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Hi realselfers- I am fairly new with this site,...

Hi realselfers- I am fairly new with this site, but I have been following it religiously since Thanksgiving. :) I, like many of you, have hated my nose for a long time. Since I was in middle school. (Old enough to see the difference that maturity had made). Finally at 25, happily married, and two boys later I get to fix this over sized nose on my face. I fortunately have 100% of my husband's support. (Mainly because he had heard me complain about it since I was 15). Ha! His opinion and support is truly the only one that matters anyhow. I am overjoyed and excited all at the same time. Watching a YouTube video of a rhino gives me the willies, but to see the hundreds of you that have come out on top gives me steadfast courage to suck it up and do it. Any who I wanted to go ahead and post some before pics. I start the whole consult process this week. Ekkkk! Excited to start this journey, and have the added value of all the wonderful realselfers!
-MC ?

Consultation is in the morning-ekkkk!

Consultation is in the morning with Dr. Richard Greco. I am so excited to hear what he has to say. I have been refer to him by a close friend who recently had plastic surgery. She and a few others have highly recommended him. He also does the digital imaging so ill post those pictures soon after the appointment tomorrow. :)

The Consultation went great- The date is SET!!

Dr. Greco is a perfect match for me. He was more than I hoped for. Super detail orientated. Dr. G address all of my concerns, and took his time to answer all my questions. He gave his expert advice on all of my chief complaints. All of my concerns ended up being realistic for my facial features. I am beyond thrilled for May 14th. :) It will fall in between semester for me, so that will work perfectly. I guess now its the waiting game and getting the finances squared away. I really need to search around on here to find out what all you realselfers recommend to purchase as far as pre-op care. If you have any suggestions please comment. Thank you all.

Tick Tock-Tick Tock

I just download a countdown app for my phone. Haha! I have 130 days until surgery. Geez- that seems really far away. I guess I'd rather hear/see it in days oppose to months.
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

He was everything and more than I hoped for in a surgeon. Far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Greco heard me out on all of my chief complaints, and also advised with his expertise. His faculty and staff (his nurse was awesome) were all very helpful and professional about the whole consultation experience. I am looking forward to my surgery date, it can't get here fast enough.

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