25 Year Old with Weak Chin, Looking to Get Chin Implants - Savannah, GA

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I've been wanting to do this for a while. I...

I've been wanting to do this for a while. I considered doing sliding genioplasty but I went to see Dr William Dascombe in Savannah and he said that implants should do just fine. I'm not looking for a huge chin, just something that will look more natural. I hate having the weak chin look. From the front I look just fine. But ugh my profile is disgusting. I will be seeing him tomorrow and should schedule it for sometime next month.

Appointment went great!

Went to see Dr. Dascombe and we talked about the procedure. He said that I don't need nothing too big and that a small improvement will do the best for me. I went and did the blood work and now I have to choose a date for the surgery. I'm thinking by the end of August or early September.

The date is set!!!

August 24th is my surgery. I have to go to a pre op appointment on the 13th. I'm very excited and I'm very nervous. The Dr reassured me that I'll look fine and more natural. For some reason I keep thinking I'll be coming out screwed up. But I'm happy I'm finally going through this.

Did a mock up of my chin

I'm going to show it to the Dr and see how realistic this can be.

4 more days until surgery day!!

So nervous, I picked up my medicine already, I'm just waiting for a phone call to let me know what time I need to be at the office.
I'm really hoping this will turn my life around for good.

Today is the day!

I'm getting the procedure done at 12pm. I'm a nervous wreck but I can't wait to finally have a chin. I will post pics after the surgery.
Wish me luck!

Surgery is done!

From what I saw while I was still waking up, the results look amazing. Close to the mock up I made. My mom said that it looks great on me.

After surgery.

Woke up, I honestly don't remember anything from what I was doing before the surgery. I don't remember walking to the OR.
Woke up and felt a lump on my chin, my new chin :). Honestly unless I touch it, it doesn't feel different.

Day after surgery pic

I love how my jaw looks now. This chin implant is one of the best decisions I've made.

2 days later.

Its a little swollen and bruised up. Not bad though. I can make a big smile without being in pain. I have been taking the pain meds and antibiotics. But so far so good. The straight jaw look is gone because of the swelling.

More pics

Shows different angles.

1 week since surgery.

Swelling is almost gone and the bruising is gone too. Here is a pic of the stitches.

More pics

Some have requested pics of the side of my chin. I just took these now.

3 weeks follow up.

I went to the post op follow up today. It was very brief visit but he just basically asked how I've been feeling. He told me he used the biggest implant because he thought it was the best one. The nurse also said she immediately saw the difference once the implant was in place. I have another appointment in 3 months.

More pics coming soon.

After almost 3 months I will be posting more pics. Some people says they can't even notice a difference, only that my face got slimmer. On of the wings of the implant does feel a little lower than the other but i don't really notice it when I look on the mirror or when I ask my gf to look at it. I did had some tenderness and I couldn't make some lip movements. I told the dr about the implant being lower and the tenderness and he told me to massage it in an upward way. The tenderness is gone now after those massages but the implant still feels lower on the left side. Overall I'm still extremely pleased with the results.
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