26 y/o, 350R and 375L HP - Sarasota, FL

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For the last 5 or so years I have been...

For the last 5 or so years I have been contemplating breast augmentation. I'm 5ft3, 110lbs wearing a 32a (or 32b on a good day) bra. I look on the younger side and often get questioned if I'm under 18... My breast size doesn't help. Living in Florida, I love to go to the beach or pool... And I think I'd feel more confident with larger, more full boobs to wear with my favorite VS bikini!

I had a consult with a plastic surgeon in Tampa about 3 years ago, he gave me very little details about the surgery and I didn't feel comfortable. After that I started traveling for work, so surgery was out of the question.

Today I had a consult with Dr Engel at the Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center and left there excited! He spent over an hour with me explaining the procedure, my options, what size he felt would look best, the Vectra simulation, etc basically answering any questions I had prior to my asking! He recommends I get 325-350cc high profile silicone being that I'm petite. I'm essentially looking for the typical "full C, small D" that I've read many other women say they desired. I've heard many people on these boards say they wish they went bigger, so I would prefer the 350cc if that's the highest he's recommending. My right breast is larger than my left, which is nori inks so he will have to make an adjustment to the sizes during surgery.

Hopefully will schedule surgery for May 8th which means pre-op appointment would be next week, so I'm very much looking forward to getting this process moving and sharing my story!

Date set!

May 8th will be the day of surgery! I have a preop appointment next week and am very much looking forward to trying on sizers! Get anxious and nervous though about the surgery being I've never had surgery before, can't be too bad, right? I'm somewhat concerned 350ccs won't be large enough and I'll want bigger after the surgery but he's the expert, he obviously has my best interest in mind image wise - so I must trust him!

Will update after the preop visit

Pre-op done!

Had my pre-op today with Dr Engel! I was so nervous but felt much better after I left the office. I tried on different size implants and felt happy with either the silicone 350 or 375 HP. I'm trusting him to make the final decision during surgery - I'm fairly laid back, just looking for larger and more full boobs. Initially we talked about doing two different sizes as my right breast is slightly larger but I think we're going to stick to the same for both sides. I'm really excited and these next two weeks are going to drag! I have to say... Reading and signing all the paperwork today that listed everything that could possibly go wrong, made me so nervous that by the time I was back in the exam room, my heart rate was 110!

Anyways, thank you to all the other ladies who have posted their stories and progress. It has really prepare me for helped this process! =)

1 week pre!

In 1 week, I'll be just getting home from my BA! Ready for it to be over already as this whole waiting for the day is making me anxious! I've been trying to stay offline until after the surgery because I'm still contemplating sizes and I do believe too much research can only do harm at this point. Looking at before and afters pics of people who got 350-375ccs and sometimes they appear larger on the person than I want and then sometimes they appear smaller on the person than I want..!! Just need to trust my PS. I am still concerned that my boobs are uneven as it is and at the pre-op the PS was thinking of doing the same size in each. If he does decide on two different sizes then 350 (r) and 375(l) will be it (since he's only bringing 350 and 375 HP with the equivalent in mod+, nothing larger) Again, I just keep telling myself to trust the surgeon, anything is bigger than what I have now! So I've posted my before pics! Ahhhh, 1 week!

Pre photo

And of course... In the process of writing the update and adding the pics, one picture somehow got removed!

2 hrs pre

Well, I just woke up. Have to be at the PS office in an hour. Surgery scheduled for 7:30a. Getting super anxious, feel like my hearts racing, and questioning why I would sign up for a voluntary surgery. I know it'll be worth it in the end... But this waiting period prior is really stressful! Time for my shower... Ready to get this over with!!!

All done! 350 HP R, 375 HP L

Well, surgery is all done and I'm home relaxing! Here's how the surgery went:

I got there at 6:45, had to give a urine sample - Negative pregnancy test! Yay (haha) The nurse attempted to put the IV in but the left side blew and started filling with fluid, thankfully no problems with the right. The anesthesiologist came in to ask me a few questions, he was great! We started talking about my birthmark and how his 8 month old has a similar one she was being treated for. It definitely took my mind off the surgery for those few minutes. PS came in and did his markings. We discusses doing 350 hp right and 375 hp left due to the asymmetry and I mentioned I was concerned about being too big but that I trusted his judgement. He also was going to have moderates in the OR to try. I was given a patch for the nausea, thankfully! They gave me a relaxer around 730am and honestly my memory of the events after that are a blur. I don't remember the ride to the OR but remember climbing from the stretcher to the OR bed and the anesthesiologist putting a mask on me and asking that I take 3 deep breaths. That was it!

Woke up in the recovery area around 1030 in a lot of pain and shivering. I think most of the pain was from me clenching all my muscles from the shivering. They have me pain meds in the IV but the IV blew and my arm started inflating so I don't think I actually got the pain meds. My mom picked me up and here we are at home. I'm in a recliner and feeling so much better since taking a Percocet when I got home.

My right axilla area is hurting way more than the left but The PS confirmed that was the breast he used to decide which implants, so it's expected. Overally I'm very happy as long as I can keep ahead of the pain! =) thanks for all your kind words of encouragement!!!

Can't sleep 1 day PO

Can't really sleep. I was in and out of sleep yesterday after the surgery so I'm not too surprised I'm having difficulty Sleeping tonight. It's 3am... And I just woke up in pain so I had to take a Percocet. I actually cut down the dose in the afternoon to half a pill because it was making me so nauseous and light headed. I would prefer the pain/pressure over the nausea. Anyways, my boobs feel and look huge, glad I decided not to go any larger (although I'm sure boob greed will kick in when the swelling starts to resolve!) my moms dogs wouldn't leave my lap/recliner yesterday, it's amazing that they can tell when someone is in pain or something is up. My post op appointment is at 1140 today, very excited to see these rocks haha! Seriously, when reading all the other reviews about the implants feeling like huge rocks on the chest right after surgery I really didn't believe that was "literally" how the implants felt. Can't wait for them to soften!

Day 2 PO

Today I definitely had more pain but I relate that to me trying to take a smaller dose of the Percocets so I don't feel nauseous. I had a post-op with my PS at noon. He said I had a "picture perfect" surgery yesterday with no complications. I have been given the go-ahead to shower but I'm holding off till tomorrow in hopes my arms will feel a little better to wash my hair. I still feel like my boobs are enormous and my nipples are really puffy! (Ew!) overall I'm so excited this is done and that I finallllllly have boobs! Yay!

2-3 days PO

Pain has gotten better with each passing day. I didn't take any pain meds last night and I woke up regretting that this morning. I'm only taking half the dose and it's been enough. Most of my pain is in the sternum and armpit region. They are still swollen and firm! Right one seems to be dropping some while the left is still really high. I have most ROM back in my arms but I'm taking it easy. My right incision has been oozing a bit on the gauze but nothing to be concerned about. Still haven't had a BM yet... My stomach is very bloated... Going to take some more meds to help with that...! Otherwise not much to update.


I kept telling myself I wouldn't have a "boobie blues" day... But here I am. They still feel like big hard rocks sitting on my chest and and are larger than I hoped when I look in the mirror. I know they are still swollen... and I keep telling myself to just relax, it's going to take weeks/months to see the final result. I feel like I'm being a hassle to my boyfriend since I'm mostly just laying around. He's been awesome with helping me and he hasn't done anything wrong, I'm just being super emotional today, possibly because it's my first day alone... I need to just chill out... Ok venting done.

5 days PO

3 ish weeks

6ish weeks

Haven't updated or been on the site in a while... Work has been crazy. Definitely 100% happy with the decision to go through with the surgery. I didn't really experience much "boobie blues," pain was gone by week 2, and my PS was correct in that I would love them by week 4! I was very scared they were too large initially but the swelling is subsiding (hopefully most of it at this point) and they are perfect. I do have moments when I wish they were a little bigger, just like 95% percent of you other ladies who have had the surgery. They definitely boost the confidence and I feel more proportionate now, yay!

Since week 3, they have been getting softer and more squishy everyday! For a good 1-2 weeks my nipples were so sensitive it was quite miserable to have anything touching them. It's improved, but the bottom and side portions of my boobs are still numb, I hope feeling comes back...? I attempted jogging at the 4 week mark but it was a little painful - even with a very supportive sports bra, plus I'm so out of shape. I'll have to try again. I still think it's a weird/odd feeling when I use my chest muscles to open a jar etc...

Anyways! Hope everyone else is healing well! =)
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