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Ok so I have been going on this page every night.....

Ok so I have been going on this page every night...ok and a god part of the day reading everyone's advice and so I decided to share my journey. I am 36 and I have three wonderful blessings, 15,11,10 and a handsome hubby. I started my journey Sept 26th of this year. I would look at myself every so often in the mirror and think yuck! I am a diabetic and I struggle with weight again. I weigh 200 on a bad day, but my goal is to get to 185 before surgery. Yea...so I'm not doing so good. I started taking my insulin faithfully and changed my eating habits but it seems to be back firing on me! So this week I am going to start my phentermine and do a lean meat and green veggie diet and hopefully that helps. I just want to be able to tuck my shirts in and not look like sponge bob square pants from behind. Oh yea...I'm getting a tt and I'm tossing up a bbl. all of my pre op blood work is done. My a1c was 10 I was not happy with that so I'm working on it. Pray for me y'all! I will post pics of the ugliness later this week.

feeling some type of way

I was doing more research today and checking out some pics acne I must say the whole necrosis SCARES ME! The research says it happens mostly in smokers...and there's the D word again...diabetics. ZenBodyGoddess you have been such a great help to me :-). I'm claiming you as my RS mentor lol. I am just terrified of not heading properly bc I'm a diabetic. Maybe I need to just stop researching...idk

here's more


I woke up this morning feeling like bla bla...I never really realized how much water weight and bloating you retain the week before your menstrual cycle. I weighed myself last week and I almost died! That lying devil said I weighed 207! I took a water tablet and took in lots of fiber and I weighed myself this morning and I was 199 so that made me feel a lot better.
My husband is not very supportive to me bc we are Christians but this is something that I have been paying about for years and I woke up one morning and felt good about it, I moved forward, everything is moving along smoothly and I believe Good is with me :-). I do have my fears as I think all of us on here have and that is why I'm so addicted to this site bc it calms my fears or it gives me heads up. So thank you ladies! I have 5 more weeks left from today. I feel like there are things that I should be doing to prepare but idk what . My pre op appt is the 20 so I guess I will start to prepare then. TTFN

Time is ticking away

Time is ticking away and it still hasn't really hit me as to what I'm about to embark on in less than a month. My pre op is Wednesday the 20th so maybe it will hit me then. I keep going over in my brain is this the right thing to do and then I walk past my mirror and say YES it absolutely the right thing. I'm keep thinking about my healing process bc I'm a diabetic but I know God is my healer so I put it all in his hands and trust in him. I was going to get a bbl but I think I might change my mind bc that's just more pain. Maybe when I talk to my ps on Wednesday he will help me to decide. My main focus is my tummy...I'm just tired of carrying it front of my. I was on the trampoline with my kids the other day and they kept ask what was the noise...it was my flap ugh, I didn't day anything I just got off lol. It has to go!

pre op day!

I'm here waiting to be seen by my ps, I'm so nervous. I hardly got any sleep last night just going back and forth in my mind as to if this what I want to do. I'm going to discuss all of my concerns with my ps and hopefully he will put my mind at ease. I'll post again before the day is over.

pre op went well

So I had a sit down with my ps and discussed my concerns. He was very attentive, he listened and responded very carefully. I decided to go with a bbl tummy tuck w/muscle repair, lipo of back flanks and inner thigh.
So now ladies I need your help. I have not done any shopping but I'm going to start. What are some things that I will definitely need from the time I come home?

muffin top be gone!

I love these jeans but I will ONLY try them on, I wont wear them out!

trying to get over this cold

I've been sick for the last three days and I've been taking antibiotics to get better as fast as I can.I only have there weeks left. My friend works at a hospital so she came over with a goody bag for me. That got me excited, I so I guess I'll start my shopping tomorrow for my surgery on the 12th

I feel like we know each other

I was just thinking about all of the wonderful ppl on RS that I have corresponded with and I must say that you guys are a bunch of wonderful women! ZenBodyGoddess has become my RSBF! ChicaLa is so encouraging and 29lawanna so informative . I love read everyone's post it has been so helpful and beneficial to me.
I have 9 days left. I didn't do that well with getting to my target weight. I'm going to try one last diet before this week is out, the chemical diet and if that doesn't work then oh well. I'm a little nervous about getting a tt bbl and lipo of the flanks back and inner thigh but I want to hit those yucky areas and be done with it...one recovery one payment lol. Here are some photos of me today

just 3 days left

Ladies I only have 3 days left! I went and shopped last night for everything I needed. I picked up
Zip up granny coat
Sports bras (front opening)
Ice packs
Antibacterial products
Greek yogurt
Protein shakes
100 % juice
Fresh fruits and veggies
Apple sauce
I'm sure there's a lot more but thats just a few items I remembered off the top of my brain. I also picked up all of my meds to. Surprisingly it only cost $17.00! Tonight I will take an inventory of everything and post a pic.
On another note, I'm sick of hearing the opinion of my haters. Your convictions are not my convictions so keep all negative comments to yourself. I know that I am a diabetic! I've done my research I understand my healing time may be different that someone who is not a diabetic...I get it! God is with me and that's all that matters. Whew now that I've vented I feel better lol! Any who I'm excited and that's all that matters.


Here are the pics of some of the supplies I bought. I have less than 48 hours left ladies. My ps called today to discuss my insulin dosage for before surgery. I asked about my mail polish and she told me that I had to take it all off. I was like all of it she said yes. Toes and all, mind you I gust went and got them done Saturday, so I had to go to the nail salon and get my gel polish taken off.

more supply pics

8 hours left

I'm laying here waiting for the meds to kick in they gave me to take the night before. I have to be there at 6:45 in the a.m. I have about an hour drive so I will get up at 5 to shower again and off I go. Pray for me ladies!

made it to the flat side

Thank you Jesus I made it over lol! The flap is,gone! I'm sore like bodies business, my butt hurts and wherever I've been lipoed hurts. My sisters ha e been wonderful helping me.

4 days pos

Hey ladies! So I've come to the conclusion that I'M not a good blogger lol. Sorry it took so long to update. I've been in and out some days the pain is manageable and other day its so painful. Right now it's about a 6 and that without meds since 1p.m. and its now almost 10 p.m. the swelling ain't no joke! I am still walking bent over and just showering and getting dress takes my breath away. My ps said he took almost 12 lbs, but I got 900 put back in each butt cheek. The bbl is aggravating bc you can't sit long on it and it's always sore. My back lipo is really sore as well. Please feel free to ask me any questions bc I'm sure I've missed something. Oh yea I had a small bm the second day but it wasn't much and I feel like I need to gi but cant. I've taken colace, warm prune juice, mom, metimual excuse the spelling but none of it is working all I'm releasing is gas.

the tubes are gone woo hoo

I feel so much better I got the tubes removed and I feel much better. It didn't it just felt weird,like a long worm coming out! My incisions look great. They are from within so you can barely see them. Thanks for keeping up with me ladies.

low sodium ladies

Omg! So I decided that I would go through a drive through to celebrate my tubes being removed. That was a bad move , I could literally feel myself swelling from the sodium! Ladies stick to the plan after surgery with fresh fruits and veggies and low sodium foods. My pain is minimum so I'm happy about that.

1week post op

So far so good.I still have lots of swelling but it's better than lists of roll. My incision is a little achey is that normal? Everything look ok from what I can see with the tape over it. I'm not that impressed with my bbl I wanted more projection. Hey does anyone have a remedie for getting the glue from the tape off of your skin. Just showing is not working.

Hi ladies

Hi ladies! I know it's been a while since an update. I've had good days and bad days. As you may know I'm a diabetic so my healing process is slower than a non diabetics, but my ps says I'm healing like a non diabetic. The swelling is driving me crazy! Not to mention I totally ate too much over the holidays. I still have alot of swelling where I received lipo on my back and its still sore to the touch. My incision looks great, however; I have two 1 inch spots that is taking its time to heal. I keep it cleaned, I put ointment on it and keep it covered.

This has definitely been a journey. I just want to see my end results. I can't work out like I want to bc I'm not totally healed. I guess I just need to be thankful and patient. Some days I wake up and love what I see and other days its like ...ugh...I'm not there yet. Some days I like my butt and other days it still looks flat. Well I had a good day today so here are some updated pictures. Give me your feed back ladies.

better pics

The other pics uploaded kinda weird
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