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I am thinking of having a tt. I have been reading...

I am thinking of having a tt. I have been reading the wonderful posts from all the beautiful ladies. I am truly inspired. This site is very supportive. I have not had my procedure yet. Will see my ps on Thursday, 2 May. Hopefully we will shoot for around 30 June. I have some functions I must attend.
Thanks everyone for the inspiration.

Hello All. I havent updated in a few weeks. I got...

Hello All.
I havent updated in a few weeks. I got the call earlier this week that my insurance will pay for my br. So the remainder is my bill. Sticker shock. Dang. Anyway, I jus know I need/want both. I dont want a smaller chest and a big belly stickin out. Lol. Its stickin out but right now my chest is givin cover for it. Hey it is what it is. I want both so I can be somewhat symetrical. Dont think i mentioned that I am 5'4" 237 lbs. Two children. I have been workin out but none of this going no where anyway. Im gettin old.......but I still wanna look nice. I beleive that hubby finally onboard. Always supporting me its jus a lot to swallow. Shucks even for me. Im movin a bit slowly tho cuz I havent set my date yet. I gotta get a move on tho I have a full summer ahead and need to carve out recovery time. I am so inspired by all the ladies on here that share so candidly. Thanks. I will let you all know my date. Btw, is there anyone that had both, br and tt. Let me know your experience.
Holla back.

Date Set

Hello All.
I have a date. 3 June. Excited, nervous and everything in between. I imagine myself being belly flab free. Overwhelming to say the least.
I havent mentioned to any of my family. Not even my children. Dont want them all anxious and worried. I can do that for all of us. Lol.
So i will be gettin a br and a tt w/lipo. Sounds like a lot to me. I will update again soon.

Cup Size

PS asked me what cup size i was thinkin of. I really only had thought of jus getting them small. So anywho, i browsed thru Wally world to look. Think id like to be a full, FULL C. I cant imagine smaller. So anyway thats all for now.

Pics Finally

Hi Realself Fam.
So weird for me. I added some pics. I am so conservative. This is sooooo way out of the norm for me. But since I am only 3 days away from the date, thought i would jus do it. Plus i read everyone else business religiously. So, gotta share mine too.
I go in on Monday, 3 June. Am a nervous wreck. So much inspiration on here tho. OMG you ladies just rock.
So whats been goin on wit me is..... I finally told my 2 children. They first stated in disbelief but they got over that and accepted it. Still havent told anyone in my family except one of my nieces. She was like go for it. I knew she would be supportive. Dont know about anyone else so they can hear bout it on the backend. Will be too late for the nay sayers then. Jus dont need the xtra rite now. Ive developed this lil cough last 3 days. Afraid to take anything cause of the endless list of do no meds i received from the ps. I jus decided dang, i wont take nothin.
So anywho, 3 days away. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers


Havin a br too

Going In

Morning Ladies. Im on my way to the hospital for my br, tt and lipo on sides. Keep me in your prayers.

On the flat side 1 day post op

Hey Ladies,
Im on the flat side. And i have smaller boobies. I am so pleased already. My boobies dont touch. Yayy. Each on is where it should be.. pain level is about a 6. But tolerable. Im happy. I have a girlfriend takin good care of me. The walkin is heck. But gotta do it. Ill post pics



2nd Day doing ok

Hi ladies. Today has been better than yesterday. Hoping tomorrow will be better. Not havin a whole lot of drainage. Thought it would be more. This is short. Meds kickin in and im tired. Ttyl

Day 4

Hello ladies,
Day 4 has been good. I tried to lay off the pain pills a bit and went to 8 hr increments. Can really feel the pull from the tt when i walk when i did that. Think i will tighten it back up some. Going to the surgeons ofc tomorow to get the br drains removed. Tt drains will stay till next tuesday. So far i havent had any incidents. Prayfully nothing occurs and i continue to heal smoothly. I havent lifted a finger since the surgery. My family (hubby and kids) and friends have rallied around me like im the QUEEN B. i feel so blessed. Hubby sponge baths me mornings before he goes to work. Son takes care of me till he goes to work. Then my friend shows up (sometimes 2) and make sure im settled before they leave. Daughter jus returned from a week long camp and is already on point. I am vry blessed. Thanks to all ocf you ladies that kept me in your thoughts and prayers. I hope everyones healing continues to go smoothly.
I havent been able to see anything fully. Cannot remove cg till after my appt next tues. Take quick pics when meds are being applied to bb anf nipples. Take care ladies. Happy healing to everyone. Muah

left boobie

right boobie

Stretch Lexus'

I had stretch lexus'. LOL!!!!!. NOW i have MINI COUPERS and i like em.


Hey ladies. Went to the ps ofc this morning. Had br drains removed. Didnt hurt at all. The car ride is 45 minuts each way. I was feeling jus fine. Got back home have been swollen ever since. Not painful only feels like i ate way too much at a buffet or somerhing. w. Does this subside by morning.? Does anyone know. Ive been keeing still as much as possible taking short walks as needed when i go to the bathroom. Thankfully ive learned from all you wonderful ladies jus what this is so i wasnt panickes. This us a great site. Now im laying in bed off my belly. I got a hospital bed from one of hubbys friends. So thankful for it.

monday, 10 June - day 7

Hello all.
Well since my last post on day 8, swelling has subsidsed. Im.still doing my walks. Think i will be stayin in my bed most of today except for walks.
Its day eight and im allllmossst u straight. Seems everyone is goin / went so fast to uprite. But do still have my tt drains in. See the ps tuesday. Peogress is slow and im takin it easy. It is true i do feel a lil better each day. Fam still hanging in there. I ate some broccoli on friday and had gas like crazy. No more of that. Sunday was the first day i had any real food besides soup, jello and cracker most of the day. Hubby grilled chicken and i had a small piece with green beans. It was sooo good.I wanted more. But lil bites make me full. I like that. I hope the feeling lasts a long time lol. And o, i do have breakfast, my son makes me grits and eggs.
My drains: the fluid in my drains is still dark. Not like fresh blood. Looks like old blood. Not light like i read from everyone elses posts. All i drink is water. Am i not drinkin enough???? I dunno. I jus hope its ok. Did anyone experience that???

br day 7

I am sooo happy bout my br. I feel so light up top. The difference is amazingly great. Not weighing me down and causin all the sboulder and neck discomforf. Jus looking af them i know im not gonna feel like im strapping up for war every morning jus to get them contained. Its such a burden lifted. I was wearing a ddd but prolly coulda easily got into an e to contain them all. Anyway, i dont miss them at all. I feel like look normal now. Ill be to exercise and not have them about to kill me from the flappin around. I coudnt even find an exercise bra in walmart large enough to hold em. Awful. I finally found something at lane bryant that cost a fortune and stuffed into that. All that is behind me now. And im so happy i finally got the nerve to talk to my pc about it and she immediately helped me get on path to taking care of them. Thankful for it. Looking back now......what took me so long. I can only think it was fear of not being heard, having to go thru mounds of red tape with insurance, and jus having surgery together. But ive done it and im happy thank God for all blessings.

9 days po

Feeling well. Still have tt drains. Weren't removed on Tuesday. Drain color is still concerning me and that the reason they werent removed. I didnt ask many questions cause i "thought" he would say if there is a problem. So im still praying all is well. i feel good no pain and am walkin better. Ps said everything looked well and is healing good. I jus dont want somng to pop up later.
Anyway, i see the ps again tomorrow. Prayfully all is well.

11 Days PO

I feel well. No pain meds. Drains were removed yeasterday. What a relief. Feel so free. No problems adderssed so, that was that. Didnt see the ps. Tech removed the drains. Im going to love my new bod. Looks good to me. Jus the fact that my brests are regular sized and i dont have belly fat to worry about is a freedom from a body trap prison.
Anywho, its 5:15 am and ive been awake since around 2:30. Guezs cause i was on pain meds knocking me out now im outta whack. Been happening now for a few days. Since i was awake, i woke hubby cause i wanted to try and lay in bed on my side but that didnt work. So i back in the recliner on my but which is bwcoming ugh on my but. Im a side sleeper.
Sunday is fathers day and i cannot go out to shop so guess ill send kids for a gift.
I wish everyone well and great healing. I am definitely being patient and keeping my feet up. Family is still hangin in there with me. Its only been about 3 days since i began getting up without assistance to go to the bathroom. Yea, im king it REAL slow. Only thing i do is walk. Im so thankful for my fam. They are champions for team ME!!!!!!

11 Days PO

Feel so good today. Almost like i can do whatever. Until to gef up from my recliner. Lol. But jus overall feel good....waitin to stand up now. Still being patient. So i know (am beleivin) 10 days from now will be even better. Take care all.

12 Days PO

Swollen a bit today since i got up this morning. Dunno what for. Havent done anything. Took my first shower last nite. Omg, felt sooo good. Didnt like the feeling without my cg tho. Perhaps it was off too long and swellung began at bedtime. Antwho, i wont be doing much today. I do nothing every day. Lol. But will be relaxing this out. Each day if diff

14 Days PO

Br is feeling great. Still padding them. Incisions look good. Feel ok there. Im so glad i took a month off work, cause i am still haunched over. Dang, ready to stand up already. Im a lot straighter, but not enough to return to work, i dont beleive. On some reviews, i see women return to work in 2 weeks. Wow, dont think i could have gone to work this morning with the haunch walk. Everyone looking and wondering "why didnt she stay she cant wk straight". It will just draw attention. Something i do not want. Hope i get straight. I have till the end of the month. We shall see. Overall, feel good tho. Yesterday, i took a walk outside. Tired me out. Had to take a nap after that.

16 Days PO - Swelling

Hello all.
I believe that i am still getting better every day. Wi have to post some pics soon. I go for a massage tomorrow. then i see the ps. This is my 3rd week. I kinda look like imma a couple mths preggo. Ugh, whats that about? Not flat at all. Guess its swelling, i hope. I feel fine tho. Thought i was supposed to be going the other way, deflating. Lol. Since im almost 3 full weeks in. Still not standing up. Guess im bout 85 to 90% now. so there is progress. Jus concerns me mostly bout the standing up cause of going back to work.
My husband has been amazing. I appreciate him soooo much rite now.


So two of my coworkers qanted to bring me lunch. I excepted. Didnf wanna be rude. I did tell them i couldnt do salty. But all take out is salty. They beought salads. I ate some and now i feel like imma poop. I think that has contributed to this about to pop feeling i have rite now. Andy belly sticking out more than it was. So im back in bed. Definitely done eating for today unless its jello. Really cant eat take out. Its all full of sodium. Ughh. I still wasnt flat before that either tho. Whew, i wont be excepting any more lunch offers. Lesson learned. When i go back to work, i will be packing my jello. Cause rite now, i gotta lay down and let this feeling subside. Dont wanna feel like this on the job at all.
Take care everyone.


My bindee is on but thats not that bulky..im bulging out. So tight. Reatin in bed now.

Buldging/Swelling Subsided

Its 10:15 here in GA. Since i had that take out salad. Iaid in bed and that buldge i had is gone. I really didnt eat much of it. My son and daughter had some too. And i let my daughter finish it. But oh well. Im better now. _ jus had a shower. Ready for bed again. Nite, nite, all.


17 Days PO

Went to appt this morning. Had a deep tissue massage. That was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but got better as it went along. Therapist had me on my back with jus two lil pillows. Told me to come out of sleeping in the recliner. Need to get my muscles stretched oot more. I didnt dare tell that i was sleeping in a hospital bed and keepin myself srunched up and cozy in a lil bent position. Lol. But anywho, guess i better try gettin in my bed again. She also hade on each side for the message. So i will try the bed tonite on my side. I miss that anyway and i miss being near hubby. He has been so sweet taking care of me and all. Another good day. I like seeing the transformation pf my body. Its exciting to watch. Heal well everyone.
Im cookin dinner tonite. Time to begin doing more/moving more. Ive certaintdone my resting. Lol. Bout to take a nap now (in my hospital bed). Lol but i got it almost all the way down. Teeheehee.

22 Days PO

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is doing well and healing well. I am feeling alrite. Cannot complain. Well, yea I could, but Im refusing to. Still feels tight when I walk. Im trying not to pull myself but at the same rime trying to walk straighter. My only other lil thing going on is Im nursing a lil egg I call it. Talking bout my tummy. Its not flat at all. Im three weeks in so im wondering am I gonna wake up one day in the next 3 weeks and be flat?????. I am faithfully wearing my binder. Ps said I didnt have to wear it 24 hrs a day anymore, but try ro wear it ar least 12 hrs. I just keep it on. Will be wearing it to work too. Spanx are too hard to pull up. Too much work to wear all day. When I go to the bathroom at work its break time for me. I dont wanna be in a struggle with no spanx. Anyway, my progress seems to be going well. Hope this egg is swelling. I went out to Walmart to look for bras and was worn out after about two hours. Ive been cooking breakfast, dinner and waahing dishes. Cant reach up in cabinets because of my br. I take a walk in the morning and afternoon trying to get my energy up. I have another deep tissue massage on thursday. Really seems to work. Seems Im walking straighter since my first massage.
My pics dont wanna post. I will keep trying. I hope everyone is doing well.


Still trying to post pics. Jua not working for me rite now. I will try again tomorrow.


My round tummy........

35 days PO. First day back at work!!!

Hi Ladies. First day back to work. I wore my binder and a girdle on top. Its lunch time rite now. I am in my truck, leaned back massaging my swollen tight belly. OMG i need to be at home in m bed. 4:30 hurry for me. Ive been swellung since 8:30. Work started at 7:30. I could feel the swelling coming on. Ughhh. Not fun. Plus im wastin my dang gas.

7 Weeks PO

Hello RS Fam. Time for me to update. Ive been back to work for two weeks now. Everyday gets a lil bit better than the one before. Firsy week was awful, well really the first two days were the worst. Today is alright. Swelling is still the same tho. Bloated by days end. The good thing is my incision has healed a great deal and the pull on it from swelling isnt so great. So im not bending over/haunching as as much with the swelling. My belly bulge is still there. Ive been usinh a measuring tape to measure my belly for about 3 to 4 weeks now. NO CHANGE!! I am being patient and resting when i get home from work. Then i get back up and cook dinner. So i would say im doing great so far. Many months to go. Ive been watching what i eat. Mostly eat what i want but have stayed away from fast foods, sodas, and the like. Im always looking at sodium amounts on everything and drinking plenty of water. On weekend mornings i drink lemin water and i still take Vitamin C most everyday. My boobies are just lovely. I cannot express how much i love them. So cute and perky. They look nice in whatever i wear. Tummy tuck incision looks good too. My weight is down obout 30 lbs. I havent started working out yet. I thought about ridin my exercise bike, or walking the treadmill in the mornings but dont wanna be all swollen before i get off to work. Next week i will definitely begin some routine. I like morning workouts. Anyway, thats whats going on for me.
Take care ladies. Heal well.
My pics wouldnt post earlier, i will get them posted later this evening. Cant mess with it rite now. My lunch break is OVER.....LOL





I tried to post more pics but it only doing one at a time. Uggh. Will get the others up when it allows








8 wks

have a wonderful day Ladies

11 Weeks this week

Hi ladies. This is my 11th week po from a tummy tuck and breast reduction. To start off I feel really good. Still swelling ever.
Nothing ew there. Flater in the mornings and blowfish in the evening. I say flatter cause im actually still round. I have been walking briskly in my treadmill and i have begun to slowly run. Dint wanna shake the boobs too much. Anyway, ive been trying to t good for most of the time and drink plenty of water. This week, ive eaten like crap. I jus gotta remember not to get inh that foolishness. Gotta think about my money. I still wonder if im gonna wake up one morning and jus suddenly be flat. I still measure mybelly. Its gone down about 1 inch in a month. The is a definite slow process. Looking forward to the six month mark. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

OMG!!!! What the.........

Ladies. I hope everyone is doing well. I am 3 months and one week. All through this I have been wondering ifi would just wake up flat. Well its happening. Yes, its happening. I was so surprised. I noticed the changes a few days ago. Right at the 3 month mark. Had to share with you all. EXCITED!!!!! See the pics.

tummy pics

Getting There!!!4 Mths PO

Slow process but I'm happy overall. Wouldn't go back. 17 weeks behind me. Some pic from this morning. Seems like my belly goes down an inch a month. I'm still neasuring it. Hope everyone is doing well.

5 Months PO

Hi Ladies.
Been a minute. Think I lost count some where earlier. Anyway, I was 5 months on 3 Nov. I still have some swelling. Still gets larger by the evenings. But not nearly as much as it was before. I've gained about 8 lbs. I thought it was more. But that's enough. I am still pleased with my results.

7 Months Postoperative

Hello Ladies,
I'm 7 months along. Still satisfied with my results. Haven't been exercising like I should. Since December I have been in full moving mode. I've recently relocated. And of course the holidays, I did as I pleased ( with eating). Not good. So, I have a few lbs on. Trying to get back into the swing of things tho. Gotta stay focuses and think of the money I spent.........
Anyway, I haven't had any problems. Feeling good and healthy. I do need to find a compression garment somewhere. I will be looking on line for one. I'm still wearing the same binder I came outta the hospital with. So as you can imagine, it's done!!
Things I could complain about.... I have back fat like crazyOMG. But no going back for anything for me.
My breasts are wonderful. I love them. They are just right, not too big, not to small. Shirts fit. I am so glad about them. People tell me that they will grow back with weight gain. Guess I better stop the gaining, huh. I'd be devastated!!!
So with the TT, I have a lil pudge. But it is easily hidden in clothes, if it's something no tooooo fitted. But I still am pleased cause there is no things hanging and sagging. So all plus for me still....
I hope everyone out there is doing well.

10 Months

Hello Real Ladies.
Just thought I would post a picture of myself at the 10 month mark. Will be 11 months next week, but anyway.....
I'm still doing well. Never went totally flat. But again, it's ok with me. There is no belly hanging. Which is was the biggest problem for me. Plus, I haven't been on a quest to lose a gazillion pounds. I try to eat healthy but hey, sometimes I don't. I'm still a lady with curves. Lol.
Picture from Easter

One Year and 3 months

Hi All,
It's been a while. All is well.
I could lose a few lbs is my only pronlem. Lol.
Still pleased!!!
Some pics
GA Institute of Plastic Surgeons

Comfortable with ps and staff so far. Very helpful.

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