Extended TT with MR June 27th, 2013 -Sarasota, FL

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I am 46 yrs old, mother of 2 ages 19 and 23. I...

I am 46 yrs old, mother of 2 ages 19 and 23. I discovered this site a little less than 2 months ago while googling Plastic Surgeons in my area. I have to say without this site I probably wouldn't be moving forward with getting a TT but the information on here and a recent friendship I have made from a fellow TTer on here has sealed the deal. I am ready to get this done!! It is so great to hear real journeys of other women and not rely on the testimonials and before/after photos on PS's websites.
So here's a little background on me: I had very good pregnancies and did not gain a lot of weight (27lbs with the first and 15lbs with the second). However my second child was three inches longer which left me with this ripped/ hanging skin (I am 5'5 and I don't consider myself to have a very long torso). Once my children were in school and we were going from work to sports and getting home late every nite I gained a ton of weight. I was always eating on the go or at the ball field (I know, bad excuse). So a little less than 3 years ago I decided it was time to take care of myself, both of my kids were in college so there were no more excuses. In 7 months I lost 72lbs by cutting out all whites and eating a 1,000 calorie diet. (Easily tracked by an iphone app) Unfortunately after a year and a half I started going back to old habits and gained more than half the weight back. I think even though I was at a my weight goal still having the hanging skin was l so discouraging that it wouldn't have mattered how much weight I lost I wouldn't be happy. So I've been back on my routine and am 16lbs away from where I was.
I have two TT consults scheduled. After meeting someone on here and seeing her amazing results I can't imagine I won't be using that PS. My consult with that PS is just around the corner on April 10th. The other PS I have a consult with is very well known for his great results too and is much closer to where I work (thinking about post-op appointments) but is considerably more expensive and I don't know anyone personally that has had work done by him. I do have a surgery date in mind of June 27th, depending on the quotes I receive will determine if that date is going to work financially. I am wanting a TT but no lipo so I hope that is the recommendation I get from the PS as well.
I am very excited to get this done and looking forward to joining all you ladies on the flat side!!

I am ecstatic to say I have scheduled my TT with...

I am ecstatic to say I have scheduled my TT with Dr. Jeff Scott for June 27th! I had made appointments For 2 consults but I am confident with Dr. Scott and do not feel the need to proceed with the second. He has offices in both Sarasota and Bradenton which I was previously unaware of in my initial search for a PS in my area.
I have to say I was extremely nervous talking to the nurse in the beginning of my visit but I eventually relaxed a little. I normally don’t react that way going to a doctor, I guess it was the embarrassment of letting it all hang out literally.
Dr. Scott was extremely thorough explaining everything and answered most of my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. He made me feel very comfortable, has a wonderful warm and professional personality and did not try to sell me on additional procedures. He also took the time to show me photos of other TT patients that he has done with my same body type. (No faces, names, completely confidential) My financial quote was a little more than I had hoped for but I do realize this isn’t a “one size fits all” procedure and it will be well worth it. It’s at the absolute ceiling of my budget for my desired date so I just need to be very careful over the next few months. As stated above I have seen his work of a fellow TTer and her results are phenomenal. His staff was very efficient and knowledgeable. I forgot to mention in my initial review that I manage a 5 physician practice with 18 staff so I have a great appreciation of the team supporting the doctor.
For anyone out there who is hesitant on writing a review I never EVER thought I would be let alone posting any pictures of myself but if I had not found this site and read the reviews that inspired me to go for it I would be still just dreaming of getting it done.
So my countdown begins, 78 days until the flat side :)

Impatiently waiting for my day to get here!! I...

Impatiently waiting for my day to get here!! I turned my vacation countdown app on my phone to my Flat Side countdown and as of right now 2 months, 1 week, 1 day, 11 hours and 15 minutes lol. I envy the ladies that went in for their initial consultation and scheduled their surgery for 2 weeks later.I'm using this time to exercise more, eat healthy and hopefully lose some more weight. Still trying to line up who will be helping me afterwards. I told my husband he only needed to take the surgery day and next day off as day 3 and 4 will be the weekend and he will be home regardless. So ladies how much time is really needed with assistance? I am very happy to say my PS does use the pain pump the first 3 days. He said he didn't want me laying in bed too much, he wants me up and around.( I'm sure to prevent PEs) Also, he said by day 3 I should be standing up with very little hunching to prevent back pain. I actually like that he is straight forward about what he expects from me as well. He said my surgery should take approximately 3 hours. I am scheduled to arrive at the surgery facility at 6:30 am which is great as I know I won't be able to the the night before anyways. I've been reading up on the difference between an extended TT and a regular TT and it mostly says the only difference is the scar wraps around the hips further to the low back and more skin is removed from the flank area. I'm sure this is needed since my skin fold form losing weight is further back then my hips. Anyone else have the extended version recently? Any advice? I also have to pick up a DVT machine from his office the day before my surgery to use until my first post-op visit. I had one after my gallbladder sx and I thought it felt great on my legs, like they were being massaged. I've started getting a few supplies together, I really need to slow down as I'm going to have everything and then won't have anything to keep me busy until the big day. Well that's all for now. Congrats to everyone on the flatside and thanks for all your blogs they are so informative. And to everyone like me chomping at the bit just waiting for our day to come just remember "Good things come to those who wait" :)

Pre-Op done!!

My pre-op was Wednesday, I just have a few items left to go out and purchase. (my ever so sexy thigh high anti embolism stockings to wear on the day of surgery lol) Overall my appointment went great, got my before pics over with, his nurse went over my instructions, answered all my questions, paid and was on my way. I jokingly told the nurse to feel free to tell Dr. Scott if he finished my TT with time to spare to go ahead and do my arms - she probably thought I was nuts. I would so love to be doing my arms at the same time but I don't have the patience to wait any longer for the TT to save up the additional money to get them done.
Like many of you I'm very excited but sooo nervous about possible complications. I'm still undecided about if I'm going to spend the first night in my recliner or propped up in my bed. I’m mostly concerned about leaning back on the incision that will go past my hips to my back since I'm having the extended TT.
So the countdown continues. I have some huge projects to get completed at work before my surgery so hopefully that’s going to help pass the time. 2 weeks, 5 days, 22 hours.....

More Pre-op pics : /

As much as I don't want to add anymore disgusting pics I know comparing them later will be rewarding. So here it goes...

15 hours 33 minutes until my surgery!

Just went to my PS office to get measured for my cg and pick up machine to prevent blood clots. I'm SO excited! Was nervous last week but not at all this week. Thought I was coming down with a cold Monday but nipped it in the bud. I will update tomorrow when I'm officially on the flat side :)

Made it to the flat side! POD 2

Surgery done, now time to heal. Arrived at the surgery center at 6:30 for a 7:30 start. Everyone at the facility were exceptional. Dr. Scott reviewed a few things with me, marked me up and off to the OR. My surgery was scheduled to last 3 hours and ended up taking closer to 4. Dr. Scott said he removed 6lbs of skin. The worse part of my surgery was the nausea from anesthesia which has been a problem for me in the past. Left the surgery center around 2:30 and got home around 3:30. I have a pain pump that will last three days and is placed to help the MR. So far I have been able to just take ES Tylenol . I try not to take pain pills as I hate the way they make me feel (groggy, headaches,nausea) POD 1 was a little rough but day 2 has been better. I had a dressing change one day one. I was very swollen and felt better once they put my cg back on. Wearing my TED hose, walking every hour, keeping my legs up and moving my feet. Have mostly felt the burning sensation at the incision and tightness of the MR. Walking less hunched but not quite straight up. Walking definitely helps with the stiffness. I've been camped out on the reclining end of our couch, have slept there both nights. One drain is draining a lot more then the other but I was told that was completely normal. All is going well, I will post pics soon. Happy healing ladies :)


Today was definitely a turning point. Much less burning from the incision. Standing upright 95%. Felt better overall. Not draining much in the last 24 hours but I know that can change. I have an appointment tomorrow, excited to see what my bb looks like. Will hopefully be able to take some pics. Wishing everyone well wishes


I had my pain pump removed today (ran out Saturday) and didn't feel a thing when she removed it. Hoping to get my drains removed Friday the last two days have been 12L / 19RT and 11L / 19 RT. At one point I was actually worried the drains weren't working or were clogged because I expected higher numbers but his nurse checked them and said they are working perfectly. I hope I'm not driving my PS office nuts with all my questions but with being in the medical field and reading on here definitely can make me over think things. I really don't mind the drains, not over anxious to have them removed as I don't want to risk getting seromas. If i get them out friday then great, if not then no worries. I have been eating clean with very low sodium. I have to say my husband has been an excellent nurse (to much surprise lol) he went back to work yesterday and my best friend drove over from Atlanta to take care of me for three days. She has been a huge help and my family is being spoiled by her cooking :) Everything is progressing very well. I still have not removed my cg at home so no pics yet. I need to go buy a pair of spanx so I can wash my garment but I'm so chicken to take it off. We actually went out to lunch today, it felt great to just get out. Home resting the remainder of the day.


Had my drains removed yesterday, it wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. It was very quick with a slight stinging sensation just for a few seconds. I get to shower today and am very excited to finally see what I look like without all the bandages. I'm pretty sure my incision is nice and low from what I can tell thus far. My husband is going to the store for me to get something to re-dress my incision. Kinda nervous about cleaning my bb for the first time. I get my sutures out Wednesday which is also my first day back to work. I started sleeping in my bed since night 5 and I have to say my back is feeling much better then when I was sleeping in my recliner. I am standing up 100 percent straight most of the time. I notice anytime during the day after I have sat in the recliner it takes a few minutes to get completely straight again.
Hoping to go grocery shopping with my husband today, never thought I'd say that! Hopefully I will get some after pics today.

POD 10 with Pics

No more extra pillows needed in bed! Sleeping very well but staying on my back (normally move all around). Had my husband and daughter take a few pics for me today finally. Neither got out of bed to do it so hence the weird angles. Started taking arnica and my swelling is starting to go down. Not really sure if it is the arnica or normal progression. Feeling great! Went to dinner with my family and to target afterwards with my daughter. Had my first shower yesterday. The shower wasn't exactly the Ahhh experience for me but once I was dressed, hair done, make up on and ready to go out I was feeling like a normal clean person again and that was the Ahhh for me :) I have a long way to go on the swelling but I am so thrilled with my results. Can't wait to start trying on my clothes and go shopping.

POD 11

This morning I tried on some of my new VS panties too see if my scar will be covered and I'm happy to say it is!! I still have steri-strips over my incison so I can't quite see if all my stretch marks are gone but there are none visible from what I can see. I am still quite swollen, not much change from yesterday. For those of you that haven't had your TT yet take your measurements. I took mine the day before surgery. My waist is actually 2 inches bigger from the swelling as of today but when I measure my hips where I had previously measured over my flap of skin I am 4 inches less!! I know the waist is just a result of the swelling and I need to be patient (which I'm not good at). I also have had swelling in my thighs. I am going to use my measurements to see how I progress once I am cleared to go back to the gym. I feel motivated now more then ever to get back to working out on my other areas. I made a spreadsheet to track my progress which is kind of a joke because my staff laugh that I make spresdsheets for everything.
Today is my first day not to wear my TED hose, it feels great to have my legs uncovered. I have to say my second shower (today) felt much better, I didn't feel rushed to hurry and get out because of not knowing how I would do. Yesterday I went to Sams Club with my husband but sat in the car while he ran in Publix afterwards as I didn't want to overdo it. I go to my PS office to get my sutures out on Wednesday which is also my first day back to work. I do plan on just going home early after my appointment at 2:00 to rest up. My husband has been doing all the cooking and cleaning and has even gone to all my POVs with me. He really didn't get why I wanted to do this so bad but has a completely different perspective now that he has been so involved. I couldn't have done this without him, he's been great. For anyone that hasn't had surgery yet you definitely need help the first 4 days. Well that's all for now, will update after PS appointment.

POD 13

Well today was my first day back to work and I am happy to say I did even better then I thought I would. I also had an appointment at Dr. Scott's office to have my sutures and steri strips removed. My incision looks great and I was given my next garment to switch to in one week. He also said I was doing great and cleared me to walk or light jog to my tolerance. I am however not allowed to lift anything.
Dr. Scott's surgical skills and my care in his office has been exceptional. For anyone looking for a PS in the Bradenton, Palmetto, Sarasota, Venice, North Port or even Tampa area you should definitely consult with him as you won't be disappointed. Time for me to rest, will post incision pics tomorrow .

2 weeks Post Op with incision pic

Woohoo I'm 2 weeks post op, here is a pic of my incision. I am thrilled and can't wait to see my final results :)

POD 16

Tried on panties to see how well my scar is hidden and I'm very happy!

POD 17 Pre-surgery jeans fit :)

So I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to try in my jeans and to much surprise they fit with room to spare! No muffin top!! I have traded the excess skin that was previously tucked in them for swelling and I'm good with that. I am down a total of 11lbs since surgery. 6lbs removed during surgery and 5lbs from eating clean. I'm still quite swollen but seeing progress.
Anxious to go shopping but holding off until August. Our son graduates from college in August so I figure that will be a great reason to shop for a new outfit. Haven't seen him since he came home in Dec for Christmas break which is way too long for me. Can't wait!!
Will post more pics soon. Life is good!

POD 23 with Pics

Well today is the first day I can say I'm getting a little worried about my results. I'm just not seeing any signs of a waistline still and when I compare my pics to others everyone has beautiful waistlines early on. Also, my tummy is still very mushy at times. Can fluid build up later in the day? Seems different from just swelling. I need to get out of this funk! Today's my bday I should be out celebrating!

POD 25

Woke up with a very flat tummy :) Mornings are great but as the day progresses I swell up so basically I jumped the gun the other day from being impatient. I am still very happy I did this, no regrets. The journey continues .....

POD 26 incision pics

Morning incision pics. Haven't started scar therapy yet, waiting until after next visit to PS on week 5.

Oops missed one

5 weeks PO

I can't believe its five weeks already! Saw Dr. Scott yesterday and was cleared to resume all normal activity. I'm just going to ease into it and try not to overdo it though. I have to say I LOVE my tummy in the mornings, so flat!! I'm still having normal swelling throughout the day. I'm in my office over 9 hours a day and constantly running around for someone the has a "desk job". For anyone that hasn't had their TT yet the only thing I would have done differently is taken more time off of work. I was back to work POD 13 and although I did fine I wish I would have given myself a little more time to heal. Bought a new fitted maxi-dress and wore it to a baby shower last weekend and had lots of compliments. It feels great to be able to wear clothes I feel good in rather than trying to find clothes that would hide my old tummy / skin flap. For anyone still deciding whether to do this or not, go for it! Will update with pics soon, happy healing ladies :)

Swelling reduced!

The last few days my swelling has been less in the evenings, sooo happy! Feel like I'm making ground in this journey. My after measurements where my flap of skin was is down 5 1/2 inches!! I've always had an athletic build from years of gymnastics. I was thin but never had a tiny waist. I did not have any lipo so I need to hit the gym and work on my waist/flank area. I'm hesitant to working out since my swelling is getting under control, I hear how exercise induces the swelling....decisions, decisions. Will post pics soon, headed to Boca for my son's college graduation. Bought 2 new dresses and love them both now that I'm flat :)

PO 7 weeks 4 days

Swelling has continued to go down in the evening! Saw my primary doc today and he was extremely impressed with Dr Scott's work. He got info on him for me so he can refer to his patients. I've been walking and doing some weights. Definitely have soreness in abs from working out but I expected that. I see Dr Scott Wednesday and will update after that visit.

9 weeks with photo

Doing well, have lost 11lbs since surgery. I would like to lose another 10 and then maintain. Exercising much more but still haven't started any ab work. Here's a current pic. Hope everyone is doing well :)

6 month update

Can't believe it's been six months already

6 Month Update

Oops...my dog jumped on my lap and I accidently submitted the above. Time has really flown by, I can't believe it's already been six months! To this day I can say I am still absolutely thrilled with my results and it was definitely worth every penny! Dr. Scott is an excellent surgeon, I recommend him to everyone. For anyone still undecided on if they should do this or not - YOU SHOULD! Do your research on the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area, read reviews outside the PS's website and schedule your consult. It is important to have realistic expectations for your body type and be specific with your surgeon as to the results you are looking to achieve. My experience was great. I followed all of his instructions to a T and had no complications. I've loved having to buy new clothes because the old ones are too big and getting to buy much more flattering styles I could have never worn before. As of now I have purchased two pairs of size 6 jeans and wear them every chance I get lol. I cannot begin to tell you how great it is to no longer have the roll of skin showing in pants & dresses. Having this procedure will give you more confidence then you actually expect. My scar has been flat from the beginning, it has faded and will continue to fade over time. I did not use anything on my scar as I was very happy with the way it was healing and did not feel the need. For anyone concerned about the scar just remember it is so much better to have a scar that will fade then to have what you have now. I just think of it as a reminder of how far I have come and how much I deserved doing this for myself! I have not been on this site for quite a while and need to update my pics which I will do very soon. Keep reading reviews, they are very inspiring! Happy healing to all the ladies now at home recovering and welcome to the flat side :)

TT Update 1 yr 2 months, incision pics

Wow how fast time has gone! I just want to update my incision/scar pics to show how much they fade as i know that is a concern for anyone having this procedure. I am thrilled with the results of mine as they are so light, barely noticeable. I do have to say my weight has fluctuated 10lbs or so in the last year depending on how diciplined or not I was exercising and eating healthy. I have recently scheduled lipo on my inner and outer thighs with Dr. Scott for November 21st. Dr. Scott and his staff have been exceptional. As I have said before I did a lot of research choosing the skill level of my PS and definitely made the right decision :)
Having problems loading pics, hopefully they appear! Keep in mind my incision did wrap further around as i needed and extended TT due to weight loss.
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

I started off my search googling Plastic Surgeons in my area and viewing their before and afters on their websites. Then searched reviews from other online sites which led me here to realself. I met with one of Dr. Scott's patients that had her TT in Jan '13. Her results were amazing so I scheduled my consult with Dr. Scott right away. Having seen his work first hand I knew he was the surgeon for me.

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