Rhinoplasty(open), Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Bilateral Inferior Turbinate Reductions, & Septo Cartilage Harvest. - FL

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Ever since i could remember i have always wanted a...

Ever since i could remember i have always wanted a nose job. For many years now i have been very unhappy with the size and shape of my nose, as well as the indent at the tip of my nose and the hump i had on the bridge of my nose ,which i think was caused by getting my nose broken when i was younger. Even though i have always wanted a nose job, wanting one and actually getting one is a big difference. Your nose is one of the most noticed features on a persons face. So if it gets messed up you'll be the next michael jackson . No im just joking i dont think anyones nose could look that bad. Anyway.... the other four procedures im having at the same time as my rhinoplasty are all for medical reasons. Although im not excited to have all procedures done at the same time i cant afford to miss out on work any longer then i already am.

My surgery date was on June 12, 2014


5 day post-op

The first few days of post-op i thought were bad with headaches and feeling congested. But today my throat hurts so bad, they say the older you are when your tonsils are removed the longer it takes them to heal. My nose on the other hand feels fine. I have been taking my prescribed medication as needed every 4 to 6 hours, as well as keeping myself hydrated. With having all these procedures done at once there are some complications for example, i am supposed to keep my throat moist, but since i had the rhinoplasty done and i cant breath that good through my nose , which makes me need to breath through my mouth at night time. So when i wake up i am excruciating pain because my throat is so dry. i use biotene but it doesn't seem like it is helping.
Does anyone know how i can prevent that? or maybe just help the dryness?

-Other then that my nose feels fine still congested and my ears are aching really bad.
My cast feels a little loose but i think it is because of the swelling going down.

Cant really give my overall satisfaction of the rhinoplasty until i get my cast is taken off which is June 20,2014

UPDATE week1 POSTOP:Rhinoplasty(open), Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Bilateral Inferior Turbinate Reductions, & Septo Cartilage

sorry i haven't updated my results since my cast has been taken off. Yesterday was a rough day. My ears and my throat are in worse pain then ever right now and i dont know what to do. I am a baby when it comes to pain. So when i wake up every morning i basically cry because i feel like instead of it getting better it has just been getting WORSE. It hurts to yawn, sneeze, smile, and now my jaw is killing me.

For my nose though, since the cast has been taken off it has been very swollen. I'm tired of sitting in bed for the most of my day. I live in florida and its summer now so all i want to do is be outside but i cant. Anyway, i also did have bit of a problem last night. I was lying down and all of a sudden i had a nose bleed so my first reaction was to freak out ahaha even though that never helps. It wouldnt stop for like 20 minutes even after i flushed my nose out, so i finally called my doctor(@11pm) and he told me take a flash light to look and see where the blood was coming from and from what i could see it looked like a blood clot coming out of my nose. I tried to pull it out but it wouldn't come out, it was stuck. My doctor told me to put my head back and put some ice packs on my nose to help. He said it would fall out today, but before i even went to bed last night as weird and gross as this may sound, the blood clot went back up into my nose. So as for today the clot did not come out, but it hasnt bled today.

Has anyone ever had that happen to them?

Anyway, if anyone has any advice on any of the problems i am having please dont hesitate to comment or message me. Any idea of what is going on would be a great help.

Post-op almost 1 year

June 10th will be 1 year post-op and im soooo HAPPY with the final results. No more bump no more indent on the tip of my nose (:
Sarasota Facial Plastic Surgeon

Doctor and all nurses were a great help. Being finally able to see my nose i am happy with the outcome. He hit every aspect i wanted taken care of. My nose is still swollen so i wont be able to see final, final result for about another month or so, but i can tell the difference in my before and after and i am very pleased (:

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