53 Yoa Time to Retire 38G Breast - FLorida

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Hi ladies I have been reading this site for a...

Hi ladies
I have been reading this site for a month now and have gathered a lot of helpful information. I decided I needed a breast reduction years ago but after seeing my GP and being told I just needed to loose weight I became discouraged. I did the weight lose journey and after dropping 25lbs the breast did not move. I continued for years with the shoulder and back discomfort until now I decided it was time. I sought a top PS in my area and was told I was a good candidate. They are sending it through my insurance and you know how that it. They want you to jump through hoops to get it covered (3 months pain med, muscle relaxers, physical therapy) with no guarentee of approval. So I'm prepared to finance this myself. Right now I'm waiting to here from them but regardless it on for August 2016. So tired of being top heavy and disprortionate. Ready to look normal.

Insurance Denied

Well received my insurance response and was denied. Reason given they want more tissue taken than PS recommended. PS recommended 500cc in one breast and 550cc in the other. Insurance goes by a chart based on height/weight. According to chart they want at least 800cc taken.
Well I'm not willing to removed more than recommended to appease insurance for coverage. My main concern is breast ending up being too small for my body. So I will be financing my own procedure. At least I will have control over what is taken and have some idea of what size I will end up with. Hopefully, I will go from a G cup to D. Will be calling Tuesday to schedule my big day!!

Big Day Scheduled

Well ladies my surgery day is scheduled for July 29,2016. I'm excited! I wanted to get some lipo done to my mid-section at the same time but doctor was suggesting a full tummy tuck. Yikes!! I said a NO to that one. So back to the gym it is. Anyway, getting things in order for surgery. Any suggestions for post op items and to make recovery easier would be greatly appreciated. Thx Ladies

One Day Post

One day post procedure and feeling great. Minimal pain so far. Went for first follow up this morning and everything looks great. Feeling much better with less to carry around.
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