Double Jaw Surgery ( 22 Years Old ) - Saudi Arabia, SA

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My lower jaw was a bit forward the my upper jaw,...

My lower jaw was a bit forward the my upper jaw, Some how it was the reason that I kept on chewing my cheeks from the inside every time I eat something, the was the first reason, and second reason is I did not like the looks of my smile with my lower jaw peeking out, so I did the surgery, it took me about a year to set my teeth with braces to get ready for the surgery.

I wasn't exactly afraid of it, not even at the day of the surgery, more like excited.

Tehe first five days after the surgery were the worst days in my entire life, mostly because of the nurses and medical care I was getting, The calling buttons ( which calls the nurse to come oif I needed something) was useless, the fastest they answered is 15 minutes, the avg was about 20-25 minutes, and sometimes it took them 45 minutes to an hour and half, aaand sometimes they never answer.

I didn't drink not even a sip of water for 5 days, my urine color went red and brown, ( I was on the feeder).

One of the nurses came to give me a pain shot, and he aksed me to turn over so he could give me the shot in the buttom, I asked to to give me a few seconds to adjust my body then I'll turn over, and he just snapped it in my upper thigh close to the bone, which gave me a hell of pain, that lasted a week after I got out of the hospital.

About the 3rd day of the surgery, the swelling has gained so much that I was not able to open my eyes or even lift my head, it lasted about a day, that was the worse of the swilling, after that it started getting better and better.

2 days after I got out of the hospital, I got a non-stop nosebleed, at first I was okay with it, and it would take a few hours then goes away for another couple hours and comes back, I was still okay with it, until it started to go back down my throat while I'm sleeping and choke me, happened 3 times, then I started sleeping on the side, when I wake up I just found my self sleeping in a pool of blood, that same day I went back to the hospital and they told me to walk it through until it's jammed with some blood clots and it will stop, and 2 days later it did.

By then I started drinking water and some soup ( over the sink because I kept drooling and spilling everywhere), and then slowly I regained the muscles in my upper lip and started moving it ( 12 days after the surgery)

Then I started eating soups with a spoon and a mirror because I had no idea where my mouth is, and it was still all numb,

A few days later I regained my lower lip muscles and once I started to move my lips around and try to smile, the feelings of my face started to comeback and so I kept on moving my face all around.

30 days after the surgery, I started chewing very carefully, and only over cooked vegetables with soups, like mushrooms carrots and potatoes.

There was this thing that my mother made, I believe it gave me the power to move around and walk down the stairs without needing help from anyone and made me feel very energetic, ( After 20 days of barely eating and drinking water, I was powerless and almost moving ) it was vanilla ice cream with a viraity of chocolates and cakes and a glass of milk all mixed very well in a blender until they like soup.

Basically after 40 days I was almost fully recovered and was ready to eat fish and soft meats and drink normally with a straw or a glass without spilling

But the swelling kept swinging back and forth, I wake up one day and my face Looks like a potato, then it comes down gradually,

I got back to work 50 days after the surgery and performed normally like any other person would do.

But now I'm still puffy, and not sure if it's swelling or fat, ( the surgery is 6 months full recovery including the swelling) and and not really satisfied with the way I'm looking right now because of the puffy look, but my teeth and the smile were waaaay better than I ever expected, and I'm still completely numb in the area that is right under my lower lip to the chin, other than that, I'm back to my old self

Btw the horrible hospital is ( John hopkins ) in Saudi Arabia

Pros :

My teeth are lined perfectly
The surgery is not that expensive ( to me maybe)
Absolutely better smile
Chewing like a normal person finally

Cons :
You can't predict how you will be looking after the surgery
Long recovery time
The numbness the the face is some cases take a year to recover, and in some rare cases they don't recover
I made a bad decision picking the hospital without asking about the care quality, although the doctor who performed the surgery was excellent
Fat concentration in some areas after the surgery

Worth it ?

I would say 70% worth it, until I see the final look which is after the swelling goes, or I do face liposuction for the concentrated fat.

The before pictures, they're about a few years old

Most recent picture of me 11 months after the surgery

Turns out I my last bottom tooth on the right has an infected nerve and for the past 11 I have not eaten once on the right side, and the horrible hospital "Jhon Hopkins" set an appointment for it after 6 months from now!!!

And There is a lump in the bottom of my jaw on the skin, I went to them 2 times with a general doctor, and he had no idea what it is, and transferred me to a specialist, I just had the appointment 2 hours ago, and even the specialist has no idea what it is!.

"Jhon Hopkins" is the worst hospital there is -.-!
Dr. Lopez

I'm sorry I couldn't get his full name, he was a great doctor and he definitely knew what he was doing, every thing that he warned me about was accurate and it helped a lot.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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