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I never really dwelled on the size of my butt. I...

I never really dwelled on the size of my butt. I always thought it was ok but nothing that made me want to have a bigger booty. I did always admire those girls with tiny waists and a juicy booty because i am shaped the opposite.
As i decided to travel on this quest for a flat tummy i came across bbl. i didnt even know they did fat grafting. My best friend recently got butt injections and as i researched that i came across bbl.
since they're gonna do lipo any why not put that fat to some good use for once!
Im so nervous though because i am getting my surgery out of state and done at the same time as the tt. I worry about the recovery of not being able to sit on the butt or lay on the stomach. I have been searching for pictures to see if anyone has any best way. So if there is anyone out there who does please post a pic :)
I have already learned so many tips and tricks to aide in recovery and i am thankful that this site exists!

Booty wish pics

buying new pants for new booty

So I have never found the perfect pair of jeans until recently. And its taken years to find but now with my upcoming bbl How does one buy jeans for a voluptuous ass? I can fit size 12 but I buy size 14 to accommodate my gut. I like the way 10s fit on my legs though.

Some pics

I did most of my blogging in my TT page. But this surgery in combination w a tt was no joke. It made the recovery that much harder since i couldnt sit on my butt or lay on my stomach. Sleep was so uncomfortable. My butt was hard as a basketball. Its softened up now. Dr. Huntly put 1000cc in my new hiney. :)

New pics

More updates

Its no Nikki Minaj or Kim K but its way more than i had before! Lol i do wish i had more projection though. I dont think id want to go thru the surgery again or the recovery.

Booty update!

Before w no assatall

I thought i had a little something before but i guess not

8 mo post op

I cant believe its been 8 mo already since i got my new bootay! I love it still. I wear clothes and feel like i fill it out better. I get compliments on my butt now and never got those before. I didnt go super big. It looks very natural to me.

1 yr po love my results

I asked for natural and thats what i got. I love my new booty! Close fit nicely and i think it compliments my overall shape

2 years post op update

So its been 2 yrs since i had my bbl. since my surgery ive lost a significant amount of weight. Ive lost almost 30 lbs. i do think my butt has gone down some but i dont think it looks flat. I am still in love w it though. I think ive filled out more and it looks very natural for my body type. Hers some new pics!
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