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Hi Everyone! I have been reading this site...

Hi Everyone!
I have been reading this site religiously for about four months, it has really helped me make my decision. I have been considering a breast reduction for about a year but I guess it was not something I ever really thought I could do. People ask me all the time if I have thought about it, and honestly it usually offends me...like they think I am some sort of a freak. I guess it has only been the last year that I realized just how big they are. I saw a picture of myself and I noticed that in it my breast were clearly bigger than my head! I am about 5'8 and 170 and a 38F, I have a very slim build, I am not hippy at all. My personal trainer once described me as a stick with giant knockers. It has always been the first thing people notice. I have been chesty since I was 9 years old. I remember getting my first bra and being so excited only to find that it did. not fit. I couldn't even start out in a training lost 50 pounds and they are still huge. I would like to lose about 20 pounds more but I doubt that it will make a difference.

I don't hate the way they look, sometimes I have enjoyed the attention...sometimes I have hated it. I have had upper and lower back issues for several years. I think I was in denial about the cause, I thought it was due to an injury, but that's been corrected. Then weight but losing weight hasn't helped. I get numbness in my chest below the collar bone and I have TMJ (lock jaw) which is aggravated by neck tension. I do get rashes as well, and although I do not have grooves I do get broken blood vessels and bruising.
I went last week to get a referral, I couldn't stand it anymore, my back is driving me crazy particularly during finals....studying at a desk 8 hours a day was just awful! So I made an appointment with my new GP...I was so nervous I wouldn't get referred...when I got there I was told my dr. decided to go on vacation and cancelled all his appointments. Nice that they called me! (especially since he charges for cancelled/missed appointments!!!) I was really upset...they said he wouldn't be back until the end of January! I was so disappointed. It takes a year to two years to have surgery here (if its deemed medically necessary). Such a long wait it was so frustrating to have to add another 7 weeks...and not even be guaranteed approval.

I called my old GP and she was unavailable until...

I called my old GP and she was unavailable until January 21st :-( She suggested I see her partner but cautioned me that it was unlikely she would do the referral because I was her patient. I didn't get my hopes up but I thought it would be good to at least get more information. I went in and she asked why I was there. I said I was interested in getting a breast reduction. She said "well you need it...who would you like to see?". That's it!!! I got my referral. I asked for her opinion on doctors and she gave me the name of her favourite. I have been researching him and I have found about 35 reviews. All pretty consistent, and very good. There are a few bad reviews but they all seem to be from women who did not like his blunt attitude about their weight. He prefers to have his patients be fairly close to their goal weight before the surgery which is just fine by me. I am pretty close anyway and since it takes about 4-6 months for the consult and his waitlist is 12 months that gives lots of time to prepare myself and get rid of this last 20/30 pds. I am starting weight watchers next week to help me create better habits I do not want to mess up my new boobs with extra weight!

I haven't received the date yet for my consult. I...

I haven't received the date yet for my consult. I have been waiting since the 21st so I thought that I would check in. Apparently she forgot to send it or make notes on our appointment. The receptionist is going to call me back and hopefully it will be sorted. Doctor's can be so frustrating! I hope I don't have to go back again. There is something to be said for doing it on your own. It's tough waiting.

I did go through the health board's wait times for plastic surgeries ( for fun! lol) and it won't be as long as I thought (hopefully) after 13 to 18 months 98% of patients will have had their surgery. There are about 386 patients waiting in this province right now. Still a fair amount of time but not too bad.

I was wondering if anyone out there had had their reduction while they where in school? I am taking a very intense university course and I am concerned that I may not have any say over the date when it comes up. How long before I could go back to school? I will be in school for at least 3-6 years depending on how things work out so I really don't want to put this off that long.

I already know that I would be off work for at least a month as it is a pretty rough, physical and frankly dirty job. Would I qualify for E.I.? Since this is a medically necessary surgery and I do not have benefits at work.

I should have my consult date by Wednesday:-) The...

I should have my consult date by Wednesday:-) The nice receptionist got everything sorted out for me today.

I spoke to my PS offixe yesterday to confirm my...

I spoke to my PS offixe yesterday to confirm my referral. Thankfully this time it made it:-) Receptionist was super nice and organized which I appreciate. She said my appointment date would arrive in the mail shortly...and it would be in about a month waaay earlier than I thought. I am a bit nervous...I was hoping to be a bit lighter before I go partially so he wont tell me to lose weight (cause no one likes to hear even if they know it!) and so I can get a better idea of what size would be
realistic for me at a healthy weight as opposed to a chubby version of me. She also said that my surgery could be in six months! At the most a year! So much better than I was expecting!
I have been taking to everyone I know who has had breast surgery or augmentation to get as much info as possible....my friends mom had a second BR by my doctor and lost her nipple....this freaks me out!!! I know realistically that she was very high risk (age,
fng, smoker, 2 br) but its still scary....i guess its possible with a good doctor as well right???? He did not do the reconstruction but refered her to his partner. She said he waa very calm about it ( this happens and we can fix it type of thing...not as warm ans fuzzy as she would have liked)My friend recommended his partner as her sister got her br by him too. so i researched him and found some terrible reviews...and some excellent..so confusing! Whereas Dr. L has excellent reviews! I have come across a few other patients (of dr. Ls) that were super happy as well...and my best friend who works in the medixal field said he has a great reputation. So I am a bit nervous about making this choice. I guess I will go with my gut when I met him in a month. Anyone have any recommendations for choosing a doctor? You only get one consult....then surgery...so I need to have all my questions reading for my consult. Any pre op vitamins or supplements I should ask about??? Meds? etc. Any suggestions would be great!!

Not too much new to report. Hopefully this will...

Not too much new to report. Hopefully this will help other people in my area down the line. I will qualify for E.I...and school can either move exams forward or back to accommodate me so that is great. My little sister also just decided to reduce as well. Her bust makes mine look tiny! So I am super excited for her, and to do this together. Her referral appt. is on the 5th. And she joined weight watchers as well...being in this together makes it a bit less scary.

I had my consult / pre-op appointment today. I...

I had my consult / pre-op appointment today. I really liked Dr. Ledding, I wasn't sure what to expect but he was very nice, approachable and answered all my questions. He did his exam, took notes and drew some pictures of my breasts. He noted that there where some minor asymmetries which I knew already and that he would try to correct them. I will be getting a modified lollipop incision, he said I would be a C at the smallest. Which is perfect! I asked him about a bit of hip lipo and he said it was possible so long as I let him know before the government books my surgery. I need to lose about 30 lbs he said if I was intending to lose a bit of weight to do that first and we can go from there. I had heard that he " hates fat people" and while I am chubby not substantially overweight I was nervous but he never brought it up, I asked him if I was in good enough condition for the surgery and he said I was just fine--he was very polite and never made me feel like he was judging me in anyway. I am feeling very good. I will not see him until the surgery (unless I opt for lipo) so I got my prescriptions and mammogram appointment today. So I am all set. It will be awhile still but at least I can put it from my mind now that everything is in motion. So exciting!!

For any ladies interested I have seen that some of...

For any ladies interested I have seen that some of you had to stop hormonal birth control...I have a hormonal IUD and I do NOT have to remove it.

Pre surgery:
1) Chest x-ray 10 days prior
2) Mammogram (Monday :-S)
3) For three days prior I have to shower special anti bacterial prescription soap
4) He suggested a multivitamin, and a good diet...nothing else. He said to avoid homeopathic or alternative treatments prior to surgery and for 6 weeks after. He said many of them can thin the blood.

-Scar treatment will start at 6 weeks, and its something silicon based. I will also use Webber's vitamin Oil...its AMAZING for healing and scars, and witch hazel for bruising. And to tape the incision for 6 weeks to help flatten it and add support

- I am having a Lejour Vertical Reduction with liposuction inside the breast and in the armpit (and maybe my abdomen)....I really like the looks of this procedure! The complication rate seems lower and he said it is an easier recovery because the bulk of the breast stays intact and the bottom is not held together by skin alone so it is significantly less tension on the incision. Its also supposed to be better for breast feeding (if I ever decide on kids) and sensation. He said there is a 1% chance of nipple necrosis or fat necrosis etc.

- He also said to make sure I mention my tummy problems (heinus hernia/acid reflux) to the nurses so that they can give me additional meds to make the anesthetic easier on me.
- He also said no work for 6 weeks ( I work with large ( and small) animals)

- I will have drains for 4 days....yuck but I guess its good but I am so afraid it will get ripped out when I sleep or by one of my dogs trying to cuddle. The idea of having it sewn in to my skin just creeps me right out....its funny I can watch the surgery no problem but this drain...ick!!

-Oh and I am down 3 lbs since last week...27 ish to go!

Mammogram all clear!

Mammogram all clear!

My date was moved forward 6 months...surgery this FRIDAY!

So I haven't updated since forever because it was a bit depressing seeing as how I had nothing to add. In August I saw the doctor again to discuss a potential future procedure, and I called to learn my wait time they said 6-9 months. Then in September I was injured in a car accident. Rear ended again! Anyway I found out that I have degenerative disk disease, and loose joints on the left side of my body. The born spurs (from DDD) are on my C-6 vertebra...guess what probably caused it!!!??? Can't guess? Well you will be shocked that it is likely because of my stupid boobs, bad posture (even though I always tired not to give in) and small frame. So If I had any doubts I don't now. I want to do my best to proactive about further damage. I am only 31, I want to take care of this.
So after the accident I called again-- 3-6 months (3 months sooner!) 5 days later they called me with the date Nov. 8th!!! Holy fast!! And I have been so busy I haven't really had time to think about it. I am in school but midterms just finished today. So the timing is good. I will have at least 2 weeks off work as well- so I can start to get ready for finals.

I had to go for blood work (10-7 days prior)
A chest x-ray (10-7 days prior)
A mammogram (in Feb)
And I have to bath in surgical scrub for 3 days prior.
I had my pre-op phone call monday with a nurse. No vitamins, no painkillers, birth control and tummy meds okay. Only clear gel allowed on my nails, no piercings but she said if a put a plastic one in(nose)they will give me attitude but they can tape it. They will give me a surgical bra that I have to wear 24-7 for 6 weeks, no soaking them for 6 weeks either, and drains for 4-7 days after. No under wire for 6 months either. I will keep you posted :-)

Its done!!!! So far I could not happier!!!!

I had my surgery at 8am yesterday. My surgeon was awesome super nice and relaxing. I had a talk with the anesthesiologist before hand and because of my stomach issues (heinous hernia/acid reflux decision) he decided to intubate me. I was in right away. I remember feeling the anesthetic. next thing a was away and the were putting me in recovery. I was three maybe 2 hours. And my dad and boyfriend came to get me. I was out but 12pm. I spent the day vomiting and sleeping. i was really sick I couldn't keep a thing down until about 7 pm. The pain is not bad at all. Obviously it still hurts but it is more really sore muscles and bruise type pain. Very tolerable. I have drains in am emptying them three times a day. I feel better with them in, I think it decreasing the pain--because they are very swollen, and hard. I am glad the fluid is draining out.

I have took a bit of a peak down my surgical bra and my nipples are so high! YAY!!!and perky!! but I will have to wait until later today to see them at my bandage changing.

Day Nine :-)

Hello Ladies!
I haven't really posted since surgery I was not feeling very well at all. My hernia became really irritated and I was unable to keep anything down for about 5 or 6 days. Which meant I couldn't take my medication properly and of course it became more irritated. I tell you that was way worse than the actual surgery which was a breeze in comparison. I haven't had any real pain. They are tender and achy but not at all what you expect. They have started vibrating and getting the odd stabbing pain which is the nerves reconnecting. I don't have much feeling in the nipples yet but they are waking up a bit more everyday. The drains are out, he took them out on tuesday---they were not fun especially when you are already sick to your stomach they are the last thing you want to be cleaning! I am back at school today, I feel pretty good, just tire easily which is to be expected.
I have to go daily to the wound centre for dressing changes until they are clean 3 days in a row.

more pics


Day 11

Feeling better but man its hard to study! I still get so sleepy! Its hard to focus.

2 weeks today

Im feeling pretty good, im still pretty tired and having some trouble focusing bit overall things are good.

3 weeks

I have had a bit of a stessful week for personal reasons. I am back to work, im pretty tired, a bit worn out to be honest. Im healing well. I get about a dime sized amount of clearish liquid for each side each day. Only a few bruises left. They are less swollen, still really achy but not painful. The glue is coming off, my skin is peeling as well. They are evening out:-)

bra from my teens!


So I have been doing pretty well, I have had a slight complication. I have two tiny openings 3mm by 4mm and 2mm deep. They saw them on Nov. 30. and have been treating them an antiseptic and steristrips. Dr. Ledding called me in on Wednesday to check them out. He said there were stitches in them that were getting in the way of healing so he cut them out. He said everything looks fine, and that I will see him in 6 weeks. I still have to go see the nurse every other day (cut back from daily) and I was supposed to stop in a week but now I don't know because of these little wounds. I do not have pics of them, I do not want to see em and cause new stress. The incisions are taped now as well, it is supposed to help the scars heal flat.

pics at 5 weeks

7.5 weeks

The hole on the left closed as of today! Yay! Right is still healing but it looked smaller today, so hopefully it will catch up soon. I can't wait to get back to normal. I have been pretty wipped out by this process and I really need to excercise and get my energy back up.

7.5 weeks:-)

No more glue!!

more complications

I keep having my reviews deleted!!!! Argh....so this one is short. What is happening to my breast? ?? I dont understand why its coming apart at 10 weeks!!! No sign of healing since it opened on Nov 30th!!!! This cannot be normal. Any help ladies would be great. I see my doctor tomorrow.

looking better

I saw my doctor today ( after waiting two hours in the waiting room!!) He thinks everything is fine. Just that I am taking longer to heal than most people. He said the depth has improved since the 8th and the new wounds are superficial.

I think they were little abscesses from the sutures. Once they burst it felt better and they seem to be healing now that the white stuff cameout. So here's hoping. He didn't adjust my treatment, he said he thinks they will heal in 6-8weeks. He talked about reclosing them but there is a high risk of infection so he wants to wait.

He said to take a multivitamin, vit C and zinc. So we will see. BUT it does look better today. I just want my life back.


Hey everyone,
Just a quick update. I still have two open wounds, the one is the centre just closed a day or two ago. The top was closed but kept opening again and now is bigger. The large hole has leveled off but it is still 2.5 cm by 1cm.
Im noticing a significant change in the two shapes. There is nearly an inch difference between the creases. I am praying this is because the left has softened and dropped please tell me that the right will match when it eventually heals. They dont need to be perfect just close :-(

12 week pics

new issue!!!!!

Wtf is happening???? This appeared last night. Its nearly black in person, looks like dead blood, ans there is a tiny hole starting. The nurse had no idea what it is. My doctor cant see me til Thursday. Any ideas???

black hole burst!

fat necrosis, and "spitting sutures"

13 weeks

I saw my ps on Thursday. He said it was a blood pocket that rose to the suface and dead fat. So all of those "shadows" have burst now. The first hole measures 2cm by 1cm, second is closed, third 5mm by 8 mm, fourth 1cm by 8mm.

He removed more stitches, he said I am reacting to them and "spitting them out". There is a weird spot on my good boob now too, it think something is gonna happen, a stitch might come threw. Im stick of this but it will be worth it.

new hole coming. ...

ANOTHER hole!!!!!

Number five!! I knew it! I told him it was coming and he said I was wrong I KNEW it didn't feel right. The nurse told me about another patient who had to deal with this issue for 13 months!!!! She had to have her sutures replaced twice because she kept spitting them out!!!! Thanks for your kind words ladies they really do help I am finding it really tough to stay positive. I'm scared this wont stop

tonight's pics

some progress

The left hole is a bit bigger, the top hole was literally spitting stitches yesterday. I removed a 1cm long piece. The middle hole is almost closed:-) and the original is much smaller.

There is 1/2 an inch difference between right and left from under boob crease to nipple. Last week it was 1.5 inches MUCH better.

progress FInally! !!!

So I pulled some stitches out of my left boob yesterday and today. I guess that was the issue. So gross like gross little fish bones!

Good news! Hole three closed over night and number one is almost closed!!!
I decided to give my boobs a night off last night from tape and steri stripes and just use loose gauze I think that helped:-)


Progress!!! Woot!

The big bad hole that I have had for nearly three months is almost closed!!! So I still have three, left is not getting bigger but not closing yet I am expecting to find more suture.

The right has one hole on top, tbe second is closed but it is very delicate and because the hole above is bleeding it got stuck to the gauze and tore a tiny bit but I count that as closed.

new pics

GUESS WHO HAS NO HOLES IN THEIR BOOBS????? THis chick!!!!! Closed!!!!
Last night I slept without a bra and it was awesome!! They shape is rounding out and they are really softening.

Around 18 weeks

So things are going pretty well. I did have a few sort of weird spots on the right side this week underneath my tape. Hopefully they are anything to worry about. I think one may be a stitch and one may be some irritation in the scar. I have not seen my doctor for clearance yet, but I was discharged from the treatment centre. They are doing well. I am no longer wearing the bra at night and I am now wearing sports bras.

New pics

They are evening out. I'm pretty happy. I am sure the scar will fade and I am trying to not be nit picky about the little things. These boobs are so much better than what I started with. I can't wait to start enjoying them! Dressing is so much more fun!

more suture!!

Things are good. That hole DID have sutures in it! Sneaky things! I pulled two out a few days ago and it closed right up. I will my doctor on friday.


So these are some pretty rough spots, but hopefully they will round out. What are the odds at nearly five months?

Cleared to resume a normal life.

I saw Dr. Ledding today. He said I was good to move on:-) He wants to see me at the one year mark. He will address any scar issues then. He says the under boobs will resolve as the scar tissue softens. He wants daily message now, and to tape until I cant stand it anymore then scar with a silcone scar cream. He said the tape takes the pressure off the scars. I will continue for a month or so. I have to wear a sports bra everyday until my one -year. No underwires or pushups for a full year!! Good thing I just ordered 6 genie bras and three genie tanks! (YAY shopping channel!!). I also found out if I lose 20-30 more pounds I may qualify for a free tummy tuck. That is nice to know. I have lost around 50 pounds already. I don't want to hate my body in my 30s like I did in my 20s. So all and all I am pretty happy.

Why Can't I see the star section of the doctor's review OR Change my status to worth it????

What am I doing wrong?

Anyway its totally WORTH IT

5 months

Something is up on lefty, a small bruise-like area appeared, its dented. I think its full of suture. Otherwise its going well.

Hole #9!!!!!

Trouble spot that popped up a few days ago opened. Still small, so far two stitches. Its been sore for days, even woke me up last night so im glad these stupid stitches have a way out now. Hopefully this is it.....but there is one more weird sore spot on my right nipple, can't see anything but I wouldn't be surprised if something came threw.

6 months +

Hey ladies,
Not much to report. They are doing well. I still have a marble shaped bit of scar tissue that sort of hurts in lefty and righty is pretty weak onthe scar and it is easily damaged. Im still taping. I think tt helps. Todays pics are right after tape removal so my nipples are red, otherwise nipples scars are invisible. Sensation is all back but maybe more then before or at least more intense almost painful.

a bit better week by week

1 year later

Hello ladies!
I just thought I would do a quick one year update (those are my favourites!)

I am fully healed it took a good 7 months, and even then the skin on my bad side was very thin and always tearing or bruising. I taped all the time until August, and then taped for the gym or things like that. I saw my doctor yesterday and he was very pleased with the results. The one scar is still healing, but it looks way better than I thought it would considering. I can have a revision but it wold add a horizontal scar and I don't want that. So here they are.

22 months Post Op

Hey Ladies!

Just thought I would give a quick update (I love reviews that have posts long after the healing) I love love love my little boobs! My final size is a 36 D. No more scar tissue, scars look great aside from a bit of trouble under right which had so much trouble so all things considered I am very happy. And they have held up just fine to 30lb weight loss:-)
Khris Ledding

Awesome! Would totally recommend!! Referral from GP

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