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I am a 29 yr old happily married mother of 7 and 3...

I am a 29 yr old happily married mother of 7 and 3 yr olds. I am 5'6" and weigh about 168...I am about 10 or so lbs higher than my average weight thanks to Zoloft : /. I'm now off that and working on gradually losing 10 lbs maybe...I kind of like my curves now. Anyway. I am getting my first BA wth minor lift on April 30th!!!! I've wanted this since I was 17 but wanted to wait til after I had kids. I don't want Huuuge breasts just natural nice busty ones that would go wth my body frame. I'm hoping for a large C cup...even if little bigger that'd be ok:). Is anyone the same size or close to my size who did 360cc saline? And are u happy wth them? I'm so crazy excited!!

Ok so I just got off the phone wth my PS and I...

Ok so I just got off the phone wth my PS and I told him how I questioned him saying 360 cc on my right and little less on my right. But I don't want any less than 360 and I'm afraid when I lose this 10 to 15 lbs I want to lose that I will lose volume because when I lose weight my breasts are always the first thing to deflate!!! So...I decided to up it to 390cc on right and slightly less on left. I know it's only 2 TB difference but does anyone think this will be too big for my frame? Currently 5'6" and 166 lbs now :) I am not top heavy it mainly settled in my behind and hips...yeah I got a booty goin on lol. Btw this sucks buying pants when the stomach fits perfect but my a** and hips are too tight!!! They need to make more jeans for women wth small wastes but wide hips lol. Anyway...I want to lose 10 lbs after surgery wth time and I'm hoping going slightly bigger will help me not lose as much volume. Thanks everyone!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!

Update: So it's getting down to the wire :). I'm so freakin excited!!!  I was going to go wth 360 cc saline but have decided wth 390 saline.  These days are dragging!!  So do we wear anything other than the gown during surgery? (Our panties,socks) I put a fresh coat of color on my toes in case no socks lol. How long after til we can have sex? (I have an anxious hubby lmao) and tanning? Spray tan. At what point can we just start wearing a sports bra no dressings etc. and that band we have to wear...how long for that lovely thing?lol. I keep looking at my current twins in the mirror...kind of a bittersweet goodbye lol. I really really hope they turn out how I've dreamt of them looking!! I will post after pics soon!! Good Luck to all of u who have surgery tomorrow...I'm jealous lol. :) hope all goes well!

Yay omg I have breasts now!! Lol. I had such...

Yay omg I have breasts now!! Lol. I had such anxiety the day before but as soon as I walked into the office my day of surgery April 30 2013, the entire staff calmed my nerves and are so unbelievably sweet. Dr Yarinsky is truly a master at what he does... I'm only one day PO and have no bruising no major pain and my breasts are gorgeous and everything I imagined they would be! I ended up getting moderate profile textured saline- 370 on the left and 390 on the right. I will post more pics when I'm a little more healed. Soooo happy and feel so much more confident in my self. This was on my list of things I've always wanted ..I found my amazing hubby,have 2 beautiful healthy kids and we just bought our new house almost 2 yea ago and my hubby got a great job as a county CO (5 yrs ago) and I've been wth my job for almost 7 yrs. well the pain meds /muscle relaxers are kicking lol nap time ( another bonus of having a BA...as most of u moms know we NEVER get to take naps lol. Hope everyone who is still healing...good luck and I hope ur as happy as I am:)

So I'm now almost 2 weeks post op and feeling...

So I'm now almost 2 weeks post op and feeling great. Still a little tender and tight. My left nipple never lost sensation but still waiting for right one to come back lol. I feel like they are dropping into place nicely. My back still bothers me a little from sleeping elevated for so long. I get my sutures out on the 20th. I want to go tanning so bad...versa spray tan ... How long did u ladies wait til u went tanning? Also I've heard conflicting information in regards to weight loss after BA. Has anyone lost 10-20 lbs after BA and have bad results? I heard they will look smaller after weight loss but then I also heard they will look bigger after weight loss wth the implants in proportion to a smaller frame. I had a minor lift done wth my BA so I'm not too worried about sagging.

3 weeks post op today!!

Soo I am 3 weeks Post op today and still loving my new accessories:-). I got my sutures out 2 days ago and they are looking better everyday...dropping more and getting softer. My right one still tightens up/muscle spasms in the morning when I first wake up but other than that my left one is defnatly healing faster. I can't wait to get my 6 week go Ahead to go bra shopping!! I am halfway there!! This medical bra does absolutely nothing for cleavage and shows the 24 the nip-ons I seem to have lately lmao!! So I took the pad liners out of one of my old bikinis and put them in my bra to hide my nips haha. I want to go back to my Versa Spray Tan soooo bad:-( but I have to wait couple weeks. When he took my sutures out one of the dissolvable stitches was pokin out also so he snipped that and it left a tiny open spot on my areola about the size of a marker tip so I have to put my antibiotic cream on it for 3 days then no more cream or gauze pads or hibiclens (surgical soap)...but still stuck wth this fugly bra and strap for another 3 weeks haha...hopefully it flies as fast as these 3 weeks have. June 11th come FAST!! Victoria's Secret is calling my name!!! So another thing...I looked up how to properly measure ur bra size and I've been wearing the wrong size all these years!!! When I measure underneath my breasts and around to my back its 31" which means I technically should be wearing a 32 bra and all these pre boob years I wore a 34B. So I at least know im a 32 ...cup size I will find out in 3 weeks lol. My PS even told me that my implants will continue to drop up to six months post op and round out more. Does anyone have 2-4 week post op pics and 6 month post op pics so I can see how much of a difference there really will be? Thanks !!! :-)

4 weeks post op

I'm kind of wishing I went a little bigger...I was goin to get 360CC and so glad I upped it to 390CC but either I'm getting use to them already or they r just settling more and this granny medical bra is not very sexy lol. I love the way they look in bikini tops but wondering how they will look in a good VS bra. Now I've never bought bras at VS before...never had any reason to ...had nothing to show off before. So any ladies out there have any advice on which VS bra I should try to enhance some nice cleavage? :-). Thanks ladies!!!

Got my go ahead for bra shopping!!!!

Got my go ahead for Bra shopping at 4 week appt and hit VS immediately after lmao. Sooo I'm a 36D!!!!! Omg so happy!!! They look so amazing in these bras compared to that god awful granny medical bra lol. Love the VS very sexy and Fabulous plunge. Still in shock that I'm a D cup!!! Love my new tatas. :-) !!!!!

These things get better by the day!!! :-)

So I'm 2 months after my BA and they are still dropping more and rounding out at the bottoms. I am so mad at myself for judging them so soon...they seriously only get better wth time haha up to 6 months to totally drop my doc said so no worries to u pre judging newbies out there...they get better :-). Bought a ton of new bikinis and I am using scar guard on my scars (upper areola) and its working pretty well. I am back to tanning...mainly spray tan but cover my scars if I go in a bed briefly. I still have not got sensation back in my right nipple but my left one is super lol. Even if I don't get it back in my right....it was so worth it!! Hope all the new boobies out there are makin their mommas happy lol

4 months post op and so happy!!!

I am 4 months out now and happier than ever!! I can't tell u all how getting this BA has changed my life. I have so much more confidence, I feel sexy, I can wear so many more clothes that I never could before, my sex life was amazing before but it has gotten even better now that I fill out lingerie And feel like a hot mama haha. It is soooo nice to have cleavage now...it's like an accessory lol. Will never regret getting this done!!

2 years out and still loving my ladies!!!!

2 years ladies and I'm still in love with my Tatas lol!! Best decision I have ever made and they are still amazing as ever!!!

Internet. Dr Yarinsky has had over 25 years experience and is the best in this area of NY. He is kind, listens to all of your concerns and reassures you every step of the way. His staff is absolutely amazing to say the least. I love them. They are patient, caring and very attentive. Plan on coming back for some Botox, facial fillers in near future:).

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