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After consulting with Dr Marguerite Barnett, she...

After consulting with Dr Marguerite Barnett, she encouraged me to reduce my breast size and tighten my stomach due to neck injuries and pain in my cervical area. I took her advise after she reminded me of her double board and Harvard diploma. This of course, impressed us, but sadly don't let her credentials fool you.
My proposed surgery was expected to take 3 hours max. and she opted for a surgical center despite my pleas for a hospital location. This turned out to be a my living nightmare. My family waited 9.5 hours until a nurse came out to say I was still in recovery!!! They wanted to speak to Dr Barnett but the nurses responded, she has already driven away!!! No post surgery Check! I was rushed out, since the center closes at 5, in a wheelchair, half sedated, in horrific pain, begging them to call me an ambulance. We were told to bring me home and follow the paperwork. In shock, my family did so. The next 48- 72 hours went downhill as more and more puss came out into my drain sacs and my breasts were severely lop sided but most importantly, the 3-4 inch incision that I was promised in my pubic area, was instead 20 inches across my lower abdomen preventing low waisted pants or bikinis ever again and within a week of surgery, I went to Doctors hospital where I was examined and told I had a severe staph infection. Dr Barnett insisted we come back in HER OFFICE!! To repair the drain that fell out and cut a larger incision hole right there in office after hours! No nurse to assist and ultimately left me looking and feeling as if a butcher had performed this surgery. Since then, she saw me in her office for 3 months trying to even out my breasts with ultrasound, blaming it on "hardening", when in actuality it was because she overfilled the left implant and wouldn't admit her mistakes. My lower abdominals are horribly painful and distorted and ugly and I now have multiple hernias as a result of her not doing it correctly. Other doctors concur. This is a warning to others who want to use Barnett. She has a superiority complex and cannot admit she's not sure or knowledable enough or simply getting too old. Her driving away and playing a mock violin in an office visit in front of my husband and daughter was COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL stating i should stop complaining and I am now facing multiple operations to correct what Marguerite Barnett did to me. As of 4/21/15 Doctor Nor her staff, refuses to return our calls for comment or help. Other surgeons have called her a " butcher" and we have photos to prove it. Avoid this so called renowned plastic surgeon in Sarasota Florida.

Multiple Recommended procedures from leading Sarasota cosmetic surgeon Dr Barnett

Still no return calls regarding my abdominal pains at her surgical site.

Sarasota's Finest fir Tummy tuck and breast reduction.. hummmm

See results after maintained weight and 3 years later FAILED RESULTS COMPLETELY BOTCHED By Sarasota Dr Marguerite Barnett

Everyone considering this in Sarasota ! Buyer Beware !!!

Results of botched Tummy tuck and breast reduction in Sarasota FL.

would You PAY for this ????? noobe deserves these results

Can't hold stomach in ever
Can't wear sexu clothes or bikini now
Wish I never did it by Dr Barnett

FINALLY I GOT ANSWERS my recent visit to Sarasota leading surgeon

Last week I finally was seen by a well respected surgeon that I was referred to by my primary and my uro. gyno. also. So I went.
He examined me and my cat scans. He definitely stated I had been very, very overly tightened and he did not like the large dimpling in the center of my scar caused by Dr. Marguerite Barnett, in Sarasota from Mandela Medspa, when she performed my tummy tuck which her nurses said, took 8 .5 of the total 9.5 hours, only one of those hours, of which was when she performed my breast reduction, then moved onto my tummy job which caused my abdomen abnormality, unsightly sunken pit and shortly after had to fix the fact that her drainage tube, fell out on its own, which resulted in me immediately getting staph infection which she attempted to correct whatever she clearly messed up during surgery, in her office, by the way, after hours without aide of any staff member. Keep in mind, my family asked to speak to her immediately when the nurses stated I had been rolled into recovery, but their responses were, " that the doctor had left the building and was not returning!!!
I've was toldby this new surgeon he coukd " fix it" rather have it repaired, but this means more pain, risks and quite frankly I'm tired of the " good old boy" doctor mentality, here in Sarasota, when its obvious they are shocked by her so called results and after care. Who will pay for this correction? To date I'm $12,000-$13,000 in to it already. I hated her complete lack of professionalism after i went to the Venice outpatient surgery center. She had a horrible bedside manner post op and office treatment and discussions with me that followed. To date her staff nor she, have tried to reach out to me in any way shape or form, despite my request. I urge any potential patient to seek several options and qualified consultations. Spend the extra few grand $$$$ and review many patient recent surgery commentaries. Call each one. Do your due diligence!!!!! A Harvard diploma is only as good as the paper is written on if the graduate, surgeon didn't really graduate with strong skill sets, as in this case is clearly evident.

Skilled surgeons needed to help with serious corrective post op results

To all Qualified Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons out there!!!
Please review my case and please, please help me revise the very unsatifactory results I received. I finally thought after everything I've been through....3 cervical spinal operations, having been a documented Fl. State victim of a crime, living with pain and humiliation and rebuilding my life after losing my long term business due to the health issues, I no longer can afford to " fix " what this unprofessional surgeon without strong skill sets, left me with.
I am three years post op and need serious help to correct the damges my former PS has caused me.
If you or someone you know, would like to hear my story completely, I would forever be sincerely grateful. Thank you from my heart.
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

My interactions were abrupt, with very little bed side manner. When I and others, asked questions, she appeared agitated by the questions, as though they weren't important enough to answer and did not want to go into any lengthy explanations. When a problem arose causing us to return after hours, specifically, my staph infection caused from her procedures, she made excuses for the problems and said there's no reason to cry or carry on the way I was or be upset, despite her decision on the spot to cut back into me on her office table, then she put her hands up gesturing, to play an invisible violin in front of me and my daughter and now husband, as if to say, she didnt feel bad for me or my pain at all. She's rude and abrasive at times and I would never send anyone back there for anything. Her staff follow her lead in unfriendliness. Some are afraid of the doctor their boss, and told us so. I have had problems ever since she operated on me. The doctor has not returned our calls to date asking for a time to show her my very unsightly massive scar , dimpling and new pains in my abdominal surgical areas. This is not a surprise after my entire experience. Never have I been treated so unprofessionally by a medical doctor or surgeon, ever. If I could turn back the clock, I would have gone with Dr Dreshen in Clearwater, paid more but have no problems and no deformity, like I do now sadly.Biggest mistake I ever made was thinking her Harvard credentials would someone make her premiere. She's definitely best retiring. This is true of her breast augmentations too, as she ruined the most natural complimented previous breasts, which I had her downsize, i now hide from the world. Overall, I would not recommend her for cosmetic procedures. Save your money and go elsewhere.

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