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I've been thinking about a breast reduction for...

I've been thinking about a breast reduction for quite a while now. I've always been busty, but it's never really bothered me. I always have thought "Oh, they're not that big. They're pretty portioned to my body." I saw a few pictures from an event during the summer, and realized they are bigger than my head. They are a lot bigger than I thought haha.

I have been battling with headaches and migraines for yeaaaarrss. I've been sent to neurologists, and for MRI's and of course, nothing has been found. I've come to the conclusion that my chest is just way too heavy. The headaches, and neck pain, and back pain are beginning to become unbearable! I go for acupuncture and cupping every 2 weeks, or sooner if I can, to help deal with the pain.

I finally made the decision to see my doctor regarding a reduction. She explained a bit of the process to me, and told me it would probably be about a year for a consultation, and probably another year before I would get a surgery date. She also suggested I try to lose as much weight as I can beforehand, as the surgeon will likely also suggest the same.

Last time I was measured, and I am due for a new measurement, I was 36I-H depending on the bra style. I am currently 188 pounds. I've been working very hard on trying to exercise, and eat healthy, but I am having a hard time because I cant seem to do any type of cardio. It hurts way too much, and I can't find a sports bra that fits. I recently spent 60$ on a sports bra that was too small for a zumba class that I couldn't continue. Ugh!!

I saw my doctor on Sept 23. She referred me to Dr. Geethen Chandran in Saskatoon. The office called the next day to tell me my referral had been sent in. So still waiting for any news from that.

I have recently read a lot about, and have heard first hand experience regarding Dr. Thomas Sinclair in Banff, Alberta. I think I will call my doctor to have a referral sent to him. I've also read that wait times are significantly shorter to see him than to see someone in the city.

Hoping for good news! *fingers crossed*

Consultation date!

I just spoke to my doctor yesterday regarding a referral to a new surgeon, and they've already called today with a consultation date! So far, it's booked for November 18... Now to figure out how I will get there... Haha feeling very antsy already!

Feeling discouraged..

I need to have a BMI of under 30.. I have no idea what my actual BMI is, but according to google and other websites, I'm sitting at 31.6. OBESE! What? So from what I understand, I need to lose at least 10 pounds in order to be under 30... and even then, who knows what my actual BMI is. Still might not be enough.

For the last month, I've made so many changes to my eating habits. I've cut out fast food, I've cut out pop, I'm trying to make good choices, and I think I've been succeeding. I've also set up an exercise chart of things I can do at home, and I make sure I do more each time, but as of today, I haven't lost any weight, and I know it takes time, and perseverance, but damn... Even a pound would be nice to see haha.

I had problems with eating in high school. I was on the verge of having an eating disorder, and my doctor was beginning to get concerned. I was only 115 pounds at my lowest, but for me, it looked unhealthy, and I had to make unhealthy choices in order to maintain that weight. I am afraid that I will slip back into that trying to get this damn weight off in time..

Aye!! Any advice ladies??


All booked!

Eeee!! Just booked my flight and hotel for when I head for my consultation!

I'm so excited that things are finally coming together and starting to feel a lot more real!

By the way, I'm down 4 pounds! Woohoo!

Less than 2 weeks!

Starting to feel really anxious, and a little nervous.

My first thought when I woke up this morning was "I should get up and do a work out." Ahhhh! It's been like 8 years since that has even crossed my mind! Super unusual haha!

Haven't lost any weight, but I can tell my body is changing. No more cravings for junk or pop! Woohoo! I think this is a good sign, so I'm happy :)

Consult tomorrow!

Waiting to board the plane to Calgary. My consult appointment is tomorrow. Feeling a bit anxious and nervous, wondering what he's going to say. I'm going to spend the night compiling my list of questions and concerns to ask about if he doesn't cover everything haha.

I'm feeling super proud of myself though! This has motivated me to make some healthy changes. I haven't quite hit my goal of losing 10 pounds, but I've lost 8 so I think that's pretty good :) and I did it in a healthy way.

I feel a little bit sad when I think of losing my girls lol. They are part of who I am. I mean I don't Want to get rid of them, but they just arnt working for me anymore.

Eeee! Just wanna get this all over with :)

Surgery date!!

So excited! Haven't really had a chance to update since my consult date on the 18th.

Everything went great. I knew right away I was comfortable. I had a whole list of questions, and he explained basically everything to me before I even needed to ask any. He showed me a book full of reductions that he's done along with pictures of complications (tissue necrosis, stitches coming out, etc). He's going to be doing the reduction with a lift and lipo. The reduction will be covered by healthcare, but the lift and lipo will be out of my pocket which is okay. If I'm going to do this, then I'll do it right the first time!

I'm so excited! It's about a 9hr drive so I decided to wait until spring. My surgery is set for April 9!! Right now, it feels like that's forever away haha but I know it'll fly by.

Boobie party!

So, I had to call my doctor to have the referral for a surgeon in Saskatchewan cancelled so there wouldn't be any problem with getting approval in Alberta, and turns out she actually referred me to Dr. Annika Card. I've read mixed reviews about her, but I haven't met her or have been consulted by her so I can't say how I feel, but I'm very happy and sticking with my choice of Dr. Sinclair. I feel like I want to start counting down the days.

I finally filled my group of girlfriends in on what was happening and they're going to throw me a "goodbye boobie" party in celebration of new beautiful boobs! My friends sister works at an "adult" store and apparently "they have tons of boob stuff" haha.. Best friends a girl could ask for :)

I already feel like I want to start counting down the days!

A tad frustrated..

I was reading through my paperwork again the other night and noticed it says not to take birth control pills or patches, so I called my surgeons office to see whether I should take my Depo shot or not because Im due jan 6 and April 6 right before my surgery. Turns out he'd prefer me not to take either which is completely fine. But then they also Inform me that all of a sudden, I need to see an anesthesiologist, and go for sleep apnea testing before I can continue with surgery plans... I get it.. But I understood I was good to go after my consult. So I'm annoyed that I might not be able to have everything done before my surgery date...

On another note, my last decent fitting bra busted on me. I was trying to hold out buying new ones but.. It can't be helped. Got measured today and I'm a new size.. 34J! Haha down a band size, up a cup.. GEEZ.

Moving right along!

So things are moving along quickly which I'm very happy about :) I was worried it would take too long to get these other tests done and I would have to move my surgery back, BUT! I get to see the anethesiologist on Monday! And my sleep apnea appt will be Jan 2, and the testing can be done at home! Hoping nothing else comes up now! Fingers crossed!

Hopefully ready for surgery.

Fingers crossed that these are the last tests I'll have to do before surgery! I'm kind of glad I booked it a few months away, seeing as I've needed the time to see other doctors. The appointment with the anesthetist went great. She saw no problems that could prevent me from having a safe surgery. Just waiting to hear back about the sleep apnea test now. I've been quite overwhelmed and anxious waiting for this result. If it comes back positive, then I do not want to do any treatment because a) it is costly, and I do not have the extra money for that, and B) my bed is my sanctuary. Sleep is how I de-stress. Trying to sleep with a giant mask on will not make me feel any better. However, I'm concerned they may refuse surgery if I refuse treatment.

Aye.. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I like to be prepared. Hopefully, this is the last stop before surgery! Just about 12 weeks away!

Ready to go!

Finally! Everything has come back fine, and there are no other complications to worry about before surgery.
I've been having a hard time feeling motivated to get in shape while waiting for the test results, and now that I've got them back, I think it's time to get my butt in gear!! Definitely fell off the wagon at over Christmas, and it's been even more of a struggle to get back to it but... Here we go!

*10 weeks!!
Goodluck ladies!


My. boobs. hurt. So. bad.

I want to cry. It feels like they are going to rip right off my chest when I take my bra off. It almost makes me want to throw up. I've had this kind of pain before, but it's never lasted this long. Going on almost a month now.

I've read that having too much caffeine can make them hurt, but I've cut out coffee so.. that wouldn't make sense.

Any of you ladies have trouble with cysts?? I've had cysts before, but they are usually gone in a few days to a week.

Help !


So I was going through some baskets of old clothes and found this bra that I used to wear about 2 years ago. It wasn't even close to the right size at the time, but it is insanely comfortable, and it was the only one I could find that kind of fit! I'm hoping all be able to fit it after surgery! The light purple one is a 36DD.. In comparison to the dark blue which is 34J. Wow!


So for whatever reason, pictures won't upload from my phone.. trying on laptop!

Bad news.

So ladies.. I received some bad news today. I will not be having my surgery in April. It has been moved to July.
Apparently, the sleep study I did in January was not good enough so I need to have another one before I can have surgery and because of the high wait time in my province, I cant get in to see the doctor until June.

Very bummed out today :(


I finally got an email yesterday that I'm completely approved for surgery. It's been one thing after another so it's so great to finally know I'm approved. Plans have been finalized, hotel booked, now just the waiting game. Just under 6 weeks for me!

I finally went out today and bought a few things to prepare. Bought a couple of button up shirts, and some comfy pants. Gotta make a list of everything I need juuuuust in case i forget something.

I look forward to sharing my experience and my recovery. Can't wait for the new girls!

3 weeks!

3 more weeks... I can't believe it came so quickly again. I've had a million things running through my mind the last few days as far as surgery goes, but the more I read these reviews, and look at photos, the more confident I feel in my choice :)

I spent the weekend gathering a few more last minute items. I absolutely cannot wait to buy a new swimsuit this summer. It will be such a nice change to have more options to pick from seeing as the girls won't need as much support ;) hehe.

Down 8 pounds, not quite what I had hoped for, but... things happen lol so now I'm ready and focused, and the countdown is on!!

Thanks to all you wonderful ladies. I've read so many reviews and comments, and looked at so many pictures, and they've all made such an impact on my decision. Can't wait to be on the other side! (the small boobs side.. hehe)

4 sleeps!

Well.. 4 sleeps for me! I'm pretty sure that I'm ready. I guess as ready as I'll ever be! One more day of work then off we go! Waiting is the hardest part.. hehe.

It was my 27th birthday this past weekend. I spent Saturday with all my friends who were very curious but supportive, and Sunday with all of my family. I'm starting off year 27 with this big change and I absolutely think this surgery is going to change my life. I'm really excited to see what happens!

This website has helped me more than anything and I hope my story can help someone else one day :)

I made it

Just a quick update. My surgery was 7 hours ago! It was only about 2 hours long and everythjng seemed to go great. They gave me some pain meds and I was able to sleep for a few hours.

I'm feeling a lot better than I expected. Mostly just feels a bit tender but I'm getting around pretty easily now.

Haven't had a chance to really look at my new girls but saw them from the top and they look good so far. It's strange to not have to look over those mountains hehehe.

A few photos

So far so good

2 days post op. Reeeaally tired. I sleep a lot. My underarms where the Lipo was done is the worst part. Those areas are very tender! The rest of my chest doesn't feel so bad.

Got to have a shower yesterday and today. I'm really happy with how they look so far! The incisions are thin clean lines and look like they are healing quite nicely already. The nurses were all commenting on how nice they look already!

Had some problems yesterday with bloating. I think it was a combination of the medications, and the food I tried to eat last night, aaaand I got my period when I woke up from surgery. Of course right?? That seems to all be fine today.

Had some morphine at the hospital, and was given Tylenol 3s but they upset my stomach a bit so I'm trying to stick with regular Tylenol. Doc seems really happy about that!

6 hour drive home tomorrow... Should be interesting. Can't wait to get home.

1 week out

So 7 days post op today... So far things have been great. Really happy with my decision. I'm still pretty tender all over.. It mostly feels like having reaaally sore boobs from hormones or if anyone else has experienced cysts... Not as bad as I was expecting. Still really tired. I'm sleeping 9-10 hours at night and napping twice a day usually. I'm a little worried 2 weeks isn't enough time for recovery, but I'll give it a few more days and see how it goes.

Had just over a pound taken from lefty and just under a pound taken from righty so 2lbs removed... Which actually seems like a lot when you think of a pound of cherries, or meat lol. I've gotten a lot of compliments so far, and I Feel a lot lighter in all aspects.

My incisions seem to be healing nicely. No discharge at all. No wound separating... Feeling pretty good about that. I've got feeling in my left nipple but none in the right so far. The worst part is this gross sloshing/glugging feeling and sound from my chest. Haha it almost makes me feel nauseous but I know it's normal, and should clear up on Its own..

So yeah, overall really happy! I can't wait for things to heal up so I can get going on this new chapter of life :) I can't wait to buy some ne bras and clothes and show them off!

It was a bit of an experience having to do all the testing, and being rescheduled once, but after having my surgery, I absolutely understand why. I'm so happy with my surgeon, and the hospital staff were all so nice :)

Looking forward to what's next!

2 Weeks and a day!

I am 15 days out. Feeling rather good at this point. Work is not busy this week so I was able to take an extra week which I think will just be enough.

Lets see.. lots of "zingers" as they say. I'm starting to get feeling back in my right nipple! Very happy about that. Still quite tired, but overall, I'm feeling pretty good. I am mostly just sore underneath where the incisions are. Still quite a bit of pulling when I lift my arms too high or try to reach, but I am starting to be able to sleep on my side so that has been wonderful!

I am so sooo happy with how they look and feel now. I'm so happy I decided to go through with the surgery! I am in love with my new body. I am happy to look at myself in the mirror and see a waist and not stomach covered by boobs haha!

I decided to go back for my 8 week post op check. I am excited to see what the doc will say then. It's funny to think about how much more they will be healed in 8 weeks!

Love love love!!

Hey Guys! Finally got a chance to update.. 12 weeks post op, and I couldn't be happier.

Things have been healing really nicely for me. Haven't had too many problems other than I got an infection in an underneath incision around week 4-5. I had noticed one evening that there was discharge coming out, and it smelt something fierce!! Went to the hospital, had a swab, bloodwork, and ultrasound done, and sure enough, a small pocket of infection. Turns out I had a bacterial infection called Citrobacter. My surgeon said it's not really common and is usually a bacteria on the skin, so it probably got in around a stitch. The hospital gave me antibiotics, but he said it's pretty resistant, so my body probably healed it up on it's own. I saw my surgeon for my 8 week post op check, and he said everything was healing nicely, and you would never know there was any type of infection. Even he seemed surprised at how well the healing was for only 8 weeks.

I finally wore a real bra for an outing a couple of weeks ago, and there was also a day that I had to be at the hospital for tests, and went out in public with no bra!! In all my adult years, I've never once been out in public without a bra.. it was the most glorious thing. I sent a pic to all my girlfriends, and ended up crying in my car because I was so happy. I still haven't gone shopping or resized yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm now a D cup. I had saved a few old bra's that I loved, and was able to wear one of those comfortably. Even though I have a few of those, I really can't wait to go buy some new underwear and reeeaallly get to see what these babies can do now haha.

I'm so so so happy with my results. It really was one of the best decisions I've made for my life. I feel like a completely different person. I'm getting out a lot more, going on dates, enjoying my new body! I was really worried I was going to feel more out of shape after my surgery, but it was the complete opposite. It's amazing how small of a waist someone has when there's not a bunch of heavy boobage covering it. I had a lot of compliments on how thin I looked after.

For anyone considering a breast reduction, I say do it... But make sure you do your research first. Find a surgeon you're comfortable with and trust. Find one who's had results that you love! Don't settle for someone who's cheaper, or who can get you in quicker.

I had such a lovely experience with Dr. Sinclair and his staff, as well as the Banff hospital staff, even with all the hoops I had to jump through to get there. Wouldn't have done it any other way.

7 months post

Hi everyone!
About 7 months post op now.z I'm still absolutely in love with my new chest. My scars are healing nicely!
Dr. Sinclair

I felt comfortable from the moment I met him. I felt like a person rather than just another patient. He showed me tons of pictures, and explained everything before I even needed to ask any questions, and I felt confident that I wouldn't be a bother if I had any other questions before my surgery. Can't wait to have my procedure done!

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