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Hello all! A little about me....I'm a 34 year old...

Hello all! A little about me....I'm a 34 year old mother of 2 beautiful babies, ages 5 and 4. I am 5'1", ~114lbs and currently in a 32B/34A bra. I don't fill them out at all but when I go to a smaller cup my saggy gross skin seeps over the tops of the bras. I breast-fed both of my kids and my boobs ballooned! I believe I was in a 34DD/36D when I was pregnant/breast feeding. As a result of breast feeding my once perky, rarely had to wear a bra boobies have turned into saggy, jelly-feeling nastiness. I have been talking about getting a BL pretty much since my daughter (my youngest) was a year old and now that she is turning 4, I finally decided to take the plunge. I don't have enough courage to post pics yet but I will. I know they are so helpful for everyone as well as myself. My original thought was just a BL but after consult, Dr showed me what I would have left after a lift and it is pretty dreadful. I know that I need help in the fullness area for sure!

My pre-op appointment is this Thursday, 10/10, with my surgery on Wednesday, 10/23. I am so excited and anxious as well as extremely nervous. My goal is to be a full B, small C but everything I'm hearing/reading is to go a little bigger. I am pretty small and don't want it to be obvious that I've had a BA. I am a mom and just want natural-looking breasts that fit my body. Hopefully the fitting will help. PS said at consult that he thinks 300 or 325 might do the trick. We shall see!

Question for runners

Any runners out there have any advice for long until you were back to normal with your running? I am having surgery on 10/23 and dr said I could do cardio after 3 weeks. I have a half marathon on 12/1 and was wondering if I should prepare myself for a no-go on that or if I could muster through and do it. Have to mentally prepare myself either way :)


What I've got now...

Nothing to write home about. Lol. Here they are as of now. In 16 days I will have some new perky ones :)

Some more

Side shot

Rice test

So I am sitting here at my computer with my rice test boobies in my sports bra. LOL. I have a huge grin on my face imagining having nice perky ones 2 weeks from tomorrow! AAAHHHH. I filled them with 1 1/4 cups of rice which is supposed to be equivalent to 300ccs. So far so good :) I have posted them above to see if this is what I want to shoot for :) I know, I'm a dork!

Ugh...uploaded before finished.

Darn it. So the pic above is before rice test in sports bra

Day before Pre-Op

Spent an hour or so thinking about any questions or comments I have for my PS and writing them down so that I don't forget anything tomorrow. My hubby will be going with me to the appointment so that he can give the seal of approval on my new and improved boobies! :) I am really excited! I wish I was getting the surgery sooner although I am not prepared at all! Any suggestions on what to discuss at pre-op? I've got a decent list but wanted to put the feelers out there.

Hope everyone is doing well! My appointment is at 9:10am so the plan is to drop the kids off at school and head straight there. I know PS is going to want me to have a mammogram so I am sure I will get a prescription for that and will have to make that lovely appointment tomorrow. So not looking forward to that! I will be in touch!



Had pre-op appt this morning. Been running around all day since then...this is my first time home and I am about to run out to go cycling class. I wanted to let everyone know how it went....PS talked to my hubby about giving me my meds as he doesn't want me in any pain at all for the first 24 hours (very nice of him :) ) and he spoke about my prescriptions (3 in total, 1 antiobiotic, 1 for nausea, and 1 for pain). Then we jumped into sizing as my hubby had to see his own patients at 10am. Now that I look back I feel this part was a little rushed although my husband will tell you we were in there forever. We decided on 304cc, moderate profile, silicone implants but PS is going to bring in 331ccs as well as high profiles. After my hubby left, PS and I continued to talk and I told him I was feeling skeptical on the bigger ones and even the 304s because they seem so wide. I don't want a lot of side boob nor do I want torpedo boobs. I want a nice round, perky shape that fits my body and doesn't make me look wide. I should have taken pictures of myself in the shirt they had me put on because I honestly think I look like a big, wide boobed girl. I don't know if I am just second-guessing myself or if I should try on smaller sizes. Ugh! I am stressing so bad over this that I am making myself not feel well. I am a big worry wart!

Anyway, enough about that....I am paid in full and scheduled to be at the surgery center at 6:45am on 10/23. I believe my surgery will start at 8:30 because they told me to have my hubby pick me up at 12:30pm and it is a 4 hour time slot for the surgery. I am having a lollipop incision with a slight anchor possibly (but if I do it will be minimal). PS does not want me to have any issues with sagging and I have a lot of loose tissue/skin in my breasts. Have to run to class. I'll update more a little later.


More on pre-op

Sorry I had to cut review short out a lot of aggression and nervousness at cycling class last night and then hubby and I went out to dinner (no kids last night!!! woohoo). Hope everyone had a great evening last night.

So, ended up being at the appointment for 2 hours. After sizing, PS talked to me further about any questions I had and we also talked about the implants again. He is going to bring in smaller and bigger implants in both high and moderate profile and make the final decision in the OR on what size I will end up with. He told me he knows what I am looking for and I will love them. Have to let the control freak in me trust him!! That is one of the reasons I am going to him, I like his work and know he does a good job. He has done two of my friends already and they love their new boobies!

Ok, ranting again....have to get a mammogram and blood work which I made appointments for today. Not really looking forward to the mammogram :( I've heard that they are not very fun. Going to drop prescriptions off at pharmacy and do some laundry today. Nothing too crazy.

Took pics in some tops/pjs that I am interested in seeing what I will look like after the procedure and attached them.

Going to start my day. Hope everyone has a good day and good weekend!


Hi everyone!

Its been a couple days but there hasn't been much to say. I have really been trying to keep busy and not think too much!! LOL.

Went for mammogram and blood work on Friday. Mammogram went completely fine. Some friends had me totally freaked out by it but it was good. No pain. The pics that came up made my boobs look so perky and perfect...if only that were the case! LOL. I said something to that effect to the tech and she said, "Well, you can always have surgery to correct that." I turned to her and said, "that's exactly why I am here getting a mammogram in the first place!" Conversation went from there and come to find out, she had had a BA a year and a half ago and I could not tell at all that she had had them done. She really helped put my nerves at ease telling me that I won't regret it at all. I know I won't but these days leading up the surgery are absolutely killing me!!!

Went to walgreens and filled my prescriptions as well as picked up some items I will need for next week. Trying to slowly get things ready so that I'm not panicking the night before scrambling to get everything done. Nothing new to really report. Still checking in on everyone :)

Hope everyone is doing well. XOXO

Oh week!

This time next week I will be home with my new girls!!!! It is really exciting, I must admit. Every time I think about it, I just smile even though I am scared out of my mind!!!!

I found one picture of the wish boobs and have attached it. I hope I get something along those lines. Do you ladies think that 300 moderate profile, under the muscle will give me that look or bigger? I told PS that I am looking for small C, full B (not that cup size is accurate). Appreciate any advice! :) what is really freaking me out today is this....some of you have these amazing post-op pictures. Please don't mind my bluntness (not sure if that's a real word but I'm going with it) but some of you have these amazing, smooth stitch lines and then some others are puckered. It is really freaking me out!!! I know that they go away but I am having really bad anxiety about it. What if the puckering doesn't go away?! I know that our saggy booby skin was stretched but oh my! I am just having a really hard time with it today. I guess I am just picturing perfection from day one and maybe some of the pictures I am looking at are those who did not undergo a breast lift??!! I think I need to put myself on probation from looking at anyone's pictures for the rest of the day! LOL

UGH! I'm nuts!!!



Trying to behave myself.....step away from the c o m p u t e r !!!! !!!!!!!!!!



Ok ladies...I am starting my list for the grocery store. Any items that any of you can think of that I may need? I want to make it as painless as possible for my hubby and kids. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

So close!!!

I cannot believe that my surgery is on Wednesday! I am really excited about it. :)

I just ran my last 5k race for awhile. It was at 5:30pm and it was brutally hot down here in Florida. My worst time ever and I still managed to get 3rd place for my age group! Go figure! My plan is to run again tomorrow and then go to cycling class on Monday and Tuesday. Then it is relaxation time for 3 long weeks! I am so used to working out that I am afraid I will gain a ton of weight being so sedentary. Praying for the best all the way around!

So anxious for my surgery buddies! I believe there 3 others going around the same time as me!! :) Wishing all of you the best of luck this week and I look forward to seeing pics when you get up to it! XOXO

Talk soon friends!

Some before pics

Just wanted to put up some before pics for comparisons in a couple days :)

So anxious....

Excited, nervous...that about sums it up in a nut shell. 2 more sleeps and 1 more full day of these pitiful breasts...LOL. I am getting ready and nesting. Laundry is on so it can be folded and put away tonight/tomorrow. Kids are in their own beds sleeping (for Lunches will be ready for the remainder of the week and I will be cooking dinner for them tomorrow so they have some left overs for the next few days. I have the pest control guy coming tomorrow to treat the house (one of the yucky parts of living in Florida) and an appointment at 2 to get the kids their passports for our trip after Christmas (just a 3 day cruise). Going to run around and pick up some last minute things and hang with my Mom. I just realized that the cruise will be the first trip that I will be on with my new girls! :) I am grinning ear to ear thinking about that :) Hubby is really excited for my new girls....I have to keep reminding him that they are not going to be humongous as he is wishing. LOL. MEN!

Hope all of my surgery buddies this week are doing well. I am thinking about all of you!!! Best of luck and a speedy recovery for each and every one of you! XOXO


WOW!!! I cannot believe that I go in tomorrow :) Unreal how time flies. I am going to put the kids to bed in a little bit, eat dinner, shower, and get my room ready for when I come home. All the laundry is done just have one load to fold and put away. I have to be at the surgery center at 6:45am with my surgery scheduled to start at 7:30am. I will update everyone as soon as I possibly can! XOXO

Ready to go!

First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words. I am ready to go! Words cannot express how great you have all made me feel today :)

Wanted to post pics of my set up for when I get home. Looking forward to relaxing for the next week with my new girls :)

Be in touch soon! Xoxo

The girls and I are home!

Sorry it's taken me while to check-in. Been very sleepy! No clue why....oh yes I do! My new girls!!

Surgery went really well. PS told my hubby that everything went perfect! I freaked a little when I saw how far apart they were but they are already getting closer. :) PS ended up using 300ccs and a high profile implant. He said the moderate profile just looked way too wide. I'm very pleased that he listened to my concerns. He put in 3 different implants too and chose what he felt was going to make me happy.

Post op is tomorrow at 4:20pm. Then I will really get to see them! :) I have attached a pic of what is available to view thus far!

Thank you so much for all of your support! Xoxo

The girls

Went to post op this afternoon and finally got to see the beauties. They are pretty high and tight but I think they wil be perfect once the swelling goes down. Go back next week for check up.

Hope everyone is doing well!

2 days post pics

I noticed this morning that I am swollen not only in my belly area but also under my armpit into my back. Sore but tolerable. My hubby took our kids to visit his family and my mom is on her way over. I asked her to take me out of the house for a little bit. It's so sad, I just tried to open a bottle of water and I can't do it! It's ridiculous! I'm trying to behave. PS wants me to stay on pain pills until tonight...ugh. Took one so far. Feeling good. Hope all my other girls are doing well! Xoxo

This morning

Swelling has come down a little bit. One is a little bit more swollen than the other. Still a little wide but PS said my cleavage should come back. He said he had to cut my muscle around the gap so that the implants would move over and also that he basically had to reconstruct my breasts as I had virtually no breast tissue. Crazy!

Haven't taken a pain pill since 10am and boy am I feeling the pressure now. Feels like a ton of bricks! Time to ice again!

Hope everyone is well!

3 days post op pics

Took some quick pics. Hoping to try on some clothes/bathing suits soon for comparison.

Feeling pretty good today. Fighting a headache :( Going to take some Tylenol shortly and prob take a nap. Hope all f my ladies are doing well! Xoxo

Playing :)

Took a shower and took some more pics. Hope these pics are helping! Xoxo


Hi ladies! Today was a busy day! Went to church with the fam and then had a baby shower for my cousin's girlfriend. I was out most of the day and let me just tell you, I was absolutely exhausted!!! My girls felt like they were going to jump off my chest!!! Wow! Guess I am still in active recovery stage...geeze!

Took some quick pics this morning. I have swelling on the sides which is very sore :( Not liking that but loving the ladies! I am very very happy :)

Hope all of you are doing well and had a good weekend! Be in touch soon! Xoxo


Hope all is well with everyone. One week post op is on Thursday afternoon at 3pm. Hopefully I will get the clear on some things :)

Here's pics from this am.

Daily pic update

Tried to take pictures of bruising underneath both breasts but you can't really see it. Woke up this morning laying flat on my back instead of reclined at an angle :( oops. May sleep in recliner until I go to PS on Thursday and he gives me the clear to sleep however. I also found myself sleeping sort of on my side when I woke up in the middle of the night. Feeling more "normal" today than I have in awhile so that's promising. Hoping this morning boob will stop soon...feels like I'm engorged and need to pump all the time! Lol.

Hope all of my ladies are doing well! Xoxo

Debbie Downer :(

I'm having a Debbie Downer moment. I am feeling really disgusting! I know it hasn't even been a week but I feel like I have gained 20 lbs! My stomach is sticking out. The swelling in my boobs and back is almost gone but I feel like my gut is taking the blunt of the swelling now. I told my husband tonight that I want to feel sexy! I have this hideous bra that I have to wear 24/7 and a gut that is bloated like I'm 3 months pregnant! Oh, it doesn't help that my BMs are not the greatest either. Ugh! Sorry all, having a case of the yucks!

One week later...

Feeling better today. Took pericolace last night and was able to go to the bathroom today. Yay! Took some pics today in a sports bra and another in a really comfy sort of bra that I'm hoping PS will give me permission to wear tomorrow. I am really over this bulky surgical bra!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween tomorrow. :) Kids have a parade at school in the morning and then have my appt at 3pm before we get back in costumes for trick or treating around the neighborhood! No costume for me but have a cute shirt that I hope looks ok with this stupid bra! Lol

Night all!

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! We just got back from taking the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood. It was too cute :)

Went to the PS today for my one week post op. It was one of the best feelings in the world getting those steristrips taken off! He said I was getting irritated under both breasts from them. I now have a different tape that is skin colored and aids in scar treatment. I was given permission to wear any bra I wanted :) Woohoo! And I don't have to wear a bra 24/7 anymore :) Today was filled with lots of good news :) Also got the ok go start massaging mt breasts. It felt really strange but also feels really good at the same time. Hubby is very excited to start helping massage :) Overall, I left a very happy camper. I go back in two weeks when I will get the clear to go back to full activity. This appt was walking only and light chores ( I can actually wear underwire too if I so choose :) can anyone say bra shopping?!

I will take pics tomorrow with the new nude colored tape. The pics above are from this am. Have a great night!

Everyday is easier

Good morning all! Took some pics this am so that you can all see the new tape. I bought a genie bra based on some people's comments so I took a pic in it. I played around with some of my old bras too but I'm. It ready for underwire yet. I am really irritated from the steristrips underneath both boobs so hopefully in another week or so I can try again :) I want to get a bra with no underwire that pushes me in and up a little. PS mentioned VS bra but I believe it has underwire. I will go on a hunt in a little bit once my plumber leaves. Darn water bill doubled! Have a leak in a darn hose spicket! Who would've thought that could double your electric bill!

Heading to Orlando tonight with the family. Taking the little ones to Magic Kingdom in the morning. My daughter will be 4 the end of this month and all she asked for was to go to the Princess Castle. She has an appt to be made into a princess at 9:20am and then lunch with princesses at the castle at 2pm. She is so unbelievably excited :) I prob won't post until i get home on Sunday unless I jump on my cell. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


I'm back!

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Trip was a success with the kiddos :) My daughter was in heaven!! :) The girls did well too. Didn't do any crazy rides and ate like garbage! Ugh! Time to get back on the healthy train. I don't want to be a gross mess when I can finally get back into my routine. I'm already signed up for class next Thursday night! Cannot wait!

I was measured the other day and am a 32 DD at both VS and in DKNY. Bought one of each and am loving them so far.

Took some pics this am and will take pics soon of the new bras. Hope everyone is well!


Took some pics in my new bras. I apologize for the flabby gross belly as I just had my mid afternoon snack. Also took my usual morning pics.

I also just tried to change my sheets as my son peed in my bed in the brief hour that he was in my bed this morning and I can't do it! I had trouble just getting the mattress pad on and it's not even on right! So frustrating! I will wait until my hubby gets home to finish. Besides not pushing the stroller and picking up heavy things, that is the first time I've felt handicapped, per se, since my new boobies. Don't like that! I know I'm not even two weeks out but yuck!

Ok, I'm going to stop complaining. Hope you enjoy the new bras. All white bra is a Hanes non-underwire bra I picked up at WalMart, second is polka dot Body by Victoria Demi bra from VS, and third is black customized lift DKNY bra from Macy's. Last two are 32 DD! They were pricey and I know I am going D&F but I was really tired of the gross fat straps from the sports bras!

Let me know if you have any questions! Xoxo

Sore today :(

I must have over done it a bit yesterday because the girls are sore today!! I'm icing now and taking it easy for the rest of the day.

I went to return a bra today and ended up buying two in its place and it only cost me an extra buck :) I got no underwire by Warner's. They were comfy when I tried them on so I'm hoping they are good all day long :) While I was trying on bras I noticed my left boob looked really weird. It freaked me out! I took a pic and attached I's the first one. Doesn't it look like snoopy boob?! I hope it's temporary and goes away. I'm so freaked out! Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks everyone! Xoxo

Still sore and right nipple hypersensitive

Oh my nipple and aerial soreness! The right one is killing me and the left is starting to get very sensitive. My hubby told me its normal with the nerves coming back to life.,..lovely. Not sure if I mentioned or not but he is a Physician Assistant. He does Ortho but learned about it all. Lol. Anyway, the girls are creeping up something fierce. Had to change my tape today so I took some pics with the tape off especially since I haven't seen the incisions from my nipple down. Lol. I'm still irritated from the tape but its not as bad as the steristrips.

Hubby text PS last night the pic of my boob from yesterday and he said exactly what you ladies said....implant hasn't dropped yet..massage and wear a supportive wire free bra. So, needless to say, I went back to WalMart and bought more of the Hanes polka dot one in different colors for $12.94 each. They are comfy and give me good support. My lift bras will just have to be patient. Lol.

Hope you ladies have a good day! Xoxo


Arreola...darn it! Lol

Good morning!

Pics from this am. They look funky. D&F, D&F!!!!

Nothing new

Hi girls! Nothing really new to report. Boobies are still the same. Still high and tight. Massaging as much as I can. My left actually feels like my muscle is just constricted really bad. I'm doing what I can to help the implants drop (as is my TMI sorry).

Ended up returning my black DKNY bra. I can't wear underwire for awhile so I figured I should return it and get a wire free bra. I bought the Bali comfort revolution bra and I am so happy! Macy's had them for buy one and get one for 10 bucks plus you could use their coupon. Nice deal so I got black and white. Been icing randomly too. Boobies a little sore still so anything is helpful. :)

Hope all my girls are doing well whether recovering, anxiously waiting, or just being supportive! Have a great weekend! Xoxo

Football Sunday

Hi all! Just a quick hi with my daily pics. Boobies are feeling a little better today. Going to church in a little bit and then hanging home watching football! Going to dinner tonight with my girlfriend who is having her BL/BA on Wed with the same PS as me :) She is nervous so I'm going to try to ease her nerves and answer as many questions as I can :) Have a great Sunday!

It's been a couple days :)

Haven't had anything to report. Going to the PS tomorrow for my 3 week post op. I will fill everyone in on how that goes.

My friend had her surgery today. I'm heading over to her house tomorrow after I drop my kids off at school to be with her while my cousin is at work. I'm looking forward to girl time :) I hope I take care of her good too :) We scheduled our appointments at the same time to make things easier. Don't want her to have to wait too long.

A Nordstom Rack just opened up by me so I went there today. I am in awe! The DKNY bra that I just returned at Macy's and spent 44 bucks plus tax on is at Nordstrom Rack for, I believe it was, $18.97! Thy also had a wacoal bra that I was really close to buying for 30 but I didn't. I will be back once I can wear underwire ;)

Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry I've been MIA ;) xoxo


Hi Ladies! I have been MIA for a week! I got the okay to start doing my workouts again and I have been keeping myself very busy. I ran on Sunday night and have been doing my cycling and barre much fun and so happy! The girls look the same...haven't changed much at all. PS gave me a bando to wear for 3 hours a day because my left was not dropping like my right. I absolutely hate that thing!! So unbelievably uncomfortable :( Trying to be good with it. I think my left is finally loosening up and starting to drop but it may just be my mind playing tricks on me. :) I was also given the clear to start scar therapy last week. I was asked by PS's office to participate in a scar gel study so I received kelo-cote (PS's recommendation) and a new scar gel that the office was going to try by SkinMedica for free!!!! :) Over 200 bucks worth of gels for nothing! I am putting one on each breast and then going back in a month to see if one is doing a better job than the other. I was over the moon getting the gels for free! :)

That's about it for me. Hope everyone is doing well! XOXO

Quick update

My father in law is in the hospital so I'm going to be quick and I promise I will write more when things settle down. I noticed the other night that I have a hole under my left breast. Sent pic to PS and he said its ok just a stitch and should heal up fine. Scary! My left still hasn't dropped much but muscle is loosening up. Praying it will drop soon! I'm tired of my left looking saggy on the's waiting anxiously for that darn implant as am I!

Will be in touch again soon! Xoxo
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

Dr Engel is absolutely amazing! From the consultation to post op, he calmed my nerves, answered all questions and asked me what I wanted and what my concerns are. I felt that my wants and desires were the most important to him. I trusted Dr Engel with my breast lift and augmentation and I was not disappointed at all. He is truly an artist! I am beyond happy with my results and already have friends who want to have Dr Engel do their surgeries. Amazing work!

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