Laser for Onychomycosis (Toenail Fungus) - Saskatoon, SK

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I have had a fungal infection on my big toe for...

I have had a fungal infection on my big toe for almost 3 years. My primary physician wouldn't Rx oral antifungals. I have been trying OTC treatment but finally found a clinic near me to treat with laser. I had 15 minute of laser on one foot (left). It got hot but didn't hurt. The Dr. who preformed it said that the longer and more toes involved the harder it was to treat. Im also currently continuing to use a Rx topical called efinaconazole as advised by the doctor who treated my toe with the laser. I was warned it will take awhile to see results so I will keep posting my toe!

1 month later

Its been about a month since I had the laser. Its been good and I think I am seeing an improvement. I continue to trim the nail to make it look more normal. There is no pain in it currently. It was sensitive to the area where the nail was coming off that I trimmed, but other than that nothing.

2 month after Laser

2 months

3 months post treatment

Im very happy with the results. My toe nail looks 100% better. My nail is ingrown on one side but im just glad it looks way better!

5 months after 1 treatment

Everything has gone really well. The only thing is my toe nail was so short and sore that now it's a little ingrown, but working on fixing that.

1 year later

One year later and the fungus came back.
I went for treatment again.

Worked at first but fungas returned :(

Second laser failed. Got worse. Now I'm taking sporonax(?)-Anti fungal. I started 3 or 4 days ago. Hoping this works! Treatment is 3 months long!!!!!
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