To Be 50 Yrs and Young Again

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HI...My name is Anthony and I'm 50 yrs old as of...

HI...My name is Anthony and I'm 50 yrs old as of May 11.
About two years ago, I looked at some pictures from our vacation in Cuba. The first thing I noticed was my double chin. Late last fall, I went to see a local plastic surgeon and inquired about getting a neck lift. He agreed I was a good candidate and felt corrective surgery could give me about 15 year youthful appearance. I kept it in the back of my mind.
Our most recent vacation pics proved my neck issue wasnt going away anytime soon on its own...moreso it was turning into a soft wobbly wattle. Ugh. 50 and definite visible signs of aging. :(

I contacted the PS's office and put my deposit down to have it done.

Time flies... and the day is almost here.

I go in at 6:00 am Monday morning for my necklift.

Unfortunately, I just found this website an hour or so ago. I now have a lot of good information to peruse.

If anybody has a minute to offer advice, i would greatly appreciate it. I will do my best to keep you updated.

Before pics

In 6 hours, I will go in for surgery

Thought some before pics would be suited at this time

6 Hours Post Op is complete. The operation took three hours and the only negative comment I heard while my recovery was that my blood pressure was low. Whatever that means...but the recovery nurse said my bp was great for a 50 yr old. :)

I had twilight anesthetic, but i dont remember anything from the operating table till i woke up...which was approx 2.5 hours after surgery.
I was given one shot of morphine after i woke up when i noticed my chin incision was starting ache. I then slept for a couple more hours. Apparently they didnt want to release me until my bp came back up.
My wife drove me home about 4.5 hours after surgery. Its pothole season in Canada thist time of year and im sure I felt next years babies too LOL. It was not a comfortable ride home.
Once home...i changed into pjs and hopped in to the new rocker/recliner I bought just for surgery recovery. I took my prescribed meds (Tylenol 3 and tranexamic acid). I crashed for almost three hours. Along with club soda, i had some chicken noodle soup and (i couldnt resist...) one piece of pizza. :). So far so good...its all staying down.

I recently took 1/2 T3 just to take the edge off the aching. Its really not that bad right now.

Sorry for all the minor details.

Day 1 Post Op

In my recliner bed at about 11 pm. I took my T3 and zinc and tranexamic acid. I also took a sleeping pill (lorazipam i think)...old stash LOL ;)

Well...i couldnt sleep. My platysma muscle was aching. The chin stitch and what i call shark bites behind the ear were no issue at all. The platysma was a different story. Almost felt like i had the mumps. (I remember mumps when i was really young because of the pain)

Anyways, i did another T3 shortly after and tried some music therapy. Pink Floyd Division Bell.
Well...i ended up waking up to Pink Floyd Animals which means i actually slept thru a couple albums LOL. Better some Zzzzs than none.

I am feeling some shark bite discomfort and my earlobes are hot. The platysma is tolerable. I did get up at some point for cheese and crackers. And the can of Pringles my kids left for me is missing a few chips. Def still have an appetite lol
Im hoping i can wash my hair today. Something ive never done without since grade school

Going to post a very early morning pic after a couple hours sleep. Ugh. But i feel better on the inside :)

Peek without Bandage

I wasnt supposed to peek but i had to was my face and get rid of the blood soaked bandages. Then i decided to carefully wash my hair. They must have put iiidine or some disinfectant in it cause the water turned redddddd! I thought my staples let go! But it was nothing. Feeling a bit more refreshed now anyways. Staples are getting snug. Dont know if its swelling or healing
Platysma muscle is tolerable at least

Ok. Pics. Still swollen so didnt expect much difference.

48 Hours Post Op

Well...sleep is uncomfortable at best. I can't seem to get more than a couple hours and then awake with burning pain behind my ears. (Maybe I'm just a wuss lol) I'm taking 1/2 a tylenol 3 approx every two hours.
I have an appointment with the PS in a 1/2 hour so I will reblog on my return.
Pics later too :)

Post Surgery Visit with Surgeon

Visit to the surgeon went well. He was impressed with the lack of bruising and my not needing any draining or blood removed. He then explained how well the procedure went. First was chin incision, where he removed some fat around the platysma, and then he sewed it all up together. Then came what i call the shark bites behind the ears and thats where he did the skin tug. I asked how much skin was removed and he said it was over an inch... I should have asked if that was each side or all together. Doesnt matter really I guess. I did find out that I need to wear my head wrap till I get my soft stitches out on Monday. The staples will be removed a week later. I asked about Neosporin on the stitches and he said he would rather they dry without the ointments. If anything, he wants me to apply it the day before I get stitches removed to that go easier.
He also said i can shower but I am to wash hair seperately so I dont get stitches wet. Other than a script for more T-3s, that was about it. I was happy he felt it went well.
I had a good two hour nap after my appointment, so I am feeling a bit refreshed now. Ears are a bit less sore. And I'm starting to get some feeling in my neck. Now for some pics as promised.

Day Three Post Surgery

I'm getting very frustrated sleeping on the recliner. Definitely not made for a full nites sleep.
I did find what my most prominent problem is now.
My head bandage presses against my ears, which presses my ears against my head. Well, I have staples in behind my ears, which is causing the backs of my ears to be raw! Most of the pain I'm feeling is from my ears believe it or not.
I didnt realize it till today....duh! So now, I made some gauze buffers to tuck behind my ears in hopes that it prevents rubbing.
The rest of the affected surgery parts are fine. Still feels tight and swollen around the neck
Shark bite staples are almost pain free....only slightly sensitive.
Note....I was feeling pretty under the weather. Why? Tylenol 3's...constipation. I probably took 25 pills since surgery without changing my diet. Well today i took extra fiber and a kick start laxative. Feeling better already. :)

Rather than bore you with banter...I think I will now post only if something changes...which hopefully is stitch removal. :)

Day 4 Post Op

Tried sleeping in my bed last night. Lots of pillows. Clean sheets. T-3.
Didnt sleep a wink. Sooooo pissed!
I crawled back downstairs to the recliner. Ugh. I think I got about three hours.
Modified my head bandage so it doesnt put pressure on my ears. I'll take a pic later. I need a nap lol

Modified head bandage

One Week Tomorrow and I Get My Stitches Out!

I wish it was the staples I was getting out....the stitches arent even noticeable. But the staples behind the ears hurt like FiretrUCK!
So today I had to do the impossible. I shaved. Up until today, I dragged an electric razor (I rarely use electric cause it burns my skin) just over the upper portion of my face...which recently has left me looking like Abe Lincoln with the half beard. But, the stretchy elastic fabric in my headgear was starting to catch in the beard follicles and GAWD does that hurt. So... I shaved. It took me 20 minutes and alot of teeth grinding but I did it...and managed to get pretty close to the chin stitches too.
One thing I noticed...Once I return to normal, I will need to shave behind my earlobe. Uggggh This is because thats where the facial skin was pulled to. I will post pics when that time comes...right now theres stitches and staples there and I dont even want to think about looking at it right now lol.

I will post a shaved pic in a bit.

6 days Post Op

One week post op pics of stitches removed

One Week Ago I was Ten Years Older....

Its been a week since my surgery. Time flies when all you can think about is farkin staples! lol
On a better note....I slept very well last nite. Six hours straight....then a short toss and turn...then another two hours. Still on the recliner but I'm getting used to it :) I only took one T-3 since last night. Pain is just there if I think about it.
I had my PS appointment today and he was impressed at how well it all looked. I showed him my modified headgear and he agreed it was a good idea. But as of today...I no longer need my headgear! I also got my stitches removed. All 36! I wish he would have done the staples too (about 42 of them) but he wants to wait another week.
The only thing I need to do now is massage the skin thats been moved. His reasoning is that it helps the circulation in the affected areas. Ok...I can do that!
The stitch removal was a bit "stingy" The PS made a comment ..."I didnt know you were a sensitive guy..usually the girls flinch more!" I felt like a wuss....and really did have to clench my teeth bear the pain.
So...thats about all the news I have. I am off work for another week till I get my staples out. PS is now allowing me to do stuff....just not to push myself too weight lifting etc. I will do some lite stuff around the house.
I will take some pics of the stitches that were removed. Sorry, I didnt feel like shaving today...ugggh....Im dreading that again already.

Don't Over Do It!!!!!

I did too much yesterday. Only a few hours after my PS said to get a little more active, I decide pulling a wrench on the Jeep would be ok. Soooo wrong. Just that few seconds of strain caused me the worst night sleep in a week. I took a T-3 at midnite...then another at 3 am. My neck has some visible swelling too. What an idiot I was. Im icing today and massaging it in hopes I didnt do any permanent damage. Ugggh. Im really sheepish today. Hope anybody reading this learns from my mistake :(

Staples Out Tomorrow!

Finally. The worst part about this neck lift has been the staples behind my ears. They will finally be removed tomorrow at lunch. I will prepare myself by taking at leats one T-3 beforehand. I am a wuss when it comes to pain!
I will post a pic shortly there after. Oh....I got selected to be an extra in a film thats being shot locally! Im chuffed! Look out Hollywood!! Here I come! lolol

Staples Out!

So I thought my appointment was at 12:00 today....I show up at the PS's office but only to get a dumb look. My appointment was at 9:45! :( ugggh I literally was dumbfounded. I couldnt even think of trying to sleep another night with these staples.
Luckily, the receptionist said..."Don't worry...we will fit you in!" Within 15 minutes I was in a room with the doctors assistant who claimed to be the best staple remover this neck of the woods. And believe me....there were only three staples I felt some pain. The rest came out like they fell out.
SOooooo... other than having to massage my neck a bit...I am done! Doctor is happy with the results...and I am too. I was reassured that the swelling will dissipate over time and my stitches will heal very well. I will be sure to post some pics...but right now....I am going to have a glass or two of wine! Thanks for all your support thru this. I am truly grateful I had your company to share this with.


16 Days Post and a Star is Born! Pfffft!

I feel so much better....sleeping more T-3' more staple discomfort. And I'm starting to look normal! lol
I had my few minutes of fame on the movie set yesterday....the only downfall was that it took all day! 8 hours and no lunch! Ohhh...and while I was prepared for mosquitos and blackflies (outdoor shoot)...I forgot all about sunscreen. My face got burnt. Talk about a tight face today! :(

Anyways, I think my neck looks better, as do the scars. I'm just using vitamin E....I will post some pics.

Pics Without Staples

Two Days After Staples Removed

Dr. Timothy Best

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