12 Year Old Mistake! - Saskatchewan, SK

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I have decided to write this review because my...

I have decided to write this review because my friend has been hounding me to write one!! I have went through two treatments one month apart one in July 2014, August 2014, and will go for another in September 2014. I am using a qswitched laser follow by a Scicon (sp) treatment. I did not use numbing cream with the first treatment but did with the second, save yourself some grief and use it!!

One week after 3rd treatment

Good day all photo update... Still not completely healed yet but seems to be fading....now if the colour would start fading I would be happy ;)


Hi everyone.... I have done three treatments now the last one was a few months ago... You can sure see a difference when you let it heal longer! I am not sure when I am going to get my next treatment I need to motivate myself for the painful experience.

July 26,2015

Hello all I did my 4th laser treatment... Results so far have been great I think I might need to go one more time when it is fully healed! I think the red ink at the bottom may have scared a bit, it is not totally healed from the treatment so I will let you know! If you are just starting keep going and take your time I took 11 months off between my treatments!

One more pic

Sorry forgot to add this one... Almost healed...


Hello all! Good news I think I am finally done treatments (almost 2 years later)!! There is still a small amount of ink but I can live with it :) I am adding a photo that the tattoo removal place is using on their website the quality is better than my iphone.


Last picture for you guys! All healed :) 5 treatments I believe!
Rose Genesis

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