Tummy tuck and neck lipo - Sarasota, FL

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Hey everyone! (1st time posting!) I love reading...

Hey everyone! (1st time posting!) I love reading all of your stories! I went to my 1st consult (Dr. Schmidt @ Sarasota Plastic Surgery) a few weeks ago, and have my 2nd/last consult (@ Lakewood Ranch PS) in the morning. I'm nervous again...just because of the excitment I think. I'm looking into:
Tummy Tuck with hip lipo
Lipo under my neckline
Lipo inner thighs
Breat Lift with Implants

I cannot decide on saline or silicone??? I like the "round" look on the top...??? I have no clue about all the moderate/high/low etc??? Confused about all that! Any suggestions? I have plenty of breast tissue, 36D-DD, but breastfed two kids....
Any advice/thoughts? So glad to have people to go through this with! :)

I just got home from my 2nd consult. :( This Dr...

I just got home from my 2nd consult. :( This Dr doesn't want to put in implants yet. He wants to just do the lift and see if I'm happy then. BUT I KNOW I want implants! :( sheesh! So I would have to have 2 surgeries if I go with him. AND he won't do lipo in my thighs bc he said lipo in that area is too dangerous...and won't do lipo under my neck either :( what the heck?? Did I say he was more expensive also?? ..... SOOOO like my 1st Doc better! (vent)

I'm so nervous!!! My husband has been telling me...

I'm so nervous!!! My husband has been telling me for weeks - to wait until tomorrow for an answer on surgery.... well it's almost tomorrow and I'm dying over here!!! This waiting and suspense is KILLING me!!!! I want this SO bad!!! I can't stop thinking about it... I'm having a girl day tomorrow with a friend and I'm sure I am going to talk her ear off waiting for my husband to get home tomorrow! ugggggghhh!! lol!

I have a DATE!!!!

SEpteMbER 18th!!!! I'm so excited!!! and nervous!!! (signed the dotted line for tummy tuck and neck lipo!!) I decided to do the thigh lipo and the breast lift/augmentation seperately.... boo :( but I'm happy to be getting done what I am!!!! Now I just don't know what to do with myself!!! I need a list of supplies and a chill pill! ha! :)

I did it! (Tummy Tuck, neck lipo)

Well I had surgery this morning! Very nerve wrecking! I'm real drugged up and loopy now, so I will elaborate later. Let the recovery begin!

I did it! (Tummy tuck, lipo hips and neck)

Feeling groggy from today's surgery, will update shortly. :)

I did it!


haven't had a chance to take photo of stomach yet, but hope to yoday...ps seriously no one will share these personal pictures right?

Post op 24 hours after

10 days post op

Well, 10 days out.... I thought this was the stupidest thing ever last week. But now I'm feeling more normal and ok with it all. Lol here's updated pic of my neck lipo

15 day post op update pics

17 days post op

It's oozing!!

Help? Is this normal? How do I clean it? What do I put on it!??! My dr said to remove the bandages and start applying scar cream... So tonight I took off the tape, and places j my incision are bleeding or oozing and nasty ???? What do I do??? It's Friday so I have to wait til Monday to call dr.... !!??!!?!!??
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

Awesome Dr! Great bedside!

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