Derma Rolling Old Stretch Marks at Home - Saskatchewan, SK

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I had a tummy tuck in 2011 which removed some, but...

I had a tummy tuck in 2011 which removed some, but not all, of my stretch marks. I also had a baby last year (yes....after my TT which is wonderfully intact!) and developed a few new horizontal stretch marks near my belly button.

Stretch mark description:
They are white
Width is small, measuring only a few mm each, but are 5inches above TT scar

I have decided to try at home micro needling. I purchased a derma roller from amazon and some palmers skin oil. Current plan is to rub oil every day and preform micro needling on abdomen and tummy tuck scar once a month. I am also micro needling my TT scar, although it is actually thin and white. I have read it will take awhile to see improvement. I am going to micro needle once a month x 1 year. My goal us to improve the appearance enough that I am comfortable in a bikini.

I will only post photos is there is a drastic improvement. I don't want my pictures used for other purposes, but if the appearance is significant I will show you guys.
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