After Recent Eyelid Surgery I Wanted to Tighten Up my Crows Feet and Under Eye Wrinkles - Saugus, MA

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I have been going to a local skin center near my...

I have been going to a local skin center near my home for about 6 or 7 years for light chemical peels, juvederm and facial muscle toning treatments. All seem to help a little but not to a great extent. My technician is not a doctor - she's a nurse. I read some reviews about Pelleve and was worried when my nurse bought the machine and asked me if I wanted a complimentary treatment. I am a regular VIP customer of hers and what better advertising than to show me the results. So last Friday she did around my eyes and along my jaw and my neck. It was warm and much more comfortable than her muscle toning machine (lumilift), that thing gives me little shocks. The Pelleve was a little hot in a couple of spots on my jaw. I have a high pain tolerance and I love heat, chemical peels don't bother me at all but the heat from Pelleve in several spots was scary because I don't want permanent damage like some reviews I read so I stopped her each time. The initial texture was amazing. My skin felt like silk. My wrinkles were less and overall I looked great. This nice look gradually faded over the next several days like she said it would. The main goal is to build collagen and that takes time so she convinced me to purchase 5 treatments @ $200 each and the 6th one would be free. You are supposed to get the treatments one month apart but she is going to Thailand for a month and said to come in before she goes for my 2nd treatment but my first paid treatment. I'm a little worried because it's not protocol, only 10 days in between. I wrote a question on Realself to other doctors so I'll see what they say. I'll update after my next treatment. Here is a pic from before my first treatment. I didn't take any last Friday or Saturday when my skin looked great, too bad but I'll take some next time.

Smiling Crow's Feet and Deep Wrinkles

Not bad until I smile, yikes! Hoping to soften these deep lines.

Chemical Peel

I forgot to mention that in my crow's feet wrinkle picture it looks a little worse than usual because I had a peel 2 days before so my skin was really dry.

2nd Pelleve Treatment

Went today for second treatment even though I have not heard back from any doctors in regards to my question about the 2 appointments being too close. From what I read there is no harm so I went ahead with it. Same as before, neck, jawline, crow's feet. Was hot at times so I had her move to the next area. Wrinkles on crow's feet seem somewhat smoother. This may only last a few days though. Waiting for 1 month when collagen starts to show. Before pic was with makeup, after pic no makeup.

3rd Pelleve Treatment

3rd treatment was September 2nd. I think my skin looks better, no miracles yet. Some lines have reduced. Right after treatment you look really good for a day or 2 then it settles in and I guess you have to wait for collagen to form.

4th Pelleve Treatment

Sorry no pics right now, I will take some in a day or 2 and upload. Still no miracle but then again, I look at myself every day so maybe not seeing the changes? I guess when I take the pics I'll have something to compare. Not drinking much water and stopped my vitamins so my skin has been dry and not the greatest right now but maybe wrinkles are reduced? We'll see.

Not much help for my crow's feet.

I'm not that impressed with Pelleve. Doesn't seem to be much change to me. I still have 2 or 3 more to go so I'll give a final review when they're all done but so far I still have deep crow's feet when I smile and I don't think 1 wrinkle has disappeared. Tried fractal laser the other day. Maybe I'll do a review for that.

Getting filler on Fri. in my cheeks

Tired of waiting for Pelleve to regrow my collagen - getting cheek fillers so I don't know if I'll be able to see my Pelleve results accurately. I will continue to post as treatments go. I have to finish since I paid for them.

No more Pelleve

My package included 6 treatments and after the first few we realized it wasn't doing much so I switched to Fractional laser. So I'll use the additional treatments for that to see if that helps my crows feet. Technically I should switch my review to fractional now. I had one treatment, simple, light prickles, redness for a few days, dry skin and getting smoother now. I had it done last Thurs. so it's been about 4 or 5 days. Still some dryness.

Fractional Laser

3 treatments so far. 1 month apart. Leaves area red for 3 days, turns dry and patchy brown for another couple of days. Seems to be improving my collagen. She does around crows feet, under eyes, jawline and neck. My neck is smoother, the wrinkles around eyes are less but this is not a facelift or invasive procedure so the results are not going to make you look like you're in your 30's if you're my age, haha. It's minimal downtime for medium results in my opinion. Cost is about the same as a superficial chemical peel with better results. I'll post photos when I get a chance. So far so good.

I have had 4 treatments of fractional laser.

Pics shown are 4 days after treatment. I had the laser done on Mon. The areas she does is my whole neck, jaw line and around eyes. It's pretty red the first day, pink under eyes for a week or 2, neck and jaw don't stay pink. I think it's helping but there's no miracle here. I'm going to continue and hope my collagen fills in. I don't want to go for the more risky laser because there are so many bad reviews. Maybe some day when they have perfected it.

VIDEO - 3 parts

Fractional Laser Video

Explicit - Click to view

Here is a video review of my Eyelid Surgery, Voluma and Non Ablative Fractional Laser
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