida. That was a lot of fun. But Florida is hot and humid! Glad to feel normal again.

Almost 1 yr post op

What a year this has been!

Love my booty

Headed to Vegas!

Going to Vegas next week to the Latin Grammy Awards. A great excuse to go dress shopping

Happy New Year!

Its been a helluva year! Im 15 mo po and all healed up! Loving the skin that im in! It was a rough rocky journey but i made it!

18 months post op

Hello RS Divas! Just wanted to update. I'm 18 months post op now. The wound is all healed. My lower tummy is still numb though. Feels weird that I can't feel anything but i had the same side effect when i got my breast reduction 20 years ago. So ive been working out, watching what i eat and trying to keep my diabetes under control. I am down 20 lbs since surgery. I want to lose 15 more lbs. anyway just wanted to share a recent pic of me. I am finally feeling normal to the point where i dont even think about the trauma. Once in awhile i'll feel something poking me inside like a stitch or something.
Anyway....HAPPY SPRING! ????

Just checking in...

In 2 months i'll be 1 yr po op from the revision surgery

Hello Ladies...update w pics

Its been a couple of months since Ive updated...well im all healed and almost 2 yrs po from the 1st surgery. Im now down to 165lbs. I went on vacation and only brought bikinis with me! It was an awesome feeling.
So...2 years po...i still dont have feeling in my lower ab below my belly button. It's completely numb. I had the same issue w my breat reduction. The feeling never came back. I still have an indenture where the scar in my abdomen is located. I thought about mini lipo but i think im going to get a covet tattoo instead. Visually i hate the line. And physically its annoying cuz my panties always fall in the crack.
But my overall shape is great! Clothes fit me so much better now! Im 5'7" and 165 and can wear 10s now.
My bbl seemed to have gone down some :( could be from the weight loss cuz ive lost 30 lbs since surgery. But its not totally flat. Just not as plump....been doing squats alot to try to lift it up, anyway here are some pics from my recent trip to St. Thomas. We had a private condo w a private pool. I was walking around naked alot! Ut was very secluded. This is something i wouldnt have done a few years ago. This surgery gave me confidence to do that and that by far is priceless!

Happy 40th Bday to Me!!

Hello RS Divas! I am 40 and feeling better than ever! Had a fabulous summer! Went to St Thomas w the hubby and NYC W my kids. I turned 40 this month and had a great birthday! Just wanted to share some pics! Hope ur all doing wonderful!

Hello RS Divas

Well i am 2 years post op from original surgery. Where has the time gone? Ive settled into my newer improved body. My lifestyle has changed. I am down almost 30 lbs and things have settled as best as they are gonna get. Ive been working out and "trying" to eat right. I have my moments, okay But i catch myself and im like "girl put that shit down!"
Im loving shopping now. Feels good to be able to find clothes that fit. I now wear medium shirts and size 10 pants. I feel good at this size. Here are some updated pics

Hello Dolls! Alomst 3 years post op!

Hi everyone! Just thought id pop in and update yall on whats going on w my body. So far my weight has been steady between 165-170lb (5'7"). Before surgery i think i was 180-190lbs. Portion control has been my biggest ally as well as yoga and light HIIT training and lots and lots of walking. Before surgery I was wearing size 14 pants and now im in size 10 and can fit some 8s. Its always shocking to me when i go shopping and smaller sizes fit me. I can order off line w confidence now and its such a great feeling. Now on to my surgery. My scar is still fully healed w no major issues. I still do have an indent in my stomach which im not too pleased w. Its not a flat smooth feeling. But it can be hid w panties and sits below most pants waist. I may just get a tattoo to cover it up. My abs are looking good. If i ate better they would look better. I eat about 50% vegetarian now cuz my son went vegetarian. Its great! Ive really learned to make vegetables and mix it up to make them interesting and delicious ! oh, there is still numbness in my lower abdomen area around the scar. I have zero feeling there. I had the same side effect w my breast reduction. It feels strange to have someone touch me cuz it goes from feeling to no feeling. I wish i wouldve went to a different plastic surgeon for the revision though. I dont think the results were what i was hoping for. I wish i wouldve gotten surgery from a local plastic surgeon from the get go. Nothing against any of them but if i wouldve had complications here then i couldve seen the same ps and not do all the extra stuff i had to pay out of pocket for as well. It ended up costing me the amount i was originally quoted here. ???? Anyway here's some pics so u can see my transformation! Thanks for letting me share my journey!

Dr. Huntly and his staff have been wonderful. Our initial contact was over the phone until my preop appt. He was very gentle and took his time with me. The surgery day was a blur but heard him call and check on me early the next morning. His skillset is impeccable. He took what a gave him and has turned me into a curvy masterpiece. I can tell that 6 mo down the road I will look amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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