2nd Breast Reduction - Saskatchewan, SK

I have done this procedure twice now and both...

I have done this procedure twice now and both times were absolutely worth it!!!
My firs BR was in 2003 when I was 16 years old. I know that seems young for a BR but I was 5'2" 105lb wearing a 32DDD-32F bra size. My breasts were the only thing people noticed about me and the comments were constant and hard to deal with. I played a lot of sports in high school but when I heard some comments that the guys were going to the volleyball games to see my breasts bounce I quit the team. I was miserable and my breasts were holding me back. I talked to my mom about it and she was fully on board.

I met with a PS, who now looking back, was a completely jerk!!! He told me that women were not attractive if they were smaller than a C and he refused to reduce me to anything less than a full C. I was desperate and just thankful that he put through my case to be covered by health care, so I just took what I could get. It seems so crazy that I was so complacent but desperate times!!

Now 10 years later, I'm 5'2" 125-130lbs and my breasts are a 32DD again. I didn't really realize the possibility that my breasts would continue growing, but they did. Even as my weight fluctuates they remain the same which is due to my breast being majority tissue and not much fat. 2years ago I decided to start the process for another BR.

I met a great surgeon and during my consultation he said I was a good candidate for a re-reduction and that health care would pay for it again. He was up front an honest about eh risks- loss of sensation, loss of nipple completely, possiblity of wrinkling skin or boxy looking breasts. But even with the negatives I still felt it was worth it.

I had my 2nd procedure on May 17th (1 week ago!!) and I am so happy about the results. I think I will end up being a small B when everything has healed. He did an amazing job and took me down to a size that fits my frame so well. He attempted to use lipo to remove as much as possible before cutting into the tissue, but as I suspected he couldn't get anything with lipo because my breasts were all tissue! He also made sure to get the notes from my first surgery and was able to follow the cutting patter of the last PS... this way my blood supply to the nipple was kept in tact and I will not lose my nipple, sensation in the nipple or the ability to breast feed.

My recovery so far has been a BREEZE!! I'm shocked. I had a day surgery so went in at 9am and was released by 5pm. That evening I was up walking around without help, had little to no pain (mind you I was on some nice meds!!) and was able to do most things on my own. My husband was there to support me of course but I was really self sufficient. I admit that I am only getting about 3hours of sleep per night- I'm a stomach sleeper so sleeping on my back and upright has been hell!! I am exhausted during the day and I sometimes fall asleep mid conversation lol
The first time I got to see my breasts without gauze and surgical bra was so weird!! They looked so little... but in a good way! It was just a major adjustment. They are looking quite boxy but I'm hoping that they will look a better as the bruising, swelling goes away. Fingers crossed!
Other than that I've been great. One week post op and I'm doing everything on my own already. Overall deciding to get this done a second time was a great decision. I am truly so happy with the results and I really can't wait to be all healed an see my final results.
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