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Hey everyone! First of all, this site has helped...

Hey everyone! First of all, this site has helped me SO MUCH that I just had to do my own review and hopefully help someone myself! I'm 23 years old (24 next month!) and I have been struggling with what the birth of my daughter has done to my body. I have never had any body issues and assumed that pregnancy would be a breeze. But no matter how much I loved pregnancy, it just didn't love me back haha. I am getting my augmentation now and in a few years after baby #2 I am getting a TT. I have been to countless consultations with my last one being this Monday. I'm meeting with Dr. C and I'm pretty confident this is the surgeon for me! He has done 4 girlfriends I know who have all gotten spectacular results and at this point instead of jumping from surgeon to surgeon being indecisive I think I just need to choose. He has everything I've been looking for - amazing reviews, great revision policy, near by, and seems like he has a great bed side manner (from what I've read/discussed with previous patients). So hopefully when I meet him in person it will only reassure my research! If all goes well I am thinking of setting my surgery date for the first week of Feb. While I like the feel of silicone outside the body better, I am set on Saline. For me it's just the way to go, I would be constantly stressing otherwise and I actually like knowing the moment there is (which hopefully there never will be) be a rupture. The rippling is the only thing I'm nervous about but I'm assured that will my full B cup pre-surgery I should have plenty of breast tissue to yield a great result. Right now I'm flipping between 350 & 375cc's or 375 & 400cc's. I'm hoping to be at a full C, small D. Basically I want to look bangin at the beach and be able to hide them in church/school functions. I'm going to include some pictures after I go in for my consultation & hopefully I'll be able to update my Dr. section as well :)

However, I have a question already for you ladies.. do you think that 4 weeks before my daughter's first birthday party will be a bad time as far as setting up/lifting is concerned? I will have help but us control freaks don't like to leave the decorating to others haha :)

Savannah Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to him through a friend and after countless internet researching/hounding his staff via email I'm impressed with all I've read and have set up a consultation.

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