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I wasn't sure about writing a review, but after...

I wasn't sure about writing a review, but after considering that fact that I have read over 100 reviews on here, had many questions answered through others experiences, I decided to contribute.
I am 30 years old. I have 4 beautiful daughters (7,5,4,2) all born by c-section. Two of my c-sections were emergency sections, they were rushed and not much care was taken to my abdominal muscle, incision site or the stretching of my skin when getting baby out. I'm very thankful it wasn't, but it left me with body damage afterwards including diastasis recti 4 finger width apart that will not return to normal.
My stats: I am 5'5" -155lbs - muscular. I wear a size 8 dress size.
My surgery is in 4 days. I am getting 475cc silicone HP implants- submuscular. After 3 months- when they have dropped and fluffed I will have a periarerolar lift if I am not satisfied with the position of my nipple.
I am also having a full TT.

I'm not sure if I'm nervous yet. Trying not to be. Love all of your ladies reviews.

What to do?

I'm about 30 hours away from surgery and everything I should have prepared before hand is running through my head. I have been reading this site for a year, I have read the preparations of so many of you fabulous women, and now I'm lost. No idea what to pack, what to have for after.

The one thing I did receive in the mail today is my Brilliant Contours post surgical Dragonfly bra. I researched the best post surgical front zip compression bras and over and over again these were rated number 1. It was slightly expensive given I live in Canada, but every review says I was worth it. Plus, the assistance and care in helping you get the right size and fit for your needs was great. It came beautifully packaged with a hand written note, and it's amazingly soft.

But ladies help me out, what else do I need?
My nest, laxatives of some sort. What did you wear post surgery leaving the hospital?

Over the hills and through the valley

I made it. It was a long day and that first little while post surgery really sucks!
I got to the hospital around 6:00am changed into my beautiful gown and headed to my spot in day surgery. My nurse took my stats and vitals and tried to start and IV .. Failed attempt. So another nurse came over to try. For the first time ever I FAINTED.. TWICE. Fainting is the strangest thing, it's like falling directly into a dream. I woke up confused thinking my surgery was over. My poor husband was just a worried mess and the day hadn't even started.
As soon as they got me feeling well enough the anesthesiast came in to chat. Followed by my PS to mark me up. He reminded me I will need a crescent lift on my nipples but he won't do it till 3 months post op to be sure he gets them in the perfect spot. He said I may not completely love my boobs till then. I got 475cc HP silicon unders. My starting breast size was 34C.
Off to surgery i went and the next thing I know I'm in recovery. I guess i was there for an hour, i slept the whole time. Then into my spot at day surgery for a few hours. My husband saw me there but i don't remember i have a hard time staying awake after general anesthesia. They gave me morphine and let me sleep for four or so hours. Then they had me up walking.

I had 4 Csections prior to this and the pain was different. It's more at the top of the waist from the abdominal sutures and oh hell the ladies hurt something fierce.

My surgery is 4 hours from where I live so we spent the night in a hotel.things were tough until my first dose of pain meds wore off. Now i can go pee, empty my drains all by myself.

That brings me to now. I've been hiked up in bed for about 12 hours now. I'm feeling well and slightly drugged hope this makes sense.

Happy bellies and boobs!

Day 2 post op

I slept so well last night that I forgot to wake up and take my pain meds. BIG MISTAKE! I felt awful this morning. I have a hard time complaining because it's plastic surgery, and I chose it, but wow did that go out the door this morning. Poor husband, I was whiney and grouchy, and just in pain.

My pain is mostly in my back from hunching over, as well from the breast band, and where my abs were sutured. The girls were feeling good.

I'll upload a photo but I don't have a lot to show, I can't take my stomach padding on till I see him 1 week post op. I haven't looked at my boobs yet, to be honest I'm a little nervous. I know I need to have a crescent lift in 3 months. This was the plan from the very start to make sure my nipples ended up in the right place. I didn't need a full lift, just the nipples height increased a bit. I'm scared I'll look at them and hate them. I just need to remember, 3 months and they will end up perfect.

My right drain is still draining enough, although it has slowed slightly. My left drain has slowed right down. Both are almost completely yellow in colour now.

I haven't had a BM yet, but I haven't eaten a lot either. Every time I try to I end up feeling awful. I'm living on yogurt, protein shakes, and cottage cheese. Staying well hydrated.
Every once and awhile I get a small muscle spasm. They don't hurt, they just feel strange. Not much more to report.

Happy healing, researching, and booby browsing.

5 days post op

I'm five days post op and I still don't have a lot to post about.
I weaned myself off of T3s as of today and the transition was easy. I have little to no pain except when I cough, or stand and walk for too long I will get lower back pain.
I take it easy a lot in my recliner.

I'm excited for tomorrow, my first post-op. The bandages come off and I get to see the work. I was scared I was going to cause stretch marks yesterday after I blew up like a balloon. It had been 5 days since I had a BM and it had to happen. My stomach honestly felt like a balloon. I ended up taking 12 prunes and a large dose of milk of magnesium. I was worried I would get cramps from laxative type relief so I took the more natural/gentle route first. It worked and hour or so later, and wow, it was amazing relief.

I still don't feel much like eating. All I eat is toast, cottage cheese, yogurt, some fruit, and the odd protein shake. Lots of water. I'm a coffee addict and I've been having a hard time finishing a cup. I think it's just the meds and pressure on my stomach.

I attached a pic of my boobs, they look low in the pic but for the 10 seconds I could stand up straight they are quite high. I'm just very hunched over in the picture. I still need my crescent lift in 3 months, but I'm really happy with them. Do you like my diaper? I found the most amazing, soft hanes underwear.

Happy recovery, and mommy makeover researching.

Well it's tight

I'm one week post-op. Yesterday I had my first post op appointment. I live four hours from my surgeon so we make the drive every time. He told me I was a bit of a struggle to close up and that my abdomen is very, very tight. At the time I didn't fully understand what that meant. I thought tight would be really good. When I got home and looked in the mirror I saw that it meant that my incision was being pulled up towards my belly button, and my pubic area right behind it. The skin is so tight it feels like it sits like a trampoline between my ribs and the incision and doesn't even touch my abdominal muscles. I'm scared as it loosens I will get further stretch marks or the incision could open. I'm also a little worried about bathing suits not covering my pubic region. These are all things I noticed after my post-op appointment and questions I will have to talk to him about when I see him next. I'm probably worried about them prematurely, I mean I'm only a weak out and as we've all browsed this site for months on end we know tummy tucks aren't healed until upwards 6months to a year.
I'm very hunched over still but walking well. I still take Tylenol and Advil during the day, the pain is in my lower back from being hunched over and in my abdomen up by my ribs, likely from the skin tension.

He told me he closed up my abs 5inches. That alone sounds crazy to be. But very exciting. I also have to wear my drains another week and a half... Uggh! Haha

My boobs feels good they look good too. They are still high. (Hard to tell in photos because I'm so hunched over they look like they are pointing down)

I am an optimistic person and I am sure everything is going to turn out wonderful. Happy browsing and healing!

2 weeks post op

The changes this week would be that pain has really subsided, for the most part. Every so often my lower back will get sore. This is when I know I am over working and need to take it easy.
I'm starting to stand up straighter, but I'm still not fully erect so I am not seeing the complete picture of my body.
In the morning my stomach isn't very swollen, although it seems I am always swollen. By the evening I feel like a balloon and it almost feels like my skin on my stomach could rip off. I still haven't seen my belly button. It's still a surprise. I'm hoping Friday will be the big reveal haha.

I have both my drains in still. One is draining 30mls a day, I'm hopeful it will be removed at my appointment on Friday. The other is still draining 70mls a day, so I think that one will stay in a bit longer. They drive me crazy! They aren't uncomfortable or anything, but I can't dress properly. I don't like wearing baggy or sweat pants everyday and you can see the darn things in tighter pants.
My boobs are dropping nicely and seem to be at the same rate. I'm looking forward to my lift at 3 months, not that it's noticeable that I need it to anyone else, but I want my nipples slightly higher and it'll be nice having the process complete. My nipples hurt like a beeeeep! I asked the doc why and he said that after surgery they are numb and asleep (which they totally were!) and now they are waking up and letting me know they are still there! Haha. But oweeeee!

The one thing I am finding difficult right now is the mental aspect. I look in the mirror somedays and wonder what the hell I did. I look funny. I have to remind myself that the finished product doesn't come for 6 months and to relax, but it gets tough... It's hard not recognizing yourself. Going through this and not liking what you say. Patience is tough. I open my mind and picture what it'll be in 6 months, plus what I know my training can do, and it turns the mood around. I read about this part, so I knew it would come. Didn't realize it would come so soon.

Happy healing and research ladies!

Bye bye balls!

Well 16 days post op and my balls are gone! They hung between my legs, often sticking to them in the heat, I had to adjust them often, tuck them in - I felt the title for my drains was appropriate haha. My husband could only shake his head.

On Thursday night I was getting out of my vehicle and I felt a slight pinch in the pubic region I went to the washroom to check on it and sure enough I ripped the stitch out and pulled half my drain out. I didn't even feel the drain come out. My plastic surgeon is 4 hours from me so I headed to the ER. The doc there didn't know whether to pull it, insert another or leave it out, seeing as I was seeing my PS in less than 24 hours he strapped what was out to my leg and left me that way for the night. It was so awkward.

When I saw the plastic surgeon the next day the drain fell out as I took down my pants. It was only draining 25mls so it was due to come out anyways. The other was draining between 45-60. He pulled that one out too and said he would monitor me close for seroma but wasn't too concerned. The drain coming out felt a little odd, but didn't hurt at all.

The scab on my incision came off in one area so I have to keep gauze on it, but it isn't infected and no signs of any issues, just needs to heal again.

I don't seem to swell as much at night, I just get more hunched over than I do in the morning.

My boobs change every few days, the left one is dropping faster than the right but it's not overly noticeable.

Since my balls are gone everything feels a bit better. I'm sure I'll still have down days, but I can wear normal clothes and move more easily.


Pics didn't upload last time


I have small openings along my incision line. My plastic surgeon told me the very day after my surgery that it was likely I would. He said he could have traded these openings for the vertical scare to release tension, but he was confident I was in good health and would have no problem healing these small openings and the scar will end up beautiful and small when it's all said and done. I trust him, my sister is a nurse, wound care is easy, so here I am. I wash with a saline solution, dry well and cover. Every other day I put antibacterial ointment on it.

It's definitely a long process to heal! I'm only 3 weeks in. Haha! I feel great. No pain. If I use my chest muscle at all it feels so weird, and engaging your core at all for the littlest things doesn't work. My binder is driving me crazy, especially in the summer heat! All is well though. My stomach looks soooo flat and when I bend over there is no flap at all. Yay!
I still swell in my lower abdomen by the end of the day, I've been downing water like its my job and I think that helps keep it minimal.

My boobs make me happy. I think I like em more than the hubby and he's a fan! Since the swelling has come down I definitely see the need for my lift more, just over two months for that and they will be perfect. I'm cool with waiting it out.

I got to start back in the gym this week - walking, elliptical, and the bike. I'm an outdoor runner.. But I don't do cardio at the gym so it's a new experience doing some light cardio and leaving. Feels good to be in there tho.

Happy healing and hunting.

4 weeks post op

I feel great! For the most part. Haha.

Let's talk tummy tuck healing: I still have openings on the right side of my incision, they are all smaller than a dime or a tic-tac and not infected, I clean them with saline and cover them daily. My PS says another few weeks and they will be gone, then once the scar has matured if I'm not pleased the revision is very quick and easy. I've researched these openings and it's definitely not uncommon. Just an inconvenience. My muscles feel stronger, I'm driving, and I've started working out lightly, nothing focused on the core and watching how intensely my core is engaged in the exercise. My compression garment is a pain in the ass.. But I'll live. I love how flat my tummy is and bending over is fun.. NO HANGY! I feel so good in my gym clothes, before it was disappointing, I was fit but always looked like I had a beer belly! Bye bye beer gut! Haha.
I'm in a little situation and maybe someone can shed some light. I saw my plastic surgeon Monday, 4 days ago. All was well. He left on vacation for 3 weeks. His office is also 4 hours away. Last night I was cleaning my wounds and I noticed a fluid wave. I know this is a seroma. It isn't bulging hard, can they clear up on there own, am I cool to wait? It's not big so I'll research and play it out before I call one of his colleagues.

Boobs! I love my boobs! I can't stress this enough. I can play them down around the inlaws and play them up when I want to. My incisions are healing great. I can't wait to wear a real bra tho. Still waiting to see if I need that lift but I'm not so sure I will anymore which is cool. I could even wait a few years till I do. I have a few months before I'll know! Haha I keep my incisions taped because my PS says it softens them up and helps their appearance.

FUNNY BOOB NOTE: I bent over in the shower and my boobs went pointy. I was concerned.. Why weren't they beautifully round and perfect still? I started researching and I guess this is a normal thing. Even with implants, when you bend over they go pointy. Now I know!

Dealing with scar openings and spit stitches

The first few weeks after my surgery I started getting open wounds along my incision line. At first it was two or three, by the end I had 14 along my right side of my incision, 4 on my belly button incision and one on my breast incision.

Every day was frustrating. I was notorious with them, cleaning them with saline twice a day, letting it dry, rubbing antibiotic ointment on it then wiping it off a minute later with clean gauze, because it shouldn't get gooey, and covering it to allow it less air access so it can heal from the inside. So much wound care! And it lasted 4 weeks. Everytime a stitch would surface a new one would open. My surgeon told me this would happen from the first visit the day after surgery, he said my skin had been too tight. He was honest, and helped me through it.

It healed well but I will need scar revision at 6 months post op to make it less visible, also to lower the scar. The tight skin pulled it up high, and along with that came my pubic area! Ugh. But it's temporary.

I couldn't be happier with my results!!

Another new belly button

After I was standing up straight and stretched out, so did my belly button incision. It was huge!

My 5 year old daughter said to me "Mom you have a red circle around your belly button, when I get red circles around things at school it means they are wrong. Your belly buttons wrong!" Hahaha
I thought it looked like a bullseye! Hahaha not pretty.

So this week just over 3 months post op. I got a new belly button!

Implants update 475cc

Update on the ladies.

I got 475cc smooth round high profile natrelle silicone implants. Placed under the muscle.

They're in the pocket and a few weeks back I was measured at Victoria's Secret as a 34DDD. The fit is pretty much perfect. I love the look out of a bra, but I find in a bra they often look very natural, like I don't have implants as all. Some people may think that is awesome, and it can be... but sometimes it's fun when they look really perky and firm too. Especially in sports bras.

I love them so much tho and would never go back on them, all in all they are amazing. A thousand time improvement!

3 month photos

Update photos including before and after.

I'm back working out. I started running 5km at 8weeks, I increased to 7km after a few runs. I started back at the gym lifting at 10 weeks. Now I lift with a trainer 3 times a week and do 40 minutes of steady state cardio 5 times a week.

Happy healing, friends!!


Haha.. its funny how the photos on the photo posts don't upload.

One more time

One more time

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