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I have been overweight my entire life and have...

I have been overweight my entire life and have done all I could to lose weight for years with little to no success. Finally, in 2009 I joined Weight Watchers, this was the starting point to my ultimate success (along with a lot of sweat and tears left behind at my local YMCA). In one year I dropped 50 lbs off of my 5'10" frame (highest weight recorded was 218) and am the smallest I've been since I was in grade 6. I have kept this off for over a year now and can not seem to lose any more lbs or inches. I eat healthy, go to the gym regularely and yet nothing seems to help. When I learnt about smart lipo I was very excited to research it and after a lot of thought have decided to get it done.

I am engaged to be married in January 2012 and my fiance is completely behind me on my decision, he knows how hard I have worked to get to where I am and hates seeing me discouraged about the way I look and feel.
I am having my upper/lower abdomen and inframammary.

My appointment is scheduled for March 25th...

My appointment is scheduled for March 25th.

My current weight: 166 lbs
My current measurements:
Chest: 39"
Rib cage: 33"
Waist: 35"
Hips: 39"

Will keep you all updated with weight, measurements, pictures and daily blog. Will post a pre-op picture asap.

Photo Update

My doctor suggested that we use a surgical drain...

My doctor suggested that we use a surgical drain to help with the fluid post-op. I have done some research on these and from my understanding they are not generally used for this procedure (which he told me- but he has started using them and said its hard to turn back as he finds them to be much better). It is absolutely my decision whether I want it or not. He said it would help minimize a "mess" and can help get a better/flatter result.
Any opinions on this? Have any of you used one strictly with lipo (I've seen a lot on here for tummy tucks)?

Hi everyone, So I am 2 days away from my...

Hi everyone,
So I am 2 days away from my procedure and am getting a little antsy. I wouldn't say that I'm nervous about the procedure, more just REALLY excited to get it done...but I would certainly be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about the results. I am praying for the best but mentally preparing myself for any complications that may arise. I have faith that my doctor will do an amazing job and make the day go by smoothly and stress-free.
During my consultation I asked him what an "ideal candidate" would be for this procedure (Vaser Power-Assisted Liposuction- ugh- is this the same as Smart? might have posted in the wrong section), anyways, he said that it would be someone young (lots of elasticity in skin etc), non-smoker, physically fit, healthy diet etc. all of which I am so I'm hoping for optimal results.
So this week I have:
- Picked up all my meds along with some extra strength Tylenol & Arnica for bruising
- Started pre-making food for easy access after my procedure (healthy lasagne, soup, cut up veggies for snacks etc)
- I will be washing my sheets/bedding tonight
- Tomorrow I will lay all the plastic/towels down on my car seat, bed and couch
- Rent some movies
- Divide my meds so I have some next to my bed and some next to my couch
- Get my zip-up (loose) sweater, Lulu Lemon sweats washed and set aside
- Find glasses and put them aside too (I wear contacts- it says not to wear these on the day of)
I will really have to be mindful the morning of my procedure to not but lotion/deodorant etc on as this is my routine, as well as taking off all my jewelry (including piercings)
Other things I’ve done to prepare for my procedure:
- using Lever 2000 soap instead of my usual girly coconut body scrub
- I have been alcohol free for 26 days now (this was just a personal challenge my fiancé and I did for fun- for the procedure it says 1 week before and 1 week after).. considering keeping it going throughout all of lent (total of 8 weeks)
- I’ve been eating very well & exercising 4 times a week
Anyways that’s all for now, will do a final weigh-in and measurements tomorrow then will try to take some pictures right after the procedure (before my shower).
As I have not heard much back in relation to the drain I will talk to my doctor about it on Friday morning and will likely use it.
Wish me luck!

Hi everyone, So I am home from the procedure and...

Hi everyone,
So I am home from the procedure and all went well today! My surgeon and nurse were absolutely amazing, we laughed and talked throughout the entire morning. He said that my procedure went very well and was probably the best he's ever done. That sounds very promising to me :)
There were a few painful moments throughout the procedure but I just let him know and he stopped immediately and added more freezing. All in all I was very comfortable throughout the procedure. He even went a bit further to the back on my ribcage and sides, I was very happy with that.
I did end up going with the drain and it seems to be working out very well. I've drained it twice already now and I have some leaking through the other two incisions but nothing major. I get the drain removed on Monday, so 4 days later.
The surgeon removed 900 cc's of fat, with the fluid I think it was around 2200 cc's.
Right now I feel just fine, my abs are a bit sore when I move around but nothing a little pain killer wont fix. I've been taking Arnica to help with the bruising so hopefully that works out. I've been walking around and that feels fine as well, get spurts of being tired but am not exhausted by any means. So all in all I am very pleased with the procedure and how I'm doing now.
I will try to take some pictures when I have my shower. So exciting!!

Day 2 Doing very well today, better than...

Day 2
Doing very well today, better than yesterday. I am moving a little slow but it honestly just feels like I had a really intense core workout and my abs are sore. I had a great sleep last night, no pain and no mess.
Went grocery shopping for about an hour so it was good to get up and move around, I think this helps quite a bit.
I took one pain reliever earlier today and tonight I just took a couple Tylenol.
Took my garment off yesterday to wash as there was still some leakage even with the drain so I put that in the wash and threw on some Spanx for a few hours. When I took off the garment I got very light headed and nauseous so just laid down and after a minute or two I was fine. My doc told me not to take a shower until today so I did that and took a few pics that I'll post.
So far its been easy (knock on wood).

Bye for now.

Hi everyone! Well it's been one week and I am...

Hi everyone!
Well it's been one week and I am doing excellent. I have been taking pictures almost every day but was so shocked at the difference between Wednesday and Thursday! I couldn't believe the change.
I am in little to no pain, still a little sore when I walk too fast or get up suddenly. I have bruising on my lower abdomen that seems to be healing and my incisions are healing up very nicely.
I went to the gym on Wednesday to lift weights and that felt good, I stayed away from any core workout though. Other than that I've been doing my usual thing and trying to walk around as much as possible. I'm drinking lots of water and eating healthy too which is a must. I am done my antibiotics and am on no pain killers either, just taking Arnica still to help with bruising.
Every day seems so exciting, I can't wait to go home at night and look at my results, take measurements and pictures. I'm going out for supper tomorrow night with some friends and tried on one of my tighter dresses and it looks AMAZING! Can't wait to wear it. I am also wearing my ultra-super skinny jeans that I've never fit into before (my sister gave them to me) and they are smokin hot! Life is gooooood :)
I will post more pics and my measurements tonight when I get home.

Day 16 Hi everyone, So I am finally going to...

Day 16
Hi everyone,
So I am finally going to update my measurements.
I added upper and lower abdomen to my measurements as well as this is where I saw the most change. Unfortunately I did not take these before my procedure which I wish I had but I did take them the day after (March 26th).
I measured upper and lower abdomen at:
upper 38.5
lower 40

Full current measurements are:
Chest: 39" (change 0")
Rib Cage: 33" (change 0")
Waist: 31" (change 4")
Upper Abdomen: 34" (4.5")
Lower Abdomen: 38.5" (1.5")
Hips: 39" (change 0")

Down by a total of 10" :)

I was back regularly at the gym this past week and am feeling really good. I would say that I am back to around 95%.
I am going on a hot vacation in three weeks so am really hoping my results are good enough to wear my FIRST EVER bikini!!

I will try to post some more pictures today as well.

Hi everyone, So yesterday I hit my 1 month...

Hi everyone,
So yesterday I hit my 1 month post-op and all is well. As you can see from the pictures I have tightened up quite a bit but still have some ripples on my lower abdomen that I hope will go away fairly soon. It does not feel bumpy at all, just feels like loose skin so I hope this is normal and will go away over time. I am back into my normal routine at the gym and able to go at 100%, the only thing that I haven' tried to do yet is running. I have my follow-up appointment with my doctor this Thursday so I will ask if its ok to start again and whether I can stop wearing this compression garment.
I'll keep you posted!
Dr. Bastian

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