Tummy Tuck/Lipo to the Flanks and Breast Lift - Savannah, GA (YEARS in the making)

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Date set in stone....FINALLY!

Where do I begin, where do I begin. I just turned 40 so this is going to be my birthday present to myself. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Years actually. In the past I have done minor research and wondered if this is something that I really wanted to do. I think one of the biggest reasons I didn't take it so seriously was because of my job and because of a now ex-husband. Nonetheless I decided a couple months back that I really was serious about having this done.

Doing GOOGLE searches I found this website and became ADDICTED! So much information, so many questions answered. One of the biggest questions for me was...who should do it? How many consults should I get. Where should I begin. I think it was two months ago when I actually went online to one of the facilities in Savannah, looked at the pictures, read the reviews, read the facts about the facility and decided to send a request for a consultation. Well..I did and I heard NOTHING back from them. I took this as a sign perhaps and let it go for about a month I guess. But each day I looked in the mirror, and saw what looked back at me, I was determined to have this done (all the time still reading reviews on realself).

So long story short, I came upon the name of the doctor I ultimately choose and again, filled out an online request for a consultation. The contacted me immediately and within a couple of days I was headed in for my consultation. Based off of what I had read, the doctor was very experienced, had tremendous results, and was a people person and very professional.

Before I actually went I jotted down a page full of questions. I think I only had to ask one, maybe two because he and his staff answered the majority during the consultation which lasted I want to say about an hour.

They took me in, I turned in the packet they had emailed me previously, and his assistant asked me a few more questions before the doctor came in. The cleanliness of the building and the courtesy of the staff where excellent. At that point he begin asking questions, answering questions, actually did an exam (they had me to undress when I was taken into the exam room and to put on a robe). I discussed with him that I also was considering a breast lift but didn't know if I was a good candidate. I also mentioned the fact that I have an extra "nipple" on my right breast and asked if that could be removed as well. He noticed it as well and said that it wouldn't be a problem. I assumed that most people who had this procedure where larger cups. I am currently a 36C. He showed me exactly how it would be done and gave me a general idea of what it would look like. He and I also discussed the scar above my navel which is the result of hernia removal when I was about five years old. I informed me that there was still some hernia there which could be the result of the three children I carried. He will correct this during the procedure as well and the scar that is now above my navel will either be completely gone or just at my pubic line. He discussed with me the pain management they use and informed me that I would stay over for a night and would be released the following morning at 6:00 am. He also stated that they use a technique in which they administer a (for a lack of better words) numbing agent of sorts into the surgical sight which would help with the pain for about the first three days. By the time it wears off, the initial shock to the body will have kicked in and a lot of the initial soreness will be gone. Once he and I had finished with our question and answer session his assistant took numerous photos of me ( I will ask if they will give me a copy and post those as well).

Once all of this was done, I was taken to the lady up front who handled his calendar and broke down the fees. During my consultation, it was mentioned that I was prior service and am now retired Army, and they gave me a discount without me even asking. They also gave me a multiple procedure discount.

The date is set..25 July. I can't wait. I'll keep you guys posted.

Forgot to mention

I guess I should have mentioned that I am having the breast lift, tummy tuck, and lipo to the flanks. I have also started preparing my home for my recovery process. I rented a recliner which will be delivered a couple of days before the procedure. During my readings, most say that it would be a lot easier to get out of the recliner versus in and out of my bed which I actually step up on to get into it. I'll do the rest of my "home recovery process" shopping in the weeks to come.

Another update...I keep remembering things I want to post. LOL.

I forgot to mention that I am 66.5 in tall and weigh between 175-180 (depending on the day).

Four weeks post-op

Hi everyone. Just wanted to come through with an update. Not much to report right now. I'm just shy of four weeks post-op. I initially was scheduled for surgery this Friday but changed the date until the last week in July. I will be celebrating my 40th birthday in New Orleans so that took precedence! lol. Anywho...just wanted to come through. Counting down the weeks/days.
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