BBL and Bra Line Back Lift. Post op 6 months..- Savannah, GA

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Hello ladies, after years of focusing on...

Hello ladies, after years of focusing on everything else ( marriage, school, several children, two careers and years of school). I am ready to invest in myself in a very physical way. It took several years for me to come "give myself permission" to drop this kind of money or take so much time off, never mind the comments and false concern. I am finally in a place mentally, financially and just ready to go ahead and enhance this strong queen's outer physical appeal.
As a young girl I always had huge breast Im currently a 38 DD ( D for Damn!!!) but no ass at all, I havent worn a beautiful summer dress in many many years cause my ass looks like a wall when you see how much dress my breast take up ( AWW lol). Maybe to some this sounds petty but being naturally passionate and femminine after years of rough and tough military time looking like a woman in every sense is what I want point blank!

After looking at several doctors I choose Dr. M Huntly. He has hospital privilages, which I will be admitted to overnight, board certified and his body work was amazing. Because of the profession I am in, I cant go to work with a Judy the Video Booty look BUT let me say want a nice juicy bootie, you know the type that makes em all do a double I am having two procedures..

***The BBL and an Upper back Lift, I'm tired of my back looking like melted damn wax!***

I am aware that the BBL addresses the back through Lippo, but in this case I was103 when I got pregnant and blew up to 191 ummm that will wreck your little body. So I am killing 2 birds with one stone, cause ladies after this...I'm done lol...promise!

Things I have learned reading other lovely ladies experiences and speaking with several surgeons and patient coordinators were the following:
Dont try to gain weight
Dont try to loose a lot of weight
Know what you want
Understand your doctors philosophy and limitations in surgery
Educate yourself as much as possible about the procedure, your surgeon and recovery
Dont be afraid to be gentle with yourself emotionally, it may be a roller coaster from waiting on the procedure to having it done, to the recovery process and the feelings associated with it.
Enlist supportive and caring people in your recovery, nothing worst that to be in pain, emotionally everywhere and an asshole in your face ( excuse the French)
Follow the aftercare instructions, take those medications, garment wear, follow up, proper nutrition and rest
Pray, laugh when you can and cry when you need to.

Even after the consultation I felt neverous and asked myself why did I feel the need to do this and I came up with 100 reasons to not do it, thruth was I was secretly afraid to shine the way all women who given the chance would. As if I didnt deserve that. Good news: I'M OVER THAT! lol
I will keep you ladies posted and I will you all well.
My labs and other paperwork is Jan 4th 2013 (Friday) I am excited!

Hello Ladies, Today I went to meet with my...

Hello Ladies,
Today I went to meet with my surgeon for the second time.. I felt it was important to review issues that were important to me and ask questions that, maybe I didn't think of in the initial consult. Dr. Huntly's staff answered as many questions as they could but it's something to else to look your surgeon in the eye and get a feel, even twice. Heck, It's my money and my body we are talking about right?

Dr. Huntly brought out medical books, photos, even implants to show various options I could exercise, he didn't pull any punches and we also discussed limitations he has in surgery and outcomes. I have to say I felt more than comfortable allowing him to "make it do what it do!" lol.
Excited is not the word; I was given my history and phsyical, my lab work, shown where I would stay in the hospital overnight, provided my medications and vitamin recovery pack to take two weeks prior and two weeks after surgery. I have been extremely worried about the recovery process but thanks to the ladies on this site, the tips they have provided; I feel confident things are going to fine...I AM READY TO GET IT POPPIN'
P.S. I am going to add more post op pics
Take care and gentle with yourself!

So I have decided to tell my friends, who are by...

So I have decided to tell my friends, who are by the way mostly males and as I suspected, they were all for it! lol
One asked if it would be OKAY if he got to touch it...WOW but that's a man for you..They were very concerned for my
safety, which I am appreciative of. One of my friends will be kind enought to drop me off at the surgeon since it is his
hometown, great now I dont have to get a taxi.

I have begun to get all of my supplies ready for my recovery at's getting closer and I am very excited!
Take care ladies.... And remember be gentle with yourself!

So Ladies this time in two weeks my transformation...

So Ladies this time in two weeks my transformation will be complete and I can stop worrying about it.
Yesterday, I began the recovery pack given to me by my PS. I've been getting together the recovery products I
need but not overdoing it since I am recovering at home.

I know everyones reasons and journeys on this path are different and I'm excited about mine,
even the whispers at the J-O-B, but it's for me and Im cool with it all trust me :-)
Hell really the only things Im thinking about is how Iam going to manage the recovery
period and what sexy azz lingere Im gonna be sporting when this is all said and done! lol

Hello Ladies!!! WOW time has really flown and I...

Hello Ladies!!! WOW time has really flown and I have 3 days left. I have some real mixed feelings but, maybe thats normal.
I think I have been thinking a lot about the recovery process, but no pain no gain right? I am pretty sure after a few weeks and I'm looking at my results all that anxiety will have been for nothing. A positive mind breeds positive results! I can't wait to post some after pics...take care and remember to be gentle with yourself!

Two days to go!!!! I am so glad I ran across this...

Two days to go!!!! I am so glad I ran across this site! Beside looking at ass all day on this site lol issues and things to look for or to ask could not have been possible without this site. As I shared before I am recovering at the house BUT I must say there were some things I had to get to aid in the recovery coming up and again thanks to the many ladies who shared their struggles, ideas, dissappointments and triumphs...
Must haves for me

A coleman camping chair (canvas) so I can cut the middle out and sit my AZZ down cause there is no way I can lay on my stomach for a month.

That thick foam from Amazon so I can again cut a hole in it and lay on my back sometimes..( I felt like I hit the lottery when that showed up at my door step)

A moo moo. Now there are some ladies who dont know what the hack a MOO MOO is, well its an oversized night gown/dress I always see older much older ladies where them. Laugh all you want I am gonna rock the hell out of mine when I come out of surgery! Mine is stylish

Some wife beaters I call em "Man Checkers", I am having a back lift so I don't want any irritation on the scar and the garment.

A female urinal but I bought a sports jug Because it has a handle on it, DON'T NEED NO SLIP UPS!

Deorderant soap, (Anti bacterial soap) to reduce the chance of infection


A hot water bottle

A breast pillow that I have tried out. This is very helpful if you are very well endowed in the top

A supportive group around you and if that isnt possible, please be your own best friend

Great great nutrition and I'm on it, I will be damned if I do this again....sorry its true lol

I know its so much more than this but these were my top few I guess you can tell I am super excited however, I have had my share of naysayers. On one hand I truly appreciate the concern, for the most part it really is coming from a good place at least in this case HOWEVER, I've never been one to let anyone throw water on my birthday cake, at all...

I will of course keep you all posted, God bless and remember,
Be gentle with yourself!

Hello Ladies!! I am one day post op and I do fee...

Hello Ladies!!
I am one day post op and I do fee great, my but is as hard as a basket ball but I do feel great.
I have to say I spent a great deal fretting about the recovery. I won't say I am here bouncing
off the walls but I do feel really Good.
I decided not to take percocet becuase I cry have hiccups and nightmares...
For pain management I am taking Tylenol 3 with Codein (spelling)
I am also recovering at home which makes all the difference for me,
with something this serious I felt like the comforts of my home would best.

I also had a back lift so BYE BYE EXTRA SKIN and rolls I think I'm more excited about that
than the BBL and speaking of which I think I had 800 cc added to each check I promise I will
let you all know when I go back on Saturday to get the drains out God Willing.
Dr. Huntly was extremely kind and also gave me a scar revision without additional charge and a few
other touch ups to compliment everything. Now my ass looks big but I know I am not gonna freak
out cause I have to let this swelling go down.

I am giving high marks to the surgeon and his staff for the care they provided to me and kept me
over night; the entire staff was beyond accomodating. I promise to post pics when the drain for my back come
Take care, I'm going to go lay down now!

Ok so the drains are out, my back is smooth, got...

Ok so the drains are out, my back is smooth, got rid of that melting wax look. I recieved 800cc's
in each cheek. Feeling pretty good, I did have to get a smaller garment. I am very pleased, I
look a hella more balanced and feminine like I wanted. Again not freaking out about inital looks
because I know the swelling has to go down. Even without seeing the final results I have to
say it was worth every dime! I had a tummy tuck 11 or 12 years ago and that recovery was
much tougher. Ladies I wish everyone's recovery will be as smooth as my have been,
remember a positive mind breeds positive results!

Sorry it took so long ladies I wanted to sit back...

Sorry it took so long ladies I wanted to sit back and go through the recovery. I need to clarify something I did or didnt mention in previous posts. I am 5foot2 I weigh 175 pounds. I also wear a 38 full G to an H in bras. Ladies I would like to say please please know your correct bra size before surgery, especially if you seek balance in your body like I did.
I would also like to point out please protect your elbows when laying down or sleeping, applying pressure for long periods can result in some nerve damage. Not sure if its permenant I'm not a doctor, just my experience I do having numbness.

My experience was a great one and I am still recovering of course. I do sit on my butt however this was due in part to my doc not putting any fat in my lower butt and I thank him for that. Surprisingly I experienced little to no brusing. But I was very tired. My drains were removed on the second day, NOT FOR THE BBL BUT for the bra line back lift. I chose that procedure to ensure a smooth back and to remove the extra skin.
I am including some photos and if they aren't the best I apologize... There is no one at home to snap pics for me. If any ladies have questions about a back lift send me a pm and I will write about that experience and provide aftercare tips.
Overall I am so happy I met my goal of making the corrections and feeling more confident!!
Originally I didn't plan to have my tummy lipoed to get fat for my BBL but the surgeon had to. So ladies just cause you see rolls on your back it doesn't mean it's all fat. In my case I had a lot of skin. My surgeon removed a large section of skin from my back.
During this recovery period I am resting and just going through the process mentally and physically. I pray each ladies experience is smooth and the results be long term.

As I promised I would add pictures in regard to...

As I promised I would add pictures in regard to bra line back lift.

Hello everyone, its been 3 months since I had...

Hello everyone,
its been 3 months since I had both a BBL and a Bra Line Back lift. Here's the deal, Im still recovering. I do still have swelling in my butt and there are times I experience discomfort, all which is very mild. After surgery and the recovery period, which I have been RECOVERING (not running marathons lol) I am 174 pounds at 5ft2 I wear a full 38G in bras.
I am currently using silicone sheets from 3M to soften and fade the incision line. I will be honest though, I could care less about the scar the extra skin and difficulty in having my clothes look decent make the scar look seem like a happy trade off.

I took a couple of photos for you to see the changes...
If you have questions please feel free to drop me a line and remember to be gentle with yourself!

I'm very very pleased with the outcome. It's a...

I'm very very pleased with the outcome. It's a huge improvement.

6 months post op BBL and Back lift!

Ladies, it's been six months and I am very happy I went through the process. My backlift has allowed me to wear my baby tees with confidence, my clothes look great on me. Since the removal of over 1 ft of skin my body looks totally different. I love that smooth profile with no rolls!
My BBL was worth every single penny! Dr. Huntley considered things I didn't, like having hips! Lol. At the time the 3 month post op pics were taking I weighed about 173. Today my weight is stable at 174. I have not lost my hips or booty, I've definitely been a head turner for the gentlemen who like shapely ladies and a little meat on the bones lol. I am wearing a size 10 - 14 depending on how the clothes are made and that's with a belt since I don't have a tummy. I'm glad I made an investment in me!

It's been One Year!

Hello everyone! It's been a year since I've had a back lift and a BBL. I truly can say it was well worth the time, money and recovery. My results have been maintained and improved with regular weight training and cardio at least 2-3 times a week. As I mentioned when I first started this process, I wanted how I felt on the inside to match what I saw on the outside (not soley physical appeal)
and I can say that has been accomplished. Super happy!!
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