Only 48yrs Old Feel Like i'm older with These Boobs, 5ft 3" 145lb and Size 34H - Savannah, GA

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Ok so I have been looking on this site for over 6...

Ok so I have been looking on this site for over 6 months, I am so desperate to now have my Breast reduction surgery, here is my story. I never developed boobs till I was 17 years old then all of a sudden I had 32D's when I reached 21 I was about a 34E, I lived in England and went to see a NHS doctor to see if i could have breast reduction surgery, i was sent to my local hospital for a consultation. When I arrived i was asked to undress my top half and sit and wait behing a curtained cubicle to be seen by the doctor, there must have been 10 other ladys behind curtains, I could here the doctors conversation with the ladies that was before me. They had all had breast cancer and was in to see the doctor for that reason, this made me feel very selfish and by the time he got to me i was totally ashamed of my reasons for being there, maybe that was his plan? I left and never went back.
I became a model for 18years old and because of my shape and size I was sort after to do glamour modelling and page 3 shoots, i was never totally confident like the other girls with smaller boobs but i earned a living from it and travelled to some wonderful places in the world. at 24 I gave it up and took a new career path, i look back on those photos and my boobs look really small to me now compared to how they are today!
My life has had it's up's and down's with these boobs, yes they got me an awful lot of attention. But I got so fed up of the same slimy comments ie: oh i would love to see you run, but watch you don't get a black eye? I still get that one now even at 48yrs old!
I have had enough of them and the comments, the pain in my shoulders every single day, bad posture as i don't want to stick them out and draw attention to them, i have had Physical Therapy, massages sometimes makes its worse, my bra straps leave marks, I never wear anything other than a minimiser bra, if i go to the community pool i get so embrassed, and someone ALWAYS comments on them, the other girls stare i feel like a freak show. I am in a new area and scared to venture down to the pool because of my boobs, they make me feel fat, yes i am around 10lb over weight right now, I hate seeing myself in the mirror if i look in the mirror i always lift my boobs up, it makes me look slimmer, i never walk around naked because of my boobs and always hold them in my hands so my Husband doesn't see the way they are down to my waist now.
So I March this year i went to see my doctor, she agreed straight away without even looking at them and has put a referral in to a PS in Washington DC, but then we heard we was moving to SC, so I have had to hold off till now I am due to see my new doctor next Wednesday 27th July and hoping the referral is still there so I can now pursue my BR, I am trying to lose my 10lb before any consultation etc, just got ready for the gym as running helps me to lose weight but I really struggle my sports bra stops me breathing and my boobs hurt when i run, catch 22 but have to have the pain to lose weight. Just praying i get approved by Tricare to have this procedure.

doctors appointment tomorrow

Finally going to meet my new doctor tomorrow and hoping my referral is still in place so i can pursue my BR, been waiting since March due to moving house and holidays etc!
Ps the first 2 pictures are of the boobs i dream of having, will post some of mine soon once i have the courage.

Gutted but then excited

Ok so I have been waiting 14 business days since my Doctors appointment before i could phone Tricare, I made the call and they hadn't received any referral! I cried as I have been waiting to start the process since March this year, but with moving state etc it has been delayed. But i then phoned my Nurse who said all i need to do is come in and collect a authorisation letter so i can proceed she also gave me 4 surgeon names she recommends and she has also had breast reduction and said she would show me her results when i come in she had her surgery in 2011 this as made me very excited so I am heading over there today to get the ball rolling. Just wondering if any of you have seen the following surgeons
Dr Audrey Klenke - Bluffton
Dr Weniger - Bluffton
Dr John Hensel - Charleston
Dr Huntly - Savannah
any feedback would be great thank you

Bra's and boobs

Finally decided to start posting some pics of before this is my most comfy minimiser bra and this still digs in my shoulders, I live in just 3 bra's all very unflattering and minimisers. I have a draw full of bra's that i have bought to try to look sexy but they just push me up and make me look massive!!

Need help with questions

Hi girls, Please can some of you help me, I have been given the go ahead to see one surgeon only otherwise the consultation is at my cost. So before i make a decision on which PS i will go for. I need to ask some questions on the phone, first i need to check if they can accept my insurance, then if it is an out=patient or in-patient,
then general questions:
how many breast reduction surgery's has the PS performed
how many revisions where needed
this is where i need more help please what else to ask over the phone before going ahead with a consultation

First Consultations

OMG I am so nervous and excited too, I have my first consultation on Monday 22nd Aug and second one Tuesday 23rd Aug. I have a list of questions but please can some of you girlies help me with any questions you think are very important or ones you wish you had asked?

Various Bra's

Ok so this is me right now I live in minimiser bras and if i try to wear a sexy bra i just feel like i am pushing them up and making them obvious it is also really uncomfortable. I also have a bikini top in size 34D i put on for a laugh and hopefully to see the difference in the future. I am also 14lb over weight right now but really struggling to lose the weight due to starting menopause and thyroid, should i hold out till I have lost the weight even though my boobs wont go smaller my back size will?

No underwire

Tried to find a no underwire comfy bra, but i just end up falling out of it and getting double boobies

PS Consultation

Well I went for my first consultation yesterday, I was a bag of nerves no idea why i felt so worried, it was only a consultation? Anyway I took my Hubby with me, he stayed in the waiting room whilst i had my pictures took and the doctor examined me, then came in for the consultation. I was so pleased i brought my Hubby as he loves me the way I am, but it was nice for him to hear from them doctor the pain and future complications having large breasts can do he was talking about my spine and neck muscles and how much it can hurt, also that with large breast you lose nerve ending meaning you dont have any sensitivity in your nipples, I have always said to my Hubby they are not very sensative. They may get better after surgery?
The PS was so nice he explained everything, i was shocked to hear that most nipples should be 21cm from the sternum/collar bone mine are 31cm each side and have sagged 4" below the Mammory fold. He believes the anchor lift would give me the best result and i wasn't surprised with that, after all the research i have done, he asked me what size i would like to be I said a large C or Small D, he didn't think that would be a problem. He shown me a full album of before and after photo's, drawn little diagrams etc, and explained the whole process, I think it has helped my Husband come to terms with it so much more now, and knows the reasons i am doing it.
I went to finish the paperwork and was told the insurance approval should be back in a week and they could do the surgery the week after! I was really shocked thinking i would have to wait months? Now i am super excited, and to be hoest glad if it is going to get done sooner that way i dont have to think about it for months on end?
My only concerns are hoping he get the size right, I dont want to be too small but i also dont want to be too big , i want to be able to go without a bra for once in my life for special occasions or wear a triangle bikini top with no underwire, do you ladies think i can still do this if i go with a small D cup?
Also I looked at the fruit of the loom front fasten bras in Walmart today as i have seen many of you with them on after surgery, they just come in band size I am a 32" band under boobs but I buy a 34" for comfort, should i buy a 34" or do i need to get a 36" because of swelling? Also omg I tried the 36" on today it was too big on the band but the cup made me laugh i should have took a picture to show you, hence i didnt buy it yet as i need some advice?
Also what other items will i need please as my surgery could be less that 2 weeks away?
I have been looking at the V pillows, but do you think i really need one? or should i just use lots of pillows?
I am so so excited i was walking around TK Maxx and Walmart today looking at cute bra's in 34C and 34D thinking omg i can't even imagine fitting into one of those?

1 week after my consultation i got insurance approval YAY!

So I got a phone call just 1 week after i had my consultation with Dr Huntly, I am over the moon, I came home crying with excitement and told my Hubby the amazing news, the next hard thing was scheduling the surgery, I am 100% happy with my choice of PS, he is a lovely man and i like the way he explained everything to myself and my Husband, he has been a PS for 35 years and does Breast reduction surgery all the time. So back to scheduling it in my Hubby has 2 very important weeks at work coming up on the 12th, I got upset as now i have approval i really wanted to book in. The good news was they can now do my surgery next Thursday 8th September OMG SO soon! I have my pre op done this Tuesday 6th, I have already had my bloods done at the Naval Hospital Beaufort, I had a couple of days where the panic hit me and i felt sick, but now I have to keep looking in the mirror and it makes me sure i am doing the right thing!

Countdown begins!!!!!

OMG well it has all happened so quick for me, I am also glad as it means i haven't had to wait months and worry it is only 5 days away from surgery, feeling very excited the nerves haven't kicked in just yet but i expect it will happen next week, we are off to Savannah for the Labour day weekend going to just try to enjoy myself before the pre op on Tuesday morning.


So i had my pre-op today, I stayed in Savannah for the labour day weekend, and had an appointment at 10am Tuesday 6th sept, however i kept getting emails saying my appointment was 3.30pm, this made me worry all weekend but i couldn't phone and confirm as it was a holiday weekend, this morning I woke up to a original 10am appointment reminder via email i was relieved then i got a 11.15am reminder about 10 mins later?? we turned up at the office to be told we couldnt be seen till 11.15am. That is my only thing that has worried me so far as they change the appointments or get the location wrong?
So we turned up at 11.15am i was sen by a lovely nurse, my Husband was worried that i have such a major surgery in suc a small place? agreed with him but tried to keep him positive. until they decided 2 days before surgery they want to send me for a EKG? Luckily the hospital is right next door, so off we went, that took around 45 mins mainly due to registration? Now back home and the nerves are kicking in, only 1 more day of being me and big boobed. having my last beer for a few weeks and too be honest that is helping me so much tonight!!!
I am ok and feeling positive but my Husband is so so worried i will hate my new boobs or be unhappy even though he is one hundred percent behind my reasons for it he is scared i will be disappointed? can anyone comment on this? did your husband feel the same? how do you feel now?

Surgery day tomorrow

OMG well it is here, and all day it has been on my mind, I am very scared but then i have to think this is what i want so i have to do it! Just about to go to bed hoing the Ativan will keep me calm, see you all on the other side!

Done it!

surgery done all good so far, just tired and sleepy and some pain they look very small hope there not too small i was told a c or d cup maybe, will post pics soon as i cant look at them till Saturday when the drains are out

Before pictures finally have the courage to show you, now i am not longer that big

Wow i was big he measured my nipple to be 22cm for my height they was 31cm!

more before pictures

He took 3LB off my chest wow that is like carrying a bag and half of sugar on my chest every day, also my shoulders feel better already!

Drains coming out tomorrow

Getting the drains out tomorrow, wow i feel so tight did anyone else feel like that, it feels like the bra is too tight but it is not as i can move the band easy it must be the incisions? just wishing the days away, been very sleepy today, also scared to see my boobs tomorrow hope i like them, hope there not too small, hope there is no problems?

Day 3 drains removed

So we was up early for a 7.30am appointment to get the drains removed, OMG i had a terrible nights sleep because of the drains sticking in my back, but i do believe they help with healing quicker as it takes the fluid away and helps with less swelling! so it didn't hurt having them removed and it was very quick just a strange feeling, I also got the first look at my boobs looking down on them they look so perky and my nipples where nice and high. Couldnt wait to get home and take a real look in the mirror, I burst into tears as they look amazing i went straight into the garage to show my Husband, he looks well happy too!!! :-) omg i am so scared now of any split stitches etc as they look so good, just changed my bra and pulled a little bit on something under my armpit, not sure if it was where the drains came out. So im back in bed resting and going to have a little sleep, will try to take a picture later today or tomorrow, but right now i am one very happy girl.

Day 4

Not as much pain this morning only from my lower back through sitting up in bed all night, but have to say the V Pillow (boomerang pillow) is amazing it was only $19 from Walmart and it really has helped me to sleep in the right position i have 2 pillows behind it. Had lots of strange twinges in the night hoping that is my nerve endings doing that and that i will get sensitivity in my nipples? Cut back Percocet to 1 every 4 hours now so i am pleased with that. Going to have my first shower today, worried about the steri strips coming off?

My new boobies

well here is the first pictures of them 4 days after surgery now, can't believe this is me!! Please ignore the big swollen belly can't poo yet lol

Before and after

Day 5 constipation

Well didn't have such a good night last night they felt very tight and active, also a little swollen but got through the night and then woke up great, my biggest problem today is i havent been to the toilet for a poo yet? 5 days and my belly is the size of a beach ball! started to get pains, I have taken stool softners for 3 days and today took my first laxative, also been drinking coconut water and eating pineapple and black coffee, but still no movement?? had my first walk tonight with my Hubby and dog around the estate not too far. Just hope i get that visit to the loo soon lol.

Day 6 post op, feeling good

Woke up with sore back from sleeping propped up, and my chest felt tight, I have a slight ouze from the drain incision on the left side, But i finally went to the toilet this morning it was painful but feel loads better and lighter! haha.
I also phoned Maria who is Dr Huntly's nurse yesterday to ask was i doing everything correctly, and was i ok to shower daily? every seems fine and yes i can shower everyday, I was nice that later that day i had a missed call from Dr Huntly he left me a voice mail to confirm i wasdoing things right and if i had any other concerns to ring him or pop in, I thought that was lovely. Feel like i have a lot more energy today. I think i could do a small tidy up of the house and put some laundry away but nothing too much, however i did do my first walk last night with my Husband and dog hoping to do the same tonight. Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well today

Couldn't be happier

Well woke up this morning, still having toilet issues only been twice in one day for the last 8 days, I am 6lb lighter though so that is nice (3lbs of that is bye bye boobies). I finally feel happy and comfortable with my body after 48 years, I can look at myself in the mirror and go wow! I really don't care anymore about my woobly belly, love handles, dimples in my bottom, because by reducing the size of my breasts I actually now look in proportion and those other issues i can work on them a lot easier in the future without having to try to exercise with 3lb sat on my chest lol at me trying to run on a treadmill, I also know i am still very swollen and with not going to the toilet much my stomach will go a lot smaller once i do start to get regular. The other most amazing thing was i ventured out for the first time last night with my Husband to Walmart .I was a little light headed felt like i wasnt really there? anyway I am desperate to find a comfy bra so I picked up a couple of front fastening bra's to try on I bought 2 one was Fruit of the loom in a 38 ( I am a 34 but too swollen at the sides to buy that size yet) only $5 and a white and black sports bra $12 omg I have NEVER been able to buy off the shelve bra in my life and so cheap, it makes me wan to cry how excited i am, I don't really have many people to talk to as we live abroad here in USA and my family are back home in UK, there is only you lovely ladies who have been through or going through the same experience that will understand my excitement, I love love my new small boobs and I know it is early stages yet ie just 8 days post op, I just cant wait to be a month or two on from this and just getting on with a normal life like everyone else does, my life has never been normal because of my boobs, but now I am going to live the second half of my life comfortable in my own skin at last! :-)

New sports bra from Walmart only $12

wow off the shelve sports bra

Day 10 post op best day so far!

Woke up full of energy, went out around the farmers market with Hubby, then a few shops came home had an afternoon nap then we went out fishing this evening I only watched but was so nice to get out, just had a shower and can't stop smiling I love my boobs the swelling on my sides is going down and bruises, and they are taking shape OMG this is the best thing i have ever done, I just keep walking in the living room to show my Hubby my new boobs couldn't be any happier thanks to my wonderful PS Dr Huntly in Savannah :-)

PS follow up tomorrow

So my first PS follow up tomorrow, I did go back 2 days after surgery to have my drains removed, but didn't see my PS that day as it was a Saturday morning. Looking forward to seeing him to check everything is going well and to plan and to see if he thinks i am healing well? But also really worried when he takes the tape off it might hurt? I think he is going to replace the tape tomorrow? will let you know. So I felt wonderful yesterday, and then today totally drained?? oh well think i over did it, so i am goingt to bed with a pain killer. My boobs hurt today from the bra i was wearing, Hubby took me to Target and I bought the Hanes comfort fit flex bra's in medium in Black and White. felt much nicer as it is not digging in my incisions, but still hurt just think i over did it this weekend. Just shows healing takes time don't rush it girls, back to doing nothing this week and lots of rest for me. Also going to buy the scar treatment from him tomo for when i need it it cost $50 he swears by it? hope it works for that price but i trust 100% I will let you the name and how i go on with that in the future, well goodnight girls happy healing

Follow Up

Had my follow up today, he was so pleased with the healing process he changed my tape and told me to leave that on for a further 10 days, and to make another follow up in a couple of weeks, I told him how happy i was and gave him a hug and got a bit emotional, this has been an emotional journey but one i am so glad i have taken. My boobs are really sore now and he used alcohol to clean them before putting new tape on they are a bit stingy and painful and it was also hot outside today so that hasn't helped, off to bed now for a little sleep, but also really happy to know its all going well. :-)

Breast Reduction and Love my Results!

Wanted Breast reduction now for many years, due to everyday pain in neck and shoulders and low self confidence. I did a lot of research and found Dr Huntly, who had over 30 years experience and was from Scotland UK, I am from England, UK so I thought we would instantly connect. My surgery was approved by the insurance within 1 week of the consultation and just over a week later i had the surgery, Dr Huntly makes you feel calm and answers all concerns, his nurse maria is lovely and the rest of the staff there. I am nearly 2 weeks post op and couldnt be happier with my results I am 48 years old and i now have wonderful breasts that look like a 20 year olds I can't stop looking at them. It has not only got rid of all my pain, I also feel so confident and happy.

2 weeks post op

Well I'm now 2 weeks post op, wow time flys, I still have a lot of stinging and the incision area still hurts so much at night and still struggling to find a bra that doesn't dig in my incision. I have 4 bra's on order hope they come soon as it would be so nice to have a bra on whilst i sleep that doesn't hurt all night. I have also been depressed the last 2 days and crying and homesick no idea why think it's just all process of surgery, feeling a little better today and going to keep busy and try to look forward to the weekend, Did any of you ladies feel like this, also how long before your incisions stopped hurt daily, how long before you think you was healed? I am not regreting it ever, best thing i ever did, but the recovery is long and hard.

Week 3 update

Hi ladies,
Well I am at week 3 wow. I am so in love with my new boobs, they are what i have dreamed off for years! I still have swelling and bruising coming out nipples and breasts very sensative, love that my nipples are always erect that is so sexy! Had one of the best nights sleep last night, so woke up feeling great today, depression seems to be going and I am now feeling more positive pain is about a 1 out 10 during the day and night time is more 3/4 out of 10. only have one or two Tylenol extra strength just before bed nothing during the day anymore..
Been out most of today and feeling good, so my PS wants me to take the tape off tomorrow and start my scar therapy gel once a day after a shower, I am scared of taking the tape off and looking at my boobs and scars as i haven't really seen them without the tape, but hoping without the tape i will not be as uncomfortable all day and they might start to feel like mine and not something that is being held on and up by tape, did you ladies feel like that, how was it after you took the tape off?
Thought i would post some more before pics and well as after pics OMG when i look at my big boobies I can't believe the difference.
This really is life changing I would never ever be jealous of someone with big boobs even if they was a top model as I love having my new size C or D cup breasts, I will get measured when i go home to England in November and let you know what size I end up, I will also post a pic once all the tape has come off.
Happy healing ladies, so happy i'm at 3 weeks my PS 4-6 weeks to heal so not too long now for me.

Big Deal

So I took the tape off yesterday evening, it was a really big deal to me, I was so nervous as my boobies looked so pretty and cute with the tape on, when i took it off i was scared and vunerable it felt like omg what is going to hold them together? The horizontal scar looks great, but that is the one that still hurts and gets tight and sore, but then it is the biggest scar so fair enough? the vertical scar also doesn't bother me, it is the nipples scar as they look like they are placed there, like a patch or something, finding it hard to get used to seeing them like this, but i expect as soon as the scars start to calm down and flatten it will feel normal, just going to ring my PS as my boobs feel dry so i want to know what else i can up on them as well as my scar therapy treatment. I am 23 days post op today, did any of you girls still feel tight in the mornings, feels like i still have the tape on this morning, when did the tightness go for you?

trying on triangle bikini's :-)

So i'm at day 26 post op, getting bit better each day, my right boobie scars are much better from my left boobie, but i am working on the scars with Skinmedic, scar recovery gel and Cocoa butter with vit E, I sometimes think my boobs might be too big, but i still have a lot of swelling to go down, hoping to be a large C but more likely a small D? only time will tell.
I have been feeling homesick recently, I am from UK originally lived in USA now for 4 and half years still have 2 and half years left here, I think it's because i have spent so much time indoors recovering for almost 4 weeks now, that has made me so homesick? Good news is i go home for a couple of weeks in november, to cheer me up today i thought i would try on some traingle bikini's i bought a couple of years ago, I don't know why i bought them because there would be no chance in the past i would ever been able to wear them, but now i can, think my scar will show at the side, but not too bothered about that when it has calmed down, love that i still have a small clevage and that it doesn't touch, i like a gap always have. So happy with my results, just hope i go a little smaller when the healing has finished?

1 month update and hurricane

Hi Girls sorry been wanting to do a 1 month update, but had to evacuate SC due to the hurricane approaching, I am currently living in a hotel in Atlanta till Tuesday. So we set off early hours Wednesday morning, the 5 hour drive was very painful, so glad to get here. But since then I have improved so so much, I have been able to shower and wash my own hair, even shave my legs, i also managed to put my hair up into a towel to dry, not been able to do this till now, also been walking around Atlanta all day long I get a bit sore and swollen be the end of the day, but it is now manageable. I also think using Palmer cocoa butter unscented on my boobs after a shower has also helped with the tighness underneath to relax, I use my scar therapy gel at night, that stings a little, I havent noticed any changes to my scars yet,but must say so pleased with the horizontal scar you can't even see it except for the underarm area. So overall I would say the 4 week mark makes a big difference, and hoping by 8 weeks I will totally be recovered? Happy healing ladies. :-)

6 weeks

Hi ladies, hope you are all healing well or if you just about to have the BR surgery best of luck, you will NOT regret it! It is now 6 weeks for me, I have been very lucky to not have any set backs, I still get swollen and achy some days, but healing well, scars are looking better every day. I use Palmers Cocoa butter unscented after a shower in the mornings, and then evenings i am using a pea size amount of scar recovery gel on each boob, I am so happy with my results, i have a small sticky out bit under my armpits but my PS said wait 3 more months to see if it has flattened, he also doesn't want to see me now for 3 months, i am free to do all the normal things, exercise, walk the dog, fly etc etc. I still get sore and achy if i overdo things but if i am going out on the boat etc i wear a very supportive bra. I LOVE not wearing underwire, and i love some evenings sitting here in PJ's with no bra, WOW i could never do that before :-)
I also love going to try on bra's it is so exciting!!! My PS said i could get fitted now and buy bra's as he thinks i am almost at my final size. I asked in a Hanes shop the shop assistant wasn't very friendly but measured me and said i was a 36C? I was happy with that!! I also checked my size on the Victoria Secrets website they have measuring video etc it says i am a 36D, also happy with that too
I am going home to UK in 2 weeks i will get measured there as UK do it different in UK i would be a 34 band not sure on the cup size yet, but i will let you know.
So although i feel very very lucky and happy, i have been suffering with anxiety and depression for 3 weeks? I finally went to the doctor about it, she said it is because of a few things the surgery, cabin fever having stayed indoors for 4 weeks, then evacuating for the hurricane, worrying about starting a new job soon, missing my family in UK and feeling homesick. I have some tablets to calm me now, and hoping going home in 2 weeks will sort me out?
Anyway took some recent photo's as you can see the scars are starting to flatten they are pink but i am not too worried i know it will take time to fade them.

VS Bralette size L

So finally got to a VS store yesterday in Washington DC, unfortunately they wasn't very helpful in there, which is unusual they normally don't leave you alone? This time I finally wanted attention but had to ask, I asked to get measured she said I was a 38C maybe a 36C WOW!!!!!!!!! So happy with the C cup, although I am going to get measured in the UK next week, and we measure under the breasts for the band size unlike the USA who measure above the breasts? I am normally a 34 band so I might be a 34 D? In UK we will see, praying for a C cup I sometimes still feel a little big, but I have what I have now, I wouldn't want to ever do the surgery again although please don't get me wrong I should have done it years ago, just thinking if I had gone smaller you can always make you boobs look big but not always make them look smaller, but hearing I am a C cup in USA is wonderful news thanks to my PS

Almost 3 months review couldn't be happier

Well it's almost 11 weeks and I have been home to England to see my family, just heading back to USA, so happy not only having spent time with my family but also got measured at Mark's and Spencer's I am a 36C here in UK and also in USA so so happy dreams can come true and they have, I love my boobs I want to show them off and don't care, I can now at 11 weeks sleep on my side, and also wear any bra I want including underwire, OMG I feel sexy I have never felt like this in my life so I have uploaded lots of recent pics. If your in any doubt or scared please don't worry as it is the best feeling in the world to be normal, I am not perfect but compared to before in my mind I more than perfect :-) wanted to update you ladies on my journey wishing you all the best.
Just wanted to say UK and USA measure different but ended up the same size OMG I am a size 36C WOW!

6 month review

Hello ladies, hope all the ladies that had there breast reduction around the time I did are doing well, it is so strange how before the surgery and. The 6 weeks after this site is the most important thing in your life, then all of a sudden life goes on, but there is not a day goes by where I regret my breast reduction surgery, it is the opposite of that not a days goes by where I don't look at my breasts and realized how lucky I am to not only have had a good surgeon but good results, my boobs are not perfect and sometimes my scars still shock me, yet other day they are not noticeable, I love my life with smaller boobs, I have been able to go without a bra on many occasions and I love that my nipples stick out all the time so sexy, my scars still hurt, and I have only just started to sleep without a bra the last couple of weeks if I sleep on my side, now my boobs are soft they move like normal boobs but the right hand side pulls my scar so sometimes have to wear a night bra, if I look in a mirror and hold my shoulders back with good posture they look amazing, if I put my shoulders forward they are a little boxy, the scars are fading but if I have a hot shower they go very pink! I have to go back to my surgeon in 5 weeks for a few more stitches as under my armpits I have a slight sticky out bit, I think they call this dog ears? Not bad but more noticeable when I raise my arms, I think it needs a bit more lips too so I am going to phone and ask tomorrow, I wanted to do a 6 month update and I can't believe I am at that already time goes quick girls, the first 4 weeks drag as you are going through so much pain and worry, but OMG would I do it again in a heartbeat the answer is YES! Scars will fade but life with big boobs is forever, take the chance do your research, find the best and if he doesn't do insurance or you can't get insurance wait and find the money, if you get the right surgeon you will get the right results, worth the wait or the money.

Advise go a size smaller than you want

OH ladies I forgot to say if your wondering should I go a c cup or d cup, my advise is go a size smaller i.e. C cup, I asked for a large c small d which is what I got, but at first they felt very small then as they start to settle they feel too big, I also put on 7lb due to not exercising for 6 months after the operation so I think they may be a bit bigger than I wanted, don't get me wrong I love them, but scared as I get older if they will grow again, as I wouldn't want to go through this again in my lifetime, so if you are wondering c or d cup go for the smaller option as you can always add padding but you can't take away without surgery?

9 Month review and dog ears gone

So I had my small dog ears removed around 3 weeks ago, this was done in the same place where I had my reduction done, it was sore for about 1 week after and scars are longer now, but I feel happier as I don't have the sticky out bit, my surgeon did the revision free of charge, and really did not hurt much, think I'm finally at my size and I am happy I just need to get my arse in gear and lose the excess weight I have gained since the surgery around 8lb I am still a 36C although I think they look bigger, still wish I had gone a little smaller but if I lose the weight they may? But yes I would do it again and although the the most scary thing in my life, it has been the most life changing thing my confidence has grown so much, and I get comments from men now but at last it is about my beauty and not my boobs :-)
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

I knew the moment i met Dr Huntly, he would be my chosen doctor, he is so calming, explains everything involved, listens to what outcome you would like, shows a book full of before and after photo's of Breast Reductions, looked at my wish photo's, explained everything to me and my Husband I was not rushed at all during the consultation, his staff Maria and Kathy are so lovely to deal with. Loved that Dr Huntly telephoned me a few days after surgery leaving me a message. He has over 35 years experience. Also helps that he has a office in Bluffton as well as Savannah, which has helped with follow up appointments, I am so so happy with my results and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon. I did a lot of research before choosing a PS and I found one of the best!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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