One of the Biggest mistakes of my life!! Botched nose!!- Savannah, GA

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I am so depress right now. I feel all alone. I...

I am so depress right now. I feel all alone. I wish I could go back in time and never had this procedure done. I am 31 years old, and I always wanted my nose done since the age of 17 years old. The surgery it self went smoothly, I'm not in any pain, and the staff was really nice. I was told by his staff that Dr. Zarem was the best when it comes to rhinoplasties. He worked in California for many years, he worked on celebrities, and was on the show extreme make over. I feel like I am going to have to get a revision to correct my right nostril. I'm so upset about this. I am also concerned about my nose being lifted too high.

Slit in my nostril

I am hoping that the slit in my right nostril (your left) is from the splint pinching my nose; couple of doctors on this site said that is probably whats causing the slit look. I really hope so, if that is the case I will be happy. And for my nose being a little upturned, I was told it is the swelling and splint, and once the swelling goes down, my nose wont look so upturned. I go see my doctor tomorrow to have my splint and packing inside my nose removed. I am hoping everything goes well. I will keep you guys updated. I am thinking of making videos, I am not sure yet. I really didn't want to write about my journey, but I want to help people who are thinking about getting this procedure done.

Today is the day I have my cast removed.

I'm here at the doctor's office now. He will be removing my cast today. I am hoping once the cast is off the slit will disappear. If not I going to ask him of he can fix this without a revision. I don't want to walk around in public with a deformed nose. I will take pictures once the cast has been removed. I'm so nervous right now!!

Cast is not removed today, only packing.

I had it confused, the cast comes off on June 25th I was just having the packing removed. I explained to my doctor that I was concerned about the slit on my nostril, and he reassured me that it was the splint squeezing my nose and made that crease, and it was not like that when he was done operating on it. Onnce the splint was placed on my nose it made it like that. I sure hope that's true. I'm not going to put a bad or good review until everything is healing, and improving.

Cast and Stiches removed

I feel a little better todat. I went to see My doctor today to have the splint and stiches removed. Dr. Zarem told me that the slit in my nostril is from the cast and swelling, which I do have a lot of it. The slit looks a little better a matter of fact. He said I will be please once the swelling is goned down, and that he will see me next week, and if I still have any concerns about my nose we can discuss about what I don't like and how he can fix it. I pray to God I don't need another revision. He told me my nasal bones are healing great. I am thinking about having another alar base reduction, but maybe it's because I'm looking at my swollen nose lol! It looks so big (alar base)!!

Feeling good today!!

i'm actually feeling good about my nose. I actually like it even with the swelling. I cant wait to see how its going to look after all the swelling goes down!

Pre-op picture of me

I just deleted the old pic that's covering my eyes, I wanted you guys to see how I actually look before the surgery. (No makeup)

Ok I'm going to give you guys a pic now!

It's been 10 days post-op, and I'm just gonna let you guys see how I look now. I don't have any makeup, bare face for you guys. Hope u enjoy!

Side view (My profile)

I like the way my profile looks even if my tip is still swollen, and nostrils. I wish I can fast forward 6 months, that way I can see the final results! I know the 20% of the rest of the swelling goes away in 12-18 months.

Hello Ladies & Gentleman!

You guys are so sweet!! The compliments are very kind, I thank everyone for the nice words!! You don't know how much that means to me!!! You guys have my head in the clouds lol!! I didn't let you guys see my side profile, that's what was really bothering me!! I hated when someone took a picture of me from the side!! I hated my nose from the side, it looked masculine!!! So gross lol!!


I do not like my nose after all. I am looking into a revision in July 2016. My nose is looks crooked and my columella is hanging. My tip dropped and it's not lifted anymore. I'm so mad with myself for doing this. My doctor has passed away and another doctor that took his place agreed to do my revision for the same price I paid for my first rhinoplasty. I'm not sure about going to him. I'm going to another doctor that I should have went with the first time. I don't even want to put a picture up.

Update photo

I have mix emotions about my nose, I'm just not happy about it. I don't know if I should just live with this nose or get a revision. I think I'm going to let Dr. Carl Pearl do my revision in Savannah Georgia.

Do not like my new nose

Here is another photo of my nose.

Unhappy with new nose

My columella is hanging now and my tip is bobulous and my nose seemed crock now. Oh and one nostril is bigger than the other one.

What should I do?

Not happy

Check out my new Journey (2nd rhinoplasty).

Please check out my new journey, I needed a revision. My new doctor is Dr. Chen, who is amazing!!!

Check out my new rhinoplasty (revision).

For the people who've been with me with my first rhinoplasty, please go check out my 2nd e
Rhinoplasy (revosion).

Here are some pictures you haven't seen before!

These are just a few pictures of Dr. Harvey Zarem's work. He promised me a beautiful nose and could not explain why I had a slit on the side of my nose. Thank God it healed some what. Yoy can still see a little indent. I would not recommend anyone of color tongo to Savannah plastic surgery, located in Savannah, Ga. I was indenial, I wanted to believe him that my nose was okay, but I found out from another surgeon that he really screwed it up!! Thank God I finally saved up some money to get my botched nose fixed from a surgeon who cares!

A year and two months later

This is my nose a year and two months later. I came a long way. I finally got my revision on the 25th of August. But as you can see my nose healed horribly! One nostril higher than the other, the slit healed okay, but it has a slight dent, which will be there forever, because it is scared.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was pleasant, he reassured me that everything will be alright. He made me feel very comfortable. I am very satified, and would recommend him.

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