Had First Consult Today Using PicoSure Laser. - Savannah, GA

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Had first consult today at a dermatologist that...

Had first consult today at a dermatologist that uses the PicoSure laser. He measured my tattoo vertically, 17cm and then used the biggest letter to measure it horizontally, 4cm. The way he measured it across I don't think is fair bc he went off of the "G" for the entire width of the tattoo. Is that the normal process? And is $350/session too high for this?

Consult #2 for Go Tattless "De-Tattooing" Procedure

I had another consult this morning. This one at a plastic surgeon place for the Go Tattless procedure... It's basically a "de-tattooing" procedure done with a tattoo gun but with no pigment. It's supposed to open the dermis and its dubbed to take 3-6 treatment sessions so less sessions than laser and supposedly 100% natural because it doesn't break up the ink where the body has to take it through the bloodstream/immune system. The ink basically scabs off from the dermis of the skin.

The quoted me $450/session but with a 20% military discount it comes to $360. And 6 weeks inbetween. Has anyone heard of this method???

First Go Tattless "de-tattoo" procedure

It hurts just as bad as it looks. Let's just hope what they say is true that it's faster process than laser!!! Started at 7:45am with numbing cream & procedure took about 45 minutes. Have to keep it dry and no sweating (that's going to be hard in this heat that's for sure).
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