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I had the proceedure yesterday 8AM, June 26, 2011....

I had the proceedure yesterday 8AM, June 26, 2011. Was looking into it since 2009 and quit smoking 10 months ago. I made the decision and called. I had to have an EKG being over 40-I am 47, and gained at least 30lbs in the past 10 months. After too many people asking if I was pregnant I went for it! My BMI was high and I almost did not qualify. After watching youtube videos and reading reviews I was fully prepared. One review Osoexicited really helped me. I was treated with utmost care and kindness and they did everything no to stress me and be calm. It only was uncomfortable by my ribs and a few time the doctors said my muscle was close. I was half out of it and slept some too. I was up and out by Noon.

I laid a baby bed pad on my bed and topped that with Adult doggie pads which I changed about 3 times at night. Drank tons of water and only took half a pill of the pain killers each time. I am a bit uncomfortable but not bad at all. Not for the squemish. There is plenty of dripping blood and I make shifted a diaperlike chasity belt for the dripping blood with a two maxi pads taped all the way from my front to back-this did really well and it was the only thing I had to change for the 24 hours until I took off the body suit and showered. One recommendation I read helped-but up maxi pads and tape them over cuts -works well after the shower. I also recommend having garments but it does clean easily in the sink- use peroxide as per the instructions to get the blood out. Blot with a towel and hang dry like you would a bathing suit.

Make sure you eat before you go for surgery and afterwards. Keep drinking water. Also stairs aggravate it and the wounds will bleed more in the beginning so I avoided stairs for the first 12 hours. My doctor called me after 24hrs and was helpful with any questions I had. Make sure you have someone take you and pick you up-very important. Will post more and photos in a few days.

Day Three, Very sore and the bruises are frightful...

Day Three, Very sore and the bruises are frightful but that is expected. Only need some advil. I really don't want the pain killers because they make me dopey. I am taking the arnica pills and hope they speed up the healing process for the bruises. Cut up the pads and taped them over cuts. Make sure you buy the large size tape- the doctor gave me 3 inch but I can only find 2 inch in the pharmacies. Some cuts are hard to find because they are small and the bruises are camouflage. Later when I was out this evening I just started driping/leaking like crazy out of my bottom cut. Did get it to stop but should have been more prepared for it. All the fluid/skin has gathered on my lower belly and feels like jello and swishy. Thank goodness for the garment to hold everything together. I can see how I will get attached to it even though it does cut into my boobs a bit, especially when I have a bra on. All in all not so bad, I figure I have been dealing with the fat for so long that a fews months will be ok to deal with to look and feel so much better.

I had my post-op with my doctor yesterday and he...

I had my post-op with my doctor yesterday and he said all looks good-it is only 6 days today and he told me don't even pay attention to it all yet until a few weeks. He told me I will see a huge difference in a month. Right away he asked about if I noticed swelling of my ankles and elswhere- which I have- it is the retention from the saline solution they use. It is harder to get around than I thought the faster I walk the more sore it feels and I get fatigued really quick. I had moved around way too much on day 3 and later that day I started dripping blood from a lower cut when I was out with a friend-not fun. Right now that is the only cut with padding over it still, everything else is now closed up healing and covered with band-aids. The arnica did not magically heal the bruises but my doctor says it can't hurt to keep taking it. I tried the gel and taking the pills. He stressed more that I take my suppliments again-which I am. Also my period came with a vengence and is finally almost done. Told this is not uncommon also.

Day 10- My body looks much better, the bruises are...

Day 10- My body looks much better, the bruises are mostly gone and the swelling seems less. I called doctor yesterday and they told me the swelling stays lower-which it has on me! I am really amazed at how swollen my legs and ankles are. Drinking tons of water. Have been massaging the lumps all over and it stops the tingling. I had two incisions that we not healed so I have been on antibiotics for the past 5 days which make me really tired. I can't move too fast or I start to ache. Good news is that I can see the difference and know it will just keep getting better. No weight loss or gain and I am still in my "fat" clothes-they just fit smoother. No muffin top! I have decided not to post more pictures until a month. Also I have noticed that when I eat anything-I get full quick- that is a plus. I now am not a fan of the garment and look forward to another 2 days were I will only have to wear it 12hrs a day. I will follow instructions because I know it all will help the healing and I want the best results possible. Staying positive!

I Had my one month check up- well it's a few days...

I Had my one month check up- well it's a few days early but I am still swollen but the nurse told me I am a lot less swollen than most at 1 month and have lost 10 fat pounds (actual fat-not muscle) and a total of 6 inches. I still can't fit into clothes I wore last summer but at least I don't look pregnant any more and I do not have a muffin top!!! Eating way less and drinking tons of water. Doctor put bandaids on my healing scars -he says the moisture of the bandaid helps it heal better because the garment dries it up so much. I thought I would maybe not have to wear the garment anymore- not so. I have been wearing it during the day and sleeping without it at night. Was told to keep wearing it for 12 hours a day. I keep massaging the lumps all the time-especially because it gets tingly and numb- massaging keeps the blood flowing. I do see a difference already and many lumps have gone and smoothed out. I am hoping it keeps shrinking and I was told I still have swelling and will keep seeing improvement. My main concern is to start working out and lose weight in my arms and back so I look balanced. I was told to keep doing what I am doing because it is working so well. I am pleased so far and know I need to be patient. I have seen so many wonderful result from all the other women who have posted their pictures. Thanks to all! PS I have a great doctor-He is a real sweetheart. I went to Advanced Laser MedSpa in Clifton Park, NY. Have another appointment scheduled for an update in 3 months.
Advanced Laser Medspa

Staff always available to answer questions and courteous/nice. Doctor caring and considerate to all needs. So far I can tell there will be a considerable difference in my side and shape. I do know it will take time and effort on my part too.

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