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I've wanted a reduction for years now, but I held...

I've wanted a reduction for years now, but I held off because I wanted to breastfeed. I started off as a DDD or F and am now in a J cup. Four kids later (I'm not having anymore!), and I'm finally ready to get this surgery. I went to a plasatic surgeon in January for a consultation hoping to get it done in February, but because I hadn't stopped breastfeeding for 6 months I had to wait. I then was told by my insurance that I needed to try pt and chiropractic therapy. Was set up to do pre-op in June until I was in a car accident in May. Took a while to get "healed" from that, but now back on track. I have to do another consultation and then pre-op appointment. Hoping that it happens quickly.

Have my dates!

I finally heard from the ps. I guess they were using a 518 area code instead of my 818 cell number. I was getting very frustrated with them not calling back. I have to see the doctor on 7-23-13 and I have my surgery date set as 8-7-13. I've begun feeling really freaked out the longer I have had to wait, just really want to get this over with!

Getting really nervous! 2 weeks 5 days

I wish that was done with surgery already! Getting kind of anxious to get the intial owie over with. My husband will be taking time off to help take care of me. The two oldest daughters will be staying with my inlaws that night *they can climb over the gate to get to my room :(* I am trying to head off a rash under my breasts, I don't think that they'll do surgery with a rash. I have been having some pretty bad back pain when I sit or lift the babies too often *Babies= 1 and 2 year olds*, not sure if its the breasts or the accident, but it's really starting to bother me.

I see all of these ladies with nice breasts after sugery and hope that I am just as happy when mine are done! I am hoping that my PS will give me some good instructions on post op, I have heard so many different things about how to take care of my breasts after surgery.
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