Mommy Makeover with full circumferential tummy tuck muscle repair, breast lift with silicone implants

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I can't wait for my surgery I'm dying with...

I can't wait for my surgery I'm dying with anticipation. I've had two kids I gained 100 pounds with my first and never lost it then 5 years later I had my second and gained 37 pounds thankfully I lost that within 2 weeks after birth. And there I was 100 pounds over weight weighing 277 pounds at 5'11" so I changed my life I'm down 70 pounds now and still loosing. I have so much extra skin it's awful. So I'm so excited and anxious and I just can't wait !! Any advice?

45 days until my surgery... I can't believe it's getting so close

So I'm 45 days out from my surgery date... Let me tell you time is going so slow I want it so so so bad! My stomach seems to be worse now than it ever has been. So I'm finally going to share some pics of this horribly ugly thing I call a stomache lol... I'll be here anxiously awaiting...

Full front

Wow looks so much better in person lol

37 days left... It's killing me!!!

So in the morning I'm going to pay in full. I'm not sure weather to cry from pure happiness or dance a jig and well my jiggle will dance for me a min or to after that lol...
I'm just so anxious and excited it's all I can think about. Any advice on what supplies I'll be needing.

32days left... Back from our cruise...

So we just got back from a 4 day disney cruise and let me tell you... Buffet heaven... As soon as I got him I jumped on the scale and bam!!! Only gained 4 pounds and it was at the end of the day so I got on again this morning and I'm only up 1 pound... So now I have 32 days of clean eating and detox and some heavy ass kicking in the gym department. Not to mention I have a crap ton to do to prepare for surgery... Deep clean the house make chore charts cook and freeze dinners for my family and the list just keeps going.... Any adive on pre planning and prepping before surgery?

7 days until my pre opp

I got the call this morning to confirm my appointment and I almost cried... I'm so happy and thankful that it's finally happening.
With that said any pre prep advice? As in making things easier for my husband and the kids.

Pre opp in the morning..

I'm so so so excited but worried there is 23 days between my pre opp and my surgery.
I'm sure it will all work out. Any suggestions on things to ask the PS at the ore opp?

Pre op was today!!

It was so overwhelming but exciting... Sadly I have 23 days until my surgery :(
Also I found out I will have to drains and none for my breast lift which makes me happy and then I found out I'll have my drains for 2 weeks :(
I think my husband thinks I've lost my mind I'm so excited and anxious to have this done and put my self through so much pain. I will sit here and wait until the big day...

What have y'all used or heard of using to help with bruising ?

With only 20 more days until the big day my mind is going crazy... Is there anything I can purchase or make or do to help ease some pain and bruising and things like that?

Medication time chart help...

With only 12 days and a wake up until my mommy makeover including
An "around the world" tummy tuck aka full circumferential tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants...
I'm trying to get everything in order and I'm clueless at to how to get all my medication organized and a way to keep track... Help ladies help :)

In the single digits!!!

So so so anxious it's killing me! I've almost got all my supplies together I get my hospital bed delivered on the 8th surgery on the 10th... Bring on the pain... I'm prolly going to regret saying that lol...

Not worried about the pain?

So I started this post to write about how excited I was that when I wake up I will only have 6 days left until my surgery... Then it hits me... I'm not fearful and I have and haven't thought about pain??? Normal?
I have in the sense that I know it's going to hurt like hell but I haven't in the way that I have nothing to compare it to so I'll just wait and deal with it as it comes... I'm kinda numb to it right now? Is this normal?
Either way I'm super excited and anxious sigh ... And let the roller coaster begin...
Well mis till waiting in line lol 6 more days until I hope on that bad boy!

My nerves are shot!

I'm going crazy on the inside right now... I'm just now starting to get really nervous and almost reconsidering... I'm not sure what it is... This will be my very first surgery and I have no clue what to expect...
I'm going nuts trying to get everything in order and making sure my husband don't have to worry about much... We have a blended family with 4 children 18, 9, 5, 14months so his hands will be full... Ugh lord please watch over our family !

Ok venting is over :)

2 days and a wake up... aaaahhhhhhh

So I basically had a nervous break down yesterday almost called and canceled my surgery... Ugh but thankfully they are amazing and get this all the time so they said to sleep on it and thankfully I did because I still want to go through with it all I'm just super stressed I guess I'm a control freak and it's hard for me to let go lol... With that being said the hospital bed is being delivered in the morning and I'll finally be able to set up all of my supplies and pack my hospital bag... Ugh I'm freaking out still lol

Last night in my own bed.. Aaaaahhhh

My surgery is Friday at 9:30 am it's about 2 hours away so we will be staying in a hotel to marrow night.
The nurse called today to answer any questions I had left and gave me some more info. I had a huge surprise this evening my Doctor called me just to remind me to be calm and answer any questions I had. I thought that was a wonderful thing and it gave me some peace of mind. I'm excited scared worried and kind of in a daze like I can't believe this is happening to me. I washed with hibiclense this morning and this evening and put that nasty stuff in my nostrils lol...
Oh and the hospital bed came today it's lovely and I think it's going to be a life saver!

Less than 13 hours until D-Day

Well I just took my Valium and Zantac my surgery is at 9:30am so I won't have to long of a wait! I'll do my best to update on there... I'm staying over night and then I have a 2 hour drive home Saturday so wish me luck... See you ladies on the flat side :)

I made it to the flat side!!

I hurting pretty bd but mostly going to the bathrooms the challenge well I just wanted to pop in an day high andmy doc gave me the biggest implant he could order 950cc wowza

Day 3 post opp... Ouch!!!

Things are going ok my husband has been such an angle... I'm very great flu to have him. Mostly I've been sleeping getting up to go to the bath room about every 2-4 hours. I have a hospital bed and I don't know what I'd do without it. The pain comes and goes some times it's unbearable and others it's just super sore... I've cried a lot and I've had af we mood swings but I just keep telling my self to marrow will be better it will feel better soon! So here are a few pics I was able to take...
Btw correction the implants were 915cc...


Oops I forgot the pics

Ugh shower...

So I was feeling great today I had a few moments of pain... Then I decided to take a shower. Ugh I'm hurting so bad right now I wanted to murder my husband he was so flipping slow with everything I had a game plan going in but now he messed it all up and it to what felt like hours I was upper dizzy and said I need to sit down... His jack ass said wait and ran down stairs to get a blue pad thing so I didn't get anything on the bed... Seriously ... Ugh I'm so happy that's all over I'm in so much pain I'm so sore and sleepy and I feel like giving up... Welp that's if from me to day. And here are my first totally naked pics...

I slipped off the couch !!!!!!

My 1st post opp appt was today, well while getting at 5:30 this morning it's was a 2 hour drive... I slipped down the couch I had some cotton spandex pant things on and we have a leather couch and well I slipped off the edge and then caught my self.. (Bad idea) thankfully there wasn't much damage my back muscles hurt and part of my incision stung like an sob but nothing to bad thank god... My doc wasn't there for this appt but I was aware of that before hand... Everything looks good and I'll be getting my drains out on the 22 if all goes well. I learned my implant massages and it hurt like hell... But doctors nurse saw my before and after pic and was shocked at the change... I guess no one realizes how bad it was until they see it side by side. I love them they are so sweet and nice and helpful! I keep telling myself it will get better but it seems like it gets worse everyday so we shall see... Happy healing everyone!

1 weeks after surgery

I'm still in a shit ton of pain! Every day seems to get better and worse!!! My pain is still very strong but my ability to move is slowly getting better! Ok warning this gets graphic ...
So I had a BM the 2 day I was home... I though awesome I'm good to go... Well 3 days later lol around and I hadn't had another so I thought well maybe because I haven't eaten much.. Well today finally rolls around and still nothing I try and try and nothing... So I used a sapositories... It's there but I can't get it to come out and can't really push.... We'll holly hell literally 1 hour and 15 min later of being on the toilet I finally had a BM self assists with gloves it was awful I was crying and dying of embarrassment basically Ana t home enema I've never shared these things with my husband and now I was begging for help... Needless to say! Never again !!! I wish that in no one!!! Activia 3xs a day and I I'll make sure I have at least 1 per day. I don't wish that on my worst enemies! Well enough with the over sharing here's a bunch of pics from today

Worried it's infected ...

I'm worried my belly button is in fetched thank god I have an appt with my doc on the 22... What do y'all think?

My left breast is sitting way high

Weird my boob have been even sense I've come home but I noticed my right Brest settled perfectly normal but now my left breast is hard as a rock and huge... Idk what the heck is going on... Thank god for my appt on the 22 I think I'm freaking myself out.

I did it all alone!

In a good way!!! Yesterday was a busy day for me! I made my own lunch woot woot and I took a shower by myself! Doesn't sound like much but I was exhausted! I also held my daughter... I know I'm not saposta but she is only 15 months and it was killing me! I sat a thick pillow on my lap and she sat ontop of that so no access to my incision or anything and she just sat there and laid on me and cuddled I almost cried I had missed her and that so much! Ugh it was a beautiful moment. I'm feeling pretty good today my left breast finally settled it's still a little high but it's going down. The lain is still there but I'm learning to deal with it! I only took a muscle relaxer in the morning and evening yesterday and a pain pill right before I got in the shower so I'm super happy about that! I'm going to see how long I can go without today! My belly button is looking better I even snapped my first pic of it ! Woot woot! Wish me luck for my endeavors today!

Two week check up

It went well he said everything is healing nicely... My drains aren't ready to come out they will come out next week and honestly I'm happy with that dicision I'd rather have that stuff out than in. He reassured my husband about my unstable emotions recently (I cry a lot) and even brought my consult before pictures in as a reminder of how hard I've worked and how far I've come and to not get depressed or over analyze my body to just hang in there. I love him and his staff they are amazing and just down right sweet! My breast look great and my belly button is healing nicely! I have no stitches on the out side on anything :) there all internal he said layers of stitches and the ones holding it closed are just under the skin so that was nice. Oh he also said my muscle separation was very bad and that he did a lot of work on my sides and back he spent less time on the front my sides were the worst and my back was second...crazy to think what was under there lol... Well happy healing everyone!

2 weeks post op

Well today is day 14 it has been a very long hard road but I've made it to the 2 week mark so I'll keep on trucking... I took a shower today and even blow dried my hair woot woot lol...

Boob love :)

So I was scheduled to have my drains removed on Wednesday but due to "weather" they want to reschedule for Friday :( for some reason I feel that once my drains are out I will get better fast weather that's true or not I don't know but I just feel like there holding me back's day 17 and I'm still the hunch back ugh... Any ways on a brighter note I'm loving my boobs!

Day 20... Turning point

Hello my beautiful people! I'm thinking this is the turning point in my journey... I'm feeling much better I'm doing more and more everyday. I ditched the walker about 5 days ago by choice so I would stop using it as a "crutch" lol I'll be here all week :)
It helped I'm starting to use my abs again it's a little painful but not to much anyways I wanted to give a positive update for once. I'll post pictures later in the evening when I shower... Oh and one of my steri strips came off and I couldn't believe my eyes some of my incision was already healed over with skin... I was excited but totally creeped out.

3 weeks ago

Got my drains out.... Sweet mother of god that was weird! I'm happy they are out I don't feel so constricted. I went to SAMs club and walmart first outing in 21 days it was super nice. I'm feeling much better mis till pretty sore but I'm getting around a lot better. Next week is the big reveal... All my bandages come off!

Went shopping...

So I ventured out to the mall yesterday... I only made through one store I was so exhausted! I was so emotional to know I can shop at any store now! I'm now a size 14 jeans and I'm so greatful to go from a size 18-20 to a size 14 I couldn't be happier! I got fitted for a bra just to see my size and I'm a 38 D I'm very happy with that as well. I feel like a 40D fits better either way I'm happy! I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still in pain but it's manageable. I even went to dinner with my family last night! Any ways ladies I'll be posting pics after to marrows check up with the doc. I get all my steri strips off yay... Lol


I'm flipping out!!! I had my steri strips removed yesterday and the nurse said it was just some slow healing and a scab. well I look at it this morning and what a horror I found. So I called and she told me it's just a scab and that was around 10 am. Now it's 9 pm and it's worse! I so worried! Opinions ladies?

Day 26 post opp before and after

Lost 72 pounds and 26 days later

Got some antibiotics

My doc called in some antibiotics for me and moved my appt up. Thank goodness! No lifting or anything crazy so back to the couch I go :( at least I got to hold my 15 month old daughter a few times. Ugh

I'm so depressed!

I can't believe this is happening to me. I did everything right I followed all directions. I just so upset! I'm hoping and praying that it doesn't spread and that the black part is just a scab. I'm so depressed I can't help but to cry! I'm always that one percent! FML

Puked all night long

Idk what the heck was going on but I was puking my guts up last night. I didn't feel sick I just kept puking it was so weird. My wound is still open and looking pretty nasty but it is looking better to me so we shall see.

Saw the doc today

Well I went In today to see what was going on with this infection. Come to find out it's because of a certain kind of stitch he uses to keep the boobies nice and perky. I got some cream, antibiotics and cleaning instructions. I also had fluid removed from a seroma that developed on my lower back. It didn't hurt much. Oh and I had a spitting stitch removed thank goodness for that lol it was driving me nuts. Doc said it should heal it's self in a week or so. So until then lol...

6 week check up

Phew what a day... I went to see my ps today. Due to a previous infection and now some delayed healing. He said all looks well and it should be heal in about 3 weeks which is when my next appt is. So we shall see. I had 3 spitting Sri he's that needed removal one on my bob it was painless one on my right Breast a tiny pinch and then one on my left Brest holly hell that hurt. So I get home and around 7:00 this evening I look down and my bra is covered in blood! Apparently that stitch was deep! I was gushing blood. It has subsided for now but still pretty freaky! I'm healing well feeling back to normal for the most part. My husband can't stop looking at me he tells me how good I look and how beautiful I am at least 5 times a day! Not kidding. Anyways hope all is well happy healing everyone.


So happy

I just wanna cry

When I think about all that has happened and all I've been through this past few months. I started my weight lose journey in August of 2013 and here I am March 2014. 7 months later I'm 82 pounds lighter and all that skin is gone! It feels so good to look in the mirror. Thank you all for all of your support and help and words of wisdom! It has meant the world to me.
As of now I'm back to normal my breast is healing nicely. Slow and steady but I can't complain.
My current problem now is my arms. I fit a large shirt but my arms are still saggy but I'm so terrified to have an arm lift because of the trauma I delt with my breast healing. So idk what to do. Anyways hope all is well and everyone is healing Nicely.


So what are some ways I can fix this?

First time in a bikini is 6 years!

2 month update

Hey y'all... Sorry I haven't been on here much ive had a lot of catching up to do around the house and with the kids. I was down for almost an entire month. Not any more I'm back to my self! My breast is almost healed it's a tiny little spot now I'll put a pic up of that later and also a newer before and after. I'm in between sizes right now. When I first purchased pants I was a size 14 and I'm completely happy with that. Now 14s are to big and 12s are a little snug so is either need to eat a few cheese burgers or hit the gym lol... I went from a size 18/20 to a size 13/14. I'm so happy words can not begin to describe how amazing and happy I feel and am. I'm truly blessed. Thank all of you for your kind words and advice! It has literally changed my life.

Breast update

So my breast is almost healed. It's taking forever! I'm so happy it's almost over I can finally get on with my life. Here's an updated pic of my once gaping wound.

Breast healed finally... Now another problem

Hey there sorry it's been so long life has been crazy. So my breast is healed and I'm so very happy about that the scars not to bad time will tell. So here is my new issue ... I look like I'm pregnant... (I'm not preggo!!) it looks like this all day even when I wake up at the end of the day which I think is normal swelling it hurts and my skin is super tight. I'm not sure if I have a seroma or just constant swelling idk. I see my doc in the morning well afternoon but we shall she what he says. On a side note I'm feeling great! (Beside the giant pudge)


Hey y'all.... So I went to the doc and he put me on a "watch" for my bulging belly he said he doesn't think it's a seroma (I think differently) he thinks that I might of pulled some some of my sutures and to keep and eye on it. I'm pretty sure I would of noticed that pain but he's the expert so we shall see. On another note my breast has been fully healed for about 2 weeks now and I'm finally going back to the gym... I'm excited but nervous the "girls" are kinda heavy so we shall see... Anyways I hope everyone is healing well!

Loving my new life and body

Hey y'all,
It's been a while sense I've been on here but I wanted to share with you lovely people. I'm doing great back to normal well better than normal! I'm in the gym everyday and I'm loving it! I can play with my children now and my back pain is very low now! I love my new life and I'm so blessed thank you all for your support and kind words through this extremely hard journey!

7 months after surgery

Hey y'all I know it's been a while. Life is great I've hand an amazing summe I can finally play with my children in the pool and worry about adjusting my fat roll. I went in for my 6 month post opp and my doctor was shocked I lost an additional 20 pounds after surgery. Well friends I hope all of you or recovering and doing well!
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

Let me start with there website, very informative all credentials are displayed for all doctors, plenty of before and after pics, and prices!!! I stalked there website for 2 years before I got the guts to go for it. They have a satellite offices through out Georgia to accommodate many locations. Every single staff member is amazing I've called just to cry to them! Another unique thing is 98% of the staff has had some procedure done so they can share there first hand account very helpful. Now to the amazing Dr. Dascombe he is so sweet very thoughtful caring and understanding. After my consult I received a hand written card. Before surgery he called just to calm my nerves and after surgery he randomly calls about every 3-5 days to check in. He does amazing work he has written papers on wound healing and works with cancer patients. His bed side manner is impeccable very thoughtful and covers everything. His work is stunning he is a perfectionist! He was honest and willing to listen to what you want but he will do it safely. He has mastered a regiment to avoid infection. I can't say enough of good things about him. He changed my life forever in all the best ways possible!

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