371CC Silicone Unders - Looking to get back what I had and They are Back!!! - Sarasota, FL

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I have been reading reviews on this website for a...

I have been reading reviews on this website for a few weeks now and as my BA date gets closer I decided to write my story, it's seems like a nice way to keep a journal and get support and helpful information from others who have had BA's. Here is a little about me and why I have made the decision to get a BA. Like most women on here I am looking to get back what I used to have before kids (I have one son age 12) and age took a toll on my body and to feel better about myself. Alot of things beyond my control have made me feel very uncomfortable with my body and as a woman. I had a very difficult delivery and was told after my sons birth that I should not have any more children which devistated me. Due to a surgery I had immediately after my sons birth I developed a ventral hernia that became incarcerated and had to have another emergency surgery that left terrible scars on my stomach and damaged muscle I also have a little loose skin under my belly button area. Since then I have never been able to wear a bikini and I make sure I wear shirts long enough that there is no chance of anyone seeing my scars. I looked into getting a small tummy tuck to repair that damage and was told I could not because of the type of repair I had for my ventral hernia - another devastation :( Two years ago I had to have a hysterectomy..not that I was going to have more children but I guess all the things added up to me feeling like less of a woman. Now, as happens with time, I have gone from a very full C cup to a very deflated barely B cup. Despite all that I am always a very upbeat, cheerful and life loving person. So I made the decision to get my boobs back :) I am a single mother but have been dating a wonderful man for 3 years. He was surprised at my decision at first but totally supportive because he realizes it is something that will make me feel good about myself. I am scheduled for surgery on Nov. 26th and have so far decided on under the muscle, silicone moderate plus profile but not sure on cc's yet. My pre op is this week so I am ready to show my PS my wish boob pics and see what he thinks. Also want to note that I am very active in running, I do alot of 5K, 10K races am training for my first half marathon in the early part of 2014 so I don't want to go huge just get the fullness back in the upper area (without affecting my race times).
My Stats:
Age: 43
Weight: 115
Height: 5'2"
Cup Size: sad looking B
BA info:
Under the muscle
Moderate Plus profile
probably 350cc's

2 days till pre op :)

Two days till my pre op appt. and I am so ready. I have all my lists made for what I need post op and have everything. After reading other reviews and getting some great advice I really feel like I am ready - I've got my Coobie bra's, medication to help in case of an issue with BM's, ice packs, extra pillows for sleeping, comfy button up shirts,bendy straws, gatorade and a few other items. I don't have much nervousness right now just excited to talk with my PS and make the final decision on size then get my prescriptions filled, blood work done and wait for my surgery day :) I'll be posting my before pics shortly.

Before pics

Some wish pics

Here are some pics I plan to bring to my pre op so my PS has an idea of what I want my results to be.

Pre Op today!

My pre op is this afternoon and I am excited and still nervous, going to pay today and then it will really seem real! I've got my list of any questions I have left to ask & plenty of wish pics. I went through them last night with my boyfriend to try to narrow them down to ones that had before pics that looked similar to me and we both liked the same size and profiles. I'll be posting later to share what took place at the pre op :) Soooo Excited!!!!

Pre Op done and the size is....

371cc is what we decided on :) I was still a little nervous before the pre op but left there feeling so good. My PS is wonderful, the more I spoke with him yesterday the more I am confident I chose the right PS. So the pre op started out with me filling out more paperwork - consents etc so that I don't have to do anything the day of the surgery. I turned in my mamogram results and went back to meet with my PS. I first met with one of the nurses who took my blood pressure etc then gave me a "goody bag" with 2 prescriptions (antibiotic & pain meds) she explained that I need to start the antibiotics the night before and no eating after midnight the night before (my surgery isn't until 1pm so that may be tough). Also in the bag were 2 packs of washcloths with 2 in each, I need the shower the night before with only antibacterial soap then 2 hours after I need to wipe down with one washcloth all over then take the other and concentrate just on the surgery area. I need to repeat the washcloth wipe down day of the surgery. No makeup, lotions, hair products just "squeaky clean" as she put it. There were also gel ice packs in there which she explained I am to apply to differant areas for 20 min. on 40 min. off whenever I am awake. After all the instructions my PS came in and we started discussing size, profile and placement. He took the time to explain to me that I could benefit from a lift but I will get good results without just not as perky because I do have some sagging. I understood this but I still choose not to do a lift at this time. He explained to me that if he goes over the muscle I would achieve a slight lift but the implants will look alot lower on my chest and possibly like the ball in a sock look after about 1-3 years. Then explained that under the muscle will give me more of the fullness up top but still show a little sagging. He showed me pictures of work he has done both ways on women with my similar shape and size. I definetely liked the under the muscle better. So that was what we decided. I showed him pictures of some before and afters that I had with me and he said he was glad I brought them because now he has a clear understanding of what I am looking for. So on to the size and profile which is what I was so nervous about. He said he chose moderate plus for my profile because the HP would not fit my frame well- I have a slightly wider upper chest area that tapers to my middle. So I agreed with that. The size I had in my mind was 350 based on pics I had seen but I wanted to see what his opinion was. He had his nurse bring in sizes ranging from 300 - 400 and we tried each on (we put differant ones in left and right as we went along so I could see the differances). He told me when I get to a size that is too big say stop. Both he and his nurse wrote down on a piece of paper what they thought I was going to go with and what they thought would look good on me before we started. I tried them on with a bra they supplied and a little somewhat snug black tee. They both chose the exact size I said I was happy with :) 371cc. My PS said he will bring in the 393cc's in case the 371's don't look as good when he gets them in. I am confident he knows what I want so I am OK with that. I paid in full and left the office feeling wonderful about the size/profile/placement and my choice in PS!!! I have 10 more days of waiting now which hopefully go by quickly.

Less than a week :)

Wow I can't believe that my BA is less than a week away. Had a crazy dream that my PS gave me a totally differant look than we discussed & he said he sees alot of patients so he can't remember what everyone wants. LOL, Crazy I know but just a weird dream...I think I'll bring my wish pic the day of surgery just in case. LOL. I had crazy dreams before my hysterectomy surgery too - I guess it's all the nervousness. But I am so ready, I've got everything on my list that I think I'll need so this weekend will be spent cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Doing it early because my son won't be with me for Thanksgiving this year :( My ex husband asked if our son could spend Thanksgiving with him and his family this year which was a little upsetting since I have never been without my son on a holiday(my ex's family never really celebrates anything and I like to go all out on holidays so I have been lucky that even though we're "supposed" to alternate holidays with our son my ex always has said he doesn't celebrate so our son always stays with me because I love the holidays.) It's going to be a tough Thanksgiving for me. I keep thinking, this is my first Thanksgiving without him, first time we won't put up the tree on Friday, first time we won't watch our favorite college football team play the rival game on Saturday :( Not trying to be a downer, just trying to get some of the emotions out. Gonna stay postive - so we do all that stuff a little early this year :) I won't be able to really do any cooking on Thanksgiving anyway so it works out ok. I keep thinking of a saying I have framed on my wall by Cesare Pavese "We do not remember days we remember moments".

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I can't believe my BA is just one day away! I'm so excited, anxious and still a little nervous. I've gotten everything ready for the days after so I can relax and heal. We had our early Thanksgving over the weekend and it was wonderful. We watched Football and ate waaayy too much so it was just like having it on Thursday :) My surgery is at 1pm so tomorrow is going to be torture waiting to head to surgery. I planned a couple things to do in the morning to help the time go by quicker. So my only bit of nervousness now is about how they are going to look. I keep thinking "ugh what if they fall too much and are too low" or "what if I didn't go big enough and they don't fill up the upper area like I want them to" I guess I just need to trust that my PS knows what I am looking for and think about how excited and confident I felt after my pre op. I am also a little nervous about seeing people I work with afterwards - I have only told my boyfriend and my sister, both have been super supportive :) My thoughts on returning to work are that I alway wear a push up padded bra anyway so no one will notice and in my line of work I can wear baggier shirts, or even sweatshirts until I feel comfortable. I can't see people commenting even if they think I had a BA done. right? How did you other woman deal with going back to work, did anyone have people comment? Did you think no one will notice and they did?! I'm not one to worry about what others think as long as I am happy especially in this case because some people are very against plastic surgery and I don't feel I should have to explain my reasons for wanting this so badly. I think I am stressing too much LOL. I just can't wait until after surgery so I can look down at my new boobs and say "YES they are BACK!!" OK until tomorrow...everyone having their surgery today Good Luck!!! I'll be posting tomorrow evening with my new boobies!!!

Everything went great!!!

I've been home since about 6pm but a little out of it :) Surgery went well just a little longer than planned. I got to the surgery center @ 11:45pm and didn't wait more than 10mn. My boyfriend left to go eat while they prepped me. He didn't eat all day cuz he didn't want to eat in front of me so i told him to Go Eat! Lol so cute :) I got the I.v. Wth anti inflammatory & antibiotic while i spoke with the anethesiologist then the doctor marked me up. He said he brought in other sizes in case what we chose just doesn't look right on me. I then got the "cocktail" in my I.V. And I was off to la la land :) I came to & wow were they right about feeling like someone was on my chest! The pain was about a 7 or 8 but more on the left. I also had pain in my left arm which scared me. I told the nurses & my PS came in and explained that it was a little more difficult to get them perfect so he spent more time on the left to make sure it was good. I then noticed the time & i was supposed to be in recovery @ 3:30 & it was 4:30. As long as he got them right take all day! So the ride home was a little rough but when we got home my boyfriend gave me pain medicine & got me all set up in bed I slept. Just woke up & feel so much better :) while i slept my boyfriend did the ice packs for me 20mn on 40 off :) I feel really good now though, I think based on others reviews this may change tomorrow :/ oh and of course I peeked at them & am very happy with what I can see!!! I think without the reviews of others on here I would have not been dealing as we'll as I am. It has been incredibly helpful to know what to expect so a Huge thank you to all you woman who shared your experiences!!!!! Ok off to sleep again :) I'll post pics tomorrow :)

Weird noises

Can't sleep, thankfully not because of pain but because of sleeping so much since I got home. So I am laying here playing Candy Crush & there are some weird noises coming from my boobs. Like gurgling noises, some are coming from my stomach because I a so hungry but most are from my chest area. Weird. Gonna check other reviews to see if others woman had this.

A little more pain today..

Just a quick update. I have had no issues at all with reactions to anesthesia or pain meds so no nausea or any of that thankfully :) the pain is a little wise today though. The feeling of someone on my chest is much less but I am feeling much more pain around the incision, more of a burning sensation really. Also when I try to sit up the pain down the center of my chest is pretty intense. It's all manageable wth the pain meds but up around a 6 or 7 pain level when they wear off. I have my post op at 4:20pm today then I can get the ok to shower & maybe change out of the post op bra. Shower will be soooo nice :)


*pain is a little worse not wise. Darn autocorrect!

Day one post op done

Day one post op went fine. My PS explained to me the issue he had with my left breast. Said he got the right one in & it looked perfect and he thought oh this is going to look wonderful, then he put the left one in & because my left had a little more sag to it he did not like the way it looked. He tried a bigger one, a different profile, even tried an internal lift until he tried another technique that loosens up the breast tissue over the muscle so it can be shaped more... then it was perfect. He said he sat me up & down at least 10 times and would have kept going till midnight to get them perfect. Lol. I am so glad I chose such an awesome PS. He really cares and makes sure that his patients are happy! I was a little unsure of the look when they unwrapped me because I don't seem to have the roundness I wanted but without me having to say anything my PS said the fullness on top will drop and make the middle into a more rounded look. Whew! I really thought at first omg what did I do! They look oblong & just weird. Lol. I mean i didn't think when they unwrapped them that poof out would pop these beautiful looking perky perfect size full C's but I was slightly disappointed until he assured me they would drop. :) and thankfully from reading all these reviews on this site I know it's true. This site and all you ladies sharing stories has been soooo helpful.

Day 2 post op

Well I am feeling much better today. I slept through the night with no pain meds but took one before I attempted to get out of bed. That first time you sit up in the morning is not fun, morning boob is what I believe others refer to it as. I do have a little more mobility though & my PS said I should do a little more moving around today. I finally took some pics so here are a couple before & afters.

Before & Afters

A comment about taking your meds & ice packs...

2 1/2 days post op & I'm feeling pretty good. My boyfriend is making me stick to my PS orders because at post op appt one of the nurses talked to him & said make sure she is not in any pain for 3 days so keep her on the meds & ice packs & don't let her do anything other than walk around a bit. Well he is definitely following orders & not letting me do anything. He has been wonderful keeping me on schedule wth icing & taking antibiotics & pain meds. You would think its easy to keep track of but when you are sleeping so much & such odd hours you really do lose track of time so I would suggest to ladies out there to either have someone keep track for you or make a calendar wth times for each med & cross off what you take as you take them. I told my boyfriend yesterday afternoon when I had just woke from a nap that I needed to take my antibiotic, he just looked at me, laughed, shook his head & said "just let me keep track of your meds" I had taken one right before I fell asleep & was only asleep for 30mn. Lol. Also I think the icing every 40mn for 20mn is really helping with the swelling. The first day he made sure I had the ice packs on even though I was sleeping he put them on me for the 20mn because if I only did it while I was awake I wouldn't have had them on much at all. I was pretty out of it so I didn't even know he was doing it until he told the nurse at post op appt. Lol. Ok that's all for now :)

More pics & less pain :)

Just wanted to make some notes on pain and changes (I'm somewhat using this as my journal) Today is 3 days post op and I had much less pain today. I noticed as soon as I woke up that I didn't need to pop a pain pill before I attempted to sit up. So I lowered my dose of pain pills but still took them. Yesterday I was taking the full dose so I could sleep through the pain but today I cut it in half & walked around a bit, I think tomorrow I'll be good wth just Tylenol. The swelling has gone down a little up top but got worse in between my boobs & on my sides under my arms. I also have bruising starting in those areas. The area between my boobs hurts the worst & I think the surgical bra was kind of cutting my circulation in that area & making it worse so I unhooked the bottom hooks in the front & oh boy what a relief! I have had it unhooked for a couple hours & i really think it was too tight & causing most of the pain in my incisions and between my boobs cuz the swelling has already gone down in those areas! I am sooo looking forward to my 1 wk post op on Tuesday to get the ok to ditch that thing :) I took a few more pics but they are pretty much the same as yesterday except you can see the bruising in the center. I may attempt tomorrow to put on a couple tank tops to see what they look like :)

Day 5

Day 5 and all is good :) No more pain meds just some Tylenol in the morning to help deal with some stiffness & morning tightness. I still have a bit of bruising mostly but i think it peaked yesterday. There is still quite a bit of swelling, it seems to pop up in different places each day??? Today is on the upper part of my right boob, so it kind of makes my surgical bra too tight & it's realllllyyyy bothering me. I took it off & wore the Coobie bra I bought & omg I love that bra. It is so comfortable & doesn't dig into my incisions, they are what bothers me the most today- they burn a lot & itch. I took pics to make sure they look ok & they look fine so I guess just normal healing pains. I'll be happy if my PS tells me on Tuesday I can switch to the Coobie bra. Ok no more complaining because it is all worth it :) I put on the little pajama tank top I never wore because it looked terrible on me & was very happy. Then I started digging out all the cute tops I could only wear with huge padded bras :)

One week post op Appt today

First have to say I am so excited because my son got home Sunday from spending Thanksgiving with his Dad and his family :) It makes things feel more back to normal having him home!!! :)
Anyway, I am feeling better each day and looking forward to getting my stitches out at my post op today. As far as my recovery and things going on with my boobs - I have very little pain...when I behave myself and don't over do things. I have less swelling in my right boob but more now in the left so I look more lopsided. If you look at my before you can see my left was bigger to begin with so with more swelling I see a big difference, I knew they were going to be different sizes since they were before so I need to stop obsessing over it. I will be glad when they even out more as swelling goes down.
I keep checking for how much numbness I have and where I am getting feeling back, I have most feeling and sensation back over the entire breasts but on the under side of both from about the middle of the boob inward to the center of my chest I have no feeling. This is an improvement though since I had no feeling on the entire underside of each boob & only partially on the sides. Not sure if this is something that will come and go or just get better. One thing that I was very nervous about was the noises I was still hearing from just my left boob (this is the one my PS did more work on) whenever I moved my arm a certain way I would hear and feel a weird almost gurgling noise/feeling and when I tapped on my breast in certain areas it sounded almost hollow (??) Not sure if it was just air pockets or fluid settling but it was really scaring me. I haven't heard or felt it so far today but I will definitely ask my PS today. Other than that the other biggest change is my range of motion in my arms, I can move my arms over my head (slowly) without pain or getting any muscle twitches but if I move too quickly or too much my body does let me know to knock it off by sending a pain through the chest muscles and they get really tight, I have been rubbing the muscle to loosen them up when this happens and it helps. I find myself hunching over to protect them and this puts a lot of strain on my back muscles - I wish I had worked my shoulder and back muscles more before the surgery to prepare for this. It's so hard to take it easy sometimes when I am usually go go go. The next three days I am home alone during the day before I go back to work so I am really trying to take it easy. I'm posting some pics I took today and will update on my post op later :)

One week post op done :)

No more stitches & no more horrible surgical bra!! Woo hoo!!! I got the ok to wear any bra I want & was shown how to do my breast exercises. My ps only wants me doing the upward & side exercises on the left since it has already dropped nicely. I'm to do the up, down & side on the right. I asked about the weird feelings & noises from the left one & he said its all fine & normal unless I start hearing voices coming from them then I have issues. Lol. So it all went great & he is happy with my progress! So relieved & excited :)

First Day Back to work & weight loss issues

Today is my first day back to work, I was looking forward to getting back into my normal routine and thankfully I only have today and tomorrow then get the weekend off. So far so good. I was a little worried if people would notice so it took me about 5 wardrobe changes to find something to wear LOL. As far as feeling ok, I am doing pretty good so far. Yesterday I spent alot of time on my feet and walking and was quite sore by the evening so I have a feeling I'll be feeling the same tonight and will just take a couple Tylenol to help the soreness. *** One other thing I wanted to comment on that is occuring with me after the surgery - My PS & one of the nurses made a note to tell me to make sure I got plenty of extra calories after surgery. Not that I didn't listen but I just kind of ate what I normally would and the last 3-4 days I have been feeling really tired and getting headachs alot. So I went on the scale yesterday (I hadn't weighed myself since the morning after surgery) and am down 5lbs since I had my BA last week! and that isn't factoring in the added weight of the implants. I researched calorie intake after surgery and saw alot of stories of woman losing alot of weight quickly because your body is working so hard to heal it self and consuming alot of calories to do so. I never had this problem when I had to have surgery before so it caught me off gaurd but definetely explains the fatigue and headaches. So today I brought plenty of healthy higher calorie/protien foods with me to work so I can make sure I eat every two hours. 5lbs in a week really freaked me out especially since I have not obviously been exercising or doing anything physical. Well that's all for now. Hope everyone is doing great in their journey's :)

12 days Post Op & Very Happy!!

I'm just 12 days post op and I'm so happy so far :) I'm feeling great, just sore sometimes and get those twinges of nerve pain. I do get the tightness in my upper chest muscles by the end of the day which is a little uncomfortable. I'm still numb under both breasts by the incision sites but have feeling back over the rest of my breasts and sides. They seem to have started softening and the right one that was so high has started dropping - I think because of the exercises. I have gotten used to them pretty much so they feel like part of my body. At first I was scared to touch them because they felt so stiff and odd to me. The exercises helped with that too, I don't feel like I am going to hurt them or need to be so delicate with them. I'm still wearing just sports bras because I tried on regular bras since I got the OK to wear anything but my boobs don't sit right in any regular bra because they haven't completely dropped and fluffed yet so they aren't forming to the bra, the sports bras hug any shape so they feel better on me and since my boobs are much perkier & full I don't need to worry about lifting them up with a regular bra anyway (Sooo happy about that!!) I'm posting some pics - I still have the differance in the right & left (left is bigger) but I always did. Since the right has begun to drop they are evening out alot more though. Anyway all in all I am so very happy, it's amazing how good it makes you feel to be happy with yourself again :)

3 weeks Post Op

Tomorrow is my 3 week post op date. I worked my first full week last week and it went OK. After day two I was really feeling some pain in my chest muscles and ended up taking a pain pill when I got home so I could sleep and relax them a bit. My right side has really been bothering me, it's all normal pains but by the end of the day my boobs are tired :( Not sure if this will make sense b/c it's kind of hard to explain but the initial pain from the surgery and incisions goes away fairly quickly that first week so you feel great about that, but then muscle pain and pain from the nipple sensitivity seems to linger and get better much slower and it can make you feel down at times, it's mentally tiring and I just get that feeling like I want to be able to do normal activities and when I can't it's frustrating. My right side since it is my dominant side is very tense - it's not a pain so much as an achy/tight uncomfortable feeling. Also since the numbness has almost dissapeared I can feel how very sensitive my nipples are, they hurt just from rubbing on any clothing at some points. I know this is caused by the stretching of nerves and will get better after the nerves get used to being stretched so it is just a matter of time. I need to get those nippies to see if that helps at all - I have seen some woman on here suggest that. In addition to that normal stuff I knew to expect I have Mondors Cords under both breasts :( I was feeling alot of pulling pain Friday afternoon and a burning sensation and almost like the area under my incisions was bruised when I touched it so I lifted my breasts to get a better look in the mirror and saw the cords. I have one on the left that gets quite painful but the pain seems to come and go with them (??) I have my 3 week post op appt Thursday so I am going to show my PS and see if he suggests massaging them. I am also going to ask him about the muscles being tight b/c I'm not sure if I should be baby'ing them or working them a little more to help them adjust quicker. After week one I was thinking I can't wait to be able to go running & excercise again but at week 3 I am thinking I don't think I am ready to get out there and run just yet. As far as how they look and that progression all is going wonderful, they are still softening & dropping nicely and I am starting to get that cleavage look since they are getting squishier :)
I hate to sound so down on the pain part of this but just thought it's important to really post what you're feeling so others know that the healing process is up and down and really does take that 3 months or so that the PS says. I do want to say that when look at the "girls" in the mirror I still think it was so worth it :) I am so happy with the results & they still look fabulous!!! I can't imagine going back to having the sad deflated boobies I had before Lol. This is all just part of the normal healing process :)

3 Weeks Post Op Appointment

First let me say that since my last post I have been feeling much better :) That time between week 2 and 3 seemed to be the worst in terms of discomfort and mentally feeling down. I seemed to have turned a corner over the last 5 days and the discomfort is not constant any more it comes and goes. The nipple sensitivity in my right side that was causing a lot of pain is easing up thankfully and the really tight muscles spasms don't last so long and are not as intense - I only had them a couple times yesterday when I was outside and got cold my boobs really freaked out. LOL Thankfully I live in FL so that won't happen often :)
I am still numb under both boobs from the nipple down and toward the center but I feel those sharp twinges of pain every once in a while in that area so I know the nerves are regenerating , the outer underside and rest of my boobs are fine.
The large cord on my left side is still painful at times but I have been massaging it and it helps. I tried wearing a regular bra with underwire that was padded and that didn't feel too good. I'm getting tired of the sports bras and it's so hard to find a non underwire bra.
So I had my 3 week post op appointment yesterday and it went really well. We discussed how that first week healing progresses quickly then it just slows waaay down over weeks two and three. He was very happy with the progress and how they are dropping. My PS said that from here on out I should really start feeling more like they are part of me and natural and I should start getting back into my normal routines. I was cleared to start exercising again if I feel up to it so I am going to take it slow but probably get out there and just walk my normal running route this weekend. He gave me some scar ointment to start using. The scar on my left side is kind of thick so I am hoping the ointment does it's job. So all looks good and I go back in 2 months.

Went bra shopping today!

My BF gave me a VS gift card the day of my surgery & I finally got to use it today :) I tried on about 100 different bras. Lol. Here are some pics. I took pics & txt my BF while he was on his way home...he txt back "you cannot send those while I am driving!!! Lol"

Almost 5 weeks pics & update

It's a couple days shy of 5 weeks so I thought I'd do a quick update. I'm feeling great :) My Mondors Cords are pretty much gone thankfully because those sucked. I get a pain from one in my left randomly but massaging it helps and I did use warm compresses on them which seemed to help. The super sensitive nipples are back to normal and the really tense muscle spasm are very rare. I just get the spams when I outstretch my arms & lift or do anything slightly strenuous, even wiping the counter does still cause them to tense up. Good news though I started running again! The first time last week I only did 3 miles run/walk & it felt very weird. My muscles tightened so bad but I ran through it & was ok. I did a 4.5 mile run today & felt great, only my legs hurt from not exercising in so long. I ran with my VIctoria Secrets VX bras doubled up (at the suggestion of Lawiant) that was perfect. Then latr today I went to sports authority to try other sports bras...Adidas now makes a double up sports bra. Lol. It was not comfortable at all though. The Victorias Secret VX is my new favorite sports bra & they were on sale! So I registered for my first post op road race on January 19th! And am still planning on my first half marathon this spring just as planned :) happy healing to everyone & happy new year!!!!

Not so quick

Sorry my quick update ran very long. Lol
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

I met with 3 differant PS's and Dr. Engel took the most time to explain the procedure and honestly tell me what my results would be. Also took measurements and went over differant profiles etc. He didn't rush me out of the office like one of the PS's I saw did. He made me feel like I could spend as much time as needed to talk with him. After having my pre op with Dr Engel I am even more confident I chose well. He is easy to talk to and really takes the time to explain realistically what the outcome will be and my differant options. After just about 3 weeks I am so pleased with the results! I had issues with my left breast being larger and lower and he explained how he tried different techniques and sizes during the surgery to get them just right. I was really impressed that he took the extra time and attention to get results that I'd be happy with. The post op appointments went great so far, he has a great sense of humor and really makes you feel comfortable while answering all your questions and not making you feel rushed out of his office. In addition to that they have a wonderful nurses staff!

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